That's what she was.

All the other contenders in the games were tough. Seen too much or just given up.

Although she had seen horrors she still dreamed of faraway places where the sun always shone, no one ruled, everyone was equal, no one went hungry and they lived in peace.

She had always known she couldn't win. How could she?

A small flower against flames, fox's, knives and swords.

As dainty and petit as Clove's knife that nearly killed Katniss. But she wasn't half as deadly.

She was fragile. A shard of glass, so easily crushed, and glinting in the early sunlight, pretty but weak.

She was weak. But she never gave up. Ever. And that made her stronger then even her district partner and the careers. Stronger than anyone else.

And, whilst flowers are weak, their pretty and remind us of things of things we had forgotten.

She reminded them of hope.

Hope and innocence.

She was as innocent as a flower.


She was alone. Inside, everything was black but a ray of sun light shone through. Shining like the sunrise shining through the tree's in winter. Warming up the empty, barren landscape with a promise that everything will be OK again.

It was easier when she was younger. Always someone to hide behind when things got scary.

It was beautiful when she belied in everything. And everybody believed in her.

She was now alone.

At twelve she was losing her innocence.

A child without a childhood.

A star soaring to earth.

A girl showing that there's always hope.

Always trying to shine.

She sees the best in everyone.

They still shone bright to her.

They, no one is where they've been.

They were still innocent.

She's done a few bad things. She tries to forget. But the more she tries, the less she seems to be able to. The nightmares won't let her forget.

But she wasn't bad.

And whilst it rains blood and all that fills their ears and hearts, are heart wrenching screams, she still shines brightly.

It was easier in her firefly catching days, running wild till she fell asleep.

The monsters never caught up to her.

Life is tough crowd. They're all still growing up. They won't have the time to grow up. They never had the time to grow up.

She never had time to grow up.

But she's still an innocent.

Her time is running out.

Everyone's messed up like her.

People always change.

But through it all, she still remembers: today is never too late to be brand new.

It's OK just wait and see, their string of lights still shine brightly.

Her string of lights still shines brightly.

Who she is, is not where she's been or what she's seen.

She's still and innocent.

But the monsters finally caught up to her - but there not who she thought they'd be.

But she's still an innocent.