"Where's Twilight?" Fluttershy asked. "We're all here except Twilight."

"I know her all too well," Applejack replied. "She'd never go off on her own... Would she? ...Nah, she wouldn't, at least not without letting us know first."

"That party was the greatest!" Pinkie shouted. "A girl came over, she laughed, I talked to her, then she hit me with a stick and it tickled, and..." she went on rambling about how the party she went to was like. Fluttershy was upset, because she and her friends had been beaten up, but hadn't been fixed. A hand grabbed the girls and fixed them up too.

"We need to find that there friend of ours!" Applejack continued after the staples were put on her. "Otherwise, if we went back home, even if it was just a 'poof' and we're gone, she might not come home with us!"

"Let me go!" Twilight shouted as she was squeezed by the rope. The rope was wrapped around a stalagtite, and she was hanging from it. The man who had abducted her came over with a stick, also covered in tissue paper. He was about to hit her, when 'BANG'! A rock fell on top of him. A small, pink creature with large eyes was on top of it. It went over to Twilight and started to undo the rope. It was saying something, but Twilight couldn't figure it out; it sounded like gibberish to her. When she was at last free, she thanked it and trotted off. Then she noticed a trail of sweets on the floor, most likely from her after the rope got wrapped so tight that it burst a small part of her waist, enough for some sweets to come out. She started to pick them up, but the pink creature pushed her away after she placed them back in her body. When she got out of the cave she was in, a large bear was there, with a rucksack on his back.

"Wow Les, who've you got here?" he asked the pink creature. Once again it was speaking gibberish, making cute, squeaky noises.

"Ahem, I'm Twilight Sparkle," Twilight replied, since the creature seemed to be saying nothing of interest. "I'm a student of Princess Celestia." the bear seemed confused. "You know, the ruler of Equestria? A huge horn and big wings?" still the bear was clueless.

"Hey brah," he said. "Maybe you should take a visit to Doctor Quackberry's to clear that weird stuff out your candy!"

"I know what's wrong with her!" Doctor Quackberry, a duck-like creature said with a tone of sadness in his voice. "...She's a Pinata!" the bear put his paw on his face.

"Quackberry, you're a Pinata," he said. "I'm a Pinata, Paulie's a Pinata!"

"Is that why I have sweets coming out of me?" Twilight asked. "It's kind of scary."

"Brah," the bear said. "You're almost as bad as the time I met Spanklin."


"Never mind. My name's Franklin Fizzlybear!" the bear said. "Maybe I should take you to see my friends!"

"Phew, more ponies are here," Twilight said out loud. She didn't mean to, it just happened.