Midnight: I'm still in Massachusetts, and I'm bored to death x.X (Note: I'm not in Massachusetts while typing it, just writing it XD)

Draco: So she decided to torture me with a new chapter

Midnight: -; Pessimist… by the way, I saw the 3rd Harry Potter movie last night!

Draco: Potter has a movie?

Midnight: Yup!

Draco: I bet I was in it.. and I was the best character!

Midnight: Duh! But you were whiny in it

Draco: That's cruel..

Midnight: Yeah, but I have a new character

Draco: Whoopee! (waves flag)

Midnight: Meet Hot Pink! The Slytherin Draco glomper who's Pie's sister!

Hot Pink: Hi.. DRACO! (glomps Draco)

Draco: -; Great.. lets get this chapter over with!

Midnight: Okay! (starts fic)

Flying Machine

Kurt: (lands Flying Machine at bottom of cliff)

Brandon: Okay, lets go find them!

David: (pushes Brandon to get out the door) Move!

Brandon: Pushy pushy pushy -;

David: Hey Kurt! Come on!

Kurt: (sleeping)

David: Okay then...

Brandon: Look! A person! (runs over to it)

David: Where? (follows Brandon)

Brandon/David: It's…QUIRREL!

David: (pokes Quirrel with a stick) Think he's alive?

Quirrel: Owww…

Brandon: Yup

Quirrel: (gets up) Not again x.X

David: Hi! Where's everyone else?

Quirrel I dunno, they pushed me down here! Then I got hit with this (holds up fangirl repellant)

Brandon: (takes fangirl repellant) Hmmm…

(Something pops out of shadows and jumps on Brandon's back)

Brandon: AHHHHH! Get it off! Get it off! (trips and falls)

David: Chill.. (pulls it off) It's Hot Pink!

Hot Pink: Hiiii!

Quirrel: Who?

Brandon: Hi Hot Pink! Hot Pink is Pie's sister

Quirrel" Greeat…

David: Well, I guess we'd better go try to find everyone else

Brandon/David/Quirrel/Hot Pink: (get into Flying Machine)

Chicken Landing Area

Midnight: Bye Rob! (waves at chicken flying above head)

Rob: Bok! (waves with a wing)

Tea: Darn, my chicken didn't lay an egg for me

(egg falls out of sky)

Tea: (catches egg) YAY! I will love you forever chicken!

(all of the chickens fly away)

Usada: I guess we're walking the rest of the way

(A/N: Just to give you an update of where I am, I'm in the Boston airport waiting for the plane. There is now a 20 minute delay because our plane is screwed up and we're getting a different one -; Now they're changing everyone's seats and stuff x.X I hate planes…)

Chiharu: Hey look!

Kasumi: At what? You're pointing at Snape

Draco: That's just great, we think she finds something great, but she just sees Snape -;

Chiharu: No! Over…

Anna: Look! A castle! (points)

Chiharu: There (points where Anna is pointing) Told ya I saw something Draco :P

Minku: That's cool, it's a castle like we thought!

Bubble: Maybe there's even a moat around it

Harry: And a dragon!

Midnight: Dragons are cool…

Arishia: Well, lets try to reach the castle by dark

(A/N: Note that it never seems to be nighttime.. heh heh.. I'm also flying on the plane now!)

One Hour Later

(a sound is heard)

Envy: What's that?

A.D.: Probably one of those Barbies again -;

Voice: I'm not a Barbie!

Tea: IT'S BEN!

Ben: How'd you know O.o

Tea: 'Cause you threw me into Hogwarts, remember?

Ben: Oh god yes x.X

Sakura011: So… whatcha doing out here?

Ben: Oh, I just came to stop you from getting to the castle

Arishia: I don't think you were supposed to tell us that

Nakuru-san: Yeah, now we can easily stop you from stopping us

Ben: Fine then, I'll stop you from stopping me from stopping you

Shaoran: Then we'll stop you from stopping us from stopping you from stopping us

(A/N: I just confused myself with that part XD)

Ben: So? I can stop you from stopping me from stopping you from stopping me from stopping you!

Ben/Shaoran: (continue)

One Hour Later

Kinoko: I want to know why it's always an hour before something new happens O.o

Samantha: Maybe she likes the number one the best

Kinoko: Could be..

(whirring sound is heard)

Samantha: I think she likes saying that sounds are heard too O.o

Shaoran: Oh yeah? We can stop you from stopping us from stopping you from stopping us from stopping you from stopping us from stopping you from stopping.. etc. (A/N: I don't feel like writing that all over the whole page)

Ben: Well, I can stop you from stopping me from stopping you from stopping me from

stopping you from stopping me from stopping…

(Flying Machine lands on Ben)

Tea: Aww.. I wanted to glomp him before he got squished x.x

Sei-chan: Hey, those guys are back!

Ron: Unless evil aliens took over the Flying Machine O.o

Everyone: (look at Ron)

Ron: (shrugs) You never know

(The door on the Flying Machine opens)

Harry/Ron: (screaming like girls (A/N: Thanks Chiharu XD))AHHHH! ALIENS!

(a foot appears in the doorway)

Harry/Ron: (continue screaming)

(Hot Pink, Quirrel, Brandon, David, and Kurt step out)

Harry/Ron: (keep screaming anyway)

Sirius: (grabs Harry and Ron) They aren't aliens!

Juu-chan: Good job Sirius (glomps Sirius)

Sirius: Remind me not to ever do anything smart-ish x.x

Hot Pink: Hiiii everyone!

Midnight: Hi person!

David: We finally found you guys!

Seamus: And Quirrel

Keroklutz: Quirrel is alive?

Quirrel: Yeah -;

Hot Pink: Hey, where's Draco?

Draco: Not here

Hot Pink: Hi Draco! (glomps Draco)

Hachi: Hey, good idea! (also glomps Draco)

Midnight: Hey everyone, this is Hot Pink, Pie's little sister

Brandon: I just hope she's not exactly like Pie x.x

Kurt: (decides to watch tv)

David: Oh great -;

Seamus: He's obsessed with that tv.. (backs away from Hachi) and she's obsessed with me

Hachi: Hey Seamus, did the repellant wear off yet?

Seamus: Nope :)

Hachi: -;

The Overgrown Barbie Dolls' Dungeon

Cocobra: Here's the picture

(the picture on the screen switches to Orlando Bloom tied to a chair hanging over a pool of lava) (A/N: The pool of lava tends to be used a lot XD)


Crystal: Now that's weird..

Alan: I think I feel sorry for him o.O

Plumpy: I take it she knows who he is? (points at Sibbie)

Sibbie: Let him go! Let him go!

Porridge: We don't want to let him go though..

Neon: I'm glad it wasn't Draco

Pie: Me too O.o

Stardust: I'm glad it wasn't me.. or Draco

Dumbledore: I'm surprised it wasn't me

Cocobra: Me too, hey, good idea!

(Dumbledore disappears)

Clay: Poor him

(picture on the screen switches back to Orli (A/N: Yes, I'm gonna call him Orli now XD It's shorter) with Dumbledore tied to his back)

Eliza: Dun dun dunn

Dumbledore and Orli

Dumbledore: Hi

Orli: Hi to you too (looks down at lava)

A/N: Hey Sibbie, you happy? I finally put Orli in

Draco: Would she really be happy that he's hanging over a pool of lava?

Midnight: Maybe not… I guarantee that he won't die!

Draco: That's better

Midnight: I swear I'll continue soon people!