A/N: Hello! It's me Midnight Blue, and this is a very weird fanfic!

Draco: How weird is weird?

Midnight: *thinks* very very weird

Draco: That didn't help -_-

Midnight: Oh be quiet -;! This very weird fanfic starts now!

Midnight: WAIT! If you are wondering who Chiharu is, she is Ravenclaw Angel on !


~Potions Class~

Harry: *whining* When is class going to start! I've got to go to the bathroom!

Draco: Shush! Just wait for Snape!

Midnight: What Draco just said!

Draco: Where'd you come from?!

Midnight: It's my fanfic -_-

Draco: Whatever

Harry: Since when do Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, and Slytherin have classes together?

Midnight: Since now

Chiharu: Hi!

Midnight: When did you get here Chiharu?

Chiharu: Just a second ago!

*Snape walks in*

Harry: Can I go to the bathroom?

Snape: No! Pick whichever Potion you guys want to do today *yawns*

Chiharu: *whispers to Hermione* Love Potion

Hermione: *whispers to Ron* Love Potion

Ron: *whispers to Draco* Love Potion

Draco: *whispers to Midnight* Love Potion

Midnight: *glomps Draco*

Harry: What about me?

Midnight: Go away

Harry: *runs crying to the bathroom*

Snape: Uh oh, guys, you can talk while I'm gone, I'll be right back *chases Harry to the bathroom*

Hermione: I wonder what Snape is going to do!

Ron: Yeah!

Chiharu: I guess we just wait...



Harry: *flushes the toilet*

Snape: *outside bathroom door* What are you flushing?

Harry: *flushes toilet*

Snape: What are you flushing?

Harry: *flushes toilet*

Snape: I'm serious!

Harry: Black?

Snape: No, I'm Snape!

Harry: *sniffs*

Snape: What are you sniffing?

Harry: *sniffs*

Snape: What are you sniffing?

Harry: *sniffs*

Snape: Really! You can tell me!

Harry: *sniffs*

Snape: I'm coming in there! *opens door* Ewww! Harry, I think you missed the toilet! *drags Harry out of the bathroom to Dumbledore's Office*

Chiharu: They're taking too long!

Midnight: Yeah!

Snape: *walks in* I'm back!

Draco: Took ya long enough!

Snape: *glares* But, Dumbledore has decided to cancel class for a while.

Chiharu/Midnight: Awwwww

Draco: Yay!

Snape: *glares* I would be happy if you would please go back to your common rooms

*Everyone goes to their common rooms*


A/N: I'm done with chapter one! Hey, that rhymed!

Draco: Yay! You bashed Harry!

Midnight: Duh!

Draco: Do I have to kiss anyone?

Midnight: Maybe

Draco: Urgh!

Midnight: See ya next time for another weird chapter!