Why does Reid take the Dilaudid from Tobias' body after Georgia ("Revelations")? Not because he wants to use it. No, there is another reason.

It was three weeks after Georgia, with Tobias Hankel. Reid had just passed his psych eval and returned to work. On the first day back, he asked to speak to Hotch privately.

Hotch was nervous. Would Reid resign? He couldn't blame him if he would, honestly. What he went through was horrible.

When Reid entered Hotch's office and sat down, he appeared to take a moment to collect his thoughts. Hotch let him, thinking it better to let Reid start this conversation.

After a minute, Reid spoke. "The files about the Hankel case have been filed and approved," Reid said neutrally, his voice surprisingly steady.

"Yes," Hotch answered, not knowing where this was going.

"You didn't ask for my input," Reid continued.

"That's true," Hotch admitted. "Because we had the camera footage, I didn't think that was necessary and I wasn't looking forward to forcing you to talk about it." Hotch didn't know whether Reid was angry or not, but decided to keep all the blame to himself just to be sure.

"Hotch.." Reid sighed, weary. "Not everything was recorded."

Hotch looked up sharply. "It wasn't?" He paused for a moment. "God, wasn't it enough?"

Reid smiled a little. "Didn't you wonder why I.. well, died, sort of?" Reid asked, clearly uncomfortable.

"We did," Hotch admitted.

"Tobias wanted to help," Reid said. "He wanted to help me, and did that by injecting hydromorphine in my system. Dilaudid."

Hotch looked as if he was going to interrupt, but a small shake of Reid's head had him close his mouth.

"I didn't want the team to know. Of course, now I'm telling you, but you're the Chief.. I hope you won't tell them."

Hotch shook his head. "I won't, Reid."

Reid nodded, expecting that. He took a deep breath. "I took the vials from Tobias' body."

Hotch opened his mouth, shocked. "Reid, you didn't –" But Reid interrupted him.

"Hotch, I didn't use them. I just didn't want you to find them," he said. "I swear. I have them with me now, can you.. take care of them?" Reid's hand disappeared in his pocket.

Hotch nodded. Reid's hand appeared again, this time with two small bottles in them. Hotch was relieved to see they were sealed. Reid had been through enough already.

"I don't really care whether you file them or flush them through the toilet. Just don't let me know, alright?" Reid said in a small voice. "Just.. I just want it to be over."

Hotch nodded. He could understand that.