AN: This is my first ever fanfic, despite being a reader I've never had the urge to write until now! In my Sailor Moon universe Usagi (Yes, I'm using the Japanese names) is a bit older as you'll see, and it doesn't really follow the story arc of either the manga or the anime.

Disclaimer: I do not own Sailor Moon or any of the Characters.

Hello. My name is Tsukino Usagi and I am a superhero. I'm not your typical hero; I'm afraid of the monsters we fight, I have zero balance and a distinct lack of coordination, I'm constantly late to everything and I'm not a natural fighter, but I think the thing that defines me most is that above all I do not want to be a superhero. I miss my normal life, I want to be boring and have normal problems. I don't want to fight with my friends about why I suck at fighting and why I'm such a crybaby, I want to go shopping and gossip about guys. Sailor Moon is my alter ego and I hate her.

Usagi looked at the words that were written on the page. "Hmmm, so much has changed", she mused. It was two years later and instead of the naïve 14-year-old, she was now a hardened, life experienced 16-year-old. At least she classified herself as 'life experienced'. How many people can say they've had to grow up so fast? Saving lives, keeping a whole other life secret from the people you love, watching your friends get hurt, killing monsters and saving the world. All in a days work. At the beginning she was confused about being Sailor Moon, why did it have to be her? She wasn't anything special. Then it turned into resentment: She obviously couldn't fight, so what was the point? It made no sense, she didn't want to fight, she didn't want to be constantly tired. It grated on her; the secrets, the arguments with the other scouts, the late nights, the injuries, even though she was self healing – they still hurt!

But slowly, gradually, she grew into Sailor Moon.

Usagi closed the diary and lay back on her bed. She looked at the clock on her bedside table and groaned. "Ohhhh, Rei's going to kill me!" That was something that definitely hadn't changed in the last year, she idly thought as she ran round the room grabbing her things and stuffing them into her bag. She opened her door and nearly ran full pelt into Shingo.

"Get out my way! I'm late meeting the girls!", she shouted.

"I was just coming to tell you dinner was ready, you're so brainless, don't you remember mum and dad have something important to tell us?" Shingo replied looking smug.

"Aaah, no? When did they say that?" Usagi said looking confused.

"Well they first mentioned it maybe a week ago, and then pretty much everyday for the last three days. I think it must be important, so you'd better let your friends know you're not going to be making an appearance tonight. Usagi you're so clueless!"

"Shut up Shingo, tell mum and dad I'll be down in a minute" She demanded while closing the door behind his retreating back.

Damn, Rei's definitely going to be angry now, I'd better call Mako-chan instead. She looked inside her bag hunting for the communications device Luna had given them all years ago. Eventually finding it she turned it on and called Makoto.

"Hiii Mako-chan! I'm so so sorry…." She began.

"Let me guess, you're running late again?" Mako sighed

"Well, actually, well yes I was, but Shingos just reminded me that we have a really important family meeting tonight and I totally forgot and I'm so sorry but I can't come." Usagi babbled.

"But Usagi-chan, you were late on Monday, and last week you had to cancel because you had to do homework you forgot, and before that it was another excuse!" Mako loved Usagi, but she was really grating on the scouts nerves recently. It was one thing after another.

"I'm so sorry Mako-chan, I'll make it up to the three of you I promise, but I've got to go, speak later."

With that she signed off. Makoto looked over to Ami and Rei.

"She's had to cancel, something about a family meeting."

Ami shook her head and looked disappointed, Rei looked like she was going to explode. "Some leader she is! Always late, useless in a fight, the only good thing is she doesn't cry as much anymore. I'm gonna strangle that girl!" Rei let out, seething.

"Unfortunately I feel the same tonight", Mako agreed, "I had to cancel things to come here tonight, we can't keeping arranging our lives around her. She has to understand that she is not the be all and end all just because Luna says she's the leader of the Sailor Senshi."

"Well then let's dethrone her then." Rei blurted out.

"What?!" Amis head snapped up, "We can't do that, I know she's useless at coming to meetings but she has been improving in battles. She doesn't fall as much anymore and without her powers we wouldn't be able to defeat the monsters."

"I'm not saying kick her out, I'm just saying take the leadership off her and make her realise the consequences of her actions." Rei replied.

"I'm not sure Rei", Mako put in "Maybe we should at least give her another chance. We'll organise a meeting for Sunday and if she doesn't turn up again then we'll seriously consider this and talk to Luna about it."

"Okay, but this is her last chance!" Rei conceded.

Usagi signed off and put her bag down. She went downstairs and true to Shingos word dinner was on the table.

"Mmmm, looks delicious mama!"

"Usagi-chan sit down, we have some important stuff to talk about" Kenji said to his daughter.

She sat down and looked over at her parents, they looked worried. What could be so important? She thought to herself.

"Usagi, Shingo, we thought the best way to deal with this would to be talk about it as adults and know that we are all in it together."

Okay, now I'm worried. "Papa, what's the matter?" Usagi pressed.

"The Magazine I work at has had to make some cuts, and unfortunately I'm one of them. I have of course been applying to other magazines and newspapers, but there is a lack of jobs at the moment and I haven't had much luck."

"Your dad knows that we don't blame him and that the market at the moment is very volatile. But I am also looking for a job to help support us." Ikuko added.

"Mama, papa" Usagi went over to both of them and gave them a hug, "We know you will do your best for this family."

"Unfortunately Usagi-chan, that is not enough and if we can't find something we will have to move in with your mums sister." Kenji explained.

"But Papa, that's four hours away! Shingo and I will have to change schools and leave our friends." Usagi stated.

"We will meet that mountain and climb it if the time comes, Usagi-chan, now eat your dinner"

For the rest of the meal the family ate in silence.

After dinner Usagi made excuses and left to go for a walk. I can't leave, I mean I know it's not Papas fault, but I have to be here to fight as Sailor Moon. I love my friends, they're everything to me. I really really hope Papa finds something.

She was so deep in thought she wasn't looking where she was going and collided with something hard.

"Ow!" She exclaimed

"You want to watch where you're going Odango, you might hurt someone."

Ugh I recognise that voice. And sure enough when she looked up it was at the smug grin of Chiba Mamoru.

"You are the bain of my life you know that?!" Usagi screeched at him.

"And you are going to make me go deaf Odango", Mamoru retorted.

"Don't call me that! Baka!" Usagi replied.

"What are you doing out so late anyway? Surely it's waaay past your bedtime?" He teased her.

She looked downcast and he suddenly felt bad for asking.

"It doesn't matter, just err don't stay out too long?" He stuttered. What was wrong with him?

Usagi was oblivious to this train of thought. "It's my dad, he just told us he lost his job last month and he's having a hard time finding another one. If he or my mum don't find one we're going to have to move away." She wasn't sure why she blurted that out to him of all people, maybe she just had to tell someone.

"Oh, Odango, I didn't know. I hope he finds something soon." Mamoru wasn't sure what to say.

"So you are capable of being nice then?" Usagi was taken aback by his nice demeanor and wanted to turn the conversation back round to something she understood. "Who would've thought Mamoru-baka had a nice bone in his body? Well Pigs must be flying somewhere!" She pretended to look around the sky.

Mamoru huffed, but he had a glint in his eye. "Well I don't see you flying anywhere so there can't be any pigs flying about." Before she could retort he said: "And anyway, there's lots of things you don't know about me Odango." He winked at her and walked off.

"Baka!" she shouted after him, but noticed she was feeling a bit better. Trust that idiot to make me feel better, she laughed to herself and headed back home. He did have a point, it was a bit dark, even if she was Sailor Moon.