A/N Just to clarify, Robbie and Jade are not biologically related to each other or the Wests or the Shapiros at all. They were both in foster care and taken in by the same person (the aforementioned monster also referred to as just he/him) and then lated adopted by their respective parents. I know it may not follow protocol but hey it's fanfiction.

"Why'd you do it?" Robbie's voice was hushed as he clutched Jade a little tighter in his arms at the moment she was completely defenseless and although Trina had helped earlier he wasn't sure why she'd helped or if he could trust her.

Trina sighed at Robbie's question. She understood that it was only fair of him to ask, especially since she had entered the car and everything, but she wasn't sure if she was ready to share her secret yet. She'd been so careful over the years, not giving even the slightest hint to anyone that she knew more than she should or that there was even more to their story. As such it was rather hard to suddenly vocalize what she knew.

She understood that the proper thing to do was to have waited outside the car or even turn around and go back to her class but just like all those years ago she was unable to leave their sides until she knew they were relatively okay.

Running a hand through her hair, Trina thought over that day eight years ago and realized it was only right that she started from there. "You have to understand, I know how I act and what everyone thinks of me. Just like I know that you and Jade act differently in front of everyone else on purpose as well. It's actually funny to think that it was because of you and Jade that I even realized a separation from who I am would help protect me from the evil that exists in this world. That if people couldn't see the real me then they couldn't hurt me."

Trina paused noticing that though Robbie's face was contorted in confusion, he thankfully remained silent apparently having decided to hear her out before he started asking questions.

"Tori has always been sheltered. I was a more curious child so I constantly asked questions but I think once my parents realized what their extreme honesty had done to my view of the world they completely reversed it for the few questions she asked." Looking down at Jade she studied the pale girl remembering the first time she saw her. "I'm not sure if you know, but my mother's a doctor at the same hospital as Jade's mum and my dad's an officer at the same precinct as your dad and Jade's dad. Dad says they have the highest closure rate of all the detectives."

Robbie couldn't help but laugh when he heard the pride in Trina's voice. It appeared that she really admired his dad and Mr West. It was a nice change from the usual confusion they'd received from the few people in Hollywood Arts who'd discovered their fathers' partnership. He figured the reason it was not hot gossip around the school was purely due to the fact that people feared what Jade would do to them. However if they knew just how much Jade idolized both her own father and Robbie's dad, he was sure it was spread through school faster than the rumors of his death.

"Anyway, I was nine and spent the day in the hospital with my mother for some reason I don't remember. My mother as usual had decided she couldn't handle me anymore and left me at the nurses station with the nurse who later became Jade's mum. I remember sitting there and colouring in, when my father appeared and told me to close my eyes. I heard a man screaming angrily, swearing revenge on everyone. However it sounded a little off so I couldn't help but sneak a peak."

Her breath hitched as she recalled the sight of the man who was screaming. Despite the fact that he'd obviously been bleeding from his back, she had felt the evil radiating off him and it had begun to feel suffocating. Of course the handcuffs which kept him attached to the gurney hadn't helped her view of him at all.

Trina smiled in thanks as Robbie moved a hand slightly off Jade and grasped her shaking one quickly in support. It was weird finally telling someone what she'd witnessed. For so long she'd lied to her parents and the other adults in the hospital about what she'd seen and so she figured that once she started acting like the fake Trina Vega, her parents had assumed she'd forgotten and moved on from what had happened that day.

"I saw you and Jade wheeled in behind him. You were covered in blood and glass it was rather frightening but it was Jade that terrified me. She was so pale, but the blood on her was yours and his which was only on the tips of her hair and her hands, so I couldn't understand why she was so pale. She was also tiny, even smaller than Tori." Looking over at Jade now she took in all the black clothes and makeup - the barrier she'd built to protect herself - and Trina, was rather impressed as it would have been near impossible for anyone else to picture the vulnerable girl who'd been admitted that day.

"I remember my dad taking me to the precinct occasionally and I used to look at what cases the detectives were working on. I'd seen photos of abused children but it was so different in real life especially when you two were so close to my age." Though when Trina looked around she saw the sleek interior of Mr West's car all her other senses were tapping into her memory and reproducing what she'd experienced that day and it was taking everything in her to push forward.

"I'd asked my dad later what had happened since he'd been part of the officers on the scene and he'd explained that the monster who'd done that to you and Jade was your foster father and that he-" Trina trailed off as the emotions of that day washed over her again, bathing her in a mix of stifling fear and sadness. "That he'd been starving and beating you two for at least eight months."

Trina shook her head trying to clear the image from her mind. "While they took you into surgery I waited silently as my mother and Jade's mother looked her over. She was still asleep but they said it was just because of the emotional trauma of seeing you bleeding out as opposed to serious and fresh physical injuries. So once they made sure everything was as close to fine as possible, I cleaned the blood out of her hair - needing to do something to help her. I then sat by her bedside until they brought you back into the room and that's when it happened. Once you were in place with the heart monitor hooked up and beating steadily, Jade finally stirred. After hours of non-responsiveness Jade woke within ten minutes as if she knew you were both finally safe."

"I stayed silent as my mother, checked Jade over before she left promising to be back shortly to check on the two of you again - it was kind of nice to see a caring side of my mother." Trina was sure the laugh that escaped her came across as cynical and depressing but it had been exactly what her nine year old self had thought.

"It seemed as if Jade wasn't even aware of my presence as she quietly slipped from her bed and crossed the room, pulling herself up onto your bed - though I hadn't thought it possible given how frail she looked - and curled up next to you falling asleep immediately." Trina couldn't help but smile as she remembered the way Jade had looked completely innocent but even then little Trina had known Jade would destroy anyone if they tried to hurt Robbie.

She also knew that if Robbie dared tell Jade that Trina had called her frail, it would be the end of her days so as she locked eyes with Robbie she was surprised to see understanding in there before he nodded once, encouraging her to continue.

"I'm not sure if anyone actually told you, but…" Looking into his brown eyes Trina knew it was important he know the whole truth. She wasn't sure what she was expecting the truth to do but she knew if Jade and Robbie were to get through this appeal, there needed to be no more secrets and she knew Jade would rather lie straight to his face then tell Robbie the truth about this. "You died Robbie."

Seeing the shock on his face, as his eyes darted down in concern to Jade, told her what she'd always assumed - Jade had kept all of it to herself and probably threatened their parents into not telling Robbie either. "You flat lined and Jade went hysterical. She kept screaming at you to wake up. That you'd broken your promise. Nothing anyone would do could calm her down."

Trina spared a glance at the young woman sleeping peacefully in Robbie's lap. Today she had acted so much like that girl Trina had first spotted all those years ago. It was why she hadn't hesitated to get Sikowitz and it reminded Trina that underneath all that tough girl exterior was the little girl who carried around a pair of scissors and clung to Robbie because they were the only things that she had proven could keep her safe.

At one stage last year Trina had been sure Jade was going to let Beck in but then she'd seen the hurt in Jade's eyes whenever he let a girl flirt with him in front of Jade and watched as Jade would look away, desperately seeking out Robbie with her eyes for some kind of reassurance that she was going to be okay. Trina was fairly certain the final nail in Beck's coffin being his reactions around things with Tori. From voluntarily going along with the kiss to not supporting Jade when Tori won the leads and congratulating the younger Vega instead.

There were often times when Trina wished that Tori had never come to Hollywood Arts, her motive behind that generally split fifty-fifty with Tori imposing on her life here and with Tori imposing on Jade. However if anyone asked her aloud it was purely selfish reasons behind not wanting Tori here.

She also knew that she'd always lie even if she were asked in court about it but at times Trina wasn't sure anyone would see Beck alive again after some of those incidents. She'd caught sight of the fury in Robbie's eyes one too many times and it was enough to make her want to crawl into bed and hide under the covers hoping no one would come for her. Between Jade and Robbie, Trina had no doubt they could get away with making someone disappear - even if it was someone who'd be thoroughly missed by the female and some of the male population. As such she always relaxed slightly when the floppy haired boy walked through the school doors the following day.

Returning from her thoughts as Robbie placed his hand on her shoulder, she tried not to flinch away, refusing to let Robbie know how scared he made her at times. She'd rather see the monster within him occasionally rather than have him hide it and jump every time she saw him trying to figure out if this was going to be the end.

"Normal procedure stated that they were supposed to give up but no one in the room could even imagine giving up when you and Jade had fought so hard to get out in the first place." Trina took a deep breath as she forced herself to remember that it was mainly all in the past, that Robbie had survived and he'd pulled Jade through with him. "Jade's mother was a second away from giving her a sedative and you came back. When no one thought it possible, you came back to Jade and that's how I know you're going to win this weekend. It's how I know that, that monster will not win his appeal. The fighting strength and fierce loyalty that you and Jade have saved you then and it will again."

Robbie blinked as he tried to digest all the information Trina had just given him. He was slightly surprised that she knew about the appeal but given that she knew about everything else he guessed he should have expected it.

While no one in the school had a good reason to suspect a link between their joint absence other than Jade killing him, Trina knew better and not only had she not said anything but she'd helped them again today. The unwavering faith in Jade and himself was also kind of amazing.

Feeling Jade squirm in his arms as a frown formed on her face, Robbie nibbled his lip in concern. He gently brought his hand to run down the side of her face, his eyebrows furrowing when she didn't calm and only continued to whimper in her sleep. He knew this week really hadn't been good to her and he had suspected that something else had happened in the hospital that Jade had never told him but the fact that he died had never crossed his mind.

Without giving it a second thought he started humming to get the key and rhythm right before brushing a kiss to her head as he he recalled the reworded lullaby he'd come up for her just after those hellish months.

"Hush, little Jadey, don't say a word.

Robbie's gonna buy you a mockingbird

And if that mockingbird won't sing,

Robbie's gonna buy you a black diamond ring

And if that black diamond ring turns brass,

Robbie's gonna buy you a bunch of broken glass

And if that bunch of broken glass don't cut it,

Robbie's gonna buy you a dead bunny rabbit

And if that dead bunny rabbit gets thrown out,

Robbie's gonna buy you a man with gout

And if that man with gout gets better,

Robbie's gonna buy you a new knit sweater

And if that new knit sweater doesn't suit your figure

Robbie's gonna buy you a pair of shiny scissors

And if that pair of shiny scissors fall apart,

You'll still be the sweetest little Jadey in my heart."

Trina looked on in amazement as Jade settled immediately, a content smile fluttering across her face as she buried herself further into Robbie's sweater. "Though incredibly sweet that's a kind of morbid rendition of the song… and can you even buy a man with gout?"

Robbie shrugged at her question not willing to tell her that he'd already looked it up and if you were able to pay, you could buy anything. "I don't know. Jade would definitely love it though. Maybe that could be next year's birthday present, you find a dead bunny rabbit and I'll look into finding a man with gout." He outright laughed at Trina's mortified face before making his own face look deadly serious, fighting to keep his lip from twitching. His words were monotonous as he looked Trina straight in the eye wanting to tease her a bit longer. "I'm not kidding."

Enjoying the moment of stunned silence, knowing Jade was probably going to kill him if she found out she missed it - something that he realized takes on a whole new meaning once you find out you actually have died - Robbie knew it was time to go.

Shifting to the front seat, he quickly buckled Jade into the passenger side and started the engine before looking back at Trina. "Well, we're going to go. You'd better go to what's left of class. Also you should know this most likely won't change the way Jade views you at all, so if you're looking to get all buddy buddy try again next year."

Trina nodded knowing Robbie was right. Besides she could have told them that she knew anytime in the last few years but she didn't want their view of her to change, just like she figured they didn't want anyone to know just how damaged they were. She knew as well as they did that the only way to keep up an image was to have everyone believe it. So with that said Trina took her exit.

Robbie looked over at Jade and smiled softly as she sleepily blinked up at him, woken by the rumble of the engine. He was surprisingly grateful that Trina had been around today to help as he wasn't sure they would have been able to get through the incident without her but that didn't mean he knew what to say to her. Feeling Jade grip his hand gave him the confidence he needed and he channelled his inner Jade.

Rolling down his window, Robbie's face went scarily blank as he called out to the other girl. "Trina, if you tell anyone-"

"Don't worry my lips are sealed." Trina quickly cut him off not ready to hear what his threat was.

Though her mother had forbidden her from returning to the hospital while Jade and Robbie were seeking care, Trina had gotten to know the two a lot better once they'd all ended up at Hollywood Arts. As such she knew while it was best to be fearful and cautious around Jade, Robbie was the one who could kill you and have no problems making it look like an accident. She still had suspicions about what really happened when her harness failed during Tori's play but was smart enough to never bring it up again.

No matter what people liked to believe, Rex was a representation of the darkest part of Robbie. Trina knew when it came down to it, Robbie was willing to embrace that darkness and wield it to his advantage and she was fine with that but when Rex controlled Robbie that's when she felt true terror because it was then that Robbie was not himself. Though the puppet's locker looked more intimidating then Robbie's, she wondered if anyone else had notice the broken glass on Robbie's locker and if anyone else understood just how dangerous the boy and his locker actually was.

It scared her whenever she heard Robbie or Jade refer to their locker's as a reminder of 'happier times' but at the same time she knew - or at least she hoped - they meant it was a reminder of the day they got their freedom as opposed to a reminder of the time they were abused. That their lockers acted as a reminder of the day they discovered there were people beyond each other who were willing to help them, the day they found they weren't as powerless as they were led to believe.

As she watched the car drive away, Trina wondered if anyone would ever truly know just what and how much those two did for each other, she was sure she only knew a fraction of it herself. With the appeal set for Sunday, Trina couldn't help but hope that the judge saw that the man they had locked up all those years ago was a monster who had damaged two little children further than anyone understood and that he definitely did not deserve another chance out in the world.


As lunch rolled around on Monday, it seemed the gossip of last week had died down, much to Beck's relief. The only frustrating part was that people kept sparing a glance at the floor where the scissors had been, in what appeared to be an attempt to convince themselves it was all real. He on the other hand was more than willing to let it go and pretend the whole thing never happened.

Jade slunk up to their table noticing with a small smile that the only spot available was between Robbie and Beck. Ignoring Beck's somewhat sullen face, she slipped between her boys, letting out a content sigh as she ran her hand through her hair, touching the purple streaks gratefully.

The first thing Robbie had done when they'd gotten to her place on Friday after properly patching up her hand was changing the streaks in her hair. They'd been in too much of a funk to do it earlier in the week but after her breakdown, Robbie said he couldn't take it anymore as it reminded him too much of blood.

Jade was drawn from her thoughts as Cat's soft voice reached her ears. "Hey Robbie, where's Rex?" Cat's question seemed to make the whole courtyard fall silent as they anxiously awaited the answer.

Feeling Jade's hand squeeze his thigh, Robbie knew she was giving him permission to use her as an excuse - after all it wouldn't be that far fetched to believe that Jade had cut Rex up into tiny irreversible pieces. Brushing his thumb over the soft skin of Jade's hand to relax her, Robbie smiled kindly at Cat knowing she didn't mean to cause such interest with her question but was rather genuinely concerned.

Robbie thought back to last week with a mocking laugh. His parents and the Wests had called him and Jade together on Monday night to tell them about the appeal. While Jade had gone even paler than most thought possible, he had simply pulled at Rex so hard the puppet had ripped in two, after which he threw Rex to the side and pulled Jade into a hug. Feeling the shudders running through her body and knowing she was imagining what would happen if their personal monster got out was nearly killing him but knowing that she was blaming herself for not killing him when she had the chance was not only something he never wanted her to have on her conscience but something he knew was killing her.

Those following few days he hadn't left Jade's side for more than five minutes at a time and when Wednesday rolled around and Mrs West placed a freshly stitched Rex on the coffee table, joking that they wouldn't even be able to see the stitches since they were professionally done, he'd barely spared the puppet a first glance.

That's where Rex had stayed all week long until today. He'd now officially been transferred to Robbie's closet, where he'd told his parents and Jade that the puppet - who for once did not refute that claim - was only to be taken out for performances.

Looking over at Cat, her wide eyes imploring, Robbie nodded knowing it was easiest to just answer her truthfully. Or at least present a Cat censored version of the truth. "Rex is at his new home but you'll still get to see him when he comes to perform."

Reaching for Cat's hand he patted it slightly hoping to lessen the blow. Funnily enough it appeared to work as Cat exhaled once muttering 'phooey' under her breath before returning to the adorable ditz they all worried about.

The entire courtyard looked at Robbie as if he'd lost his mind. The memory of when Rex had been murdered by Tori making a reappearance in their minds. It had only been a few months ago, so the they couldn't understand how he could possibly be functioning without the puppet now when it had been such a part of him for so long.

Their group of course also recalled the fact that Jade had nearly killed Tori twice that day and hesitantly glanced to see if she needed to be restrained again. André couldn't help but remember that she'd first attacked when Rex had to be taken to hospital - a situation which had driven Robbie to tears - and secondly when Rex made a miraculous recovery - something Jade had furiously insisted was going to cause more damage in the long run - all in all she had not been consistent in what set off her threats that day. However when he looked over at her she seemed to be looking at Robbie with pride, something none of them thought they'd ever see from her, let alone see it directed at Robbie.

"Quit staring, it's none of your business." Jade's words were muttered calmly and everyone quickly turned back to whatever they were doing, refusing to be caught in Jade's trap.

Jade never told anyone except Robbie but she didn't like the way Rex treated him - and by extension her - the names he called them both and some of the stuff he did - it just wasn't right. While she logically knew it was Robbie doing all that, she knew that it wasn't Robbie's words or actions. They were his words, his actions. Words that had been repeated so many times over those eight months that they'd become like a mantra that the two kids had used to define themselves and having Rex repeat them made Jade feel as powerless as she had when they were trapped with him.

So when Robbie had refused to pick up Rex this week it had given her hope. Hope that maybe he didn't still have power over them. Hope that maybe this time they were completely free.

Her feelings had only amplified when they'd showed up to the appeal - in disguise of course, they wouldn't give him the satisfaction of knowing they actually came - and watched as he was rejected and once again sentenced to life in prison. Sitting next to Robbie with her hand clasped in his, Jade had finally smiled at the fact that she had not killed him. It was then that she'd realized Robbie was right - though he always was - when he'd told her death was a mercy that monster didn't deserve.

So as she'd watched the closet door close on Rex this morning, Jade had breathed a sigh of relief, feeling as if Robbie had just closed the door on the monster who had been haunting them for over eight years and now it was time to really take their lives back.

Beck listened as the whispers around them increased tenfold at Robbie's revelation. Groaning in frustration at the resuscitation of the rumor mill he placed his head in his hands, missing Trina's approach and small half nod Jade threw her way. However when he felt Jade straighten up beside him and her casual 'no one likes you' was thrown out without a second thought breathed a sigh of pure relief for the first time since last Tuesday as he realized everything might be okay.

Trina shook her head in amusement as she weaseled her way onto the table ignoring Jade's glare. She could see the laughter in Robbie's eyes and simply rolled her own in response. There was a lightness in Jade and Robbie that she had never seen before and wondered if the only reason she caught it was because she knew the truth - no one else seemed to notice the slight shift because there was no way they'd be acting this calm if they had. Either way it made it feel like a weight had been lifted off her shoulders, a weight that had been there for eight years and she realized they were all finally free of that hellish nightmare.

So not caring what anyone else thought or the danger she was putting herself in with both Robbie and Jade, Trina shot them both a small smile before fishing out her salad.

She watched as André who was currently sitting on the other side of Tori, quietly ask the younger Vega if Robbie was ever going to apologize for his black eye and couldn't help the snort that left her. Turning to the musical boy, Trina cleared her throat quietly gaining André's attention. "Just be grateful the puppet isn't here to mock you about it."

Jade couldn't help but chuckle at the way Trina managed to make the two nosiest members of their group drop the issue with just one sentence. With a small smirk on her face, that caused Robbie to nudge her in the ribs warningly even though he certainly knew she was going to ignore him anyway, a plan formed in her mind. Keeping her eyes trained on her coffee, Jade threw and distorted her voice watching as everyone turned around wanting to find who it was that had thanked Trina and why.

The only one who wasn't fooled was the recipient who turned to Jade, her eyes wide as she realized Jade West had apologized to her. The very fact stunning her to the core. Seeing Robbie's eyes darken at her lack of a response, Trina quickly nodded in acceptance not wanting to anger either of the two.

Trina wasn't sure she'd ever get used to the mysterious relationship that was Robbie and Jade but she was incredibly grateful to be one of the few privy to it anyway. The duo had been through so much already that if they wanted things to return to the way they were, Trina wasn't going to stand in their way. In fact she was fine to return to what she'd been doing for the past eight years and silently observe the couple that gave her strength to believe that if she wanted anything bad enough she could get it.

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