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Toronto, Canada

After finishing up on the phone with Billy Tommy hung up and turned his attention back to the five members of Team One.

"Alright guys we need to head to the backyard" Tommy told them.

"Why is that" Greg asked.

"Billy is coming from California through an invisi-portal; it's what the Dino Thunder Rangers used to get around Reefside. It is safer for him to arrive outside of mine and Kim's base in case he is being spied on or followed by a villain" Tommy told the group as he closed the base and headed upstairs with the five to await Billy's arrival.

Reefside, California

Billy explained the situation to Hayley as they left their base to head outside for the same reason Tommy and Team One headed outside to wait for him.

"Do you want me to contact anyone to join you and Tommy in Toronto" Hayley asked.

"Yes get a hold of Adam since he has a contact with the Sentinel Knight and is in town, I know he is off from the dojo today as well. Kira is busy with her concert tour so we can only to go to her on a last resort" Billy answered.

"Got it. I love you and be safe. Tell Tommy I say hi and hopefully I'll have Adam coming shortly" Hayley said to her husband before hugging and kissing him.

After sharing an embrace with his wife Billy opened the invisi-portal and headed to meet Tommy in Canada while Hayley went back down to the base to get a hold of Adam.


A couple minutes after arriving in the backyard an invisi-portal opened up and out from it came Billy.

"Too cool" Spike and Sam said to one another.

"Good to see you again Billy" Tommy said as the two friends shook hands. Billy had been one of the former ranger teammates he had gotten to see after he and Kim had graduated college as they had attended numerous teaching conferences together.

As soon as Billy landed he noticed the five men he had never seen before, but he had a strong feeling he knew who they were based off how they were dressed. Once Billy and Tommy finished shaking hands he asked the question.

"So this is Kim's SRU team I assume" Billy asked Tommy.

"That would be correct" Tommy answered.

"Clothes gave it away didn't it" Ed asked with a laugh as Billy shook his head in agreement.

"Well Kim was right, they all look like they could be rangers" Billy said as Tommy remembered her telling him that as well.

"Jules, I mean Kim said that about us" Raf asked as this time both Billy and Tommy nodded in agreement.

"That means a lot knowing that comes from her, we respect Jules, I mean Kim so much, and she is a valued member of our team, like I'm sure she was for the Power Rangers" Greg responded as again Tommy and Billy nodded their heads in agreement to what Greg said about Kim and her time as a ranger.

"We just gotta remember she'll be going by Kim now instead of Jules" Spike said getting a laugh out of the group.

"I'm assuming you already showed them the video" Billy asked Tommy.

"Yup, did not make that mistake this time" Tommy said with a laugh.

"What happened during that Tommy" Ed asked with a smile as all five members of Team One wanted to hear this story.

"After me and Kim moved her we decided to tell the cousin of Kim's that we moved in with the secret by showing him the video, since he knew who all our friends from California were. We were just going to do through Turbo since like pretty much everyone knows the Space Rangers identities. Will I come back in the room talking ranger stuff thinking Kim had already shown her cousin the video when she hadn't" Tommy said as the other six men couldn't help but to laugh right along with Tommy at the story.

"So you ready to get down to business" Tommy asked Billy once the laughing ended.

"Actually we are going to have one other guest" Billy responded, and as if right on time another invisi-portal opened up, and Tommy was shocked to see who came out of it.

"Long time, no see Dr. Oliver" Adam Park said after coming out of the portal.

Moon Palace

Kim felt sick to her stomach; she wanted to faint but knew that wasn't an option. She was still trying to get over the fact that Vile and Scorpina were around, and now she found out that Rito, Goldar, and Rita were all still around as well. None of this made sense to her, Zordon's wave should have destroyed all of them. It was time to ask the question she had been wanting an answer to from the minute this ordeal began.

"How are any of you still around, Zordon's wave should have destroyed all of you," Kim asked with anger in her voice.

"Oh pardon my poor manners I forgot to explain that" Vile said as he began to tell Kimberly how they all still existed. "You see once Dark Specter captured Zordon and revealed his master plan I knew it was time to get out of the UAE. Unlike those fools I knew what would happen if Zordon's tube was broken and I knew he would sacrifice himself if the time came so I left the UAE and went to a different universe. Any villain still in your universe was doomed if they didn't get out of the UAE, I tried to tell others but none of them would listen to me, except for Rito and Scorpina. That is why they stand before you. As for Goldar and Rita I used my magic to bring that back. I knew they would be useful to me without that idiot Zedd, he is the reason they didn't come with me back then."

It all made sense to Kim now, especially how other villains had attacked Earth after Zordon's wave, causing there to be more teams of Power Rangers. Her and her friends had no idea the wave only took out villains in their universe. This was information she had to get to Tommy and Billy, along with the fact that Vile, Goldar, Rito, and Rita were working with Scorpina, who she assumed by now Tommy knew was back since she figured her SRU team would go to Tommy first. Kim was drawn out of her thoughts by Vile's next move.

"Assemble my tengas" he said as his raven like creatures came forth. "It is time for our first strike. I will send you to California where I know Zordon's former rangers are. I want this to be a letting them know that we are here. If you can capture one then go for it, but don't risk it if you can't, we have time" Vile said. He was then about to release the tengas when Rita stopped him.

"Hold on daddy there is something you need to see" Rita interrupted.

"This better be good" Vile said as he went over to Rita's looking glass that she used to spy on the Earth.

"Well, well, well Kimberly it looks like your husband has a couple of guests, that former blue ranger and former black and green ranger" Vile said aloud.

Kim found this to be great news. With Billy mentoring his own team of rangers and knowing Adam's connection to the Sentential Knight after the Once a Ranger mission she knew they were the two that could help Tommy the most right now. Her face turned grim though after Vile decided this called for a new plan.

"Change of plans my tengas; I'm sending you to Toronto now to take on those three, and whoever those other people are. Capture is a goal, any that you can. Now go my tengas" Vile said with pure evil in his voice.

Kim's face got even grimmer when she heard Vile say those other people. She knew he was referring to her SRU teammates. None of them knew the tengas were coming and she was helpless in letting them know.

Toronto, Canada

Unlike Billy, whom Tommy had seen numerous times since he and Kim graduated this was the first time Tommy had seen Adam since that day, as the two immediately shared a hug. While they had talked numerous times since then they had not seen each other in so many years. Unfortunately this reunion came sooner then they planned, and for the wrong reasons.

"It's great seeing you man but right now I wish it wasn't happening until next week" Tommy said as Adam understood where he was coming from.

"So is this Kim's SRU team," Adam asked as Tommy nodded. Like Billy and all the others Adam had heard about Kim's team.

"They know everything" Adam asked.

"Yup, Tommy showed them the video just before I arrived" Billy answered.

"Guys this is Adam Park, he was the second Black Mighty Morphin Ranger, the Green Zeo Ranger, and first Green Turbo Ranger. Adam this is Greg Parker, Ed Lane, Spike Scarlatti, Sam Braddock, and Raf Rousseau" Tommy said introducing the six.

"So great to finally meet you all, Kim talks about you all the time whenever we chat" Adam said shaking all their hands.

"Pleasure is ours" Greg said as he was the first to shake Adam's hand as this surreal day for Team One continued in meeting their third former Power Ranger.

"So Scorpina" was all Adam said to Billy and Tommy after shaking hands with all of Kim's current teammates as all Billy and Tommy could do is nod their heads yes.

"It just had to be her" Adam said with a smile as he, Billy and Tommy all remembered the issues Adam had with Scorpina during their time as rangers.

"I'll explain later" Adam then said to the five Team One members who had confused looks on their faces

"Alright guys lets head inside and….." before Tommy could finish the sentence the tengas that Vile had sent landed in Tommy and Kim's backyard.

"Well this day just keeps getting better and better" Billy said as the bird like creatures started to surround the eight men.

"I got a feeling someone else is working with Scorpina, and we aren't going to like who it is" Adam responded.

"What's the plan now gentlemen" Ed asked the three veteran rangers.

"This" Tommy answered as he sent a punch towards a tenga followed by a kick to another. Billy and Adam then followed suit as the fight was now on.

As Team One watched this unfold Ed and Greg showed why they are the leader and sergeant of the team.

"Alright Team One let's put our self defense training to good use and help out Adam, Tommy, and Billy" Greg said, sending a punch towards a group of tengas.

"Let's move, move, move" Ed followed up before sending a kick towards a few more tengas.

The tengas knew that the three former rangers would be able to hold their own with them; they just assumed they would outnumber them and wear them now. They had no idea though that these five men with them would fight as equally as strong as the three former rangers. With the tengas totally unprepared for this they were taken by surprise and handed one of their worst beatings ever. It was not long before they retreated back to the moon.

"Wow I don't remember the tengas ever retreating that fast" Adam said once they were all gone.

"Well they never had to deal with three rangers and Toronto's finest" Tommy said as he smiled in the direction of Team One.

"All in a day's work" Ed responded as the five got high fives from the three former rangers.

"I don't remember fighting alien birds being in the job requirement" Raf said with a laugh.

"Might just need to add that then" Greg responded with a laugh as well.

"I have to admit it was nice engaging with something that did not have a weapon on them" Sam added.

"Alright guys we better get inside. If whoever is sending tengas is targeting us here in Canada they may be targeting the rest back in California" Tommy said as the eight headed inside to Tommy's base.

"Wow awesome place" Adam said to Tommy as the eight entered and he looked around to see what Tommy and Kim had put together.

Tommy then powered up the computer before letting Billy get in conduct with Hayley.

"Glad to see you made it their alright" Hayley said to her husband when he appeared on the screen.

"Sorry for taking so long we encountered an issue once myself and Adam arrived, tengas" Billy responded, which shocked his wife. She like the rest thought tengas were gone like the rest of the villains.

"Who sent them" Hayley asked.

"We aren't sure, but it's got to be someone Scorpina is working with. She would not have enough power to produce that many foot soldiers. It can only be a select group of villains who can, we just aren't sure." Billy responded.

"What would you like me to do" Hayley asked.

"If they sent tengas here they will likely send them to California. Get in contact with the rest of the Zordon era rangers and have them meet at our place. I know like Kira the rest of our rangers will be busy so we will contact them if needed." Billy said.

"What about you guys" Hayley then asked.

"We will be there shortly. If the situation continues to escalate we are going to need help from the Sentential Knight, and it will be easier for us to get to California then to have everyone come to Canada" Billy answered.

"I will get on it right now" Hayley said.

"What would you like us to do while you three are in California" Greg then asked.

"Come with us" Tommy answered.

"What" the five answered at the same time.

"You guys are Kim's team now, and I know there is a way you can help us in getting her back. I don't know what it is, but I know there is a way, and whoever is behind this won't see it coming." Tommy said.

The five Team One members then huddled together to talk about the situation. The huddle didn't last long.

"We're in" Ed told the three, getting smiles from the former rangers.

"Alright then it's off to California" Billy said as Tommy closed up the base and the eight headed back to Tommy's backyard. Once Tommy had the house locked up Billy summoned the invisi-portal and they were off to California.

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