A/N for Laura:) I hope you like it

She was always there.



She saw everything.

Small, delicate silent and innocent.

She watched as Katniss beat all the odds.

As District 5 moved, much like her, silent, strong, smart, very, very, clever and very, very fast and, invisible.

She watched with a sort of horrified fascination as the careers killed with the sadistic cruelty of people trained to kill.

Of children trained to kill.

Trained to enjoy it.

She watched as Cato and Clove battled with the feelings, they don't want to have, for each other, whilst knowing, they have a fate worse than death, in the end one will die.

She saw horror and pain and death and still she watched.

Blood ran, turning the blue of the river red, staining the leaves like oil paint.

Screams tear their souls and the arena apart.

Canons, bows. Arrows, knives, swords, blood, water, flowers, screams and her eyes.

Dark and knowing, they tell stories of pain and death but a kindness and a belief that everything will be OK again. A belief she is losing in the arena.

She soars through the trees like a bird.

So small and petit.

So easy to crush a flick of a wrist, a twist of her neck, a boot on her back. All she would her would be a snap and her own screams and a canon. Her canon.

She's so easy to kill.

So many ways to die.

Her eyes hold secrets of other tributes.

Things she was never meant to see.

Things she was never meant to tell.

She has seen pain and suffering and horror and death and still she believed, still hoped.

She knew it wasn't going to help her in the end.

Yet if she didn't have hope,

What did she have?

Secrets…secrets…. Secrets and lies…half told truths and fragments of a story. Lies and beliefs broken shards of someone's life. Pieces of tales. A spider web of lies. She knows so many, can't tell if their lies or truths.

She watches and she see's.

She see's their lives.

A simple smile from Clove as she kills tell the dark eyed girl she has only known hate and no love.

Cato brushing Glimmer off and the slightly hurt look in Glimmers eyes tells her she was not used to being rejected and has been fawned over her entire life.

The hardened look in Katniss's eyes as she trudges on through the woods when all she wants to do is die and clean and easy death right there and then but keeps going, tell her that she is going home for someone. The dark eyed girl thinks it was her sister, the one she volunteered for. She must love her more than life itself.

Secrets and lies.

That is all the tributes know.

She is the vault of secrets. Steady and safe. Never telling. Safe storing their secrets. Seeing the truth and the lie.

She knows she'll die in the end.

Weather it will be by Clove's knives or Cato's sword or Katniss's arrows, or anyone else she will die.

She will die.

She'll die with their secrets in her eyes.

She was never meant to see so much.

She was never meant to live so little.

And as she dies, you can see,

Secrets and lies in her eyes.