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Chapter 2: Sacrifice

"Oh yea, Roosevelt if you can't protect her, I won't let her go so easily." And with my good arm I lifted up a "thumbs up" and heard them take off. I grinned widely and ran towards our opponents.

There was a big explosion after we took off. The whole building exploded.

There was no way Locke could have survived. Rose thought to herself.

"A whole year has passed huh?" I said to myself thinking back on the days that I was a member of StormFront.

I don't recall how I survived that explosion all I know is that I survived and so did my friends. After my big failure I lost my memory and was found by a local orphanage in Twinleaf town. I regained my memory as time passed and wasn't pleased by my rash actions. I almost caused the death of my team…

How did I make it to Twinleaf town when I was all the way in Snowpoint city? I seemed to ask that question to myself from time to time. My partner Salamence also disappeared. I haven't seen him since the explosion; I hope he is alright…

"Locke, please gather the kids and get ready for dinner." A woman's voice said.

"Okay, Sandra." I replied back to the woman.

Sandra was the woman who found me out in the cold and took me in. Sandra is the owner of the orphanage and she is currently raising three kids, including myself, alone at the age of thirty. She is a beautiful woman for her age and I sometimes wonder why she is doing this by herself.

"Hey guys it's time to come in!" I yelled from the window in my room.

There was no answer which was weird because they usually answer back immediately. Something was wrong, but I didn't want to bother Sandra about it so I snuck out.

I thought of the good possibilities that could have happened. Since it was a week before Christmas the Pokemart was having discounts on a lot of things from dolls to decorated pokeballs. I started my search there…

"Good evening Locke! How are you today?" A really feminine voice said from over the counter as I entered the store.

"Hi Marcie! I'm fine, oh by the way have you seen the kids?" I asked Marcie.

"Not today, I get off in a few minutes. I'll help you look for them!" she said happily.

"Okay Marcie I'll wait for you." I replied back, getting happier on the inside.

Marcie is a part-time worker at the Pokemart. I met her when I first arrived at the orphanage; she was helping Sandra with cooking. She is eighteen, the same age as I am except she was born a few months before I was. She is also very optimistic and good-natured, which is one of the reasons why she is respected so much by the entire town. Like many others I also have fallen madly in love with her but she doesn't know that yet…

Marcie's POV

I met Locke a year ago. I was fortunate enough to be at the orphanage when Sandra walked in with him. He was 5'11 with a mocha brown complexion; his black hair was short and curly and his nose was rounded and his lips were subtle. His eyes were a shade darker than his skin and they were beautiful. His body was built and muscular but his hands were soft, his smile was heart-warming and he seemed like a guy who wouldn't harm a fly. Locke was very mysterious though but I guess that's what made me fall in love with him…

"Locke, I'm ready!" I said eagerly, jumping over the counter to get to him.

I called his name but he didn't respond. Weird, but I did notice that he has spaced out recently. I'm not sure though if I want to question him about it.

"Earth to Locke!" I yelled ever so loudly in his ear.

"Oh… Are you ready to go now?" he asked me endearingly.

Something was wrong with him, now I knew it for sure but I'll let him tell me about it when the time comes.

I took a deep breath, and said, "Yes dear."

He looked at me with a puzzled look on his face and then he smiled and motioned for me to come with him.

Twinleaf isn't much of a spacious town so there isn't but really one place for us to look and that was at Lake Verity. Lake Verity was home to the legendary Pokémon Mesprit and the kids adored Mesprit so that was definitely the right place to check.

"Locke you don't have any Pokémon, Sandra said to watch out for the wild Pokémon in the grass." I said to him, I always seem to find myself worried about him.

He sighed and gently smiled at me and said "I don't have to worry about that I'm strong enough and you are here."

He looked back up into the sky and then back at me, smiled and rubbed the brown hair on my head. I then took out my pokeball and released my friend from inside. Locke had trusted me with protecting him and I was going to make sure I did it right.

"Groow?" the little Pokémon said. It was a Growlithe, Locke and I had found him a year ago during the spring in front of the orphanage. It was Locke and Sandra's idea to let me keep him.

"Growlithe, we have to do our best to protect Locke and get to Lake Verity! Let's use all of our courage and strength to bring vict-" I said inspiringly only to be cut off by Locke.

"Uhh Marcie, we are here haha." He said sheepishly.

I mentally face palmed and looked down away from him trying hard not to look at him in the eyes. However my stare met Growlithe's and the little red puppy was ecstatic from my speech even though it was interrupted.

Growlithe barked and stuck his little chest out as big as he could. He then nodded his head at me and followed Locke into the lake's clearing. I couldn't believe I was being so depressing; I took Growlithe's advice and raised my head.

While brimming with confidence I followed and entered the clearing but what I saw brought my confidence back down…

Locke's POV

Staring down at me with absolute hatred in his eyes the man in front of me laughed maniacally. He raised his hand and ordered for the kill, but I wasn't his target. The kids were…

The kids had come here to play and that was it! They were playing with the Pokémon here and now all because they knew me they were gonna die for it! I knew my past would catch up to me but just not this quick.

Anger and frustration started to boil inside of me. All I could do was stand their helplessly. I took another glimpse towards the children and saw them huddled together protecting a baby Pokémon!

The baby's parents have to be here somewhere. I thought to myself

"Fire!" The man hissed.

"Mr. Fancy stop the attack now!" I yelled at him.

Mr. Fancy just glared at me for saying his name out loud. The three fire type Pokémon that were with him all prepared their attacks and with a flick of his hand they unleashed their attacks.

I thought all hope was lost in saving the children, there was no way they could survive three flamethrower attacks let alone one. I started to cry and literally punched myself for being weak as I saw the flames devour the children.

"Tsk, tsk now Locke it's not like you to get all emotional, what happened to the cold-blooded killer you used to be?" Mr. Fancy snickered as he gently stroked his mustache.

I hesitated and tried to speak but the words just wouldn't come.

"Heh. Just useless, you are completely useless! Maybe I should give you another reason to mourn and feel helpless." He cackled, pointing his deadly glare over at Marcie.

I looked over to Marcie and her at me. She had a petrified look on her face and once she heard the order for her death she said three words…

The flames engulfed her and there wasn't even screaming but I had managed to make out the last words she said…

She loved me… Knowing that she did made me breakdown even worse than I already was. First I had lost the kids and now I lost her.

"I'm a failure..." I quietly said to myself.

"What was that now Locke? Speak up! I want you to beg for your life! Haha!" Mr. Fancy cackled maniacally.

It was over. I couldn't possibly take on Mr. Fancy and his Pokémon, well not by myself. If only he was here.

"Salamence I wish you were here." I said falling to my knees and looking up into the sky.

Mr. Fancy was getting tired and dusted off his all white tux, combed back his slick black hair and spoke with a more calm tone. "Pitiful, I don't even want to watch you die." And he turned his back to me and ordered for the last kill.

I looked at the three Pokémon and they looked at me with the same pitiful look their master gave. Then they readied their attacks and shot them at me. I just stood there and awaited my fate…

"Gyaaroooguh" I heard a familiar voice cry out. I opened my eyes to see before me my partner Salamence!

Salamence shielded me from the attacks and roared out an intimidating war cry. The three Pokémon jumped back and Mr. Fancy also cringed from the sound.

Salamence looked down at me and grinned. Then he motioned his head to the spots where the kids were. The flames slowly disappeared revealing the children and the baby Pokémon, which was a Bagon. I looked over to where Marcie was and found her being protected by another Salamence.

I grinned back at my old partner and rose to my feet. Seeing everybody safe skyrocketed my courage and determination. I was now ready to face Mr. Fancy.

"Oh a little glimpse of hope and now you are brimming with confidence! I shall now take it all away again. Pokémon fight." He said coldly.

I looked at Salamence and he looked back at me. "You ready for a fight buddy?" I asked him and he answered back with a vicious roar. "Just like the old days." I finished.

The three Pokémon walked up slowly. The first to step up was Infernape. He shouted his name and took his fighting stance.

"Salamence start with Dragon dance." I calmly commanded to my partner.

Salamence closed his eyes and started nodding his head to an invisible tune. He swung his head left and he swung his tail right. A light bluish aura started to surround him and his body started to strengthen itself.

Infernape was distracted for a moment but quickly snapped out of it and prepared his attack. He rushed in with his fist ablaze and was 2 inches from Salamence's face.

That Infernape is quick, but not quick enough I thought to myself. "Salamence now, Dragon claw then follow-up with Flamethrower!" I quickly commanded to my Pokémon.

Salamence, with his speed and attack power up, brought his right arm up and collided with Infernape's fire punch. Infernape skidded back a couple of feet only to meet a flamethrower head on.

"Inferno!" the Infernape screamed and canceled the flamethrower with one of his own. With another war cry of his name he pumped himself up and blew out a monstrous barrage of flamethrowers.

Salamence let out his own barrage of flamethrowers to meet the Infernape head on. The flamethrowers collided in the middle and they each went off like fireworks. Infernape gritted his teeth and called over his friends.

"Houndoooooom" the Houndoom glared his menacing teeth as he howled into the air. Houndoom stepped up next to Infernape and let loose a little growl.

The next pokemon had the cruelest face out of all of them and when he heard his teammate call he put on the biggest sly grin. The pokemon let out a maniacal chuckle and stepped forward.

"Magmar" he said coldly. Magmar stepped up in the middle of the two other pokemon and twirled his imaginary mustache.

Magmar must have been one of his personal pokemon; bleh just looking at Magmar reminds me of him. I thought to myself. "Salamence, let's end this. Dragon dance then Outrage." I said to Salamence and he obeyed without hesitation.

Salamence shook his head left and his body right. Stomped his feet in a rhythmical pattern. Tap. Tap. Tap. His tail swung back and forth and he continued this for while and his body started glowing white.

"Mence!" he roared. His eyes shot open and had an orange tint to them. The white light disappeared and his muscles looked more defined and built. Along with the orange tint in his eyes, his body had a blue outline around it. He was ready to end this…

Our opponents on the other hand were ready to kill and their eyes gave it away. Infernape was still infuriated from the fact that he couldn't take Salamence on by himself. Houndoom regularly had bloodlust in his eyes from that psycho Mr. Fancy. Magmar just looked our way with a twisted cold glare.

"Magmar!", "Doom!", "Infernape!" They all howled together. The battle had begun…

The trio quickly surrounded Salamence and rushed in. From all angles came an explosive flamethrower, Salamence had no choice but to fly upwards. The trio tried to follow but was countered by an explosive flamethrower from Salamence.

Salamence flew back down with speed you didn't know could exist from such a big pokemon. As he touched the ground he swung his tail with all his might and did a complete spin. The trio had little time to react and was hit full force except Magmar who barely escaped by jumping as high as he could.

Infernape and Houndoom were sent flying and stopped a few inches away from Mr. Fancy, whose facial expression didn't change a bit.

Tsk, must have a lot of confidence in that Magmar of his. I thought to myself and looking back it would take great skill for a pokemon to dodge that kind of attack.

"Mag!" Magmar shouted and blew a powerful smokescreen mid-air.

With a strong flap of his wings, Salamence rocketed in the air towards Magmar. Once he caught up to Magmar, Salamence flipped and brought his tail downward full force onto Magmar's head. However Magmar was able to block in time with his arms in an x shape.

Even though he blocked Magmar was sent flying to the ground and cracked the earth from the momentum received from the attack earlier. Salamence was feeling groggy and I knew this would be his last attack.

"Finish it Salamence! Dragon claw!" I yelled full of confidence. Salamence heard my words and felt my determination.

Magmar stood up. He brushed himself off like there weren't any damages at all and looked up at Salamence with a dreadful look. He was really aiming to kill now. Magmar's body started changing colors. What were usually red and yellow were turning dark crimson red and highlighter pink.

"Haha good Magmar, take out everyone and everything! Use Overheat and don't hold back!" Mr. Fancy snickered and backed up three steps. Magmar looked back at his trainer and with a cold evil smile he nodded his head.

Salamence quickly realized the danger and sped off with his right arm cocked back. As he was flying his claw became outlined in a blue tint and a darker blue silhouette of a claw formed around as well.

Magmar released all his bent up anger and produced a fire so hot the ground beneath him was scorched. The female Salamence, which protected Marcie and the kids, casted protect so that we wouldn't get affected by the heat waves.

The water from Lake Verity also started to steam. Salamence used his wings to cover most of the damage but it wouldn't hold much longer. He had no choice but to face it head on and he dove at a faster rate than he was physically able to.

Magmar's flames started to die down and his colors started coming back to its original color. Magmar couldn't keep it up any longer and he regretted his decision as he stopped cause a powerful dragon claw came crushing down on his head.

Salamence hung his head down and tried to regain his strength as he towered over the now unconscious Magmar. We had won the battle.

Mr. Fancy was now angry and his face was a dark red. He returned his three pokemon back their pokeballs and calmly walked away.

"Wait! Where do you think you are going?!" I frantically asked him not wanting him to leave this unfinished.

"Did you really think I would leave with all of you still alive?" Mr. Fancy snickered, "You don't know me at all little boy! Now you will truly see hell!" he ended as he brought out a masterball.

Entei… I forgot all about Entei… How could we win now? I thought of all the negatives now that Salamence was too tired to even lift a wing.

Marcie's POV

"Don't give up Locke please." I whispered softly. The female Salamence looked at me reassuringly.

Even though he had won the earlier fight he has to fight even more. Was his earlier life this messed up? I should have been there for him a lot more than what I have been. Am I even worth his love? My thoughts were filled with negativity and doubt and it only got worse as I saw the monstrosity of the sacred pokemon Entei appear in front of him.

"Please, someone please help him" I cried outwards.

"Don't worry, I shall protect this valiant boy from that evil man." A voice said in my head.

I looked around and saw nothing but soon my eyes caught what everyone else was looking at. Mesprit, the Being of Emotion, was flying around the giant pokemon Entei.

"Evil man, your emotions are black and clouded. You have awoken me from my slumber and I don't like it one bit." Mesprit said with a child like voice.

"I don't care! I'll kill you as well!" Mr. Fancy screamed at the flying fairy.

Mesprit shivered and took on a look of confidence. Her gray little body flittered over towards Entei and clapped her hands twice. Mr. Fancy looked at her with the most confusing look and laughed.

"Really? is that all you ha-" Mr. Fancy started but he suddenly vanished along with Entei.

Mesprit fluttered over towards me next and gave me hug. Then she hugged everyone else and started humming.

Salamence got all his power back and the ground was back to its original state. Flowers even grew where the grass was scorched by Magmar. After she was done she came back to me.

"You know you should really tell him." Mesprit said in my head in her child like voice. I nodded my head and walked over to the group who were bow all hugged up on each other.

"See ya Mesprit!" we all yelled as Mesprit disappeared into the sky.

"Bloody hell!" Mr. Fancy yelled while slamming his fists on his desk. Mesprit teleported him back to his office at RavenTails.

"I'll kill you all!" he yelled out loud to no one. "And this time I won't fail!"….

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