The Cursed Human

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"Demon talking"




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Chapter 2: The beginning

She was running down an endless hallway, running as fast as she could but no matter how fast she ran she could never get to the end. The girl was around twelve years old and was wearing rags for clothes, no shoes and a medical eye patch covered her left eye, her hair was red and reached just above her shoulders.

'I have to hurry… I … I must save him!' she thought desperately to herself and she ran faster hoping to get to whatever was on the other end of this hallway. Just when the girl thought that she had no hope of reaching the end, a bright light signaling the entrance to a room appeared before her. New hope suddenly filled her and she put whatever she had left and sprinted for the light.

She went through the light and appeared in a circular room with the entrance being the only exit. The girl stopped to catch her breath before looking up to examine the room. Her eyes widened when she saw a boy who was at least fifteen years old. He had his back turned to her and she could only see that he was wearing pants and had blond hair that was short, but wildly spiky.

The girl stood there stunned, which soon turned to relief and tears starting coming down her face. She rushed toward the blond boy and hugged him around the waist crying into his back.

"You are all right I thought I'd lost you." She cried for a while before she wiped away her tears and gripped the boy's, hand. "Come on, let's leave this place." She stopped moving when she noticed that he wasn't moving from his spot. The girl tugged his hand with all her strength, but he didn't move even an inch.

"What are you doing…? We don't have to stay here; we can finally leave this place."

The boy refused to move from his spot, but his next words shocked the girl. "….Why?"

The girls stopped tugging and looked at the blond "What?" The girl winced in pain as the boy's grip on her hand had tightened. "Let go, you're hurting me!". She glanced back at the exit only to see that the door from where she had once came had disappeared. 'W...where is the...', her thoughts were suddenly interrupted as she heard growling. Very slowly, she turned around and looked at the boy.

He slowly turned his head and when the girl got a good look at the boy's face, her eyes widened in fear. Instead of a human face, the boy's face was that of a demonic fox. Crimson slit eyes glared at her; the boys fangs drooling with ravenous hunger. The girl tried to flee, but the boy's arms gripped her shoulders, immobilizing her. She was staring fearfully at the boy who had once been precious to her. The demonic boys mouth opened and he shouted the rest of his question "WHY…WHY DID YOU BETRAY ME!? WHY DIDN'T YOU COME BACK FOR ME!?"

As the jaws came closer and closer, the girl screamed.

Her eyes shot wide open and she sat up and was breathing deeply, her form shaking in fear. She gazed at her surroundings noticing she was in a hotel room, with her teammate Lucy, the snores of her companions, Gray, Natsu and Happy, reached her ears from the next room.

She felt releived, "It was only a dream, or rather in this case a terrifying nightmare."

This long red-haired woman was Erza Scarlet, S-class mage of Fairy Tail and the strongest female of her guild also known as the Titania. She heard murmuring to her left and looked to see that Lucy had woken up and she had a severe case of bed head. "Was goin on Erza, ya...kay", she murmured still half asleep. Erza smiled at the blond. "It's nothing, go back to sleep." Lucy nodded before slumping back down on her bed.

Erza on the other hand lay down, but refused to fall asleep, the fear from her nightmare still fresh in her mind and body and she remained awake well into the morning.

Magnolia town, a few hours later

After waking up and taking the train Team Natsu finally arrived home to their guild. On their way there Natsu and Gray were recounting their exploits achieved on the mission. "Man, that was way too easy, dealing with those wyvern wasn't even a challenge." the dragon slayer bragged.

Gray snorted Natsu's way "Says you mister 'I can kill dragons'!"

Natsu immediately got angry and bashed his head on to Gray's "What you say stripper?" he shouted "And don't compare dragons to wyverns! They aren't even dragons, there just a bunch of cheap imitators!"

Gray yelled back "Yeah well those imitators were more of a challenge to us than they were to you! Hell we could've finished early if you didn't get so caught up in fighting with them!"

Lightning literally flew from their eyes and their bodies surrounded themselves in flaming and icy aura's. Lucy sighed and turned towards Erza. "Hey Erza, Natsu and Gray are …" Lucy stopped when she noticed that Erza was still walking without paying attention to Natsu and Gray. Lucy was surprised, Erza not paying attention to Natsu and Gray fighting was like saying Gray and Natsu never fought at all.

"Erza" Lucy called her, who only just realized that someone was talking to her. "Yes Lucy? She asked. Lucy then pointed to Natsu and Gray, who were still fighting. Understanding the situation, Erza bonked both mages on the head and sent them crashing to the floor.

Natsu rubbed his sore cranium and glared at Erza "Dammit Erza…" he stopped as he noticed something different about Erza. She looked tired and had circles under her eyes, like she hadn't been sleeping as much as she should.

"Hey Erza, you feeling alright? You don't look so hot"

Erza blinked at that as Gray added his two cents to the conversation. "Flame heads got a point, usually you break up our fights sooner than that." "Are you okay Erza?" Happy the cat asked.

Erza looked at her friends and simply smiled. "Are you worried about me? That's sweet of you. But can you blame me? With the way you three snore, it's possible to wake up even the dead." All three boys looked at the ground and scratched their heads embarrassingly, while Lucy giggled.

Erza smiled at her friends, she didn't need to bring them down with her depressing attitude, "Come, let us return to the guild and get some rest. I will need your help to clean out my apartment later. Apparently my room has exceeded its limited capacity and my landlord told me to clean a few things out."

Fairy tail guild

"Hey everyone we're back!" Natsu yelled and was greeted with the cheers of his comrades. But the cheers soon became shouts as a fight broke out and Natsu, Gray and Happy got dragged into the chaos. A typical day in Fairy Tail. Erza turned to the beautiful barmaid and poster girl of Fairy Tail, Mirajane Strauss.

"Welcome Erza, how was the mission?" she asked with her usual cheery smile. "Nothing we couldn't handle" was her reply. "Is the master here? I need to speak to him." Mira nodded "He should be in his office. Is everything alright?"

"Don't worry everything is fine." Erza said, though she didn't sound sure of herself, luckily Mira seemed to accept the response and went back to her work.

Ignoring the chaos Erza went to Makarov's office and knocked on the door. "Come in." came an elderly voice. Erza opened the door and entered the office of the third master and elderly wizard saint. Makarov was sitting in a chair that looked way too big for the tiny man. He was wearing a travelers cloak and a suit that he usually wore when he was about to go somewhere important.

"Erza, welcome back. How are you feeling today?"

Erza's smile that she had until now faltered "To be honest not so well master." Makarov frowned and finally seemed to notice the fatigue and worry Erza was feeling. "Is there something troubling you Erza?" he asked in a grandfatherly tone.

She took a seat and gathered her thoughts before she answered "Recently Master I….I've been having nightmares and it is always about the same thing."

"Does it have something to do with the Tower of Heaven?"

"No, though the tower did have a role to play in it."

The wizard saint nodded and urged for her to continue. She told the old man everything about the dreams she'd had.

"Interesting, this isn't the first time that you've had this nightmare, though." Erza looked at the master with a bit of surprise at Makarov, who raised an eyebrow out of curiosity.

"You don't remember? It was around the time you got your artificial eye; you came to me and Porlyusica and complained about having nightmares similar to this one. Porlyusica said that your nightmares resulted because of guilt of some sort. So she gave you some medicine to help reduce your stress. It eventually worked and you didn't complain about that nightmare again. That is until now."

It was a little fuzzy to her, but she faintly remembered those times back when she felt safe behind her armor. No doubt she was so scared, that her mind tried to erase it from her memory.

"It's faint, but I think I do remember something like that."

Makarov gave Erza a smile "Don't get obsessed over this Erza, the Tower is no longer a stain on your life, you have nothing to feel guilty about."

Erza shook her head "While I may have felt that the dream made me feel guilty in the past… it isn't the same now." Makarov looked on at her in surprise. "So what does the dream feel to you?"

Erza gripped her arms and shivered unconsciously, "It doesn't feel like guilt, but rather…. It felt like… the dream was some sort of warning." The room suddenly felt as if the temperature had gone down a few notches. "But it definitely has something to do with my past… before the Tower I mean."

Makarov frowned at what Erza said. For mages, a dream that made people feel like a bad event was coming wasn't unheard of, especially for powerful mages, like Erza. But Erza's past was something even he wasn't aware off.

"You shouldn't let this dream bother you Erza, remember everyone here in Fairy Tail is your family and we will protect you with all our might. One of these days you will have to tell us of your life before meeting Fairy Tail."

Erza smiled "Maybe someday, but not now master, but thank you, this conversation made me feel a little better." Makarov gave her his signature goofy smile. "I'm glad I could help Erza. Now go on shoo! Your mission was long and you had to fight of a group of wyverns, take the day off and relax."

Erza stood and bowed thanking the master and left him to his duties. Makarov slumped in his chair and sighed. He looked out his window and he sensed that something was bound to happen. He could feel it in his old bones.

Unknown location

In a forest in a distant part of Fiore a deer was drinking water from a riverbank and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere. But that atmosphere soon shattered as a large figure leapt out of the trees, pouncing towards the deer. Before the animal could even run away, its life ended as powerful jaws clamped down around its neck, killing it instantly.

The large figure was none other than the large fox-like creäture that wiped out the dark guild Black Scalpel. As it gorged on the deer's body it thought back to the night before with its encounter with the man known as Ivan

Flashback, Evening prior

The man Ivan Dreyar, the son of Makarov, smirked evilly at the fact that he know had the creature's attention.

"The favor I ask of you is relatively small. All that I ask of you is to attack a certain guild called Fairy Tail."

The creäture glared at the man, "Why attack that particular guild?"

Ivan looking smug explained to the creäture," You see that guild Fairy Tail has a very powerful secret that I wish to obtain. But the guilds master, Makarov, is quite stubborn and will not relinquish the secret to just anybody. What I want you to do…. is attack Makarov directly where it hurts…."

Ivan eyes gained a crazed look, "I want you… to attack the members of Makarov's guild. To that old fool, his guild members are more precious than his own life."

The fox-like creäture stared at the man, before grunting and turning away, a clear sign showing that he wasn't interested. But Ivan's grin didn't change, if anything his grin grew. "If you accept to repay my favor, I guarantee that you will get what you desire the most."

The creäture froze and he clutched his head in pain as images rushed through his head. They were fuzzy and he could only barely make out the form of a nine year old girl who was smiling, but he couldn't see her face properly. The image then shifted to a bloody scene in the form of laboratory, with multiple bodies both human and beast alike, lying in a pile around him. Faster than Ivan could blink the beast reappeared in front of him and grabbed him by the throat and choke slammed into a tree with so much force than the tree snapped in half. His demonic eyes glared directly at Ivan.

"If you are lying to me…. I swear that I will make you suffer a fate 100 times worse than death, human. For that which I seek is more important to me than your life."

Ivan's grin faltered for a moment before it returned, "My dear friend, I have no reason to lie to you. Heck if I were lying to you, do you really think that I would have helped you escape?"

The creäture contemplated his words before he lossened his grip around Ivan's throat. The dark-haired man rubbed the area around his neck.

"I take it this means that you will accept to carry out my favor?" Ivan stroked his beard in contemplation. The creäture slowly nodded. "Alright then, thank you for accepting my favor Mr.… I never did get your name."

The creature's eyes narrowed in thought as he tried to recall his name. It had been so long since he had been called by his true name and with little to no human interaction, he eventually forgot it. He decided to go with a nickname that scientists and others would call him before and during his stay in his former cell.

"My name is…. Kyuubi."

"Well then Kyuubi-chan, Be sure to keep an eye on mages with this mark." He held out his hand and a shikigami appeared in his hand and folded into the form of the Fairy Tail guild mark. "Anyone you see with that guild mark…engage and destroy. Think you can handle something like that?

Kyuubi stared at the man before turning his head to the side and flicking one of his tails which sent forth an arc of magic vibrations and an entire row of trees were split in half. He then stared back at Ivan.

"I see... well then I guess you might want to start by getting their attention"

Kyubbi turned and dashed through the trees and was soon out of sight. "Ivan chuckled darkly, "I hope you're ready old man. Soon the location of Lumen Histoire will be mine.

Flashback end

Kyuubi finished the rest of his meal and was soon traveling faster than the human eye could see and one thought continued to rush through his head. 'Even if I have to serve that bastard Ivan… I will do whatever it takes to retrieve what I lost and get my life back.' Kyuubi halted his movements as he came upon a camp full of soldiers. He growled, preparing, and rushed towards the camp.

The image of the mysterious girl continued to go through his head. He knew that girl in some way. He felt like he had some sort of connection to her. But whatever that connection was, he was sure of one thing about that girl. He knew that when he found her… He would finally achieve his goal. He would finally achieve… His revenge!

Magnolia, Fairy Hills

Lucy grunted as she put down the box she had carried at the front of the hallway. "Are you sure about leaving your things in the hall Erza?" The red-haired beauty answered the blond from inside her room," It's alright I have arranged for them someone to take them away."

"Hey, Erza!" Natsu yelled, Erza turned towards the sound of her comrade. Natsu and Gray walked towards her, carrying armfuls of old armor and weapons.

"What is it Natsu?" she asked "Why the hell does Lucy get to carry all the light stuff?" he asked in a strained voice from the weight of all the boxes he was carrying.

Lucy answered the firebrand, "Really you expect, a sensitive girl like me to carry tons of metal and risk getting injured?"

"Sounds to me like you're just saying that as an excuse." Happy answered. "Shut it cat and like you're one to talk, all you're doing is lying around doing nothing." Lucy yelled at the winged cat.

Gray groaned as he tried to maintain the weight of the armor he was carrying. "Really Natsu?! You're whining over something like this? I can handle this much with one arm tied behind my back." Natsu growled in annoyance. Suddenly an evil smile formed on his face. "Gray started to sweat nervously as he realised what his rival was thinking, "Natsu… don't even think about doing what I think you're…" He never got to finish his sentence, because Natsu released a grunt of effort and dumped everything that he was carrying into Gray's already heavy pile. Gray yelled as he was buried beneath an avalanche of assorted armors and weapons.

"Hahaahaaa! What happened Gray? I thought you said all that weight was nothing for you."

Natsu's laughing ended as Gray jumped out of the makeshift grave and gave Natsu a swift kick in the chest, which sent him flying into Lucy and both, flew into a shelf causing multiple objects to fall on the floor.

Gray looked at Natsu with a comical angry expression, "Are you crazy dumbing all those weapons on me?! I could have died dumbass!"

Lucy retorted with an equally angry expression, "You're telling us to be careful when you just caused a wardrobe to nearly fall on top of us?"

"Yeah Gray, don't be a hypocrite." Happy said

"ENOUGH!" Erza thundered at delivered swift punches to each of their heads. "I brought you all here so that you could help me clean up, NOT MAKE AN EVEN BIGGER MESS."

"But why did we get hit?" Lucy and Happy whined as the rubbed their sore heads.

As Lucy cursed under her breath, she glanced down and a faint light caught her attention. Curious, she removed some of the debris and picked up the object. It was a necklace that had a green crystal with two smaller circular pendants on either side.

"Hey Erza?" Lucy called out getting her attention, "Can you tell me what this is?" she held up the necklace for all to see. Erza's eyes widened in shock and seemed to space out as she stared at the necklace.

"Erza are you okay?" Erza nodded her head very slowly. She had a sad look on her face as she gently took the necklace from Lucy.

"Yes, it's… a necklace that belonged to someone very important to me. Unfortunately he… died a long time ago."

Her friends seemed shock before they too had looks of sadness. Erza clutched the necklace to her chest and turned away from her comrades. "I'm sorry everyone, but could you please give me some time alone."

"Of course, come on guys" Lucy led the guys out of Erza's room. She clutched the necklace in her hand very tightly. She remembered the day when she had first received the necklace; it was given to her as charm for good luck. But ever since she escaped the tower she had been afraid of wearing it.

She sighed, "I'm getting worked up over nothing. Like Master said, what happened at the tower is all in the past and it is time that I move forward." Sure of herself, Erza took the necklace and put it around her neck. The crystal hanging from around her neck glowed the color of bright emerald in the setting sun' prescence.

She stood in front of her mirror and checked her reflection and had to admit that the necklace did seem very beautiful and complimented her appearance. "I have a feeling that things are about to change."

Unfortunately, Erza did not realise just how right she was.

Border of Fiore and Bosco

In a mountain region at the far Eastern border of Fiore, resided a forest. This forest was well-known for its magical properties to make all animal inhabitants more sentient and larger than your normal variety. This particular forest is not easily found, so its exact location is not easily found and very few have managed to lay eyes on it. It was also home to one of these select few, a man who spent all his time in the heart of the forest.

The heart of the forest was abundant in magical energy and said man who was living in the forest was doing what he usually did… write adult fiction novels. He was sitting on a rock, quietly tapping a pencil on the stones flat surface before he continued to write. After a couple of minutes he put down his pencil and read what he wrote and as he finished he began to giggle perversely.

"Hehehehe! I am a genius. This is sure to make my new book a number one best seller." He said

The man appeared to be in his mid-fifties, he was around 6 ft 4 in terms of height, painted red line markings ran down from his eyes and the sides of his face, there was a small wart on his right nose (oddly enough it did not make look ugly), he had long, waist length white hair spiked wildly and tied into a long ponytail and two long bangs of white hair frame both sides of his face. He wore a simple white hakama with a red obi sash tied around his waist and was wearing traditional japanese wooden sandals. He sported a headband with two horns on both sides and the kanji for oil in the middle.

He gave a small stretch to ease the tension in his old bones, "Man, I've been cooped up in my books so long I nearly turned to stone. I think I deserve a little dip in the nearby villages hot springs and a couple of beautiful women pouring some sake for me. "He laughed with lecherous intent.

"Always the 'perverted ladies' man I see."

The man blinked as he turned to the person who spoke to him. Only the voice did not belong to a person, but to a very old and very wise…toad. The toad was about the size of a small dog wearing a black cloak with a high collar. He had green skin, yellow eyes with vertical slits and his most defining feature were his very prominent and stylish eyebrows and his well-groomed, white goatee which ended at a point and he supported himself with a black metal cane.

"Old man Fukusaku, you came to visit? What a surprise, you almost never come to see me while I write my books… Don't tell me you want to come with me to the hot springs too?" He asked completely oblivious. The old toad sighed, before yelling at Jiraya, "I AM MARRIED YOU IDIOT!" Fukasaku jumped in the air and then gave the man a rather harsh smack to the side of the head with his black cane. The impact caused him to fly off of the rock, which actually rested on the top of a tall mountain. As the white-haired man screamed all the way down the mountain, Fukasaku slowly made his way down the mountain, grumbling about the man's perverted tendencies. When he finally arrived at the bottom of the mountain he saw the upper part of his body buried beneath the earth, his spirit slowly rising out from the ground. He grabbed his leg, pulled him out of the ground, slapped him silly and began to drag him rather harshly through the dirt. The white-haired man groaned in pain, but the toad simply said, "Get over it boy, so you fell and bumped you're head, be a man and deal with it."

This earned a very angry retort from the injured man, "One… little… fall? ARE YOU FREAKING INSANE?" he shouted in an anime rage. "I JUST FELL DOWN FIFTY FUCKING FEET OLD MAN AND YOU CALL THAT A LITTLE BUMP ON THE HEAD? SCRATCH THAT PREVIOUS QUESTION, YOU ARE DEFINITELY SENILE OLD MAN!" the toad answered by whacking him with his cane again.

"Please stop with your whining, now is not the time for your perverted habits Jiraya. We have a serious problem on our hands."

"What's the problem?" the man now identified as Jiraya asked.

"You will have to see it yourself." The toad answered.

They soon arrived at a tree the size of a skyscraper. The toad hopped his way to the tree's base and went through a series of hand signs before slamming his palm into the tree's trunk. At first nothing happened, but then golden outlines started to trace themselves across the tree's trunk and they began to carve a series of intricate designs before they were a replaced with a flash of light and the two of them stared in awe at the entrance before them. The entrance was beautifully designed with carvings depicting the many wonders of nature. They entered and started the slow decent down the hundreds of steps that would lead them to their destination.

"If you are bringing me to that place then this must be very serious." The toad nodded. The two arrived in a small shrine like area where another toad was waiting for them. "I have brought Jiraya boy, Shima" Fukasaku said. "Thank you, Dear." The toad was female and like Fukasaku had a black high collared cloak surrounding her shoulders. She had bright yellow skin and purple hair that looked like she still had rollers in them. This was Shima, the wife of Fukasaku.

"What in the world has the two of you worked…?" He looked up and his eyes widened. In front of him was a small shrine which contained a vial of golden liquid with red swirls mixed in. The liquid was moving around, like it had a mind of its own. The glowing liquid thrashed and swirled within the vial so much that it seemed to cause it to rattle, along with the tiny pedestal it was on. Tied around the vial was a necklace that had a small crystal attached to it. The crystal itself was the colour of an emerald with two small circular pendants attached and it was glowing with a strong light. The light seemed to calm down the liquid within the vial, which looked like it could have done much more damage if the crystal hadn't been there.

The three elders stared at the vial, "This does not bode well. The demon's blood is stirring." Fukasaku said, "Indeed this can only mean one thing." Shima said and looked at a frowning Jiraya. "It means that my Intel was right and that he is still alive. Judging by how violently the blood is reacting, it no doubt means that the demons influence has gotten stronger."

"But why is it reacting now? Surely something should have happened during the last seven years?" she asked.

"The only explanation is that the boy must have been imprisoned under a powerful seal, which kept him and his demonic aura hidden." Fukasaku explained.

"A seal that powerful would require a mage of exceptional power and skill to make it that strong. My guess is that it must have been someone from the Balam Alliance." Jiraya deduced.

"How can you be sure that it was not from the Magic Council?" Shima asked. "I have people on the inside Lady Shima. If they had him I would have known a long time ago." Jiraya said.

He was silent for a long time before he walked to the vial and opened his palm and a magic seal appeared and bands of white thread began to make their way out of the seal and started to wrap themselves around the vial. When they finished wrapping around it, the kanji for seal appeared. He gently picked up the vial and in a flash of light it disappeared as he performed a quick requip.

"Lord Fukasaku and Lady Shima… I am afraid I will have to leave for a little while." He walked past the two elders and headed to the steps.

"Where, may I ask, are you going Jiraya?" Fukasaku asked.

"I am going … to go hunt for a demon." His answered with a sharp and serious edge to his voice.

Chapter end!

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