Usagi transformed when she got to the park at their usual spot. It didn't take long for him to arrive.

'Hi.' She smiled at him.

'Hi, where is Venus, is she coming later?' He asked

'Well actually that's what I wanted to talk to you about…' She didn't think this was going to be easy.

He sighed: 'You and the Senshi have made up haven't you?'

'Yes. But that doesn't mean we can't still work together! I've spoke to the Senshi about how important it is to me that you work with us, they've agreed to meet you and get to know you a bit.

Tuxedo-Kamen wasn't happy about this but he knew it was coming, he knew they were going to eventually make up. Sailor Moon seemed to be like Usagi in that respect. She couldn't go for long without her friends. He'd initially decided that when it happened he would go back to the way things were before the falling out. It was just easier.

'Please, please will you at least consider meeting them? For me? Please?' Usagi had seen the look on his face and knew this was the last thing he wanted to do. He'd already told her that he didn't trust the Senshi, and for her to suggest working with them must sound like the last thing he would want to do.

He could see that she really wanted him to meet with them, he couldn't see it going well at all, but then when she looked at him with those big deep blue eyes he couldn't say no.

'Okay, I'll meet with them, but only once, and if it doesn't go well then you have to promise to never ask me to do it again.' He didn't think that was unreasonable.

Usagi bit her lip, he was agreeing to meet them but he was only going to give it one shot. What if it didn't go well? What if Rei was rude to him? What if he felt left out?

'Alright, well we're meeting tomorrow evening, are you free?'

Tuxedo-Kamen nodded his head. 'I'll be there, presumably you'll let me know where you are the usual way.'

'Yeah…' Usagi trailed off. Tuxedo-Kamen seemed annoyed and she guessed she could understand why but it didn't make her feel any better.

'Well seeing as we're meeting tomorrow I might as well just see you then.' He wasn't in the mood for doing anything with her tonight now even though as far as he was concerned it would be the last time he would see her like this on his own. He would go back to just stealing a few moments with her whenever he saved her from some Youma. Even thought lately she didn't need saving as much.

'Okay, well, see you tomorrow then.' Usagi felt sad, like she was saying goodbye forever rather than just 24 hours.

'Bye.' He left her alone in the park and headed straight back to his apartment. He'd known this day was coming, but it had only been a month and it had been the happiest month he'd had in years. That wasn't necessarily just to do with Sailor Moon though; he'd been texting Usagi earlier and could have sworn she was flirting with him. He'd asked her if she was free on Saturday and she'd said yes, he wasn't sure what they were going to do yet but he was really enjoying spending time with her.

As he went to do some studying he briefly thought about tomorrow night; he wasn't under any pressure so he would just turn up and see how it went. It would be his decision at the end of it.

The next day Usagi met Ami and walked to school with her. School was normal, except that at lunch this time Makoto and Ami joined Usagi, Naru and Umino. Usagi thought it was nice that things were getting back to normal, but she was anxious about that evenings Senshi training session.

They had decided to meet at 7 that night and Usagi couldn't stop thinking about how it would go and whether there would end up being another argument and then how she might never see him again. She knew that was a bit of an overreaction as he would always still come to the battles, but she probably wouldn't see him on her own anymore. No more training sessions. She'd miss those. He'd taught her more than Luna had in such a short space of time.

Of course it all might work out and he could be part of their team… it was just that what Mina had said was playing on her mind. 'He does seem to have a fascination with Sailor Moon.'

Usagi didn't think that he had a fascination with her, more that she treated him like a normal person and included him. True they did have this weird bond thing where he could sense when she transformed but she didn't think he was fascinated with her.

That evening after she'd had dinner with her family she let her Mum know that she was heading out to meet the girls at the temple. Her mum and dad seemed happy that there weren't anymore issues, Shingo didn't seem to care either way.

'Baka Usagi, you've always got drama in your life.' He said when she'd told the family at dinner. She stuck her tongue out at him and went upstairs, it was nice how back to normal things were getting.

Ten minutes later she left waving goodbye as her family sat by the television in the front room. She walked along towards the park, having decided that she would see the girls first before she transformed and let Tuxedo-Kamen know that it was time to meet. She just wanted to make sure that they were going to be on their best behaviours.

She took her phone out and thought about texting Mamoru. She twisted it around in her hand wondering if she was going to come across as too keen or needy, but she rationed that she hadn't texted him since yesterday and he could hardly see it as clingy, could he?

She typed out 'Hey' and couldn't think of anything else to write. She cringed internally. It's just the Baka, say anything!

She sent the text and walked along staring at her phone.

'Hey.' Came back.

Great, now what was she going to write, but before she had to solve that dilemma another text came through.

'Are we still on for tomorrow?'

'Absolutely.' She texted back, 'Did you have anything in mind?'

'Figured food was a good place to start as it's you ;)'

Usagi chuckled at the emoji, he'd never used one before but she liked it.

'Haha, well it's a good start.'

'How about I pick you up at 11 and we go out of town?' Mamoru thought this was a bit of a risk but he'd wanted to get away from the city for a while and this seemed like the perfect chance.

'Out of town…' Usagi said to herself. She could see two of the girls already waiting and knew she had to wrap this up.

'Sounds perfect, see you at 11. x'

A kiss, she'd sent him a kiss. She'd never sent that before. Mamoru decided that not texting back was easier than trying to decide if he now needed to send one back or not. He looked at his watch, it was nearly 7. How late was this 'training session' going to be?

Usagi walked up to Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter.


'Hey, how come you're not transformed?' Asked Jupiter.

'I just wanted to make sure everyone was still okay with Tuxedo-Kamen-sama coming tonight. My transformation will let him know it's time to meet.'

Jupiter raised her eyebrows: 'He can sense when you transform?!'

A look from Mercury silenced her however. 'Yeah I mean fine, that's fine and totally normal.'

Usagi laughed: 'Don't worry I think it's really weird too, but he doesn't have any control over it, he's not stalking me or anything.'

At that point Sailor Mars turned up.

'Hi girls! Usagi why aren't you?'

'I'm about to change, just wanted to make sure we're all good with Tuxedo-Kamen-sama joining us tonight and that we're all going to be on our best behaviours?' She eyeballed the three of them.

'Yes, yes, yes.' Said Mars impatiently, throwing back her hair. 'Now where is Sailor Venus?'

'She's probably just late.' Answered Usagi while pulling out her compact. 'MOON PRISM POWER, MAKE UP!'

Usagis transformation blinded the girls temporarily.

Sailor Venus arrived a couple of minutes later and Tuxedo-Kamen a few minutes after her.

Sailor Moon could tell he wasn't looking forward to it, and looked towards the other girls to make sure they weren't giving him hostile looks.

Sailor Mars looked like she was having some sort of internal battle when she strode right up to him, held out her hand and said: 'I hope we can put our differences aside and work together. Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus have said how influential you can be during a fight and I'm open to anything you can teach us.'

Tuxedo-Kamen looked completely taken aback but it was nothing to the look on Sailor Moons face.

He pulled himself together and smiled at Sailor Mars: 'I'm sure they've greatly over exaggerated my uses, but I appreciate you saying that all the same. So how do you usually organise these sessions?'

'Well, in the past it's just been the three of us, so I think this is new for all of us.' Replied Mars.

Sailor Moon spoke up: 'I think we should run it the same way we used to run our sessions Tuxedo-Kamen-sama, start off with some one to one training and then move onto some more complicated things. You can see what the girls strengths are, and they yours.'

Everyone agreed this seemed like a decent idea. Tuxedo-Kamen set Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus away with some simple one on one exercises and then asked Sailor Moon to continue explaining some of the finer points of battle scenarios to Venus. This was still something she needed to work on as she had hardly been in any battles.

He looked at the other three and asked: 'So which one of you is the best at one on one?'

Mars and Mercury both looked at Jupiter who shrugged: 'That would be me I guess.'

Tuxedo-Kamen had seen her fight before and knew she didn't hold back, but she was quite predictable in her movements and he was sure that she spent more time using how strong she was rather than how nimble she could be.

They faced up and Jupiter launched straight in. Within two minutes he had her on the floor. She got back on her feet and they went at it again. She ended up on the floor again and hadn't even managed to hit him. He was using her speed and her strength against her.

'You're so powerful and you're so fast that you rely on it all the time, but I think if you slowed down a bit and were a little more agile, you'd defeat me with ease.' He advised her.

Sailor Jupiter was looking a little hacked off, but looked over to Sailor Moon and took a deep breath. She went to go again, but took some of her pace off, she took that time to see what he was looking at and where his body was moving and – wham! She caught him in his kidneys and he fell to the floor out of breath.

'Yep,' he wheezed, 'you got me.'

He got up shakily and she held her hand out to shake his.

'Thanks for the advice. How come you've never fought before? You'd be pretty handy in a fight.' She asked him.

'A lot of the time it's difficult to get close to the Youma, and you three always pretty much had it handled anyway. I was just there as the distraction half the time.'

He turned to Sailor Mars and said: 'You're also really good at one to one, but I was thinking of trying something different with you. I don't know if you remember, this was months ago, but you were fighting against a Youma and you managed to make small balls of fire in the palms of you hands?'

Sailor Mars looked surprised: 'How did you remember that?'

'Well, you don't quite have the strength of Sailor Jupiter, but I think if you could master it, those little balls of fire could be a game changer in a one on one situation. You hit a Youma while your hand is on fire and it would really weaken them.'

'I'm not sure if I know how to do it again though, I only ever did it the once and to be honest I wasn't sure if I imagined it.' Sailor Mars looked uneasy like she didn't like admitting she couldn't do something.

Tuxedo-Kamen walked over to her and asked her to open her hands in front of her.

'Think about the balls of fire, what they looked like, how they felt. Now imagine you're going to conjure your burning mandala, but don't say the incantation.'

Mars felt the power rise inside her, but because she didn't say the incantation nothing happened. 'I can feel the fire inside me.' She said.

'Okay, now try and release that through your hands.' Tuxedo-Kamen replied.

She closed her eyes and when she opened them there was a very small flame in either hand.

'I did it!' She exclaimed.

Tuxedo-Kamen smiled: 'You've probably always been able to do it, now I would just try practising that feeling until you can do it naturally and the flames are bigger.

Then he turned to Mercury.

'I'm not really a fighter.' She said.

'I know, but you are their eyes and ears and they need you and your quick thinking when you're all out there.' He replied.

This made Mercury feel a bit better as she sometimes felt bad that she didn't help them more physically in the battles.

'So what do you think I should work on?' She asked.

'You have the ability to freeze and you can make loads of bubbles appear to cloud the Youmas view right?'

Sailor Mercury nodded.

'I've noticed that you get frustrated when the Youmas target you as the other girls then always come rushing over. What if you could protect yourself so that it didn't matter if they targeted you?'

Mercurys eyes widened: 'Do you think that's possible?'

'Actually I've had this thought for a while but I've never had a chance to talk to you about it. You conjure the bubbles in your left hand, but freeze with your right. I was hoping if you pressed your hands together and opened them while using your power it might create some sort of frozen sphere around you that no one could break. Thus shielding you and giving you time to figure out the Youmas weakness.' Tuxedo-Kamen really hoped this would work as he'd had this idea for a while now.

Mercury looked nervous but focused. She put her hands together and he could see the power building in her. She slowly pulled them apart and it was exactly how he had imagined it. A huge bubble engulfed her which froze at the same time.

All the Senshi stopped and looked over.

'Mars see if you can break the bubble.' Tuxedo-Kamen shouted over to her.

Sailor Mars sent a blast of fire over but it did nothing, Jupiter then tried lightning but that did nothing either. Sailor Mercury then removed the bubble and looked over at them.

'It worked! It really worked! And it's very fascinating really because I could see out of it really clearly but I don't think you could see me. I can't believe I've never thought to try that myself before. Thank you so much Tuxedo-Kamen.'

The rest of the training session they spent going over roles during battles and the Senshi were very keen to involve Tuxedo-Kamen as much as possible. It seemed that he had won their trust and respect and Sailor Moon couldn't believe how well the evening had gone.

The girls all went their separate ways and the two of them were left alone.

'That seemed to go okay?' She asked him.

'Yeah.' He smiled: 'I'll admit it went a lot better than I thought it would.'

'So can we continue working together then?'

Tuxedo-Kamen nodded and took a step closer. Mamoru sometimes felt like he couldn't control his movements when he was around Sailor Moon. The intense attraction he felt towards her overtook his senses.

Sailor Moon took a sharp intake of breath but didn't move away. He was so close to her now. Did her powers magnetise her feelings?

He brought his hand up to her cheek and she moved her face towards his touch.

Mamorus face flashed in front of hers and Usagis face flashed in front of his.

They both stepped back and said at the same time: 'I need to go.'

Once she got home Usagi had an irrational need to want to text Mamoru. It's nearly ten o'clock, is it too late? What if I disturb him? What if he doesn't reply? She spoke out loud.

'If you really like him and he likes you then I'm sure he'll be happy to hear from you.' Came Lunas voice from the windowsill.

'Luna am I being stupid? I think I might really like him.' Usagi spoke back.

'Usagi-chan, it's about time you two got together, you've both been skirting around the issue since you met.'

Usagi stared at her open-mouthed: 'That's not true! He used to be so annoying and he treated me like a child. I couldn't stand him!'

Luna stretched and said: 'Well I could see it even if you couldn't. I don't think you have time for a boyfriend and I don't know how you'll hide being Sailor Moon from him but you do deserve to be happy, so just send him whatever message you were going to send.'

Usagi flopped down onto her bed and stared at her phone.

'I'm really looking forward to tomorrow.' I sound so corny!

'Me too. Can't sleep?'

'I was out with the girls and just got back. Are you up to much?'

'I've got Motoki over, I promised him we'd watch this film he's been dying to watch. Actually he's staring at me, I should probably watch it. See you tomorrow.'

'See you tomorrow x'

There it was again, a kiss at the end of the text. Mamoru put his phone away and Motoki raised an eyebrow.

'Usa?' He asked.

Mamoru nodded but didn't even blush, he was happy she had texted him. He'd thought about her all the way home and was happy Motoki had been free this late so he could take his mind off everything for a while.


Sailor Moon.



Who did he want to be and who did he want to be with?