A Harry Potter and Alice Academy cross over


Silent approvals seemed to hang over the air. Three individuals facing each other, their faces showing how the idea seemed preposterous at first yet the more they think about it, the more the suggestion appeals.

"That's too much."

A woman wearing a traditional kimono said. Her hair in gentle waves around her, giving the image of a goddess that she really is. She tried to persuade the other man to disagree with the idea; she knows that the other one is willing. But her quiet looks were ignored.

"Just because she is one of your princesses does not mean that you have to protect her all the time, Hii." The younger of them three said, his cold brown eyes so like the person they are talking about glaring at her. Hii managed to stop killing the man that instant. Instead she convinced herself to make the decision by a battle of intellect.

"And just because Mikan no kimi managed to kill your useless favorite puppet does not mean that she has to be killed." Hii flaunted. Her golden eyes eerily looking murderous at every word that went out of her mouth.

"Stop this useless squabble at once. It is meaningless. A decision has to be done. We did not meet with the purpose of alienating and discriminating each other." Kazumi Yukihira, the most powerful of them three declared. His feeling is neutral when it involved his only niece who is the daughter of his beloved younger brother.

"We know that the continued existence of one Mikan Sakura Azumi Yukihira is a humongous threat to the academy." Kuonji, the other man who clearly Hii despises sneered. "She is a double edged sword, and those who threaten the academy in any other way must be eliminated." He added.

"I will not accept such excuses!" Hii shouted, glaring at the two men who ruled and monitored Alice Academy with her. "Mikan no kimi is a valuable asset to the academy. She has done the missions assigned to her without fail, even if she started so young. How could you just strip her innocence away and kill her just because she is a threat?" Hii's voice raised an octave higher than before due to her anger. The two looked warily at her.

"The vote is based on number. Kuonji and I agree with this solution." Kazumi stated; his decision final. Hii looked at him with betrayal clear on her face. Hii immediately stood up, her aura appearing deadly yet royal at the same time.

"Mikan no kimi is under my protection even if she is your niece, Yukihira." She said, emphasizing on the words. Kazumi and Kuonji stood up also, their face showing bewilderment on what the proclaimed said.

"Hii! Stop this obsession with the White Cat!" Kuonji wanted to shook the daylights out of the woman. "Do not do the same mistake again; when you helped that killer's mother to escape this academy!"

"Hii, the academy's protection is our most concern. With Mikan alive, the Anti – Alice Organization will continue to attack the academy just to get their hands on her." Kazumi stated coolly, even if his voice shook at the end.

"Whatever. I'm tired of all the killings! Be sure that Mikan no kimi will not be harmed or else." Her silent warning plain obvious to the two individuals.

"The decision is final. Mikan Sakura Azumi Yukihira will be eliminated. The Black Cat will be sent to kill her." Kazumi said, suddenly tired of the discussion. He knew that his younger brother will not forgive him and will haunt him for what crime he would do to Mikan.

"You two are the most low of life. If I have to kill you just to save Mikan no kimi." Hii said while opening the door of the room, she glanced lastly to the two.

"So be it."