The Cursed Human

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Summary: They had taken everything from him: his home, his humanity and those who were precious to him. After years of imprisonment, he is finally free, but will he take the path of the beast or the path that will allow him to regain his humanity?

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Chapter 1: Jailbreak

In a mountainous region at the farthest point in Fiore was a secret lab which was the base of one of the dark guilds that were under the control of one of the guilds of the Balam Alliance, Oracion Seis. In the settlement, scientists and mages were going on about their business, which was basically performing experiments on transformed monstrous human beings and creating weapons of mass destruction. But in the deepest levels of the laboratory, was a room that was completely sealed off from the outside world. Only four guards were present and they were pretty damn bored.

One of the guards suddenly broke the silence. "Damn this job is so boring!" He yawned. "What's behind this door that it has to have us here guarding it 24/7?"

The other three guards stared incredulously at the man." Seriously?! You were sent here to guard the door and you don't even know about it?"

"I was only told to guard this room 24/7 and report in every five minutes. I was never told what was behind that door."

"Man, I thought that you would at least be aware of that. Behind that door is apparently some kind a monster."

The guard just looked at him incredulously. "What the hell do you mean a monster?"

"Apparently Brain kept whatever is in there locked up, because it got too wild and uncontrollable. Refuseing to be obedient, killing everything in sight, you know that kind of stuff. From what I heard, it was one of those slaves from one of the R-system towers. They experimented on the poor bastard and he morphed into some kind of mad beast." One of the other guards spoke "I heard he was one of quite a few people that got transformed into freaks."

"Your damn right and every single one of them became just as bloodthirsty as the freak behind this door. Some were even forced to be put down, because of how dangerous they were."

The first guard suddenly spoke up, "Hey, wait a minute, if this freak is as strong as the rumors say, what's stopping it from busting down that door and ripping us all to shreds?" One of the guards chuckled. "Don't worry about it. This door is bolted down tighter than the doors of the magic council and is reinforced with a powerful magic barrier. Also that beast inside has special chains with seals that are designed to immobilize it and inflict maximum pain should it decide to try and escape."

"What do you mean try to escape? Like you said, that things just a stupid animal now. I doubt it could think its way out of a hole."

All four of the guards started to laugh like idiots, unaware of the five paper dolls that slipped beneath the cracks of the large door.

Inside the prison cell

While the guards were chatting and laughing, the beast that they were talking about was aware of every word they had uttered and it growled silently in anger.

The room itself was pitch black and in the farthest corner of the room was a large mass that was slowly breathing. The five paper dolls floated in the room towards the sleeping form, not all bothered by the darkness, and four of the dolls settled onto the chains that were connected to each of the figures limbs, while the fifth floated in front of its face.

"Hello my dear friend, how are you feeling this fine day?" the doll spoke with a mocking tone.

The figures eyes shot open in surprise, before returning to normal. Red eyes with vertical slits shone in the darkness. The barely controlled rage and fury could be seen in them and if one stared hard enough they could also feel the creature's fury down to their very soul.

It attempted to swat the paper doll, but the chains suddenly glowed and the figure hissed in pain, but its pride made it refuse to cry out. "My, my… you don't look so good, maybe I can help?" the paper doll continued to speak.

The red eyed figure turned away from the paper doll and attempted to close its eyes, but what the doll said next caught its full attention.

"If you listen to me, I can free you from your prison and who knows… maybe you can finally find what it is that you are searching for." The figure turned it head towards the paper doll, its red orbs shining an even brighter shade of crimson.

"So it's agreed then, if I free you and let you get your revenge on this dreadful place, you will hear out my proposal?" The creature seemed hesitant, but soon nodded its head in response.

The paper doll laughed and attached itself to the collar around the creatures neck. "I look forward to working with you, but for now go have your fun." Magic seals appeared on the chains and collar and were glowing with an eerie purple light. "Oh! I almost forget to introduce myself. For now just call me Ivan." As soon as they had formed the magic seals had disappeared.

"Happy hunting" the chains binding the figure suddenly snapped open and fell to the floor. The figure rose to full height, flexed its arms and cracked its neck before releasing an earth shattering roar that shook the entire guild.


Outside of the cell

The guards covered their ears and dropped their weapons and screamed as the full force of the roar came down on them and the lights started to flicker on and off. "What the fuck was that!?" One of the guards yelled and only barely getting the attention of the other guards.

"Holy shit, I think that thing just got loose! We got to get the fuck outta here!"

"Calm down, don't forget that the door is keeping…." The guard was suddenly interrupted as a loud banging sound was heard and they turned towards the door.

A large fist shaped indent was visible and soon another one appeared as the sound of fists impacting with pure magic enhanced steel was heard and the process was repeated over and over again. At the fourth try, the door finally flew off from its hinges and was sent flying to the other side of the room. The guards stood their ground and with their weapons drawn, but they were shaking uncontrollably.

Then suddenly a red blur shot forward faster than the guards eyes could see and one of the guards was dragged into the darkness of the room. The guard screamed as he was dragged into the room and his screaming only got louder, before a sickening ripping sound was heard and then a deadly silence crept into the room. The three remaining guards stared in disbelief as they just witnessed their comrades death.

"W... WH…WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?" One of the guards shouted

"I... I...THAT THING THAT GRABBED HIM…I...IT…IT LOOKED LIKE A TAIL!" the other guard shouted in fear.

"SCREW THIS! I'M GETTING THE HELL OUT OF HEAR!" The last guard shouted as he dropped his weapon and ran away with another guard right behind him, toward the elevator door that would lead them to safety. "Hey wait…" before the third guard could finish his statement a large fist came down on him and crushed his body.

The guards paused and turned to see a large humanoid figure that was easily the height of two full grown men. The creature's full appearance was masked by the shadows casted by the dim glow of the lights overhead. They could only make out its hunched form, as it was leaning on its two fists, and its crimson eyes shone through the darkness and filled their souls with unimaginable fear.

"Stay back!" the guard shouted, lifting his staff like weapon and a magic seal appeared at the tip before a volley of red fireballs bombarded the figure. After a few minutes, the guard ceased firing, hoping he had managed to kill or at least stun the creature. He turned to his final companion. "Aren't you done yet?" he shouted.

"Shut up I can't speed the damn thing up and it's on its way now." He shouted back. "Well hurry u…" The guard heard his partner's speech suddenly cut off and was soon followed by the sounds of blood splattering on the walls and objects hitting the floor. A giant shadow loomed over him and a menacing growl reached his ears. The guard, who was by now shaking in absolute fear, slowly turned his body and was greeted with the sight of his partner's body which was slashed to pieces courtesy of the creature's claws. The guard stumbled and fell on his ass. The light of the room illuminated the creature's features and he saw the most frightening creature he would ever see.

The beast was humanoid in appearance, its entire body was covered in crimson fur and it wore tattered gray pants, its hind legs were that of a foxes, its arms however were more human, but still beastlike, and had opposable thumbs and incredibly sharp claws, behind the creature swayed six furry red tails. Its face was the scariest as it ressembled that of a fox's, a mane of long crimson hair with blond tips reached midway down the creatures back, its crimson eyes fixated on him and he noticed that the beasts' right eye had a scar slashed across it vertically and its mouth, full of serrated teeth sharpened to the point, was drooling with saliva as it growled menacingly. The man barely got to crawl even an inch before one of the creature's tails snaked its way and grabbed him by the neck and lifted him off of the floor. The man did the only thing he could do…. He begged for his life.

"Please… I beg of you… spare me." he whimpered.

The humanoid fox stopped its movements and stared at the human, contemplating his words. The beast was about to put the man down and the guard looked relieved, but suddenly the creature remembered what exactly the guard and his friends had said about him. They called him a freak, a monster, but what was worse they laughed at his suffering. The beast tightened its grip on the man's neck and brought its jaws down on him.

The last thing the man saw and heard was the fox's throat as its jaws clamped shut and the sound of his own screams.

Main corridor, fifty stories above ground the containment cells

The moment the door of the fox creature's cell broke open, alarms blared in the dark guild and alerted all the mages of the creatures escape. Every single mage proceeded to the elevator which was the only way to enter and leave the creature's cell. The guild master stood behind his guild, all one hundred mages, who were in an attack position, their magic ready to strike. They waited and beads of sweat glistened on their brows as the elevator slowly climbed the levels.

The guild master shouted encouragement to his men. "This is the only entrance that the beast can come from. Stand your ground and be prepared to fire, Master Brain gave explicit orders that if the creature were to escape, we are to eliminate it." The mages waited for what felt like a lifetime before the elevators opened and every one of the mages opened fire. Blow after blow of attacks of various types of magic rained down on the elevator.

After what seemed like forever, the guild master ordered his men to cease fire. The waited for the smoke to clear, expecting to see the body of the beast, but instead they were greeted with the sight of the bodies of the four guards tasked to guard the beast's door. The remains of their bodies were burnt and destroyed beyond recognition. The guild master was utterly dumbfounded, 'What the… Where is the beast? It should have come up this way. Does that mean that it stayed below or …?'

The guild master's thoughts were interrupted when he suddenly felt the ground beneath him start to shake. The guild masters eyes widened and before he could give an order to his men, the ground beneath them burst in an explosion of debris and red whip like tendrils darted forth and started to stab, slam or slice his men to death. When the smoke from the explosion cleared there stood the powerful beast in all its monstrous glory and unleashed a frightening howl.

'How the hell did it ….? The guild master's eyes then darted to the hole the beast came from and was shocked to see that there was a tunnel that descended down into the ground and seemed to go a long ways down. 'Don't tell me… That thing tunneled its way up here, even though we are supposed to be fifty stories above the ground?' he thought to himself in pure disbelief.

The screams of his men brought him out of his thoughts and he regained his composure and ordered his men to retaliate. Soon magic spells began firing again and this time actually hit their mark. As soon as the barrage ended, the mages were all smirking and throwing insults at the now defeated creature…. That is until the smoke cleared and they saw the creature was still standing and was surrounded by a bright red aura. To their surprise and horror they found that the beast was not hurt in the slightest, even its fur was not damaged.

Quickly getting over their shock, the men prepared to attack the beast again, but they were not fast enough. A red magic seal appeared beneath the creature before a red glow started to form in its jaws. The mages then unleashed their attacks in the forms of fire blasts, but a blast of red magical energy shot forth from its jaws and through the blasts of flame and tore through the unlucky men that were in the way of the attack. Not yet ending its assault the creature growled before staring at the mages and raised a clawed hand. All of the men suddenly felt themselves leave the ground as they floated into the air. "What the hell?" One of the mages shouted, "That things using telekinesis!" another exclaimed.

The creature grinned before its eyes widened as it sent forth a pulse of magic and the mages were all sent flying towards the other end of the hall. Their bodies collided with the wall at such high speeds that one fourth of the mages splattered on impact. The remaining mages were either critically injured or were standing back up and hesitantly tried to get back into the fight.

"STAND YOUR GROUND! DO NOT….. AAAGGHH!" the guild master's speech was suddenly cut off as he was lifted off of the ground by an invisible force that gripped his neck and cut of his air supply. He stared into the creature's eyes, those red orbs burning themselves permanently into his mind. The creature then performed a clenching motion and a large cracking sound was heard as the guild master's neck was snapped.

The creature tossed the masters body aside and disappeared in a blur and reappeared in front of the remaining guild members. They screamed as the creature roared and pounced towards them.

30 minutes later, outside the guild

The beast stood in front of the guild, which was now burning to the ground in a large fire that it created. The ground behind him was littered with the bodies of the dark guild's members. The beast roared in victory before it set off into a run, taking off towards the woods and disappeared into the night.

The beast ran through the forest faster than the human eye could see, destroying trees rocks and whatever stood in its way. The beast finally came to a stop near a river, where it stopped and drank to quench its thirst. After the beast finished drinking, it prepared to leave again, before its body tensed, its ears twitched and it glared towards the darkness of the trees, before unleashing a roar which created a shockwave that decimated everything in its path. As the smoke cleared everything in front of the beast was a wasteland completely devoid of life.

"Oh my! Even after destroying that dark guild, you still have the urge to destroy everything. You are truly an interesting creature."

The beast looked behind him and a man appeared stepping out of the darkness. He had tanned skin and was garbed in a strange uniform with an ornate coat draped over his shoulders and underneath wore a rather stylish dress shirt. His hair, beard and eyes were all dark in color and his face was in a sinister smirk.

The beast looked at the man and growled, preparing to pounce, before the man spoke "Please stop that whole animal act, I know you are smarter than you look." The beast stopped his action to pounce and his muscles eased, but he still continued to growl at the man.

"Who… are you?" The beast spoke and his voice was just as demonic as his appearance, but it sounded very hoarse as if he hadn't spoken in a very long time.

The man smiled "I believe we may have met before. You may know me as Ivan, the one who liberated you from your prison." The beast blinked in surprise before resuming to glare at Ivan "You are the one who freed me?", it asked.

"Of course I did, but I can tell you're the one who can easily sniff out a lie" He stopped when the creature's glare intensified slightly. "No pun intended. So I will cut right to the chase, I freed you because I need you to do me a favor." The creature was now paying full attention "What… kind of favor?"

Ivan grinned insanely. So far everything was going to plan.

Unknown location

Meanwhile in another part of Fiore, a man was running as fast as he could to get to his destination in a hurry. Said man had black hair and a blond spiky Mohawk hairstyle and was wearing a red and white racing suit covered in many logos including his guilds name and mark on his back, he had a long hooked nose, a chin guard covered his cheeks and he wore green tinted sunglasses and on either side of his mouth was a pair of stitches. This man's name was Racer and he was a member of the dark guild Oracion Seis.

Finally, after what felt like hours of running, he burst into a building that was Oracion Seis main base of operations. He quickly went through a door and entered a large room. The room looked like the inside of a church, with glass tinted windows that were colored in a way that added to the evil atmosphere of the room and at the far end of the room, a man was sitting on a well decorated throne.

He had long silver hair that reached his shoulders, he was tall and dark skinned, his face was lined with straight black markings, he was wearing a white cloak that was lined with white fur and that left his chest bare showing his guild mark to the world and he carried a staff in his left hand that was topped off with a skull carrying an orb in its jaws and a traditional Native American headdress resting a top its head. This man's name was Brain, The master of the dark guild Oracion Seis. Racer gave a quick bow of respect before he addressed his master, "Master Brain, I came as fast as I could to bring you urgent news about one of the guilds under Oracion Seis' control."

Brain looked at Racer uninterested "What is it this time? Are they making it known that they cannot pay the required monthly fee? Because if it is then…"

"Excuse me for interrupting Master, but that isn't the case." Racer responded. "Then what is then? Spit it out already Racer!" Brain ordered, becoming rather impatient.

The man flinched as he felt his masters aura, no doubt he had caught Brain at bad moment, but he cleared his throat before continuing, "The dark guild laboratory, Black Scalpel, has been attacked, sir. According to the information I could gather… they were apparently attacked by some kind of demon."

Brain's attitude did a complete one eighty before he stood up and shouted "What is the status of the guild and how many men have survived?" Racer paused before answering "…None, master! The guild itself was burned to the ground and every member of the guild has been killed."

"What?" Brain responded in a surprised tone, but a dubtful look soon replaced his initial surprise. "Hold on what makes you so sure the it was a demon who attaacked them?".

"The only information we have to go by is this video feed that I managed to retrieve from the guild's ruins". He pulled out a lacrima crystal from his pocket and set it down in front of him. It glowed before it a holographic image relayed the information from within.

The images on the screen could only be described as pure chaos. The lights of the flames were so bright that Racer and Brain were forced to shield their eyes and the video image was shaking because of the quakes being caused by the battle taking place and bits and pieces of the guilds foundations were falling to the ground and screaming could be heard quite clearly in the background. One of the mages was shouting at the top of his lungs; "THE DEMON HAS ESCAPED, IT IS TOO STRONG! MOST OF THE MEN HAVE ALREADY BEEN KILLED WE CAN'T STO…." A crash was heard before the visual feed went fuzzy and an explosion could be heard as the man who had been yelling was now screaming in agony. The visual feed regained image, just in time for Brain to witness the same man being torn to shreds by the claws of the fox like beast, who lashed out one of his tails at the camera and destroyed it, ending the feed.

The lacrima shut down as it finished playing the footage. After a long silence, Racer cleared his throat. "What should we do master? Do you want to send, a few of the guilds under our control to hunt that thing down?"

Brain got up from his seated position and walked past Racer before replying "No, send no one. One reason is because we cannot send anyone as the magic council has set their eyes on us and doing that would draw too much attention to us. If the council sends their forces after us, it could delay our plan to find Nirvana."

"And the other reason?" inquired the speedster of Oracion Seis. A dark look formed on Brains face as he answered Racer's question. "The other reason is that no matter how many grunts we send to stop that thing… they will all end up dead." He glanced at Racer when he finished speaking, causing Racer to gulp nervously. Anything that could worry Brain so much was no doubt very dangerous.

Brain soon spoke up, getting his attention, "Don't just stand there Racer, get moving and gather the rest of the six generals. We must prepare for any eventual upcoming battles. The creatures release may prove to be a blessing in disguise and may give us an advantage over the light guilds or it could very well result in the failure of our plans. Either way, it is better to be safe than sorry."

Racer bowed before leaving in the form of a speeding blur to find the rest his fellow members and leaving Brain to his thoughts. 'But if that creature were to come and get me it would be best that I plan a little insurance. I have to make sure that this situation plays to my favor.'

He slammed the foot of his staff on the ground and disappeared in a flash of dark green light.

Chapter end!

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