The Cursed Human

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"Demon talking/Attacks"



Chapter 6: home invasion; part 2

Natsu looked up at the giant behemoth that was Lullaby. The last time he had seen him he was nothing but a giant mass of animated branches. The only difference between then and now was that it seemed that he was covered in flames all over the back of his body, oh and that there were four of them. The Fire Lullaby snarled at Natsu and the group sent to guard the town's western border. He raised both of his giant arms above his head and slammed them against the barrier. The force from the blow shook the barrier sending warning signals all over the place. The assault did not stop there the demon took in a large gulp of air before releasing a giant tongue of flames over the barriers surface.

"Happy!" Natsu shouted and in a flash his flying feline grabbed him by the back and they began to soar towards the flaming behemoth. The demon watched as the fire dragon slayer flew around it like a fly and growled releasing another torrent of flames in his direction. Natsu opened his mouth and greedily ate the intense flames, giving a satisfied burp when he was done. "Thanks for the meal." He grinned before slamming both of his fists and raising his arms over his head a large sphere of fire forming, "Fire Dragon's Brilliant Flame!" He yelled launching the sphere towards the demon.

The sphere collided with the demon's chest, but what happened next was not what he had expected to happen. Instead of exploding, the sphere was absorbed into the demons body and flames blew out from the holes in its neck as its flames grew wilder. It glanced towards Natsu and with surprising speed, its giant palm was right in front of the surprised duo. "Shit!" Natsu cursed as Happy was unable to avoid the attack and he and Natsu were sent flying back towards the ground. Natsu looked back up and quickly flung Happy away as the demon dragged its fist through the ground and upon collision sent Natsu flying away through the air and crashing into several buildings.

Max, Alzack and Wakaba stared in horror at the demon, "That demon just absorbed Natsu's fire and tossed him aside like it was nothing. " Wakaba shouted.

"Well do not just stand their gaping return fire" Alzack shouted. He aimed his twin pistols and gathered the magic ammunition "Mud shot" two large bullets of mud flew through the air and slammed into the demons chest causing a small explosion.

"Yeah, Wakaba! We can't just stand around gawking like amateurs. We have a guild to protect dammit!" He shouted creating a magic and unleashing a sandstorm towards the approaching demon. Wakaba grumbled in frustration as he channeled magic through his pipe, creating hundreds of large fists made out of a dense pink smoke.

"Sorry about that, but with Natsu gone..."

He was silenced by a punch to the head courtesy of said person. "Natsu! You're alive!" Wakaba shouted in disbelief.

"Screw you jackass!" he shouted at the smoker.

"Stand back guys let me take this guy on." he spoke with his fists ignited.

"Natsu I do not think you should do that." Happy told his friend as he landed back on the ground next to him.

"EHHH? Why not ?" He asked in a whiney tone. Happy frowned at his partner, "While you maybe strong Natsu and immune to the fire, but it looks like that demon is also immune to fire. Not to mention that because of its sheer size it has an advantage in terms of strength, you won't be able to overpower it without your flames.

Natsu gritted his teeth and his eye narrowed in anger. He did not want to admit it, but it was obvious that in these conditions, he could not beat his opponent as he had thought and any attempt he did would just make his opponent stronger.

"Happy's right Natsu" Wakaba shouted pausing in his three man assault on the Fire Lullaby, whom was snarling in annoyance at their attack. "You just let us take care of it and go help another group." Alzack shouted as he shot lightning bolts at the creature leaving noticeable dents in its body.

"I am not going to stand by and do nothing while my friends fight to protect our comrade."

The group smiled at Natsu's words and he walked in front of them and stared directly at the behemoth.

"So enough talking and more smashing this ugly son of a bitches head in."

"Fairy Machine gun: Leprechaun" Evergreen shouted waving her arms and manifesting thousands of magic missiles. She pointed and they flew towards their enemy, the Air Lullaby.

However the beast moved with astonishing speed for a being of its size and easily flew over her attack. Freed rushed the demon quickly writing his tunes on his body, "Dark Écriture: Darkness" in a flash of dark light Freed reappeared with his whole body transformed into a demon, with demonic horns growing out of his head and he had an ash coloured body with pectorals and fur covering his body protectively. With his enhanced speed, Freed moved in quickly head butting the demon and slowing it down. Slightly dazed from his attack Freed unleashed a barrage of punches, but the demon recovered faster than anticipated and countered his assault by using its powerful legs to block each one of Freed's punches.

The demon screeched and jabbed its leg forward only for Freed to dodge the limb and quickly grabbed it, digging his claws into the Lullaby's leg. The demon screeched and began to fly wildly trying to buck Freed off who was doing his best to keep the demon in place. "Bixlow do it now!" The Air Lullaby looked up as he saw Bixlow falling towards him, his puppets spinning so fast that they blurred in the form of a spinning green pentagram. "Baryon Formation" a large beam of energy flew from the ring and headed straight towards the demon.

The creäture took a big gulp of air and wind began to blow out from the holes in its neck. The demon's body began to rotate and pick up speed and soon it became a living tornado. Freed gritted his teeth as he struggled to keep his hold on the demon, but the speed of the tornado was too intense. Unable to maintain his grip, he was blown away from the force of the winds. Just when the beam was about to collide, the tornado suddenly shifted and began to climb around the beam. Bixlow was unable to counter as the flying demon slammed into him, destroying his dolls and sending him spiralling towards the ground. Bixlow looked up just in time to see the demon's open maw about to engulf him.

Just when the demons jaws were about to swallow him, a blast of green light shot right through the demons open maws halting its advance for a second, but it was all the time Evergreen needed as she swooped in and rescued Bixlow.

'Thanks cowboy girl' he thought towards their hidden sniper. Down in the buildings below Bisca couldn't help, but smile, "That one was close even for you guys. Next time I won't guarantee that will work again, so stay on your toes". Freed flew back to join them and as he came close, his fingers glowed purple and wrote down the runes for wings on Bixlow's back creating purple wings allowing Bixlow the power of flight.

The raijinshuu stared at their enemy, wind blowing in and out of its neck. " You know for something whose wings are made of leaves and twigs, it is surprisingly fast." Evergreen said. "This a sorry state for us. We are supposed to be Laxus' bodyguards, yet we are unable to defeat a single demon, such as this."

"Then we better get serious. After all if we can't keep the guild safe until Laxus' return… then we really aren't fit to be his body guards. I am not too sure about you guys, but I am not going to let that happen." Bixlow said in his rare serious voice.

"I could not agree more Bixlow." Freed said his left eye glowing a bright violet light. The flying beast roared, charging towards the raijinshuu.

Meanwhile at the Guild Hall

A giant tentacle came down scattering all the mages in the nearby area. The appendage as well as its brethren statrting coiling and lashing through the earth like living serpents, sending many mages flying back and causing huge waves of water to come crashing down onto the shore.

"Purple flare"

"A Heavenly Road of Friendship"

"Leo Strike"

Macao, Laki and Nab attacked the water version of the Lullaby demon. Macao unleashed a whip of purple fire dragging it across its chest, Laki slammed her palms into the ground creating giant fists, tools and bridges of wood slamming it into the creatures base,halting its movements and pushing it slightly back. The demon brought its claw down trying to take to kill the two mages, but Nab jumped and intercepted the strike by forming an outline of orange energy taking the form of a fierce lion head. He slammed his fist into the side of the claw diverting it enough that it would miss Laki and Macao, but he was thrown back to the ground in the process. The claw pierced through the earth like a hot knife through butter. Other mages of the guild threw everything they had, but the demon's body was too strong for their attacks to do any real damage.

The Water Lullaby reared its giant tentacles, the barbed tips becoming even sharper than before,showing that the situation was no longer fun and games. Water suddenly began to burst from the tips and they spun rapidly like drills. They water drills the darted out jabbing against the rune barriers and creating large spiderweb cracks, making the barrier flash bright red screeching a loud warning alarms.

"The barrier' s going to break! " Nab yelled in worry.

"Darkness Slash" a giant stream of darkness flew towards and zigzagged between each tentacle drill and severed them from the giant limbs. The beast screeched in pain retracting its broken limbs quickly retreating back into the water. The Water Lullaby narrowed its eyes in anger trying to find the one responsible for cutting its limbs. Suddenly without warning a figure suddenly appeared in front of the demons face. The figure was none other than Mirajane, in her Satan Soul form, her white hair moving around like that of a gorgon's, her arms covered in light yellow-green scale gauntlets and wearing a customized red and black body suit that left the middle of her body ,starting from her belly, was bare and i covered her breasts enough to give her modesty and high heels going up to her knees and showing the white guild mark on her thigh. Both of her arms were pulled back and along the length of her arms purple arcs of electricity danced along her arms.

"Demon Surge" she shouted bringing both of her arms forward crushing them directly into the Lullaby Demon's chest. Two giant shock waves of dark electricity emerged from the point of contact sending the creature rearing back and crashing into the water below. It glared at Mirajane with absolute hate, promising to destroy her. Its cheeks bulged and out of its mouth it shot a giant stream of pressurized water at her.

Before the blast could hit her, another torrent of water appeared in front of Mira forming a shield of pure water and protecting her from the Water Lullaby's attack. The water began to shrink, reforming and transforming back into Juvia, who was grabbed by Mira.

"Thank you for the save Juvia." Mira said to her panting slightly. "Juvia is glad to be of service to her guild. Especially if it means to protect Gray-sama" she said the last part with a huge blush on her cheeks and her arms hugging her body. Juvia's eyes suddenly went wide with surprise, "Mira look out!" she tried to warn, but she was a second to slow. Mira could do nothing as the demons tentacles that had regenerated from the injuries she had previously inflicted came flying towards her.

She manged to dodge a few but a couple of them speared both Mira and Juvia's sides. The attacks passed right through Juvia, but she was unharmed turning herself to water at the last-minute, but Mira gasped as she felt fresh blood spill down her hips and causing her to momentarily stop her flight in mid-air, allowing the demon to strike Mira with one of his tentacles, slamming both women into the earth below.

The smoke created by the attack was blown away by Mira who flew back up and grabbed two tentacles each with one hand. With a burst of speed she flew straight towards the demon and threw the tentacles right against its face, leaving two gashes in its wooden body.

The demon lifted its arm surrounding it with a whirlpool of water and then brought it down with tremendous force on the barrier. Juvia quickly formed herself into water again and launched herself to intercept the demons attack. Her body began to spin creating a giant whirlpool of pressurized blades, "Water Jigsaw" her giant whirlpool struck the demons claw with equal force. It appeared that luckily both Attacks were of equal strength and they both canceled each other out. With a final push she managed to push the claw away from the barrier keeping it safe once again. Water rained down from above creating puddles of water that gathered together and reformed Juvia. She narrowed her eyes as she saw the demons wounds beginning to heal. Mirajane quickly flew down and took her place next to the girl. "Are you all right Juvia?"

Juvia nodded, "Juvia is fine, but what of you?" she asked pointing to the wound on her sides. "Nothing to worry about. I've been dealt worse than this." She placed her hands on the wounds and hissed as sparks of magic energy danced across her skin, searing them shut. Both women looked at their opponent, the demon howled in glee as its tentacles submerged and they saw it gather water which travelled through its body and the two gashes Mira inflicted healed not even leaving so much as a scratch.

"Juvia is sorry. It would seem that my attack may have made it stronger."

"I admit it was not very convenient that the demon we are facing happens to grow stronger when near a water source or attacked with water magic. Unfortunately, you are the only mage here who can deflect or slow down its attacks, while I am the only one here who can inflict any real damage against it. We can't let someone else come and help us without leaving the other three areas defenseless. So until one of the other three groups defeats their respective attackers, we will just have to make due with what we have."

Juvia narrowed as a thought occurred to her, "Mira-san, Juvia believes that it cannot be mere coincidence that the demon's attacking the town happened to have travelled to specific key locations."

"I agree with you there. These demons are smart, Kyuubi most have spied on us somehow and studied our defence plan. He then sent these demons to key points in our defences so that they could match us in and slowly drain our strength. In our case he used the lake to his advantage. He must have known that with you here, , we could have defeated almost any opponent that came our way. So he used our plan against us and sent an enemy that cannot be harmed with water magic."

"You humans are smarter than you look!" A voice spoke from out of nowhere. Every mage present looked around in confusion trying to to find the source of the voice as it reverbrated through the area.

"Show yourself coward!" Mirajane yelled, thinking the voice belonged to Kyuubi. "Oh, but I am already here! In fact I am right in front of you".

The mages of Fairy Tail all looked up at the demon and flinched under the gaze of its sinister smile, "If you know that we were sent to handle the key points in your little defence plan, then you must know that it is futile to stand in our way." It spoke with a dark edge in its voice, its eyes glowing an eerie sea green light to further increase the mages sense of fear.

"It can talk?" Macao shouted in disbelief. "This just keeps getting better and better" Mira cursed as she and Juvia resumed their attack stance just as the Water Lullaby's tentacles came down on them.

A giant roar echoed through the city's northern border as a giant form temporarily blocked out the sun before coming crashing down to the earth below. A shockwave shook the area as the Earth elemental Lullaby slammed his giant hand down on top of the earth attempting to crush something. A blur sped past the demon while throwing numerous objects at the demon.

"Seed Bomber" Droy shouted from within the barrier as the seeds suddenly transformed into giant plants in the form of red fists. They impacted the body of the Earth Lullaby causing many explosions over its body. However the demon merely shrugged of the explosions as its armour regenerated making sure that there were never any wounds to begin with.

"Is that really all you've got?" it asked brushing off dust from its shoulder, "I somehow expected more from so many of you."

"Do not underestimate the mages of Fairy tail!" Yelled Droy. "Levy do it!"

"Script magic: Meteor" Levy materialized the word meteor out of thin air and like its namesake, flew at the titan with incredible speed. The Earth Lullaby laughed as it raised a palm and blocked the attack against its palm. "Exactly how is this not supposed to make me underestimate you all?" Suddenly the Earth Lullaby's eyes narrowed as he noticed a series of spark light up the entire base of its body. It looked at the flaming remains in his palm and much to his surprise, sparks lit the entirety of its body. It looked at the smirking faces of Jet and Droy managing to put two and two together. "Crap"

Team Shadow Gear covered their eyes as their field of vision was engulfed in a bright light from the explosion that completely swallowed the Earth Lullaby.

Jet and Droy whooped in victory, "How do you like that Bastard? This is the power of Team Shadow Gear!"

" Jet, Droy..." Levy said quietly gaining both boys attention, " Now isn't the time to be celebrating just yet."

From within the giant cloud of smoke and Ash, the Earth Lullaby emerged from the cloud and slowly made its way toward the barrier. The small and burnt craters covering its body already healing and returning his dense armor to normal. Levy, Jet and Droy watched nervously as they demon shrugged off their attack like it was nothing. The Earth Lullaby arrived in front of the barrier and its gaze swept over the three mages. His eyes narrowed as he stared at them for a while.

"Wait a minute weren't there more of you?" All of a sudden the ground beneath the Earth Lullaby collapsed under his feet and it lost its balance falling into the ground below. Suddenly from out of nowhere three blurs leapt at him. From his right side was Elfman both of his arms had transformed and were covered in iron, from the demon's right side was a cow like humanoid wielding a giant axe and charging directly at him head on was Gajeel Redfox covered in iron scales. In its attempt to defend itself, the demon tried swatting both Elfman and the cow man using its arms. However it was too slow allowing for both fighters to twist their bodies in mid air avoiding the strikes.

"Take Over: Iron Bull"

"Astral Cutter"

Both fighters attacked the figures arms, Elfman raised both of his fists back and brought them back down with tremendous force, while the cow man spun his giant axe in his hand and swinging it with incredible force into the demons wrist. As the attacks struck the demon was unable to stop the momentum of its arms allowing both blows to send his arms flying straight into the ground. The Earth Lullaby watched with wide eyes as Gajeel approached with unbelievable speed and entered the demon's defences. Unable to bring its arms back to defend itself or swat him away, Gajeel jumped at the demon with his arm cocked back, "Iron Dragon's Hard Fist" Gajeel struck the centre of the demons chest with so much raw power that the entire chest of the demon cracked from the point of impact. Gajeel grunted as he was hanging on to the demons body with only one arm embedded in the goliath's chest. The Earth Lullaby roared as it stood up and began to buck around twisting and thrashing wildly to get Gajeel off of its chest and even tried slamming its fists against Gajeel, but he was stubborn and did not let go. The demon gave one last roar and twisted so violently that he saw Gajeel fly away from his chest. The demon smirked in victory, before it disappeared and was replaced by surprise. He saw that from the spot where Gajeel punched him, was a long iron cable. Retracing the length of said cable, he saw that it led right back to Gajeel.

The demon roared in fury and brought its arm up to try to swat the annoying dragon slayer, but Gajeel called on his magic and the chain immediately began to retract pulling him closer to its chest. Gajeel flipped and his foot morphed into a giant axe blade. He spun his body to gain some momentum and when he was close enough he swung his leg, "Iron Dragon's Axe" the force of the kick smashed right into the demon's chest. The chest plate that Gajeel had struck earlier was already close to being fully restored, Unfortunaley Gajeel's arm was trapped directly into the armor's weak point, so a few seconds after Gajeel's attack the stone armor surrounding the demon shattered and debris flew everywhere as bits and pieces of its chest armor flew in every direction. With a surprising burst of speed the demon backhanded Gajeel sending him flying through the barrier and into the streets of Magnolia carving a human sized trench as he slid along the surface of what was once a street and colliding into a building that collapsed right on top of him.

"Gajeel!" Levy shouted running through the streets to reach a mountain of debris that covered Gajeel.

As she reached the mountain of debris it began to shake. Jet and Droy quickly reacted by tackling her to the ground just as the debris exploded out wards flying in different directions. Gajeel stood back up cracking his neck and flexing his arms which were no longer covered in iron scales.

"Are you crazy? you could have hit Levy and us!" Yelled Jet a little pissed off at the iron dragon slayer.

"We'll then you should have kept your damn distance! " Gajeel yelled spitting out some spit mixed with trace amounts of blood.

"You're a dick you know that?" Droy growled, which earned him a glare and a flip of the bird from Gajeel.

Suddenly Gajeel's demeanour changed and he seemed very nervous. He turned his head towards the demons shattered chest and his eyes went wide with shock.

"What the hell... is that?" The others followed his line of sight right towards the chest of the demon. The stone armor was gone revealing the many branches and roots which served as its body. However their attention was drawn to the area situated right where a heart should have been. Instead there was a giant sphere of dark red energy slowly gaining a darker tint with each passing second. Even from this distance the mages could clearly make out the sphere.

"I don't know why, but I have a feeling that whatever it is can't be good." Levy answered. Gajeel raised one of his arms and placed it to his ear, but he was still gaping at the sphere. The action did not go unnoticed by Levy though.

"What's wrong?"

"I ... hear it!" He whispered freaking the other mages out. "What do you mean by that?" Asked Lucy.

"Whatever that thing in that demon's chest is... I can hear a living heartbeat". Everyone looked back at the sphere and sure enough, the sphere was a pulsing, caused by the steady breathing of a sleeping beast. The Earth Lullaby smirked as he rose back to his full height. The roots on his chest coming to life and swallowed the sphere back into its body.

"It won't be long now. My master requires only a bit more time to finish his recovery."

"What does he mean 'his master's recovery" Jet asked nervously.

"Normally when an insect wraps itself in a cocoon, it is so out can transform. I think this is what we just saw." Levy explained.

The Eath Lullaby raised its head in the air and gave a mighty roar. Elsewhere three other giant roars were heard. Suddenly the demon was enveloped in a dark red aura, as its power began to skyrocket.

All around the demon, the earth came to life and started to swirl around its body like liquid. When it's whole body was once again covered, the earth solidified and it slammed its two fists together. Soon hundreds of wooden spears, ranging from the size of a grown man to the size of a train cart, pierced the earth armor. The larger spikes grew around its fists and from there they becoame smaller and even more numerous. The titanic beast glanced down at the mages.

"Let the real fun begin!"

Natsu cursed as he avoided another blow from the Fire Lullaby, getting its attention while Alzack, Wakaba and Max did their best in their efforts to attack it.

Unfortunately their attacks only served to make the demon even angrier. The beast roared and shot a fireball at them but Natsu quickly got in front of the attack and absorbed the flames. The beast glared at the mages its burning body ablaze with a sinister light. The Fire Lullaby struck out with a palm strike sending a blast of fire soaring at Alzack, Wakaba and Max. Natsu and Happpy flew in between their comrades and the flaming palm strike. He arrived just in time taking the full brunt of the attack. The flames harmlessely licked his skin, but the force of the blow sent them cart wheeling back to the ground, but Happy pulled up as they were a few inches from touching the ground and they flew back into the sky.

"Damn it that guyis a serious pain in the ass. All you guys are completely useless!" He snapped at the others.

"Us? At least we have tried to hurt that freak of nature. You on the other hand can't do anything but make him stronger." Wakaba snapped back.

Natsu got angry and started throwing a tantrum, "It isn't my fault this guy is capable of eating my fire!"

Their argument would have continued were it not for the fact the demon decided at that time to once again to attack. It raised its head and spat out a ginormous ball of flame skyward fragmenting into thousands of smaller spheres of fire which began raining down on the group of mages.

Alzack, wakaba and Bisca ran for cover into the barrier, spheres of fire impacting against it, while Natsu shielded Happy as they bounced off his skin without harm.

"You okay happy?" He asked

"Aye sir" Happy replied with enthusiasm despite the intensity of the situation. Natsu glared up at the beast who glared right back at them, taunting him and his inability to harm it.

"What the hell are you looking at you giant piece of tinder?" He shouted at the top of his lungs. "If you think that we are going to give up, then you can take you're fire balls and shove them where the sun don't shine!"

The beast actually recoiled in shock from the force and determination of Natsu's voice. It's eyes narrowed as it glanced down at Natsu.

"Why do you try so hard?" It asked making Natsu take a step back in shock, "HOLY CRAP YOU CAN TALK?!" he asked with white eyes the size of dinner plates.

The demon ignored his question, " The girl called Erza Scarlet is the only one we are here for. She is the one that our creator wants. If you just give her to us, then you would be spared all this trouble. So I ask again why do you try so hard to protect her?"

Natsu looked at the Fire Lullaby,"Before I answer that there is something I want to ask you."

The demon blinked out of curiosity and stopped its rampage. "The last lullaby I met only cared about destruction and killing people. It didn't really seem to have any other motive or ideals. So what I want to ask... is why you guys want to hurt only Erza and no one else?"

The Fire Lullaby gazed at the son of Igneel thoughtfully, "We are beings created through the use of living magic, which grants the user to bring any inanimate object to life in a new and stronger body. However including these new abilities and bodies, the caster grants something else; a key ingredient to us the creations."

"What the hell is this so called secret ingredient?"

"Is it fish?" Happy asked innocently to which the Lullany shook his head.

"The most important ingredient for any person to use when casting Living Magic... Is for the caster to add in parts of their soul."

Natsu and the others were stunned by the revelation, "What do you mean requires part of the caster's soul?" Natsu inquired.

"A soul is a powerful thing, it consists of a persons life force, their will, their ability to feel emotions, basically it is a humans entire existence. Without a soul a human being would be no better off than a lifeless doll. Certain objects in this world such as trees and rocks or whatever are in a sense alive, but they lack certain qualities of a soul that allow them to be truly alive. Humans and animals possess these aspects of the soul. So whenever a person uses Living magic, the energy they draw on from their soul is transferred into the creations, in this case me and my brotheren, and are then able to take the forms you see before you. However when the user shares some of the energy of the soul they also share their deepest desires, regrets and feelings to their creations."

"So the reason Lullaby... I mean the original Lullaby acted the way he did is because he was feeling what Zeref felt?"

"Most likely. In that particular case, this original Lullaby must have felt Zeref's hatred for your world and wanted to eliminate all life around it." The demon shrugged.

"Well then what is your story? What are you feeling right now?" Alzack questioned.

The Fire Lullaby glanced down at the humans and then lifted its arm and clenched its fist. "I feel... pain, hatred, despair, but most of all I feel an intense sorrow within my ... No our very being. We are certain that these emotions we feel were caused by that women you call Erza to our Master. We understand how our master feels and that is what we cannot allow that girl to roam free while our master suffers."

Natsu stared at the Fire Lullaby with a look of pity, "I guess that means these guys are feeling what Kyuubi is too." His mind went back to a couple of days ago, during his first fight with the giant fox, remembering what he had told him that time.


"You ask me why I am so angry at her and why I am so hellbent on ending her pathetic life?" he asked with venom in his voice.

His fists were clenched so tightly that blood was leaking despite his incredibly dense fur, "That girl… I trusted her and in the end… She kills one of my closest friends, she left me behind and in the end…" he went silent as he looked at his red furry hands now covered in blood. "I lost my humanity... as well as most of my memories... and with each passing day, I lose a little more of what once made me human."

Flashback end

"Earlier you asked me why it was that we fight so hard to protect Erza. I won't say that I can understand how you feel, but there is one thing that I do now. Erza is our friend and we know that she has demons in her past the she seems to afraid to face on her own."

Ost-Dragon slayer theme

He glanced at the demon with giant flames rolling off of him in waves, "It's that even though Erza puts on a tough guy look for everyone to see, the truth is that she doesn't want any of her friends to worry about her!. We spent all of our time with her and we understand how she truly feels. Which is way we cannot stand by while one of our comrades is hurting so much especially one as strong as Erza!. She suffered so much in her life that most of us can't even comprehend it and that is way she is stronger than any of us. To see her cry and shut down like before, is something that I will never stand for! That is my answer! And if you, your partners or even that bastard Kyuubi don't understand then tough shit. Know that so long as I or anyone from Fairy Tail lives, THEN WE WILL NEVER LET YOU HURT ERZA!"

The Fire Lullaby was speechless as he heard Natsu's exclamation, his hand began to uncounsciously cluthch its hesrt area tightly, feeling something stirring from within his being. 'What... What is this feeling?' He shook himself out of his musings, ignoring the strange feeling and roared in fury.

"If you insist on being bull-headed, then I will have no choice but to destroy you!"

He jumped at Natsu and slammed his burning palm into the ground creating a large firestorm. But a quick reaction from Natsu allowed them to fly in the air and avoid the strike. 'Guys listen up I have an idea that just might work, but its kinda crazy.'

Wakaba smirked 'Have you forgotten already Natsu? Fairy Tail mages are all about crazy.'

Natsu grinned as he discussed their plan over telepathic link, "He's right that does sound crazy." Max said gathering sand.

"We'll this is Natsu we are talking about, but considering we do not have many options, what the heck."

"Let's go" they shouted in unison and charging through the barrier firing multiple shots of magic attacks.

The Fire Lullaby set its sights on them, but just as he was about to attack he was blind sighted, literally as a tree flew through the air and buried itself in its eye causing it to shriek in pain while clutching its eye. It did not have long however as itfelt something else smash against it's lower jaw. From the corner of its good eye, the Fire Lullaby saw Narsu flying faster than before, his fists completely aflame grinning like crazy.

The Lullaby increased the flames on its body burning the tree to ash and keeping its right eye closed from the pain and rubbing its sore jaw. " Have you leaned nothing from our fight boy? Your flames do not harm me."

"That may be true but I just realized something." a magic seal appeared at his elbow and his flames began to redirect around the elbow, exploding as a giant burst of flame sending Natsu's fist flying forward. "My flames may not hurt you, but the strength from my attack does. It may cost me half the power I would normally do, but in my opinion it is better than nothing." The attack struck the Fire Lullaby square in the jaw, knocking out a couple of the demon's wooden teeth. The Fire Lullaby stayed his ground and brought its face directly in front of Natsu.

"I will obliterate you" the demons flames grew wild showing just how angry it was. Natsu flew towards it and in between strikes he would occasionally slam his fists against the Lullaby, but with his strength reduced to half its original power, he was still at a disadvantage.

"Natsu I can't keep up like this forever" Happy panted as they started losing speed. "Hang on for just a bit longer Happy", While he was distracted he missed the Fire Lullaby's oncoming strike sending them falling to the surface..He shakily stood up from the crater panting from exhaustion. "You should just give up boy you cannot win. If all you do is pinch at me like an insect I might as well crush you like one."

"Hey tall dark and charcoled... You seem to be... forgetting something important." He gasped between breaths.

"What might that be?"

" I am ... Not... Fighting ... Alone!"

A large and sudden pulse of magic energy caught its attention. Fire Lullaby quickly turned around and gasped as it turned its head to watch Alzack, Max and Wakaba pointing their personal magic seals at the demon each one preparing their next attack.

"We're ready Natsu! It's now or never." Wakaba shouted

Fire Lullaby quickly streaked towards them attempting to stop whatever it was their were doing, but he was too slow as a blue and pink blur raced past him. Natsu arrived directly in front of his guild mates just as they unleashed their joint attack.




From the moment the attacks sailed forth Natsu began to spin and the soles of his feet released large stream of fire that propelled him forward just as the unified magic attacks engulfed him. He covered himself in a blanket of swirling flames which were swallowed by the combined force of the coordinated attacks. The Fire Lullaby was awestruck as Natsu rushed at him with unbelievable speed. He attempted to stop him, but a jet of smoke shot out from the bottom of the tornado boosting its speed and causing him to miss. He stared in shock as the cyclone reached its left pectoral drilling directly into its body. The demon cried in pain and quickly brought his hand down on the cyclone dissipating it.

"There your strongest fighter is gone! You three are next " it bellowed opening its mouth and creating a large ball of fire twice the size of the guild house. Just as it was about to unleash it upon the three mages. The Lullaby was once agin caught off guard as the giant ball of flame went back down its throat forcefully. It grasped its throat coughing and soon confusion turned to panic as it noticed the flames all over its body began to dim.

"What how is this possible? I ..." A sudden thought crossed its mind and went to its chest. It felt around the wound until he felt something out of the ordinary. Grunting the Fire Lullaby pulled out a giant cylinder of glass. The tip of the glass was different from the rest of the main body. while the entire body of glass was cylindrical, the tip of the cylinder was open resembling a blooming flower. "What the ...?"

He growled in pain feeling something crawl through his body ripping it apart from the inside. The flames started to drain through its body focusing deep within the epicentre of its chest. The demon howled as its chest bulged and cracked, before a large ball of fire shot out of itds chest and into the sky. The demon recoiled several steps back from the blast and collapsed to its knees. Raising its head to look at the sky, it stared wide eyed as the ball of fire that burst from its chest began to fall back down to earth. Clouds parted and the entire landscape lit up in a red glow as Natsu emerged with the flames, giving him the appearance of a meteor, rushing to the ground at frightning speeds.

"EAT THIS YOU BASTARD! " he shouted over the roaring flames.

"FIRE DRAGON'S SWORD HORN!" The flames suddenly grew in length until they took on the form of a giant horn of fire ready to impale its target. The attack struck home and toar straight through the demons body exiting out the back and ended with a giant explosion that engulfed the landscape. Happy and the others watched from the sidelines and looked in astonishment at the now blackened landscape. They rushed to the site of the crash and eagerly waited for the smoke to clear.

Their anticipation turned to panic as the saw a giant wooden arm exit the smokescreen. But that horror soon turned to relief when the arm collapsed onto the ground followed by a large body which shook the landscape. The demon lay on the ground defeated and they looked towards the demon's back where a hand popped out from the remains followed by a mop of familiar pink hair. "Natsu!" Happy cried with joy hugging his friends head very tightly. Natsu chuckled returning the hug and joining joined his comrades who gave him their congratulations.

"Natsu that was one of the craziest and most dangerous plan I have ever seen and heard you do. So try not to do that any time soon okay? I doubt our hearts could handle the stress." Alzack sighed in exhaustion. "If I did stop then we would not be Fairy Tail" he smiled causing all three of them to cry anime tears.

They soon returned their attention back to the town of Magnolia, explosions rang throughout the four corners of the town. "We can relax later, right now we have to help the others." The mages of Fairy Tail rushed to help their comrades, Natsu following behind. However, he stopped when something strange caught his attention.

"S...e ...r..."

Natsu stopped in his tracks as he heard a strange and distant voice barely above the tone of a whisper. Luckily his enhanced hearing picked up on it and he looked back eyeing the now powerless Fire Lullaby, whose eyes were now glowing with ethereal blue flame, giving it a ghostly appearance.

"Save... Her... Please..." The voice whispered again before the blue flames vanished leaving the Lullaby demon a dark empty husk.

"What was that?" Natsu stared at the lifeless body. "Natsu get a move on we don't have all day." Max yelled. Max's voice snapped Natsu out of his train of thought, "Keep your head on I coming." He yelled annoyed. He took of in a run, pausing only once to glance back at the body of the Fire Lullaby hoping to see the blue flames or hear that strange voice again, but he heard only silence.

Disappointed Natsu headed back to join his comrades in defending their home, leaving behind the black and lifeless body of the Fire Lullaby behind him.

Chapter End!

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