Author note:

Well, I've had this in my head for too long after seeing 'Rise of the Guardians.' Anyway, I hope you like it, sorry if Danny's a bit OOC, but I hope you understand why he's different.


Title: Viro en Luno Metilernanto

Crossover: Rise of the Guardians and Danny Phantom

Summary: Danny's day is not going good. He was too young to die, to become a full ghost. He was too young to become 'King of the Dead'. He was too young to be Clockwork's Apprentice, and he was most defiantly, too young to dimension hop to a new place where the flippin' Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, and Santa are real, not to mention the uncanny resemblance to a guy named Jack Frost.

Genre: Adventure/Drama

Rated: T because of Character death and I'm paranoid

Disclaimer: I do not own nor claim Danny Phantom. I do not own nor claim Rise of the Guardians.

Note(s): AU. Danny's seventeen, and he becomes a full ghost and Phantom Planet never happened. It's gonna be a bit strange that way Danny describes a few things because it's in his P.O.V. and when you look at something- you usually have something to say about it in your thoughts.

Viro En Luno Metileranto, according to Google Translate, means Man In Moon's Apprentice in Esperanto.

Danny's new name, 'Thánatos', according to Google Translate, means Death in Greek, but to simplify it, it's Thantos.

I hope that Danny's little 'full ghost powers and stuff' a bit later makes sense, if it doesn't in the review, voice your concerns.

Speaking of reviews- as an over-sensitive, fourteen-year-old, I can't take too hard criticism. With that said- FLAMES WILL BE DELETED ASAP.



(Danny Phantom Universe):

Danny's P.O.V.:

I was actually pretty happy, for once. I was seventeen, and I already had my growth spurt- which was the happiest moment of my life. So, I was taller and my hair had grown out a bit. Sam was pretty happy and she managed to convince me to change my look. I drew the line at the makeup and black tight pants, I get enough of tight pants in my ghost form.
So, now I had longer hair, was taller, and instead of the red and white shirt, I wore a black and gray shirt. It was in the same pattern as my red and white one- the dark gray replacing the white and the black replacing the red.

Of course, the best part of growing up- Dash doesn't mess with me as much. I guess because I was almost as tall as my dad and the ghost fighting made me have a bit more muscle, I looked a bit intimidating. Of course, that doesn't stop Dash entirely, just enough that I don't get beat up or hit. Verbal fighting is totally different.

I was walking home from school with Sam and Tucker. They changed a bit too. Sam was a bit taller from these past two years since I became a half-ghost. She still wears her skirt and leggings, but no crop top. Her top is now a simple, dark purple tank top. Her hair's longer too, and she doesn't keep it in a pony-tail. She's still Sam though, the same Sam I love.

Tucker still wears his usual outfit though, and he hasn't changed.

They still have their 'vegan VS meat' arguments though.

When I arrived home, I said my goodbyes to Sam and Tucker. I walked inside to see Mom and Dad, arguing about Santa Clause. I almost forget- it's about three weeks from Christmas.

I groaned, I still hate Christmas- even after 'Ghost Writer' and when he and I became friends (long story short, I just apologized), and my parents still argue about Santa Clause.

"That high, at that speed? It's scientifically impossible!"

"No it isn't Santa is real! He uses his magic! Right, Danny?"

Jazz, now 18, sighed, "You're asking a developing teen to choose between his parents?"

She came over and hugged me. I didn't like this, at all. One, I was in a mad Christmas mood. Two, I still didn't like Jazz's 'phycology' thing she uses on me.

"Don't worry little brother; I'll protect you from this unhealthy, unstable environment…"

I scowled and glared at her. She got the hint and let go. I scowled again. I sighed.

"Hey Jazz," I said loudly to be heard over our parents' arguing, "I'm going to go out for a bit."

Jazz nodded briskly, knowing full well of my 'scrooge mood.'

I left the house. I didn't bother with any scarf or jacket. One- because of my ghost core, I'm immune to the cold. Two- It wasn't that cold out because despite it being close to Christmas we have yet to get holiday snow.

I was walking down the street, sulking with my hands in my jean's pockets.
I turned around. There was a little girl fetching a ball that rolled into the middle of the street. There was a large semi-truck coming right towards her. She didn't seem to hear the shouts, and she was frozen when she saw the truck. I was in shock and I was a bit mad- No one was doing anything besides shouting.

I couldn't 'go ghost' because too many people were around and crowding.

I sighed; curse my hero complex, though I don't regret it as I ran to the girl. I pushed her out of the way at the last second and got hit by the truck, full force.

Then, everything was black, but I heard a whisper that sounded like it came from my head.

"Don't worry, all will be revealed in time…"


"In later news, the whole town mourns over the death of Danny Fenton- who died doing a heroic act."

I groaned. I opened my eyes. Wait a second…this is the Ghost Zone….

I was confused until it dawned on me.

"Yes Daniel, you are dead."

I turned around and saw Clockwork. He was there, looking a bit solemn. I was still confused.

"Dead? How can I- I mean, I'm half-ghost…"

"Not anymore, Daniel. The force of that truck killed you on impact. Your human self couldn't take it. Come, follow me and I'll explain."

I cautiously followed. Full ghost? What if I turn out like Dan?

I have been here, in the ghost zone for two weeks. Clockwork had explained everything about the Ghost Zone and my new full ghost self. He explained that the Ghost Zone knew of a new ghost- after all, it doesn't happen as often one would think.

However, they didn't know it was me, which I found weird until I looked into the mirror and realized no one would recognize me (I was a bit taller than I was as a halfa, my hair was a bit longer and was white with black tips, my eyes were red which I hated-, my clothes were different too- big shock there-I now had black pants-that thankfully weren't tight like the ones Sam wanted me to wear-, a green chain on the pants that had a white 'ghost', black steel-toed combat boots, a white shirt that was long seelved and tight that it showed my muscles- which I was thankful that I actually had muscles but weren't as buff as say…Dash-, and a cloak that was my favorite thing. It was black and it had a green gem that held it together. It was impossible to see my face when the hood was up which hides my identity- not that I really have one anymore).

Clockwork explained that as a new full ghost, I had to have a new name,


Clockwork raise an eyebrow, "Where did you learn Greek?"

"Lancer, but Thantos means Death in Greek, so no one will recognize me either."

Clockwork also explained my core, which I thought was still going to be an ice core. Apparently, it's a core called 'Neutra.' It means my core is neutral, with no center point. I look at it this way:

I get to be more powerful than other ghosts with the most rare ghost core that is one in every three million years- when the previous owner of the Neutra is destroyed, and then three million years later, the next one emerges.

Clockwork also explained that the reason I got it was because I was the first, true halfa. Clockwork helped me understand my obsession too.

"Clockwork," I said confused…"Why do I feel this way?"
Clockwork raised an eyebrow and I sulked, "I mean, normally, by now, I would be rushing back home to my family, let them know I was still here-though I'm scared too because-DUH! Ghost hunter parents and all. But, I don't feel the need to go there, like it's unimportant."

Clockwork smiled slightly, "Your obsession…"


"As a halfa, your obsession was protection, that was easy to see. However, in death, that obsession is a bit more powerful and a bit different."

I blinked in confusion and he sighed, "I'm trying to explain this to a seventeen year old… You're obsession is to protect, correct? You are the spirit of protection…"

This was news to me. Spirit of protection? I guess that's kind of like Fright Knight being the Spirit of Halloween. Clockwork continued,

"As such, you must protect. After your death, your parents shut down the portal, no ghost has been to Amity Park since then, expect the Box Ghost and as we both know, he is no threat…"

I chuckled and Clockwork still continued on with his monologue, "In other words, you don't feel that pull to Amity, as it is protected and safe. Therefore, you have no need to go back there, it is different as a full ghost…"

I sighed, "No kiddin'."

I also learned that the reason I am so powerful is because of my obsession. I do what it takes to protect. Because of this, when trouble arises, my obsession fuels my powers and makes new powers as needed and I just keep the new powers afterwards- make sense? I think it helps with a Neutra core.

I am a bit more powerful too, as a full ghost. I worked with my ice abilities, I can teleport, make minor portals, I worked on my shields, and I got a cool new power over the weather because of a fight with Vortex… and new powers will soon come too.

However, there were three things that I learned that shocked me the most.

1- Clockwork said that since he saved my family during TUE, he became my guardian after that- which is news to me-. He also said that since I was a full ghost now, I was his new apprentice. Great, I'm an apprentice to a Time Master…that's….weird…

2- Since I defeated Pariah Dark and his army nearly single-handedly, I am the new 'King of the Dead,' or 'Death,' or 'King of the Ghost Zone.' Of course, since no ghost besides Frostbite, Clockwork, and Ghost Writer know my identity, no ghost knows that the new ghost is the new King as well.

3- When Danielle visited, it was the shock of the afterlife. I mean, she showed up and she was only one-year-old, instead of twelve. Not only that, but she had some papers and the mind of a one-year-old too. Clockwork, the damn, all-knowing, stop-watch, knew what happened. Vlad had captured Danielle- which made me more mad than it should've- and he used a new syrum on her that made her de-age, hence the one-year-old halfa. Luckily, it stopped working when she turned one, along with the mind of a one-year-old. For some strange reason, I was happy that she now got to grow up normally and have a child hood…. But the most shocking thing? Was…


I turned away from Danielle. We were in my lair and I was playing with her. She was one, after all. Clockwork handed me the papers that Danielle was holding when she showed up.

"You should read those. Apparently, even with the mind of a one-year-old, Danielle knew the importance of those documents."

I skimmed through the papers,


I looked at him in shock. I looked to Danielle. Clockwork smiled,

"Yes, the cloning went wrong and instead of a clone, you now have a daughter."

Apparently, Vlad really screwed up. See, Sam always uses my hairbrush, a lot, after a fight-the same hair brush that Vlad got the hair from. He grabbed some of my hair, true, but he also grabbed some of Sam's hair. So, when he did the cloning thing, he did it wrong. When you mix the DNA of a dude and a girl, you don't get a clone. You get a daughter.

Though, I smiled since as a full ghost, I wasnt able to have kids, but leave it to me to do the impossible and have a daughter, a daughter who is very excited because Christmas is a week away.

Of course, I couldn't let Sam know. It hurt to say that, but I couldn't. I couldn't see her again, and Danielle was going to stay with me.

Then again, I don't know what the most shocking thing is if the other ghosts found out- that the new ghost is the new King, the new ghost is really Danny Phantom, the new ghost has a daughter, Danny Phantom has a daughter, or that the new ghost is the apprentice to Clockwork. Apparently, most ghosts think Clockwork a myth.

The coolest part of being full ghost? My own lair! YEAH!

It's pretty cool, really. It's close to Clockwork's lair, so no ghost really knows where it is. It's a mansion-like building with black walls and a white door. On the white door is my old DP symbol in neon, ectoplasm, green.

I flew over to Clockwork.

"Daniel, my apprentice, I have a mission for you, and you may take Danielle with you."

I narrowed my eyes, I didn't want to put Danielle in danger, but then again, even as a one-year-old, she's trouble. No matter where I go for a mission, she manages to follow me.

"What is it?"

Clockwork sighed, "To understand the mission, you must understand this: As you know, there are more than one dimension and alternate realities…"

I cringed, remembering Dan.

"….but there is only one Time Master, and only one Time Apprentice, that is myself and you, Daniel. We watch over the time lines, and the realities, making sure everything is on the right course.

However, in most dimensions, I cannot fully appear, due to the lack of ectoplasm in them. Because of this, many dimensions think me a lord, myth, or legend, and I have gone by many different names besides Clockwork-"

I held up my hand, "But Clockwork is your real name, right?"

Clockwork nodded, "-Of course. As I was saying, each place has a different name for me, and you.

Some know me as Chronis. Some know me as Clockwork-my true name.

However, the most amusing name that I find funny…

…is Man in the Moon…."