I walk quickly to Hogsmeade, and check my watch. "Crap! I'm late to Ginny's meeting!" I mumble to myself. Ginny was my friend, the one who was dating Dean Thomas just to make Harry Potter jealous, and honestly, I think it's working. As I reach the Hogshead, I realize that I'm the last one there, and that they've already started.

I race to the door, swing it open, and quickly walk in. The many shriveled heads hanging on the walls start screaming at me. "What are you doin' 'ere?" "It's cold!" "Shut the damn door!" I glare at the head that had made the last comment. "You watch your tongue." I warn as I reach the second door. As soon as I swing it open, I am swallowed by a wave of people. AS I am being pushed and shoved in the sea of people, I look around for the table. It wasn't hard to spot because 20 or more people had gathered around the one table. "Ginny!" I hiss once I'm close enough for her to hear. Ginny whips around, her fiery red hair flying. "Oh! Jez! Finally you're here!" I drag her a little further away from the crowd. "I didn't know so many people were coming to you meeting!" I snarl once we're out of earshot.

"This isn't my meeting! It's Hermione Granger's, she called it so we could figure out a way to train! After that old hag Umbridge wouldn't let us use our wands!" she says earnestly. "But why did so many people come?" I whine. I really didn't like big crowds-especially in an already crowded place. "Because Harry Potter's here!" she answers, growing evermore excited. "Fine." I grumble. Ginny leads me back to the crowd, just in time to hear that Harry Potter is going to teach us the Defense Against the Dark Arts.

Apparently you have to sign up to do so, and all of them sign it willingly until it's just me, Ginny, Hermione, Harry, and that Ron Weasley left. Ginny drags me to the almost full piece of parchment, signs it, and and me the pen. "Uh, are you sure this is alright? The last thing I need is a detention from Umbridge, she's already thinking about it, after what I did in class." I whisper. "If she's already thinking about it, then there's nothing to lose!" Ginny laughs. "Aright." I try to sign the paper confidently and gracefully, but of coarse the quill slips out of my hand and onto the floor. I pick it up, and sign. There's nothing to lose right?

As I leave the Hogshead to Honeydukes for something sweet, I see Draco Malfoy and his cronies picking on Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. Just looking for a fight, I run towards them, screaming, "Leave them alone!"

"What d'ya suppose you're gonna do about it?" asks one of the cronies, Goyle. I know the names, for I myself am in Slytherin. "I will...uh...I will." I am stumped. "Ha! You can't think of anything, can you?" Crabb says. I notice Mr. High and Mighty himself is silent. So, maybe he isn't all to much.