Baby girl Nikki Curtis. That's my name, I know it's original. But that's because my parents are original, I also have older brothers whose name are also uncommon like mine. The eldest of my brothers name is Darryl but we call him Darry he's 20, the second oldest is Sodapop or Soda he's 16 going on 17, and the youngest of my older brothers is Ponyboy or just Pony he's 14. Pony is a year younger then me, he just turned 14 a month ago and Im 15 Though our age difference we are are the same grade, 9th. Pony is suppose to be in 8th and I'm in the grade I'm suppose to be in.

Besides my real brothers I have pretend brothers, our gang.

I may not be the youngest but sometimes I'm treated as it because I'm a girl. And it gets annoying but I wouldn't have it another way. Our gang consists of my brothers and I, Soda's best friend Steve Randal who's 17,

Keith Matthews or who we call two-bit who's 18, Johnny Cade who's 16, and last but not least is Dallas Winston who's 17.

Our gang is what I call one of a kind, we have Steve who's abit of a jerk but nice enough.

Two-bit is the one person who I know who can make anyone laugh in any situation, he's laid-back, generally fun, and probably more than half the time you see him he is drunk, he's still in his 11th grade year at school because of some unknown reason he loves the idea of school and won't leave.

Johnny is tough. And he's quiet. His parents fight all the time, they don't even notice him half of the time unless they are beating him but still he goes back. He says that at least he knows his parents notice him when he's being beaten. He really desires his parents love he knows he will never get, but he still hopes.

And then there's Dallas or Dally. Dally used to live in NYC, at the age of ten he was first arrested. His face expressions are always hard and his see through glass eyes are empty. When you look into his eyes you don't see anything. He isn't the type of person to care about anyone, his mom is gone and his dad doesn't care, he learned to survive alone since he was a kid so I don't worry about him. I don't think dally could ever love anyone he may have his favorites -like me Pony and Johnny- and the gang and I are all he has. I know for a fact that he would never admit it but he won't dare to love because they always leave on him so he only likes us alot but not loves us for the fear we'll leave him. Now I don't know if that's true but it's a very good guess I have but logically that's the answer.

I couldnt ask for a better extended family then them. And my real family too.

My mom, my dad there isn't much to say about them accept that they love us all. Darry is athletic and smart.

Sodapop is always grinning and is all the time drunk on life. And Ponyboy is a dreamer. My mom used to say I'm all three of them wrapped in one and I think so too. I am athletic like Darry, a go-happy like soda, a dreamer and smart like pony.


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