Mimi was in her kitchen preparing dinner. She was a bit excited for it. She invited Taichi and James to come over.

*Two Nights Ago*

"It's up to you. You come over for dinner." She replied as she pulled West to her side.

Taichi took a few steps closer to Mimi. Invading her personal space he said "Why Mimi, you sly devil you! You haven't even taken me on a first date and you are already trying to win my heart over a home cooked meal. " He waved his finger back and forth." Tisk tisk tisk!" He chuckled. "I will will let you know that it will take more than just dinner to win this hunk of a man over!" He said playfully as he placed his hand softy on his chest.

She blushed of embarrassment. "What are you talking about! You saved my dog!" She exclaimed while she looked away. "Besides you can bring James over too."


She giggled contiguously as she stired her boiling pots. "This is going to be so yummy! I haven't made Yakibuta in forever! Raaaaaaaaamen how I missed you." She thought.

Melody was drawn to the kitchen by the heavenly smells of Mimi's cooking. She walked in and watch Mimi giggling uncontrollably as she was chopping green onions.

"Wow Mimi is cooking tonight." Melody said. Mimi watched every single step that Melody took as she made her way closer to her. Mimi knew she was up to something. She continued to hop harder and louder.

" What could the special occasion be?" Melody asked as she leaned over to smell the boiling pot of pork. She leaned back and stood beside Mimi. "Could it be you have company coming over?" She smirked. Mimi's eyes were fixed on Melody as she hissed around the kitchen. Mimi smiled happily to Melody as she washed her cutting board and continued cooking.

"Well I do have company coming over. An old friend will be here." She finished washing and went to stir her boiling pot.

"Wow Mimi I've never had home cooked Japanese cooking before. Well from you really." Melody smiled. "Can I stay too?...And remember you promised to introduce me!"

Mimi tried to look away from Melody's puppy dog's eyes. She agreed and Melody jumped with joy. Melody ran off to shower and get ready. Mimi sighed and her phone beeped with a text message alert. She walked over and opened her message.

" Be over in 30. East is coming too. ^-^"

She smiled. And replied.

"Ok Taichi :3"

She set the table and fed West. She showered and couldn't stop smiling on how excited she was to see James. She sat in her room doing her make up. She got up and looked in her closet for the perfect outfit. She searched through her entire closet and was unhappy with everything.

"Dear LORD I don't have anything!?" She pouted.

"FUCK YEAH I LOOK GREAT!" Melody shouted from her room. The idea of Melody being the best dressed of the night through Mimi into an instant burst of anger and then quickly into a black hole of depression. She lay on her floor face down. West tilted his head in confusion of his master. "This can't be happening. I have nothing. I'll never get married. I'll never have kids and grow old with someone." Mimi thought in panic.

West howled and caught her attention. She looked up and spotted a red pencil skirt and a black and white stripped blouse. The pencil skirt hugged her curves tight. Her blouse was fitted and she tucked it in. She wore her hair in long curls. And to top it off was red lips.

Melody walked passed her room and caught a glimpse. "Wow Meems you look good." She said.

The door bell rang and Mimi's heart skipped a beat. She ran towards the door only to fall over West as he ran along side her. "You know West I really hate when you do that. " Mimi said as she got and pulled down her skirt. She opened the door. Her eyes soon set eyes on two fine young gentlemen. Taichi and James. Mimi was taken back by how handsome they were.

"Well Mimi don't just stand there! Let them in!" Melody said as she pushed her aside.

"Hello I'm Melody, Mimi's very charming and witty room-mate/co-worker/best friend. " She said as she let them in.

"Hello I'm Tai and this is my friend James." Taichi said as he entered their home.

"It's nice to meet you." James said. He took Melody's hand and kissed it. " Thank you to having us." James said. Melody blushed and was as hot as a boiling pot of water. She was a bit turned on by how a gentlemen James was.

James turned to Mimi and did the same. She as well was blushing by his actions. Tai just watched the girls drooling over James. He thought it to be funny . Melody led James to the living room.

"Hey Mimi." Taichi said as he stopped her. She turned around to see a rose.

"Thanks again for having us. I didn't know if I should of brought some type of cake but knowing you, you probably already have something home made." He said to her in such a big smile.

"Well look at you two here all a lone." Melody said as she walked over to Taichi. "Why don't you come join the party." She said as she took Taichi's hand. " I promise I'm a lot of fun. " She said as she lead him into the living room. Taichi looked back at Mimi as he was being pulled away from Mimi. Mimi walked into her dining room and placed her rose in a nice small vase in the middle of the dinner table.

This is so lovely. Who would have known Taichi was such a romantic. I guess I should be get use to calling him Tai. He's so sweet. I guess Melody is working her magic. Mimi thought.

"Did you need any help in here?" James asked. Mimi jumped at the sound of his voice.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you." He said took a step back from Mimi.

"Oh no it's ok. " She smiled. He took a few step closer to Mimi. Her heart began to beat fast. She felt hot. She was nervous.

"You look very lovely tonight." He said softly. " I'm happy that we get to meet again. When we first met at the opening ceremony I was so nervous to talk to you, let alone ask you for your number. And when I finally got the courage to ask , you were gone." He continued to say. Mimi was as frozen, she didn't know what to say. She could only stare into his eyes. One blue eye and the other green. Those eyes that Mimi had found perfection in.

Across the living room was Taichi and Melody. Taichi looked over to see both awfully close. His smiled turning into a frown. He got up walked over to the dinning room. He left Melody talking to herself.

"Mimi can I help you serve dinner? I am pretty hungry. What did you make?" He asked as he cut in between them. Mimi snapped out of it and got it together.

"You guys sit please we will have dinner up in no time." Taichi said cheerfully. "So Meems what did you make?"

"Well I made." But before she could finish he yelled out "RAMEN!" She jumped at his excitement. " I love ramen! I think I might ask you to marry me now!" He exclaimed with stars in his eyes. Mimi laughed.

"Wow you are too much. It's just ramen. Here help me get it ready. " She smiled as she handed Taichi a tray and four bowls. She poured the hot broth and then the ramen noodles. Taichi took deep sniffs as she prepared the bowls. Along side him were East and West trying to get wiffs of the yummy broth.

"Wow Mimi this smells so good. " He said as he watched her. " I really didn't think you had it in you."

"Why thank you, but really Taichi you should of know better. It's these beautiful hands that create such tasty food." She chuckled. They finished and took the trays to the dinning room.

"Well I hope you enjoy this ramen." Mimi smiled. Taichi and James blushed by her smile.

"Gosh she's so cute. She's really blossomed. blossomed?" He thought as he noticed how tight and well fitted her blouse was. "Oh God I feel like a pervert. What am I fourteen?!" Taichi thought as he began to eat.

All three of them stopped eating and looked at Mimi.

"Well what do you think?" She asked nervously.

"This is so good!" They all said at once. They all continued to joke around and got to know a bit about each other. After a good while Mimi got up and began to take everyone's dirty bowls.

"Let me help you." James said as he took the bowls for Mimi. They both were in the kitchen. James was washing and Mimi was drying. Taichi could hear Mimi's giggles and James flirtatious way very clear. He didn't like the sound of it one bit. Melody realized who Taichi was after and how she didn't have a chance. She laid back into her chair and almost tossed in her white flag when she got an idea.

"Hey Tai. I see you have the hots for here. But heres the deal. Your perfect house wife is so caught up in old green and blue eyes over there she is not going to even look twice your way." Melody said while crossing her arms.

Taichi was a bit surprised by her blunt honestly. He didn't know what to say. He looked over at them and he knew Melody was right.

" You know you're pretty blunt. I like that. Whats your deal?" He replied as he placed his arms on the table.

"Well how will she ever think of you in an attractive way if she has never seen you in that way?" She said. Taichi listened carefully.

"If she sees you with someone else, then maybe she might realized that she wants you. In every way and in every form." She added.

Those last i words rang loud and hard in his mind. "She will want me?" He asked.

"Yeah it happens all the time. " She continued.

"I don't know. It sounds like I'm trying to trick her. That's not what I'm about. "

"Well how about we become better friends and just take it from there?" She said as she reached over and placed her hand on his. He looked down at his hand and then towards Mimi.

He was confused by his feelings and Melody's willingness to help him.

"Don't worry. The worst that can happen is we become good friends. " Melody smiled.