He remembered the day he had emerged from the ice. He had almost felt relieved to escape the darkness and the fear subsided, but now hundreds of years later the fear has come back. It swallows him up again and he knows he doesn't have a chance. Along with the darkness comes the fear, that awful feeling inside the pit of his stomach that won't evaporate. The best he can do is ignore it, push it away until something allows it to resurface, whether it's a retort from another guardian or a child that has no idea of his existence and then he's left to try and force the feeling away. He turns to the moon for guidance, the one that made him like this, that left him confused in misguided in his new life, but even he seems not to know of his existence. He swallows away that small lump in his throat as the loneliness wells up inside him and he feels the darkness grabbing at him as he did on that night he came forth from the ice all those years ago.