"Come on I need you girls to move fast!" A very long-legged woman yelled out.

"No i need the wine servers to have red blazers and the food servers in blue! WHY IS THIS SO HARD FOR YOU PEOPLE!?" She continued to yell out. "I swear I will fire all of you!" She exclaimed until she was red in the face. During all her yelling was the scrambling of her workers who were running left to right, changing their blazers, refilling their trays with glasses of wine and finger foods.

"You cherry head!" She yelled out as she pointed out. "I need you to hurry get that tray out now!"

The girl panicked and was so nervous that her boss was so upset. She ran out with the tray and began to serve.

"I can't believe this. It's insane back there." She thought as she was serving. " No time for negatives! Stay on it Mimi this job is gonna pay for fashion school! Though I wish Linda would remember my name." She continued to think.

The night went with the cherry headed girl serving wine to many of the "élite" guest. Mimi was lovely girl. She had cherry brown hair that she put bright gold stars. She had chocolate-colored eyes and a slim body. She was the favorite at these types of gatherings. She went home with many offers by the some of the gentlemen, but she didn't like getting picked up at her job. She is nineteen and working her way through school. Her school was the NYC School of Fashion. She shared a small apartment that was close to school and just a cab ride away from work.

"Ok guys things didn't completely go to shit tonight. You guys know better! I want tomorrow night smoother than tonight. Remember tomorrow we are in tuxes! I want bow ties!" Linda said. She dismissed her workers with a good night.

"Wow Linda was nuts tonight wasn't she Mimi." Melody said as she got her pea coat on.

"Yeah though I wish she remember my name." Mimi added as she got her coat as well.

"Dont worry that. It means she likes you. Its better than string bean." Melody laughed off.

They walked their tired bodies home. It was early in the morning and the city was still busy. Mimi and Melody have been living together since they ft high school. They were very good friends and each other wing "woman" when they were out to parties. They both are attending the same school and very single. Their apartment was small but it was theirs. Filled with bright colors and vintage nic-nacs.

Mimi sighed. "How is it possible that we are the only two single women in this whole entire city?" Mimi asked as she threw herself on the couch. " In all of New York New York we are single and way too ready to mingle. " She continued. Melody got two glasses out and filled them with wine.

"Hey cherry head." She said as she handed it to Mimi.

"Wow fancy. How did you get wine.?" Mimi asked as she took a sip.

"Jeff from work. He totally wants me. But I not into him that way. So I told him I wanted sweet wine and a few hours late she shows up with a bottle of wine." Melody said as she sat next to Mimi.

"Wow Mel your horrible."

"How so?" Melody giggled. "I never said go get it for me. He did this out of the kindness of his penis." Melody replied back.

"Wow. No need for that kind of information! Whatever you do on your free time, please keep that to yourself." Mimi laughed as she finished her glass. " That hit the spot. I never thought to be a wine drinker. Now I understand why mama likes it so much."

"Ha auntie is a wine-o. But anyways did you meet anyone tonight? All I met were old CEO grandpa who wanted to take me out to dinner." Melody continued as she poured more wine.

Mimi laughed out loud. "Wow Mel, I thought that would have been your dream come true. Having an old rich man whisk you away to Paris. "

"Don't get me wrong that would be awesome but then that would need me to sleep with them. And honey that old junk does not interest me." Melody shot both laughed and enjoyed their sweet wine. They fell asleep on the couch waiting for the next day to begin.

The next night...

Linda was giving her motivational speech to have a good night while Melody was fixing Mimi's bow tie.

"Tonight is gonna be awesome Meems!" Melody stated with excitement. Mimi jerked her head in confusion.

"Why?" She asked.

"Tonight it kinda like your opening ceremonies in Japan. This is for that new sports college that they just opened. They are getting all new students from around the world." Melody said as she waved her finger back and froth.

"All over the world. Sports college? There's such a thing for that?" She asked again.

"Duhhh girl! And best of all Jeff said they are all around our age. You know what this means right?" Melody as she wrapped her arm around Mimi's shoulders.

"What?" Mimi said as she was being slightly choked.

"If we play our cards right we will be new basketball/baseball/football/soccer wives! We will have it made!" Melody said as her eyes lit up. Mimi took Melody's arm off her and put on her black blazer.

"Mel you watch way too much T.V."

"Ladies!" Linda yelled out while placing her hands on her sides. Mimi and Melody jumped at the loud sound of her voice. "Lets get moving every one is already out there. Lets go go GO!" Linda exclaimed. They both grabbed the trays fast and headed right out to the hall.

"Alright you know the drill Meems. We'll meet up in 20 but the bar." Melody said as she went towards the left. Mimi gave her a thumbs up and headed out to serve the guests. She made her rounds and made friends like she does. But tonight was different. She spotted a young gentlemen. He was tall, he was fit and slim. He was in a nice tux and had beautiful eyes. He had one green eye and one blue. She thought this imperfection was perfection. She stood still and didn't realize that she was just staring. He was surrounded by a their fellow students of both sexes.

Mimi soon felt some one take her by the arm and pulled her a side. It was Melody. She Grabbed Mimi and somehow they ended up under the table. The table had a very long cover so they were not seen.

"What are you doing? You just staring out into space. Linda thinks your high!"

"Oh my gosh! Mel you brought me under this table do you know how worst this looks!" Mimi exclaimed. They both looked at each other and began to sweat at the back of their heads.

"Whatever I'm trying to help keep your job!" Melody shot back.

"I'm sorry I'm sorry. It's like i couldn't move. Seeing that guy made my heart skip a beat. " Mimi said as she placed her hands on her chest. Melody took a small peek outside from under the cover.

"Heeey that guy isn't that bad. Except his eyes, but hey honey everyone looks good in the dark." Melody joked as she poked her head back in. They both sneaked out from under the table. They were only a few feet away from the very popular group of students.

"Ok Meems I know you're all about love right now but you know what Linda told us. If she catches us hooking up instead of working we are fired. And remember I got you this job. Don't make me look bad. " Melody as she patted Mimi's back.

"So don't get caught!" she continued with a smirk. Melody took two hands and pushed Mimi as hard as she could towards the group. At that very moment a tall slim chocolate messy hair student collided with Mimi. Mimi and they student both fell to the ground.

"OH my gosh I'm so sorry! "Mimi said as she quickly bowed down to the student forgiveness. "That fucking bitch Mel. I'm gonna kill her." Mimi thought. Melody sensing Mimi's angry soon ran away pretending to be serving more students.

"It's alright are you ok?" The chocolate boy asked as he took Mimi by her hands to pick he up from the ground.

"I'm so sorry i didn't mean too." Mimi said as she took a good look at him. "Tia-Tai...Tai?!" she exclaimed in confusion. "Here I am going pushed into meeting the love of my life and I bumped into Taichi. What is wrong with this world!" Mimi thought as she was disappointed in her situation.

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