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M-Day. A day that would go down in history as the start of the extinction of mutants, from millions worldwide to a paltry 198.

M-Day. A day that would go down in history as the emergence of a new breed of humans. The Magicals. It all started with one individual who thought he was there to save the mutants.

The students were in a panic.

Some of them had woken with their mutations gone.

This meant that some were free from pain, be it physical or mental, some had lost their disfigurements. A young boy was punching a wall ecstatically as his knuckles bled because he could finally feel something.

Others felt as though a piece of them had been cut out, their hearts torn from their bodies as they lost their powers which were second nature to them… as if their sight or hearing was ripped away, which in some cases had actually happened.

Then there were the few who hadn't lost their powers. Some were bewildered, not knowing how to help the others or what the hell was happening, or even worse… waiting for their powers to vanish.

The rest were unable to comprehend the cruelty of the fact that they were still cursed.

Into all of this commotion two people appeared in a burst of fire.

"There are so many souls!" The black haired, Caucasian male cried happily.

He grabbed a young boys face in both hands and stared happily into his eyes.

"Help me." The boy whimpered.

"Help you? You're perfectly fine, are you lost?"

"Harry, he's just lost his powers, he feels like he's dying." His red haired companion explained as she touched the boy's cheek causing him to sleep.

"Meh, I can give 'em back… maybe." Harry mused.

His companion Jean looked around and frowned. "Where are all the adults?" She wondered.

"Alright! Everyone, sleep!" Harry commanded.

Instantly there was quiet… and then the sound of thudding as bodies hit the floor.

"Oops." Harry winced. "Note self: Remember the cushioning charm." He looked around. "Dammit Jean! I didn't mean you too!" He groused as he woke the red head up.

"You really need to work on your people skills, Harry." She sighed.

"First things first, can you find your friends?" Harry asked as he took command.

Jean closed her eyes and focused.

"Hank is outside, he saved a girl from trying to fly without her powers, Emma is in the sub-levels trying to get to Cerebro and Logan is… oh god, one of the students died, drowned in the pool."

It was a sad thing to see someone die; Logan had seen lots of people die, killed most of them himself. But seeing this kid essentially commit accidental suicide was something else. Still dripping with water from the pool he had fished the boy out of he gently laid the body down.

He knelt there just staring at it for a few moments. Would the kid have been able to get his powers back if he had just waited? The kid would never find out.

He was startled as two people burst out of the house and started running towards him. His blood ran cold as he recognised the red head.

"Jean?" He croaked. "Oh god, not again."

The young man skidded to a halt on his knees next to the body. "Looks like I get to play with souls and I've only been here five minutes!" He said happily.

With a wave of his hand the body began to breathe, colour started returning to the skin.

"He was dead… what are you?" Logan asked, the children were the priority; he would deal with the Phoenix later.

"Death, and technically he still is dead, I just need a moment to shove his soul back in."

Logan was completely out of his depth with that statement. He decided to deal with what he knew he could, however painful. "Jeanie, why are you here? I can't keep killing you… it's killing me." He practically pleaded.

"Actually you can kill her as much as you like, she'll just keep coming back." The man muttered absently.

"Don't worry Logan, I am fully in control of my powers."

"And yet we still had to run here to save the kid."

"Not now Harry." She muttered back before turning to Logan again. "I'll explain later, but I've been gone a long time, training."

"You ain't been gone more than a year."

"Her time not yours."

"Harry, just focus on the boy." Jean admonished.

"But I'm finished. He'll wake up when we want him too."

"Then let's sort out the students and try and deal with this mess."

"What is this 'mess' Jean? Is this your doing?" Logan asked suspiciously.

"No, this is because of Wanda and her insanity."

Logan sighed. "It wasn't a dream."

"No, Harry has been sent here to help sort things out. Come on, let's put all the students in their rooms and then we can wake them one by one." She said as she grabbed Logan.

Logan was surprised to find himself surrounded by flame for a moment. But it didn't burn. Once it cleared he found himself standing in the foyer surrounded by unconscious children.

His nose picked out the scent of blood. Not an unusual thing in a house filled with women, but this was a lot of blood. He quickly followed it ignoring Jean who was hot on his heels.

"Shit." He muttered as he saw the boy with bloody knuckles. He moved to rip off his shirt but Jean stopped him.

"Harry?" She called out to the air.

Even Logan wouldn't be able to hear from all the way outside, but the man appeared.

"Must have hit a vein." Harry mused as he began healing the boy.

"Seriously, what are you?" Logan asked again.

"Seriously, Death."


"Harry is literally the embodiment of death. He has the power to kill anything or even stop death."

"And you brought him here?!"

"He's not evil, Logan. He has the trust of some of the purest beings in existence."

"Seriously, ten million years of solitude and you decide to talk about me and not to me?" Harry groused.

"It was fifteen, Harry." Jean reminded him.

"Ten is easier to say."

Jean just rolled her eyes. All those years alone had left him slightly eccentric and more often than not, unhinged. But he was, without a doubt, a good man.

"Shall we wake him up?" Harry asked.

"Might as well start somewhere." Logan shrugged.

"Hey kid! Wake up!" Harry said loudly as he started slapping his cheeks lightly.

Logan was a little surprised that he didn't use his powers; he had a feeling he could, especially considering the look of annoyance on Jean's face.

"What happened?" The boy asked groggily. His face suddenly lit up in realisation. "I can feel!"

"Yeah, good for you kid. But let's not go experimenting by punching the walls, 'k?" Logan said firmly.


"Once we get everyone awake, calm and sorted, we'll go outside and you can feel things to your hearts content, cool?" Harry offered.

"Fine." The boy suddenly got a strange look in his eye as he was mesmerised by something on Jean. His hand slowly reached out to her, they watched with curiosity as his hand travelled slowly yet surely.

And then he reached his destination and squeezed.


"Wow, so soft." He said in awe.

"Right, back to sleep you." Harry smirked as he knocked the boy out.

Logan was just chuckling away.

"Shut up!" Jean snapped.

"Can't say I blame the kid, Jeanie, been a time or two I've wanted to sample them."

Jean just huffed in annoyance.

"Alright, let's tag this one as requiring supervision." Harry said as he waved his hand over the boy's chest and the word 'Supervise' appeared on his t-shirt.

"Death? Really?" Logan asked again.

"Fine, I'm also the Master of Magic." Harry sighed irritatedly.

"That one actually makes more sense."

"Yeah, but Death is shorter and easier to say."

"Let's deal with this one next, her hand is badly injured." Jean said indicating a young blond girl.

"I know this one. Laurie. Strange, looks like Wither grabbed her wrist. His powers would do this."

"He attacked her?" Jean asked as Harry went to work.

"No, he likes her, probably thought his mutation was gone too." Logan explained.

"Well, we can sort him out too." Harry shrugged as he healed her hand. "Ok, she's done. Can we wake her without having to worrying if she's gonna start molesting the adults?" He asked with a grin at Jean.

"She can be a little flakey, but she's got a good head on her shoulders. If she has her powers she might be useful."


"She can affect moods."

"Cool, I'll just wake her."

"Magically, Harry." Jean prompted.

"But I like hitting people… well, touching I guess. You know that you're the only one I've had to touch for the past ten million-"



"I am sure there will be plenty of people willing to let you touch them later, let's try not to traumatise them any more than they already are." She admonished.

Logan was just getting more and more confused. Alcohol was what he needed, and lots of it.

"Laurie, can you hear me?" Jean called to the girl softly.

"Professor?" She asked blearily. As her vision cleared she realised it wasn't her professors. "Professor Grey, aren't you dead? And who are you?" She asked noticing Harry.

"They're here to help with the current crisis." Logan told her, better to keep her calm then worry about the dead lady and her friend Death. "You still got your powers kid?"

"Yes sir. My hand! Why did Kevin do that?" She asked as she examined the newly rejuvenated limb.

"He probably thought he lost his powers too." Logan offered.

"Listen kid, we need to wake all these people up. We need to do it one by one so we can keep them calm, unlike the mayhem from earlier. Can you keep them calm as we wake them? Also point out anyone who might be able to help out and not lose their minds."

"Yes sir."

"What the hell is going on and who the hell are… oh god!" Emma Frost stopped in the doorway to the room as she saw the formerly deceased Jean Grey-Summers. "You can't have him back." She stated firmly.

Jean just smirked. "Don't worry, we'll work out a timeshare or something."

Emma just growled.

"Wow, I love your dress code." Harry said as he admired the blond haired woman who was dressed all in white with very little covering a very large pair of breasts. "You guys still use fake breasts?" He asked a little disgusted.

"Excuse me?" Emma demanded.

"You have implants in your breasts."

Emma's arms shot across her chest to cover herself.

"Seriously? You walk around like that and expect people not to stare or make comments?" Harry walked over to Emma leaving a snickering Jean and Logan and a highly embarrassed Laurie.

"Most people aren't quite so crude." She snapped.

"I'm talking from a medical standpoint. Here, try this." Harry suggested as he waved a hand over her causing her to flinch.

Emma felt… different. "What did you do?"

"I removed your implants, currently you are being… inflated… by a form of energy. I am currently growing your tissue to fill it out." Harry explained. "Nearly done.

"Please stop trying to read my mind, you'll only get hurt." Harry sighed.

"There is a dragon in your mind, what are you?"


"He's the Master of Magic." Logan interrupted, the last thing he needed was to deal with panic over the guys title.

"Did something happen to Doctor Strange?" Emma asked worriedly.

"No, Harry is a different entity all together." Jean assured her.

"I hate magic." She groused.

"Really? Because so far magic has helped bring a boy back from the dead, prevent another from bleeding out, fixed that girl's withered hand and has now given you real big boobies instead of dangerous implants." Harry scowled.

"And when it all goes spinning out of control?" She demanded.

"That's what I am here for. To either make sure it doesn't 'spin out of control' or to fix it when it does."

"Can we deal with this later? We have a ton of unconscious kids who are gonna be panicky and terrified when they wake up." Logan pointed out in annoyance.

It took a while but they eventually managed to get everyone sorted into groups. Harry lumped them together in groups, those that were happy and those who were unhappy.

"Right, I need a place to examine the unhappy ones first, then I can check out the happy ones." Harry stated.

"These are children, they are not here for your personal experiments!" Emma snapped.

"Emma, he's a doctor, like Hank and I. He just has far better healing methods." Jean assured him.

"Unfortunately neither of you can be trusted, you are supposed to be dead, Jean dear." She sniped. "And the last time you came back we had to kill you… again!"

"Yes, yes, you can have your female pissing contest later. Logan, take me to your hospital wing so I can prepare then send me the worst of the unhappy kids."

Logan still wasn't sure about the new guy. He and Jean had appeared out of nowhere, but he'd done nothing but help, even bringing a kid back from death.

Logan grunted with a nod and started walking.

Harry was a little surprised when the trip through the regal manor descended into a sub base made of silver metal. It was a stark contrast, he was even more shocked when he saw the current residents of the infirmary.

"Dude, you're a blue cat!" He stated with a snort.

Hank had started off with a very trying day. He'd woken to the screams of terror and panic and then had to leap through a window to save young Melody, they were both covered in cuts and embedded glass. Now this young man had decided to be rude.

"Logan, who is this? I am quite busy and fear I will soon be inundated." He snapped.

"Sorry, just never seen anyone like you before, Hi, I'm Harry." Harry grinned as he held out his hand to shake.

Hank sighed. "No, I apologise, I am rather tense at the moment. It is not a good day to meet new people."

"What if that new person was here to help?" He said waving a hand over Melody causing her wounds to heal.

"Amazing." Hank said in awe. He then realised his own wounds were healed. "Thank you. Alas, if you could only return her ability to fly and you would have completely healed her."

Harry just snorted. For a moment Hank thought he was doubting him. Then Harry rose off of the floor to hover there. "I might be able to work something out." He smirked.

"What are you?" Hank whispered.

"He's the Master of Magic." Logan inserted quickly. "And Stephen is apparently fine."

"Yeah, he also seems to be a bit of a voyeur." Harry frowned. A wave of his hand and black haired man with a moustache and greying sideburns appeared. "If you've time to watch you've time to help." Harry ordered.

"Yes My Lord." Dr. Strange said with a deep bow, shocking Hank and Logan.

"For the love of… it's just 'Harry', unless you need me to beat you down." Harry groaned.

"Of course. Hank, Logan, do whatever he says, he means no harm and is here to help." He told the gobsmacked pair. "I will go and aid Jean and Emma."

As Stephen marched off, Harry turned to the young girl. He gently woke her.

Tears began to fill her eyes.

"Easy now kid. I know you can't fly at the minute but I am here to help, I can help you fly again. Ok?" Harry said soothingly.

"Really?" She asked with only a thin slither of hope.

"I promise." Harry assured her. "Now, I need you to be strong for me, upstairs the adults need your help to deal with the others, go and see Jean and Emma and offer your help ok?"

"Yes sir." She said as she wiped her eyes and slipped off the bed.

Over the next two hours Harry saw a multitude of children most of them were easy to placate with promises to help them over the next few days. Some were unable to mentally cope so they were magically forced to sleep and kept in the infirmary till they could be counselled by Emma or Jean, Harry was not the type of person to provide counselling. Not unless insanity was the goal.

By 2pm the adults were assembled in Emma's office.

"Well, it's official. Over two thirds of the students have been… de-powered." Hank sighed as he sank into one of the chairs opposite Emma's desk. Emma sat behind the desk and Scott standing behind her warily looking at Jean like she might attack… or disappear.

"Do we know how we became de-powered? Did someone just rip out our x-gene?" Danielle Moonstar asked angrily.

"That does seem to be the case."

"So we just recreate the gene, like cloning." Bobby suggested as he kept touching his face.

"Bobby! Stop that, you'll make yourself sore!" Jean snapped.

"I'm sorry! This is new to me, haven't felt my skin in ages!" He snapped back. "Still not sure if this is a good thing. Doesn't feel quite right."

"We need to establish an immediate plan. The world knows what has happened and there are going to be some who are going to take advantage of that."

Scott's orders were interrupted as alarms started blaring.

"Scott, we've got Sentinels incoming!" Alex Summers called over the comms.

"Speak of the devil." Hank sighed.

The team made their way outside to join the others as they watched several Sentinels descend upon the mansion.

"Stay in formation, X-Men. Until we find out what this means." Cyclops ordered.

"It means the end for us Cyke… unless we do something about it. Now!" Wolverine growled as he unsheathed his claws.

He began rushing the Sentinels with others on his tail, Beast, Gambit and Rogue amongst them.

"No! Get back into defensive formation!" Cyclops shouted.

"X-MEN! STAND DOWN! STAND DOWN!" The lead Sentinel boomed.

"They wouldn't listen to Scott, why would they listen to you?" Bobby muttered.

Surprising the X-Men, the Sentinels didn't open with lethal force; instead they deployed smoke bombs, disorientating the mutants.

As Beast and Wolverine neared one of the Sentinels, it fired a rocket, only for it to explode open and deploy nets for capture, Wolverine easily sliced through them. Making his way up the body he began hacking at the neck. He managed to hit something vital, it flooded him with electricity but also caused it to randomly fire it's weapons, hitting another Sentinel and making it topple onto the Mansion.

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON OUT HERE!" Came a booming voice.

Everyone halted and turned towards the overpowering voice to see a huge hulking dragon, clearly enraged, glaring at them all.


"Scott… are you seeing what I'm seeing?" Alex asked fearfully.

"God I hope not."

"That is so damned cool."

"Not now Santo." Cyclops groaned.

Cyclops began slowly walking towards the hulking behemoth with his hands out peacefully. "WE MEAN NO HARM!" He shouted as calmly as he could, he really didn't want to get eaten.

"Then for god's sake stop blasting everything in sight!" The dragon vanished only to be replaced by Harry. "Now who the hell started this?" He turned to the giant Sentinels. "Did you start this?"

"No, they didn't." A female voice called.

"Val? What the hell?" Alex demanded.

"Hey, I came in peace!" The beautiful blonde declared with her hands raised placatingly.

"You brought Sentinels to a known mutant home. There ain't nothing peaceful about that." Rogue scowled.

"We didn't fire first!"

"You didn't call first either, Val." Scott frowned. "There aren't many ways to interpret your actions other than: bad."

"And I suppose if I called and said a few Sentinels and I were dropping by, you'd have sent us a gold-embossed invitation? Really rolled out the red carpet?" She asked sarcastically.

"My guess is that they wouldn't have attacked what seems to be an established enemy of mutants. If I'm understanding this right." Harry returned.

"Mutants, and the X-Men in particular are well known to attack Sentinels on sight."

"And yet you blame them when they attack the ones you bring here? God that's like sticking a bottle in a babies mouth and expecting it not to suck!" Harry said throwing his hands up in frustration.

Val realised they were getting off track. "Let's just focus here, these aren't your standard Sentinels. They are human controlled, see?"

As she spoke hatches opened on the backs and disks began to descend with uniformed men on board.

One of the men addressed them. "Hello. As some of you might know, Doctor Cooper is Deputy National Security Advisor for Mutant Affairs, Office of National Emergency."

"An' who're you? Her pet poodle?" Santo asked snidely.

"I'm Alexander Lexington, Sentinel Squad Leader."

Lexington stepped forward and held out his hand to Cyclops. "Cyclops. I've heard a lot about you. It's a pleasure to meet you sir."

"Somehow I don't think the feeling is reciprocated, Lex." One of the female pilots joked as Scott ignored the hand.

"Really? Why would you think that?" Harry asked incredulously. "It's not like you stormed their home with vehicles of extreme destructive power with no warning? Oh wait! You did!" Harry snapped. "Now why the hell are you here, like I said, I've got some very fragile kids in that building. They don't need to be threatened by evil governments."

"We are not an evil government!" Val said angrily. "We are here to protect you."

Harry turned and gestured to the fallen sentinel that had crushed a substantial part of the Mansion. "Great job! There were twenty kids in that section. What the hell would your explanation have been if I hadn't moved them in time?"

"Who are you?" Val asked, she had never met the man before.

"Dr. Harry Potter."

"Doctor of what?" One of the pilots asked.

"Mainly medicine, but I have a fair few doctorates in other subjects."

"You can't be more than twenty-five."

"No, I don't look more than twenty-five." Harry smirked. "Look, you want to protect? You can be the first line of defence. Go and protect from outside the property boundaries. You encroach and I will hide this place so well that you will forget it even exists."

"What are you?" Val asked again.

"The Master of Magic, but if you piss me off enough you'll learn my true identity."

"Yeah, what's that?" Snorted one of the male pilots.

"Go ahead, piss me off. Find out." Harry taunted.

"That's enough Briggs." Lexington snapped. "The rest of you, back in your cockpits." He ordered. "Your orders Ma'am?" He asked Val.

"Doctor Potter is right. We screwed up on our introductions, we should also act to provide-"

They were interrupted by the sound of gunfire and incoming projectiles.

Harry reacted instinctively by throwing up a diamond shield.

"Those had damn well better not be your people." Harry growled at Val.

"It's probably the Sapien Leaguers. We had reports they were swarming this place… what the hell is that shield made of?"

"Diamond, thanks for the warning on the League, by the way." He turned to Cyclops. "You got anyone out there beyond the shield?"

"I don't know, let me check?" He focused his thoughts. "Emma, is there anyone beyond the shield?"

"Bobby is there and so are two other mutants, all three are terrified."

"We have three out there, including Bobby."

"Right, you, you and you." He said pointing at Logan, Rogue and Hank. "Go find the other two, I can get Bobby, I'll join you once I'm done."

To the surprise of the rest of them, the four individuals vanished.

"What the hell is he?" Val asked again.

Suddenly Bobby appeared in front of them.

"What's up guys? Why are you looking at me like that?" He asked warily. The new guy, Harry, had just said he was going to send him back to the others.

"Bobby, you're ice again." Cyclops said, still staring.

"Just gettin' my powers back I'm a proper X-Man again. This is good… right, Scott? Good?" He asked worriedly.

"Ah… yes Bobby. Outstanding. No touching until Emma runs some tests." He cautioned.

"Is that Harry up there?" Bobby asked pointing to the large dragon making strafing runs on an enemy beyond the tree line.

"Dammit! He's gonna kill them!" Scott swore.

"At least he proved we don't need no stinkin' robots to protect us." Came Logan's gravelly voice.

They turned around to see the three X-Men and the two mutants they were looking for.

"These two came looking for sanctuary." Beast explained their guests.

"Provisionally granted." Cyclops gave them a nod.

"And this is why we are here." Val said pointedly. "More and more mutants will come here, you are going to need protection."

"Looks ta me like that Harry's got it covered." Rogue scowled. She really didn't like Sentinels, but then, no X-Man did.

"As much as I hate to admit it, she's right." Cyclops frowned. "Harry was also right about you being the first line of defence. If you are so intent on 'protecting' us, do it from beyond our property."

Harry suddenly appeared and clapped his hands gleefully. "I am sooo happy to be back around people! So much fun!" He enthused as the others looked at him worriedly. "Now, those naughty men are all boxed up and ready for you to arrest or kill… or whatever it is you lot do in this universe. Take your mechanical monstrosities and bugger off!" With a wave of his hand the Sentinels and O*N*E personnel vanished. The silhouettes of Sentinels could be seen in the distance.

Harry turned to the gobsmacked X-Men. "If you will excuse me I assume I have patients waiting for me. Hank, care to join me?"

"I… erm…"

"Why don't I just take that as a yes." Harry said as they both vanished.

Despite the fact that Harry managed to heal everyone with a wave of his hand, Hank still wanted them in over night for observation. By the time they were finished the rest of the X-Men had arrived to either visit the injured or continue interrogating Harry.

"What gives you the right to come in here and start giving orders and making decisions?" Emma demanded.

"Nothing. Although I am older, more experienced, more powerful and definitely nicer than you!" He grinned.

There was a muttered "Damn straight!" Somewhere in the back.

"Tell me, have I done or ordered anything that would infringe on your current freedoms and safety? Have I done anything that will affect what you would do on a normal day?"

"Normal is, unfortunately, an oxymoron around here." Hank sighed. "However, I would have to say that Harry has been nothing but helpful. I would like an explanation on how you and Jean came to be here though."

"Agreed. We have given you a lot of trust because of the urgency of the situation, but we do need some more info." Scott affirmed.

"Fine. I am from another universe slash reality. I get fuzzy on the specifics. I am completely unkillable… trust me, you name it I've tried it. I have been alive for over ten million years."

"Fifteen." Logan muttered, he had no idea why he had said that.

"I have complete control over magic, I was a healer and teacher back in my home and I am also Death. I literally have control over Death, I can stop it or cause it. I can even bring someone back to life providing they haven't crossed over.

"Oh, and I spent the last ten million years plus, alone after everyone on my planet died out."

"What about all the other planets?" Hank asked.

"Lifeless. Earth was the only inhabited planet and I was the only person capable of living on another planet."

"Strange… we have an abundance of inhabited planets in this universe."

Harry's face lit up. "Really? That's great! I might actually have a long time in this universe!" He said as did a little dance of joy. It wasn't helping his credibility with the assembled group.

"What about Jean?" Scott asked. Emma gave a slight scowl at her name.

"She is a phoenix. Apparently she kept dying and going to join the Phoenix Council before her time and they kept sending her back, but because she didn't understand what was happening she would go a little nuts. So a friend brought her to me so I could help train her."

"How did you do that?" Bobby asked.

"Just kept killing her till she figured out how to stay put in her current dimension." He shrugged.

"Why would you need to train her, why couldn't they, The 'Phoenix Council'?" Alex asked.

"They could, but this was a favour from my friend as I had been alone for so long, Jean was to also help ease me back into dealing with other people."

"But why are you here? Why this universe?" Hank queried.

"Because of the mutant problem."

"We are not a 'problem'." Emma snapped.

"Never said you were, but you do have a problem, you are mutants, you are persecuted and now you are nearly extinct… hence 'mutant problem'."

Emma just huffed. It was a strangely ineffective counter-argument.

"You can prevent our extinction?" Hank asked.

"Erm… maybe I can reverse it. I don't know for sure, need to investigate things first."

"Hate to sound self-centred, but can we focus on me for a bit?" Bobby asked hesitantly. "I was de-powered this morning and now I'm a walking Popsicle… again."

"Yeah, if I read things right, you were never 'de-powered'. Not like the others, my guess is you found your powers off switch." Harry explained.

"Actually, I was in Robert's mind, he was terrified at the time." Emma explained.

"I would be too if you were in my mind." Harry shrugged. "I have a very extensive collection of nudes in there."

"Cool… think you could share them?" Bobby asked, seeming to forget they were discussing his current issues.

"As I was saying!" Emma interrupted. "Robert was terrified-"

"I thought I was pretty chill."

"It is not a criticism, Robert." She assured him. "I couldn't find what I was looking for in the Corpus Callosum, so… I went for the Hypothalamus… there was a tiny abnormality behind the pituitary body. A resistance."

"I prefer Harry's explanation." Bobby sighed.

"Fine! I turned you on! Happy?" Emma threw up her hands in resignation, damned plebeians.

"Can you do that for anyone?" Lorna asked timidly with a small ray of hope in her voice.

"Nah, you are different. Bobby's was psychological. You are missing a key component, which powers your mutation."

"Can you turn someone's mutation off?" Rogue asked with just as much hope.

"Oh yeah, destruction is always much simpler than creation." Harry assured her. "For the record, you already have an off switch, so does Scott, you just can't seem to reach it."

"Can you show me how?"

"Sure, but I don't know when we'll have time, I have a planet to try and re-power."

"I believe we should deal with this tomorrow. It has been a very stressful and eventful day, we all need our rest." Hank suggested.

"Sure, I don't really need to sleep, I'll stay up and keep watch for any problems."

"I'll stay with you. I want to stay near Gambit anyhow." Rogue offered.

Fortunately this alleviated the worries of leaving the stranger alone in their home.

"Wait, what about Jean?" Scott asked, causing Emma to scowl again.

"She doesn't need sleep either. She's keeping an eye on the kids making sure they are sleeping ok." Harry told him. "Go! Sleep! Lot's to do tomorrow!"

Once the others had filed out Harry turned to Rogue with a knowing smirk on his face. "You want to get started?"

She just nodded vigorously.

"Take off your gloves, you need to touch my skin."


"Seriously, if you can drain me, you'll be my bestest friend ever, I have been looking for a way to kill myself for years… millions of them."

Rogue sighed but removed her gloves.

Harry didn't hesitate but grabbed her hand. "Well, you can still be my friend." He sighed as nothing happened.

"But I can feel it working, but I'm not… receiving anything." Rogue frowned.

"Yeah, sucks to be me. Ok, focus on the feeling of it working. That is the feeling you need to control and try and stop."

"This is gonna to take a long time isn't it?"

"There is a quicker way, but you may not enjoy it." Harry offered.

"Can't be any worse than not being able to touch the man I love."

"Just because you aren't draining me, doesn't mean I can't let you drain me. I could flood you with… well, me. Eventually your powers would evolve to deal with the problem… shutting them down."

"And it won't be enjoyable because…" She waved a hand expectantly.

"Your mind and body will be flooded with foreign memories, I can remove them later, like I said, but you still have to receive them first."

"How long will this take?"

"No idea, all depends on how quickly you evolve, we should be finished by daybreak though."

The following day Rogue grabbed Gambit and they weren't seen for the better part of two days. Scott was worried that something might be wrong so he asked Emma to take a mental peak… she nearly succeeded in dragging the dour X-Man away to their room for the better part of two days herself.

She was foiled by Jean who had decided it was time to talk to them.

"I just wanted to talk to you guys about what me being back means for the three of us." She said hesitantly.

"You left, so Harry tells it. You gave up your rights as a wife." Emma said heatedly.

"Actually, I didn't leave, I… guess I got lost… it's not like I had a map or tutor on how not to die and stay around!" She explained heatedly. "Look, I just wanted to tell you that I don't want you two to stop or change your relationship. I know you love each other and you shouldn't let my return affect that or how you express it to each other. But both of you need to realise a few important things:

"Firstly, Scott and I still love each other, hopefully, when you get used to me being back you can let me back in and become a wife again.


"You expect me to just leave?!" Emma demanded.

"No, Emma. I want you both to let me in. Not replace you, join you. Which leads to my second point.

"Harry and I have been together for nearly a thousand years, he knows me better than anyone. So don't be surprised if you find me leaving his room or being affectionate. Harry spent a thousand years explaining that humans have an infinite capacity to love, Harry had multiple wives and girlfriends, and some of his girlfriends had multiple boyfriends."

"You want me to have two 'wives' and share you with Harry?" Scott asked incredulously.

"And anyone else I love. But the choice is yours, just think about it."

"So what about me? Am I allowed to sleep with other men?" Emma demanded, she was not going to be considered a lesser partner in the relationship.

"Fine by me, but make sure you are both ok about it before you do." Jean warned them. "Well, I'll leave you both to go and 'make whoopee'!" She said as she sauntered off with grin.

"'Make whoopee'?" Scott muttered quietly.

Emma proceeded to give him a detailed explanation complete with a physical demonstration.