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They would not touch me, they couldn't. I'd never allow it. They could kiss me, caress my lips with theirs, hold my tongue in their mouth, bite and make me bleed and I wouldn't stop them. I would let them do whatever they wanted. Then they'd cling to me and I'd push them away.
This was my rule: I am in control. When I broke contact, they couldn't re-establish it. I kissed them and I seduced them and I brought them to the brink of ecstasy; I delighted in their begging before I gave them what they wanted. Then I tossed them out on their asses. It was my game, my rules, my life. But it was their orgasm.

I always initiated it. Even when they came into my room, pleading, crying for me to please them, I kissed them first. I would touch them, soothe them, whisper to them. I wanted them to scream. I needed them to tell me how much they wanted me. And they gave in they always did. It was as if they had no will of their own. No resistance, no soul. Nothing. I could tell them to do anything if I wanted to and they would. They were like whimpering puppies. Always crying for attention, always asking for approval. But this wasn't really what I wanted. It wasn't what I needed. This, I was beginning to understand.

Jade POV

Her sickly sweet voice moaned my name. I had become acquainted with her child-like tone: she was a loud one. I preferred the quieter girls; the ones that let me enter my own world while I took them away from theirs.
I stopped what I was doing. This action, or lack thereof, caused a pained moan to escape her lips.

"Don't talk." I warned, scowl on my face. She should know the rules by now. We'd been having sex for at least six months, if you could call it that, since she was the only one that got off. That was an easy rule to follow. Apparently the one she had just broken, was not.
I did not want to hear them say my name. That was the rule. I didn't want to be reminded of who I was, where I was or what I was doing. For me, I was simply playing a part, another role. It was just an act. If they spoke my name, the illusion was broken.

She looked at me sheepishly and muttered an apology. I simply nodded and continued. It was easy. I knew what I was doing: I had done it a thousand times before. That's probably an exaggeration, but I had definitely been with at least half the girls in the school at one time or another. Given that I had only been there for three years, that was quite the accomplishment, if I do say so myself.

Problem is, there was no excitement in my actions: it was all technical as far as I was concerned. Fingers here, tongue there, a hot breath whispering on their neck and they were putty in my hands. I had started to feel as if I was simply doing a dance I no longer had the heart for. I knew all the steps, the twists, the turns and I could perform it flawlessly, but I had lost the emotion. To the casual observer (or participant), I was an artist. My moves were beautiful. But if you looked close enough, you would see someone who merely played the part. Someone who found no happiness. Someone broken. Someone empty. Of course, no one cared enough to look. I would perform perfectly with a smirk on my lips, but I had lost interest. I had lost focus. Put simply: I was bored.

Her eyes were closed, she gripped the bed sheets beneath us and a moan pushed past her lips. I shifted slightly, trying to ignore the tingling feeling in my arm as my fingers went to sleep. I had my head propped up with one hand, while lying on my side next to the girl. I was watching the reaction on her face as my thumb circled her clitoris again. She was close. If I curled my fingertips in the right way… but the unexpected happened: the door to my room burst open.

I cocked my pierced eyebrow at the sight standing in the doorway: it was a girl. Not someone I recognized, so I couldn't have anticipated her waltzing into my bedroom at this time of day. She stood with a shocked expression, probably a little stunned at being confronted with the sight of the two girls in boarding school uniforms having sex.

I didn't stop what I was doing as I glanced at the brunette. She was attractive. Very attractive in fact, I noticed as my eyes raked over the Latina body. My thoughts were instantly impure as my lust-filled vision reached that short blue skirt. Despite my current activity, I couldn't help imagining running my fingers over her long legs before they disappeared beneath the offending material, nails raking her soft skin when I dragged her underwear away from-
A loud moan interrupted me. I smirked at the mortified look in the frozen girls face. She hadn't moved. I could only assume she was too surprised to do so. Regretfully, I decided to end the awkward situation and thrust my hand between my companion's thighs one last time before I felt her muscles contract around my fingers.

"Sarah. Leave." I never took my gaze off the girl in my doorway as I instructed the one next to me. Whether she had noticed that we were no longer alone I didn't know, nor did I care. I was too preoccupied with the dark beauty in front of me to be aware of anything else. Though I did see her scamper past the new girl and out of the room. One thought ran through my mind: I would make her mine!

She continued to watch me as I slipped from the bed and grabbed a tissue to clean my hands.

"So," I began, my voice a sultry purr. "What can I do for you?" I hadn't failed to notice the suitcase sitting behind her. She had to be new, which meant I could mould her into whatever I wanted. I took note of the way she shivered when I spoke.

The words out of her mouth stopped me in my tracks, caused every other thought to vanish from my mind and turned my blood cold.

"I'm your new roommate."

Tori POV

"I'm your new roommate." I heard my voice come out as a strangled whisper. She stopped dead in her tracks and the smirk fell from her face.

"What?!" I flinched at the way the harsh word snapped out.

"I said-"

"I heard what you said! You're mistaken." She shook her head. "I don't have roommates." She pointed her chin defiantly and I wondered if she was the only person with a room to herself.

"You do now." I told her with a small laugh. She narrowed her eyes, apparently not liking my attempt at humour.

"I. Don't. Have. Roommates. I live alone." This puzzled me. If she wasn't supposed to share with anyone else, maybe they had gotten it wrong? The old woman who had assigned me the room had given me an odd look, but also the jitters; I'd gotten out of there as fast as possible.

"The lady told me-" I indicated behind me, outside the room but was interrupted when she pushed me aside and my back hit the doorframe painfully. She was standing so close that I could smell the musky scent that still clung to her and I swallowed nervously. I half expected to be hit, but instead of addressing me, she poked her head out the door and yelled so loud I was sure my eardrums would burst.

"Natasha!" She turned back to me with a glare on her face and arms crossed over her chest. I returned it with a stare of my own and she raised her eyebrows in. I narrowed my own in defiance and mirrored her posture. By now I was a little annoyed she'd made me witness that. Of course, if I could've gotten my feet to move, I would have closed the door and died of embarrassment in the hall instead of watching the intimate act.

The sound of running interrupted our stand-off. I turned to see a girl who appeared to be about the same age as me, approach us. I recognised her: she'd been in the office with the creepy old lady. This was obviously Natasha.

"She," My roommate- I still hadn't caught her name, nodded to me. "Says I'm to sharemy room." She spat out the word as if it were poison on her tongue. Natasha looked rightfully terrified.

"I-I… I'm so sorry, Jade. There was nothing I could do!" The girl looked on the verge of tears. I shifted my attention and gave her an apologetic smile that she seemed to ignore. "I tried to but Matron- she… she…" The girl covered her face as she sobbed.

"Shut it!" I looked shocked as my roommate put her hand up, her face displaying obvious fury. "Get. Out. Now." She dismissed the girl and I tried not to look appalled as her crying sounded back down the hallway.

I followed Jade into the room after closing the door.

"You know that wasn't very nice." I stated (though I was a little surprised at Natasha's overdramatic reaction), as I dragged my suitcase in behind me.

"Like I care?" She scoffed.

I was about to give her a very witty reply that I had yet to come up with, when she suddenly spun round to face me. Her expression no longer displayed the anger from a moment ago and in its place was a flirtatious smirk. What is with this girl? I wondered.

"Then again, maybe…" She drawled, circling behind me, breaking eye contact. "We can make this…" I felt her hand run slowly up my arm, causing tingles to erupt over my skin. "Fun." I felt her whisper before her lips placed feathery kisses on the back of my neck. I spun round in shock and pushed her away.

"What are you doing?" I couldn't seem to prevent my voice from becoming husky. What was wrong with me? No one had ever had this kind effect on me before?!

"What?" Her smirk widened and she chuckled at me. "It's not like you don't want it."

"That- That's not the point!" I stuttered and grasped for an excuse to throw back at her. For some reason this girl was getting under my skin. Not something I was especially enjoying.

"Aw… come on…" She tried again and this time her fingers went straight for my crotch. That got my attention. I smacked at her hand and focused on the anger burning in my stomach, rather than the effect her seduction was having on me.

"You- you have a girlfriend?!" I yelled at her and pointed to the door.

"What?" She scoffed again. "Her? Please. She's just one of my… friends." The implications of this statement hadn't been lost on me and I tried to come up with another way to fend her off before the will to do so disappeared on me.

"But I-I…I…" Her indifferent attitude infuriated me and I did the only thing that came naturally to me: jammed my foot into my mouth.

"I don't date sluts!" My hand shot up; as if covering my lips would take back the words.

I almost missed the flash of hurt that ran through her eyes before her expression turned dark. I gulped, fear dousing out the anger.

"I-I…" I didn't seem to be able to form the words to express my apology. Stupid, stupid, stupid! I thought instead.

Her hand darted out and I recoiled but quickly realised she hadn't hit me. I turned slowly to see what she was pointing out.

"Yours." She said simply, the word dripped with disdain. This was not going well.

In the corner of the room was a small alcove. It looked like it should have held a large cupboard, but instead a white daybed sat flush against the wall. It was covered in throw pillows. I assumed she meant that this would be my bed for the foreseeable future.
I turned back to her.

"Why do you get the big bed while I'm on the single?" I hadn't meant to sound so much like a whining child. I gulped again as she sneered at me and closed the distance between us; I wondered if she was prone to violence.

"This is my room." She hissed, then she spun and headed towards the door.

"Wait!" I called, hoping I could salvage the introduction, but not quite sure how. To my surprise, she stopped.

"I- uh, I didn't catch your name." She turned back to me and her hand flashed out, causing me to flinch.

"Jade West." She growled.

"T-Tori." I stumbled. "Vega." As I shook her hand, she tightened her grip, as if presenting me a challenge, and I squeezed back almost as fiercely. We stood like that for a few seconds, hands tightening and fingers throbbing before she suddenly turned and left, slamming the door shut.

Great one, Tori. I thought as I shook my hand, waiting for the feeling to return. First day and your roommate already hates you .With a sigh I began to sort out my belongings, wishing I could go back in time and change the encounter. Somehow I knew getting on Jade's bad side was not the best way to start my new school. I would soon find out just how right I was.

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