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The Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver to open the padlock on the ornate metal gates to the hospital grounds. He walks in and looks around.

Lyra follows him in quickly.

The two aliens walked around for a bit, looking into everyward nearby.

"Theres hundreads of them." Lyra comments, looking into another ward.

"What's wrong with them?" The Doctor asked out-loud, turning towards the hall with Lyra.

The Doctor and Lyra came to another ward but were greeted by Doctor Constantine, who was leaning on a walking stick.

"You'll find them everywhere. In every bed, in every ward. Hundreds of them." Constantine looked at the travelers upon meeting them.

"Yes, I saw. Why are they still wearing gas masks?" The Doctor asked, curious.

"They're not. Who are you?" Constantine asked, nodded to the two aliens.

"I'm, er. Are you the doctor?" The Doctor inquired, not wanting to tell Constantine who he was.

"Doctor Constantine. And you are?" Constantine introduced.

"Nancy sent us." The Doctor replied, still avoiding the question.

"Nancy? That means you must've been asking about the bomb." Constantine inquired. (I'm horrible with verbs. ; n ; )

"Yes." Lyra nodded.

"What do you know about it?" Constantine asked the pair.

"Why I was asking. What do you know?" The Doctor asked. (I hate "asked"...)

"Only what it's done." Constantine answered.

"These people, they were all caught up in the blast?" The Doctor inquired, looking around the ward the three of them were in.

"None of them were." Constantine answered, chuckling.

He sat in a chair and began to cough.

"You're very sick." The Doctor realized.

"He's dying." Lyra replied for the old man.

"Are you a doctor?" Constantine asked Lyra.

"No. But he has his moments." Lyra chuckled, nudging the Doctor's side.

"Have you examined any of them yet?" Constantine asked the Doctor.

"No." The Doctor answered, looking at the beds around them.

"Don't touch the flesh." Constantine warned.

Lyra shuddered.

"Which one?"

"Any one."

The Doctor went around and examined the bodies with the sonic screwdriver.

Lyra decided to examine a couple of them too, using her own sonic.

"Conclusions?" Constantine asked after a while.

"Massive head trauma, mostly to the left side. Partial collapse of the chest cavity, mostly to the right. There's some scarring on the back of the hand and the gas mask seems to be fused to the flesh, but I can't see any burns." The Doctor diagnosed.

He looked over at Lyra.

"Same diagnosis." She shrugged.

"Examine another one." Constantine nodded at the two aliens.

The Doctor and Lyra examined another body or two, getting the same result.

"This is impossible." The Doctor was awestruck.

"Examine another"

They examined another pair of bodies.

"This is aboslutely impossible." Lyra whispered, shuddering.

"They've all got the same injuries." The Doctor looked at Constantine.

"Yes." The old man simply nodded.

"Exactly the same."


"Identical, all of them, right down to the scar on the back of the hand." The Doctor's voice dropped to a small whisper as he took notice of the scar on the back of Constantine's hand, which was identicle to the scar on the bodies in the room.

"How did this happen? How did it start?" The Doctor asked, curiously, yet a little frustrated.

"When that bomb dropped, there was just one victim." Constantine informed.

"Dead?" Lyra asked.

"At first. His injuries were truly dreadful. By the following morning, every doctor and nurse who had treated him, who had touched him, had those exact same injuries. By the morning after that, every patient in the same ward, the exact same injuries. Within a week, the entire hospital. Physical injuries as plague. Can you explain that? What would you say was the cause of death?" Constantine explained.

Lyra kept shuddering at "plague".

"The head trauma." The Doctor guess.




"The collapse of the chest cavity."

"They arn't dead, Doctor." Lyra informed the Time Lord with a poke.

Lyra kicked a nearby bucket.

The noise made the patients in the ward sit up, startling the Doctor.

"It's all right. They're harmless. They just sort of sit there. No heartbeat, no life signs of any kind. They just don't die." Constantine shook his head with the information.

"And they've just been left here? Nobody's doing anything?" The Doctor asked, a bit loudly.

"I try and make them comfortable. What else is there?" Constantine shrugged.

"Just you? You're the only one here?" The Doctor asked.

"Before this war began, I was a father and a grandfather. Now I am neither. But I'm still a doctor." Constantine informed.

"Yeah. I know the feeling." The Doctor seemed be brought down a little by his words.

Lyra flinched, knowing why.

"I suspect the plan is to blow up the hospital and blame it on a German bomb." Constantine informed.

"Probably too late." The Doctor shrugged.

"No. There are isolated cases. Isolated cases breaking out all over London. Stay back, stay back. Listen to me. Top floor. Room eight oh two. That's where they took the first victim, the one from the crash site. And you must find Nancy again." Constantine demanded.

"Nancy?" The Doctor forgot about Nancy.

"It was her brother. She knows more than she's saying. She won't tell me, but she might Mummy. Are you my mummy?" Constantine informed before he began the horrible transformation.

The Doctor watched as Constantine's face became a gas mask.

Lyra couldn't watch.

"Hello?" Voices were heard in the hallways.

The Doctor and Lyra rushed into the halls to find the source.

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