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It was a beautiful summer Saturday morning in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The smell of breakfast being cooked – waffles, eggs, sausage, and bacon – spread throughout the house and into the bedroom where Juliana Callaghan still laid asleep, that is until the smell of the food awoke her.

"I love that I married a teacher, he is always up before me and makes breakfast," Jules said aloud as she arose from the bed and put on her robe and left the room to find her husband.

"Good morning beautiful," Jules' husband Geoff Callaghan said as he saw his wife enter the kitchen.

"Morning yourself, handsome," Jules responded before getting on her tip toes and kissing him on the cheek. "But you know that it's a Saturday during the summer right, you don't always have to be up before me," Jules said teasing her husband.

"I know, I know, it's a hard habit for us teacher's to break, my colleagues tell me their spouses tell them the same thing," Geoff responding before returning the good morning kiss.

"Promise me when we are on vacation next week you'll sleep in some, I miss waking up in your arms," Jules said.

"Anything for you beautiful," Geoff said giving Jules another kiss. He then grabbed two plates and prepared them so they could enjoy the breakfast he had prepared.

While Jules did love teasing Geoff about not sleeping in she did love when he made breakfast, he always made it just the way she liked it. She also of course really loved having a man around the house who could cook; it was one of those secrets that only she knew of.

As Jules ate her breakfast and looked around at both her husband and their beautiful home she could only smile thinking about the wonderful life that she had. She had married her high school sweetheart, worked at a job she loved, and had great colleagues at said job that were like her second family. This was just the life she imagined having with Geoff when they started dating in high school.

Well minus the stalker that tried to drive them apart, which lead them to living in Canada and changing their names

While they are Geoff and Juliana Callaghan in Canada, in the United States they are Tommy and Kimberly Oliver, two of the original six members of the first team of superheroes known as the Power Rangers. They essentially are duel citizens of both countries, though it is their original names that are the American citizens and their new names that are Canadian citizens.

When Kimberly left the Power Rangers and California to move to Florida and train with the United States National Gymnastics team and one of their coaches she made many new friends that accepted her from day one. One of these people was Tony, who worked at the gym that she trained at. Tony was shy person but kind and sweet, and that drew Kimberly to him, being the friendly person that she was. Kim helped Tony break some of this shyness, but in turn that lead to problems. Tony really liked Kim and finally worked up the courage to ask her out, only to find out that she was still dating Tommy. From that moment Tony changed, he instantly hated Tommy from that moment and bad mouthed him when he was around Kim even though he didn't know Tommy. Tony continued to try and make moves on Kim, and every rejection made Tony angrier, which lead him to coming up with a plan that he knew could help him win Kimberly's heart.

The letter. (As Power Rangers fans know it by)

It was Tony who wrote the breakup letter that Tommy got from Kimberly. And Tony took it one step farther; he wrote a breakup letter that Kim thought she got from Tommy as well. Kim was devastated when she received it, but luckily for her Tony was there for her. It had appeared Tony had changed, as he was now being comforting to her, though it was just an act on his part, he was waiting for the right moment to make Kimberly his.

The two got together at Kim's apartment one night to watch some movies and Tony brought some alcohol he took from his older brother's place. Kim knew she shouldn't drink it, they were not of age and this could affect her gymnastics, but Tony convinced her and the two got drunk. They then soon started making out, but Tony wanted more, and even in her state Kim was not going to give in and have sex with him. She kicked Tony out of her apartment, which was the moment that made him snap. He immediately kicked the door in, and when Kim tried to push him back out he slapped her. After she fell to the ground crying Tony ran to her kitchen and grabbed a knife, he was going to stab Kim if she didn't have sex with him. Luckily for Kim someone saw Tony kick the door in and called the cops, and before anything else could happen the cops were in Kim's apartment and were able to disarm Tony and arrest him.

After that Kim had to leave Florida for awhile. She told her coach what happened and he agreed that she could take a leave. She then called her brother in everything but blood, the original Red Power Ranger Jason Scott and explained everything and told him she was coming back to Angel Grove to get away from everything for awhile. That led to the events that occurred with Divatox capturing the two and the Zeo Power Rangers becoming the Turbo Power Rangers.

Kim returned to Florida after barely speaking to Tommy during those events, all questions remained unsolved. Tommy though wasn't going to let her get away, so he was going to go to Florida and get the answers after high school graduation. When back in Florida Kim's gymnastics started to suffer, she was still not over the events with Tony and the Divatox incident. She was also not eating as much as she should, and would make herself throw up when she did eat. An eating disorder appeared to be in her future until one day there was a knock at her door and it was Tommy. Kim was so stunned that she fainted, just like she did when it was revealed that Tommy was the new White Power Ranger. After Kimberly came to though Tommy wanted some answers.

"Kim I came here because I want some answers," Tommy said.

"You want answers, you are the one with the answers, after all you are the one that sent this," Kimberly angrily responded, shoving the letter into his chest.

As Tommy read it he got angry, but not at Kimberly.

"But Kim, I got this letter from you, and it reads very similar to what you just showed me, something that I didn't write," Tommy said, handing Kim the letter he got.

Kim could only start crying as she read it, to which Tommy was there to console her. She explained what happened with Tony, it became obvious to both that he was behind it. Then though Tommy dropped a bombshell on her, something she wasn't expecting, but something that made her so happy.

"Nobody knows this Kim, but I applied to the university here in town, Central Florida, and got in. This trip here was going to decide if I went there or went to school back in California, and now that I know the truth I know where I'm going to college. Central Florida."

As soon as the words came out of his mouth Kimberly ran into his arms can gave him a kiss. Both were happier than ever before. Tommy though had to return to California to continue saving the world as a Power Ranger, though they agreed they would officially start dating again once Tommy moved to Orlando for school. Once Tommy and the rest of the graduating Rangers gave their powers up he moved to Florida to begin college and renew his relationship with the love of his life. Kimberly was so happy with Tommy's decision that the eating issues she had went away and she was back to performing at her best.

Unfortunately for Kimberly a series of nagging injuries would eventually force her to retire from gymnastics as a competitor. She would however become a volunteer assistant coach for the Central Florida gymnastics team as she started to some classes there in criminal justice, while Tommy took classes in paleontology. Kimberly worked her hardest to catch up with Tommy so they could graduate at the same time, which would happen. Then on their graduation day, after they both received their degrees Tommy made Kimberly the happiest woman in the world.

"Kimberly Ann Hart, we have been through so much in our time together, more than anyone should have to go through, but we have always had each other. You are my soul mate and the love of my life, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Kimberly will you marry me?"

Tears came down Kimberly's eyes as she happily said yes. A few years before she didn't think the day would come, but she got a second chance with her White Knight and could not be happier to now be engaged to him. She now had a wedding to plan, and it was going to be the perfect wedding for the happiest day of their lives. Unfortunately that perfect day did not come.

Tony had escaped from jail, and this time he went after Tommy. One night Tommy was leaving the gym after working out when Tony jumped him and kidnapped him. Kimberly and the police were able to track down and find Tommy but Tony escaped. With Tony on the loose they were advised to change their names and leave Florida. That is what they did. They eloped and left Florida. Tony knew they were from California so they decided to leave the country and move in with one of Kimberly's cousins in Toronto until they got on their feet. They also went ahead with changing their names as well. Geoff was the name of one of Tommy's great uncles, while Juliana was the name of one of Kimberly's great aunts. They decided on Callaghan as the last name as it was the last name of one of Kimberly's great-great-great grandmothers.

With her degree in criminal justice Kimberly or Jules wanted to be a police officer. She loved saving people as a Power Ranger and wanted to continue doing that. She worked her way up the ranks and was now a member of Toronto's elite police team the Strategic Response Unit, and was a member of its top team, Team One. Tommy or Geoff continued his schooling and got his master's and doctorate degrees and is a paleontology professor at a university in Toronto.

"So, how excited are you to travel back to the states again in just one week's time," Kimberly asked her husband.

"I have never been this excited, it has been too long since we have seen our friends or been in California," Tommy responded before taking their plates and putting them in the sink.

Tommy hadn't been back to California since leaving for Florida and Kim hadn't been since the Divatox incident. Neither had been to the states (minus a few trips into Michigan for some quick getaways) since leaving after Tony kidnapped Tommy. Earlier in the year it was reported that Tony was dead. He had been arrested eventually after the kidnapping, but was able to escape again, though when the cops found him this time he was dead.

Since the couple had to elope and did not have a formal wedding or reception they were returning to California for that, to finally be able to properly celebrate their wedding with their friends and family, along with taking a nice vacation in the process. The last time they saw any of them was when they graduated and Tommy proposed. They had been in touch with their friends and former Ranger teammates, all of the Rangers to serve under Zordon, keeping them updated on what they did in Canada while being updated on what was happening in California. Everyone knew of their "Canada names" and had been using them in case anything got back to Tony. With him gone though they could again use their original names with their friends. While everyone in California knew of their happenings in Canada, no one in Canada knew of Tommy and Kim's past.

Tommy and Kim were so happy to finally get to see their friends again, especially since they were all married and they had to miss all the weddings They all still lived in the Los Angeles area, and they all were ready to see their friends again after so long. Jason and Kat were married, and Jason owned a dojo in Angel Grove with Adam and Trini, while Kat owned her own ballet and dance studio. Adam was married to Tanya, who was a music teacher at Angel Grove High. Trini was married to Zack, who was a professional dancer. Rocky was married to Aisha, Aisha was vet while Rocky was a chef who owned a couple restaurants in the area. Billy was a high school science teacher in Reefside and had mentored his own team of Power Rangers, the Dino Thunder team, and had married Hayley, who was just as smart as Billy and helped lead the team with him. Other married couples in the group were Carlos and Cassie, Zhane and Karone, and Ashley and Andros. TJ and Justin were also married though they married non-Rangers who didn't know the secret the group had kept. Tommy and Kim were excited not only to see the people they hadn't seen in such a long time, but also to meet the new members of the group, like TJ and Justin's wives, or Billy's team of Rangers.

"Well it looks like it's time for me to head in," Kim said returning to the kitchen after getting ready for work.

"Have an uneventful day," Tommy said kissing his wife. With his wife being a cop he liked to use that line, he always wanted her to be safe, and an uneventful day would always ensure that.

"Hoping for the same thing handsome," Kim said returning the kiss.

"Tell all the guys I say hey," Tommy told her. He was so happy that Kim worked with the team that she did. She had horror stories about how some of the cops treated her when she started out. She was now on a team that loved having her and respected her all the time. That made Kim happy and in turn made Tommy happy.

"Will do for sure, especially because they all want us to bring them something back from California," Kim responded with a laugh as she walked out the door. She was ready for the day, though she had no idea what the day was going to bring her.

Undisclosed Location in Toronto

"I finally found you, and today is the day I set my plan forward. You will finally be mine and I will have what I want Kimberly Hart. Or should I say Jules Callaghan.

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