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No one ever claimed Hollywood Arts was a regular school. However they weren't immune to the social hierarchies that ruled other schools, theirs was just slightly different. So as Beck Oliver wandered the halls on that particular Friday he couldn't help but notice everyone seemed to be a little off - well at least more so than usual - himself included.

It had been four days since he'd seen his girlfriend, hell, four days since anyone had seen her. He remembered her leaving on Monday afternoon, a dangerous and expectant smirk on her face as she waited between the doors. The rest of the students were lined against their lockers not willing to make a move until Jade left, in fear of what she'd do. Suddenly a high pitched squeal of pain had echoed down the hallway, making Jade's eyes twinkle in amusement before she sipped her coffee and disappeared through the doors. The red streaks in her hair, catching in the sunlight before his view was blocked by Tori.

He had been surprised when Jade had been… well not okay per say but not violent when he'd told her that Tori and he had to stay after school to work on the scene they had to write. All she'd done was smile in Tori's direction, waving her hand in what would have been a friendly gesture had it not been for the freshly sharpened pair of scissors dangling from her fingertips.

So he'd been understandably concerned when both Tori and Jade had failed to show up before the bell for first period on Tuesday. However when the Latina had burst into Sikowitz's class dripping with sweat, rambling on about Trina, no car, yoga and a movie, he'd breathed sigh of relief. Having no classes with Jade for the rest of the morning, Beck figured he'd just ask her what he'd done wrong at lunch because she was clearly avoiding him for a reason.

It was only at lunch when everyone was gathered round their table and Trina approached did they realise there was no usual 'no one likes you' comment from Jade or some borderline disturbing remark from Rex that everyone began to worry. Thinking back on their day, everyone slowly began to realise that they hadn't caught a glimpse of Robbie, Rex or Jade since Yesterday.

Then almost as if it were practiced they all turned to him.

He'd taken one look at their faces, ranging from confused to concerned and pulled out his phone sending a text to Jade as Cat sent one to Robbie. As if responding to another silent cue, they all relaxed slightly knowing their job was done and they wouldn't be able to do anything more until either Cat or himself received a reply. Luckily it appeared to be only their group who seemed to notice that it wasn't just Jade missing.

Beck was actually kind of amazed that they'd all noticed Jade's absence so quickly but he figured the lack of someone screaming, crying and/or running away had made them curious.

However when Wednesday morning rolled around and both Robbie and Jade had been radio silent for over twenty four hours, he began to grow nervous. Of course on the outside he answered everyone's questions on whether Jade had killed Robbie with a certain 'no, of course not.' because she wasn't capable of such a thing. Right?

Needless to say he'd texted her five more times before lunch.

Their group convened in Black Box Theatre, determined to wait out their lunch period away from the confused, curious stares of the rest of the school and their never ending questions. Yes, they were well aware that their actions would only garner a stronger response from the student body but they needed a break.

It was scarily quiet without Jade and Robbie and by extension Rex.

No one was threatening or leering. There was no one around to calm Cat down when some one offended her in that weird way only Robbie and Jade understood.

In fact the little redhead was looking worse for wear, though she still smiled it was a little less brighter than Yesterday and the blue circles slightly showing under her eyes spoke volumes of her inner distress.

So when she asked if they'd be back tomorrow, the only thing Beck could do was pull Cat closer and nod his head, hoping to whoever was listening that he wasn't about to be made a liar.

The hallway next to their lockers had become a sort of memorial sight for the students, leaving various gifts and offerings for that was the only thing that could have explained why two of their own had dropped off the face of the Earth. So, you can imagine everyone's surprise when Robbie stepped through the doors of Hollywood Arts on Thursday morning, five minutes before the bell, with slightly furrowed eyebrows but otherwise looking the same as usual.

Robbie approached his locker, looking at the gifts as if it was nothing new and proceeded to get his things for class only cutting his finger once on the broken glass that remained hidden underneath the layer of baby bottle tips that covered the exterior of his locker.

He often wondered if people realised the destructive element hidden in his locker but given that people shied away from the area because of Jade, he figured it was a good bet they hadn't.

Shutting the locker he dismissed the looks he was given figuring it was more to do with the fact that he was Rex-less as opposed to anything else. At least that's what he thought until he was cornered and confronted by a furious Cat, Beck, Tori and André.

Beck had looked down in shame, once Robbie had explained that there was a family emergency and he'd left his phone at home for the last few days and since he only returned this morning it was currently sitting on his nightstand charging. Meaning he hadn't gotten any of their messages.

He noticed the way Robbie's eyes darkened when Cat mentioned everyone believing Jade had killed him but figured it was out of fear, especially given that he started laughing curtly moments later.

However as the day progressed, Beck noticed Robbie had not only raced home in his free period to grab his phone but he had been basically texting non-stop, the furrow between his brows only increasing with each response until he got up and walked out of the class and school altogether. Glancing at his phone, Beck was once again reminded that Jade had still not replied to any of his texts, though he'd had to have sent well over fifty by now.

By lunch everyone was talking about the fact that Robbie - the teacher's pet, 'never get into trouble' Robbie - had ditched school.

Slumping down at his seat at their table, Beck couldn't help but groan in frustration as his phone remained silent. Glancing around he noticed André had a gallon of chocolate milk next to him and seemed to be content drinking straight from the bottle, hoping it would solve his problems. Tori had worn dark clothes in what seemed like an effort to make it feel like Jade was here and Cat, well Cat was the worst.

The usually bubbly girl, looked so sad you'd have thought someone had ran over her dog and grandma at the same time. Her red-velvet hair was hanging limply and appeared to have been combed through by her hands numerous time. She'd skipped her candy flavoured lip gloss altogether and her eyes were red rimmed thanks to what appeared to be lack of sleep.

As he looked around the rest of the courtyard, Beck was amazed to realise that it appeared the majority of the student body seemed lost without Jade and Robbie. Sinjin had even voluntarily located and climbed into a nearby trashcan. While some of the others were watching videos Robbie and Rex had made on the slap and a few had even put Jade's 'Things I hate' videos on a projector so everyone could see.

It was watching those desperate acts that Beck broke his promise to Jade and his decision was made. Flipping open his phone, he searched through his contacts until he found the number he was looking for and pressed call.

He'd waited with baited breath for Mr West to answer the phone only to be surprised when it was picked up by Mrs West who's voice seemed to be filled with exhaustion. After learning that Jade wasn't feeling well, he'd immediately decided to run over there after school but his unannounced plan was preemptively shut down by Mrs West.

Contrary to what most people assumed, Jade's parents were some of the nicest people he'd ever met. Her father was a very respected detective and Jade's mother was an amazing nurse. He knew they'd met on a case - when he'd asked once they'd simply replied that it was one that involved a little boy and girl who'd do anything for each other - but other than that he knew very little about the pair and Jade had made him swear to keep it that way.

While their jobs meant they often left Jade by herself, he knew she knew they loved her very much. So the refusal sent off alarms that had been building in his mind since Monday. It had taken all his will power not to run over there and demand to be let in. So once he'd relayed the message to the group he lay his head in his hands and ignored his friends' attempts at comfort while the insanity that had fallen over the rest of the courtyard only escalated.

So as Beck looked hesitantly around on Friday he understood why he was garnering a few worried looks. When he'd walked out of his RV this morning his mother had been doing some gardening - well she had been until she jumped in shock and ran over to check that he was feeling okay. Beck had been too scared to look in the mirror this morning, his hair had felt greasy instead of fluffy, he could feel a pimple forming on his cheek and he was sure he'd missed a few buttons on his shirt but he'd brushed off his mother's concerns, as he simply slid into his truck and began his way to school.

As he re-examined the halls he couldn't help the way his eyes widened at not only the actions of the students but the teachers as well. Lane was curled into a ball in the corner rocking slightly, not sure what to do with the sudden craziness that had taken over his students. Sikowitz was dressed in a suit, sans coconut with his hair combed back neatly - the only sign that the apocalypse wasn't directly upon them was the fact that he hadn't shaved his beard and that he still wasn't wearing shoes.

Moving over to Jade's locker, he lent against it, ignoring the plastic handles sticking into his back and grateful that he'd finally learnt about the two blades that could cause some serious bleeding if you leant too heavily on the door. Glancing at Robbie's locker he was once again taken aback by how different their too lockers were.

Sure, everyone had their own style but scissors right next to baby bottles, that was almost comical. Ironically he was pretty sure both Jade and Robbie referred to their choice as bringing memories of 'happier times'.

Feeling a shadow cast over him, Beck didn't move assuming it'd be Robbie. However slowly but surely his other senses set to work and he noticed the way the hallway had immediately silenced. He felt shivers run down his spine in a way only Jade could do and finally smelt her. He'd never been able to put a specific name to the smell but he figured it was a mix of her perfume, shampoo and something completely her.

His eyes snapped open and he looked her over, noticing she looked exactly the same as always. Looking into her eyes, he noticed they were more closed off than they had been in a while, reminding him of how they were when he'd first met the mysterious girl. His lips curled into a smile before faltering slightly when her completely neutral expression held. Stepping forward, he ignored all her signs of warning and wrapped his arms around her, feeling her finally comply and move her arms around his waist too.

Jade's eyes roamed around the halls taking in the looks of all the students. Sending them a glare, one she was sure lacked the usual power, she watched as the majority of them sighed or smiled in relief before turning away in fear.

The response was enough to make her eyebrows pull together before she noticed the offerings still sitting in front of her locker, but behind Beck. She remembered Robbie mentioning them but she'd thought he'd been exaggerating.

Subtly trying to pull back from Beck, her eyes never settled on one place, feeling the hairs on the back of her neck stand up as she clutched her plain silver scissors tighter.

Beck frowned as Jade squirmed in his arms. Giving up, he stepped back unable to mask the hurt that flittered across his face when he realised that after four days apart she was hurrying to escape his arms. However it appeared that momentarily slip in his cool guy, emotionless façade didn't matter as Jade's attention wasn't focused on him anyway.

Jade startled as Beck's hand slipped into her own but did not let it show. Clutching her scissors tighter, feeling the blade digging into her palm slightly she continued to search the halls, her anxiety rising as she didn't spot the curly haired freak she was looking for. Flipping the scissors in her hand, she listened as the blades sliced against each other giving her a sense of control at the reassuring sound.

Desperately trying to be grateful for the fact that his girlfriend was finally with him again, Beck ignored the fact that she wasn't with him mentally. Pulling her towards Sikowitz's class, he was thrilled to see that their crazy teacher had located a coconut, shed his tie and was happily sipping his milk as he disappeared down the hall ahead of them.

Beck knew that everyone in the school was working on slowly going back to normal and that now all that remained was a snarky, mean, frightening comment from Jade.

Feeling her tense up beside him, he noticed that Tori had just entered the hallway with André and Robbie and fought to keep the smile off his face as he realised this was the moment they'd been waiting for.

"Get off him!"

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