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Danny's P.O.V:

I mockingly waved my finger at Clockwork as I sarcastically scolded him, "You naughty, naughty, stop-watch…. You knew all of this would happen, and you sent Vlad there."

I already had destroyed Vlad's labs, all of his labs, and his blueprints, everything ghost related, and dropped him off at his mansion. I dropped Danielle off at my-in a way, our- lair since she was tired, she even fell asleep in my arms and I put her in bed.

Clockwork turned from the monitor he was watching and smiled faintly, "Does my apprentice doubt my methods?"

I shrugged, "No, but…why?"
Clockwork turned from a young man (ghost?) to an older man (ghost?).

"I sent Vlad there, though he doesn't know it was my doing. I did so that you would meet those Guardians, you will be important to them….and in time….a Guardian, yourself."

I blinked. Jack explained the Guardian thing, but… "…why?"

"Daniel, you, in some way, already are a Guardian…soon, it will be official. They will need your help in the future."

Then it dawned on me and I smiled,

"Does this mean-"

"Yes, you can see them again and with my help, you can visit them any time you like after you are a Guardian, without it being very painful as it was before when traveling as well."

I cheered. "Woo-Hoo!"

I wouldn't really admit it, but Jack became like a best friend to me, and North like a father in a way. Tooth was like an older sister- a weird one though. Bunnymud was like a…pet kangaroo (ha!).

It was Christmas day, and I was already at the North Pole. Danielle, to her protests, was wearing a scarf and gloves. I didn't want to take any chances.

I snuck up on Jack invisibly.

"Ya know," Jack said, "I miss Danny…"

I turned visible and touched his shoulder, "Glad to hear that I missed ya too."

Jack turned around, "Danny!"

He hugged me, "This is great news! North and the others ain't here. North's delivering presents…"

"Well, that's too bad…I'll need his help with the Guardian ceremony…"

"You mean?"

"Yep, my mentor wants me as a Guardian, he says I already was one, but this way it's official. Who would have thought? Death as a Guardian for Safety and Protection!"

I laughed and so did he. He really was a best friend.

"So Danny, wanna build a snowman?"

"Sure, once I get back…"

"You're leaving, but you just got here!"

"I know, but I wanted to see you and let you know I was back first. But now…I have something I really need to do, it's important….Come on, Danielle!"

Danny's P.O.V. (later):

I was nervous, very nervous. I was in Amity Park and Danielle was by my side. I stopped by my grave already- weird, but cool and oddly calming.

It was Christmas, but it wasn't as cheery. I still needed to do this.

I wasn't surprised when I learned that my parents were still ghost hunters, but I was surprised that they weren't arguing about Santa- I guess that they're still mourning…

I sulked a bit. I turned invisible and hit the skies. I need to get there fast.

I finally reached Sam's house. I think, she should know, but only because Danielle is also her daughter, after all. Once this is done, maybe Sam can get closure or something. I know it won't be back to normal though. I just want Sam to know that she can move on, and maybe…maybe she'll help me raise Danielle, since she will grow normal.

I flew through the walls and found Sam in her room. Luckily, her parents and Grandma Edna wasn't home.

Sam looked beautiful, to me at least, even though her hair was a bit messy and her mascara was running. She's still mourning. I think she…sensed… me or something by the way she looked up.

"Who's there?"

She got into a poor fighting stance and I turned visible with Danielle hidden behind me.



Author Note:

Yep. This is the end, I didn't mean for it to be, but I don't think I needed words to express most of this. If I did continue this, then Sam would just visit the Ghost Zone every other weekend and help take care of Danielle and still be partly in love with Danny, but mostly moved on since he's full ghost. That's me. I don't know what you think will happen, that's the point of the cliffhanger-like ending, letting you, the reader, decide….what happens next? Sometimes, the imagination has better, or worse, endings than the real thing.

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