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MBI Tower: Minaka's Office

[BGM: Sekirei OST - Track 11]

"She started it!" Benitsubasa and Uzume yelled out as they pointed at each other accusatorily. Oddly, their clothes were in tatters. Bruises and cuts littered their bodies. A shiner here, a fat lip there. The circumstances which resulted in these injuries now saw them both standing beside each other in front of Minaka and Takami who called not only them but the rest of the Discipline Squad to his office for an emergency meeting. Natsuo, Haihane, and Karasuba flanked Minaka's right and left respectively, while Chiho stood between Uzume and Benitsubasa a good few yards back.

"What did I start?" Benitsubasa shouted. "All I did was defend myself after being tackled through a window!"

"I told you to stay the hell away from my Ashikabi, and what do you do? Break into our apartment and...violate her?!"

"I invited her in!" Chiho exclaimed. "And she didn't violate me at all."

"Stay out of this, Chiho." Uzume ordered.

"But she really didn't!" Chiho reiterated.

"Okay, okay enough," Takami demanded loudly. "Start from the beginning, but one speaker at a time, please." She glanced at Chiho. "Chiho, you seem to be at the center of all this. Let's start with you."

*Fade out/Fade in*

"...then not long after Benitsubasa's wings emerged, Uzume came home and then the next thing I know they crashed through the window and into the street."

"Lover's quarrel aside, I'm not sure if I believe this whole wings emerging nonsense." Takami snorted. "Benitsubasa already has an Ashikabi and therefore can't emerge for anyone else. The first mark is permanent."

Chiho stamped her foot. "Her wings did emerge though, Miss Takami!"

Minaka leaned his chin upon his folded hands. "If what you're saying is true, would you care to demonstrate?"

A collective "Huh?" was shared by everyone else.

Minaka leered at Chiho deeply. "If what you say is true, then kiss Benitsubasa, and let's see Takami proven wrong."

"I've heard enough!" Uzume stepped forward with an angry stomp. "Chiho, you don't have to do anything this guy says."

"No, Uzume, I want to prove to everyone I'm not lying. I'll do it so long as Benitsubasa is alright with it, of course." bouncing on her tiptoes, she smiled at Benitsubasa, who immediately went tomato and looked away.

"I uh, huh...it's hot in here…" Benitsubasa muttered as she pulled at her collar. Chiho giggled as puffs of steam emerged from it.

Natsuo stood at a bit of an angle as he considered Chiho's telling of events. He recalled that pain in his chest from earlier. Sekirei always leave a part of themselves in the heart of their Ashikabi, or so he often heard. Was what he felt then related?

"I would like to see this for myself as well." Natsuo admitted. That got him a lot of ironically perverse glares from everybody. Well, everybody except Karasuba who looked like she was about to fall asleep. Realizing his bad choice of words he backpedaled. "Oh um, for scientific purposes of course."

Haihane snickered. "We all know you're gay, Natsuo. Relax."

Minaka galloped out of his seat and punched his fist straight up into the air. "I got it!"

Another collective "Huh?"

"What is it, Minaka?" asked Takami.

"We'll cast a vote. All in favor of seeing them kiss, raise your hands."

Suddenly, everyone flipped upside down on their heads. That was it? His grand idea was to take a tally?

After pulling themselves up, everyone beside Uzume had their hand raised. Even Benitsubasa had hers raised a tiny bit.

Minaka clapped his hands. "Then the final result is seven to one. Sorry, Uzume. Better luck next time."

"This is bullshit! Come on, Chiho. We don't need to give them what they want."

Chiho cast an unamused glare at her bossy Sekirei. "I'm a big girl, Uzume. I can make decisions for myself! I'm okay with this, so please respect that."

Uzume felt her heart skip a beat. Oh no, did she just upset her Ashikabi? Her special one?! "I'm sorry, it's just I-."

"You want to protect me. I get that. But I'll be fine. Trust my judgment."

"I...okay," Uzume uttered sorrowfully, then bowed. "Do as you wish."

"Thank you." Chiho exhaled. She stepped towards Benitsubasa, who took a step back upon her approach. "You had your hand raised." Chiho tittered.

"Uh, don't get the wrong idea about this, Miss Crip-err...I mean, Chiho. I'm only doing this because Natsuo wants me to."

Haihane cackled loudly. "Keep telling yourself that, hun."

"No one asked your opinion!" Benitsubasa shouted shaking her fist at her.

"Just shut up and kiss the girl already." Takami deadpanned.

"I agree." Minaka said, adjusting his itchy ass in his seat. "Let's get on with it. That's an order."

Facing Benitsubasa, Chiho leaned forward with closed eyes and puckered her lips. Now she was just teasing the poor pinkette.

She started to feel herself give in and the gap between their lips was slowly becoming smaller. "I'm only doing it for Natsuo! I'm only doing it for Natsuo! I'm only doing it for Natsuo! I'm only doing it for Natsuo!"

Uzume did not like this one bit. She held a snarl inside by biting down on her thumbnail. Chiho and her will need to talk about a lot of things once they were alone.

Then at last their lips did meet for the second time. Uzume turned away while Benitsubasa's wings emerged in an instant, leaving everyone in awe, Takami, and Minaka especially so. Even Karasuba had a tinge of surprise in her face. It certainly did something to wake her up.

"That's...that's impossible!" Takami thought aloud in wonder.

"In the Sekirei Plan, nothing is impossible, my dear." her shiny-eyed ex replied with confidence.

Soon enough their lips parted, Benitsubasa blushing, Chiho bouncing with giggles.

"How fascinating!" Minaka boasted.

"Indeed." Natsuo agreed. "But it does leave to one question. Is she still linked to me?"

"If Matsu were here right now she would never stop with the Soap Opera stuff." Uzume thought, tongue in cheek.

"Good question!" Minaka howled. "Let's find out right now!"

Natsuo flicked his bangs back with a swift twist of the neck. "C'mere, Red. Let's demonstrate our bond."

Normally Benitsubasa would be giddy with glee to be getting to first base with Natsuo, and she was, though something was...different this time. His boldness definitely had a strength behind it she was attracted to. But the longing in her heart for him just wasn't there. Maybe kissing him would reinstate it?

It was time to find out.

She jogged over to him with excitement in her kipping steps and moments later their lips met. Seconds passed, but her wings did not emerge for him. Benitsubasa, dejected, took a step back from her former Ashikabi and looked into his eyes. She saw no spark remaining, only sorrow.

"This is quite the unexpected turn of events." Mused Takami.

"Indeed." Minaka replied. "I never accounted for something like this happening, but it sure does amp up the drama of my Sekirei Plan!"

"How is this even feasible though?" Uzume questioned. "The bond between Sekirei and Ashikabi isn't something that can be just broken."

Minaka pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose, making sure he looked all cool and mysterious as he responded to her. "If I had to take a guess, it likely ties in with the methods MBI used to bring your Ashikabi back to health."

"Methods?" Uzume didn't like the sound of that. "What kind of...methods?" she said with air quotes.

"Yeah." Chiho stepped forward curiously. "Just what did MBI do to me?"

[BGM - Sekirei OST - Track 08]

"You both may want to sit down." Takami said, raising a hand. "This is going to get heavy."

Uzume wasn't having any of it. "Just what the fuck did you do to my Ashikabi?!"

Minaka folded his hands on the desk and rolled forward in his chair. "We needed to dabble in experimental genetic augmentation."

"Genetic augmentation?" Chiho and Uzume repeated in unison.

"Yes," Minaka nodded. "In order to completely do away with Chiho's sickness, MBI needed to...tinker, with her genetic code to make her body stable enough for treatment."

"You mean it wasn't just as simple as injecting her with a cure?" Uzume wondered.

"It was not simple at all."Takami affirmed. "In fact, more than half of Chiho's internal organs needed to be replaced with ones developed through technology we found on the ship." Takami paused. "Including half of her heart."

"Her...heart?!" Uzume snapped. She bolted towards Takami, grabbed her by her wrinkly throat, and hoisted her as high as the length of her arm would allow. "You did what with my Ashikabi's heart?!"

"What the hell are you doing?! Put her down this instant!" Minaka shouted. "Black! Subdue her!"

Not a moment later, Karasuba moved in with the force of a whirlwind, leaving black feathers behind in her wake. Her nodachi's tip was now aimed inches from Uzume's neck.

Takami grabbed fruitlessly at Uzume's wrist as she dangled in her grasp helplessly. "Let me down. Now."

"Better listen to her, White." Karasuba tittered. "Don't want a crime scene now, do we?"

Uzume formed a veil drill with her free hand and aimed it at Karasuba's eye. "I don't think so. How dare you use my Ashikabi as a guinea pig for your lab experiments!"

"This isn't necessary, Uzume!" Chiho urged. "Please let Miss Takami down!"

"I will once I have answers!" Uzume squeezed tighter. Karasuba's blade neared close enough to draw some blood. Uzume's drill does the same. "Speak!"

"It was the only way we could save her, Uzume." Takami strained. "Every other method we tried would have resulted in the virus coming back stronger and stronger."

"So you took her heart?! Opened her up and just...replaced everything?!" Uzume roared tearfully.

"We enhanced everything!"

"You altered my Ashikabi like she was nothing more than a lab experiment and took everything about her that made her my Chiho! You killed her!"

"Listen to yourself, Uzume!" Takami choked. "She would have remained sick if they weren't removed! Is that what you would have wanted instead?!"

Uzume then felt something push her forward and ensnare her tightly. It was Chiho.

[BGM - Sekirei OST - Track 02]

Uzume looked back at her. "Chiho, what are you doing?"

"You're wrong."

"What?" Uzume asked bewildered.

"I have not been replaced. I'm not dead. The Chiho you've always known and loved is right here with you, and she loves you back very much. I just have a few extra parts is all. Parts that ensure I won't ever feel sick again. Please let Miss Takami down. I believe in my new heart that she and Minaka made the right decision. I feel so much more alive now, more so than I ever been and I want to make the most of this new strength. So please, let her go."

A shade of guilt passes over Uzume's mind, and soon enough she relinquishes her grip on Takami's throat and she drops flat on her ass, choking and heaving.

"Thank you, Uzume." Chiho says with love.

"I'm sorry for my outbursts." Uzume lingers. "It won't happen again."

"My, what a show this has been!" Minaka exclaimed. He looks at Karasuba, who still had her sword to Uzume's neck. "That's enough Black. I don't think she'll pose further problems."

Karasuba grins, nods, and sheaths her nodachi before joining Minaka's side again without a word.

"Well," Chiho began. "we now know how I was cured, but how is it related to me being able to remark Sekirei who've already gained their wings? And on top of that, if you had to perform such extensive surgeries, why don't I have any scars from them?"

"The surgeries have never been practiced before now, or at least not to the extent they were for you." Takami explained, crawling back to her feet. "Until you came to us, the amount of genetic augmentation required for us to treat illnesses just wasn't necessary for the average person. MBI's medical tech is all based on what we found on the ship, and the ship is what brought the Sekirei to Earth, so I wouldn't say it's too far-fetched to consider whatever happened between you and Benitsubasa is a direct result of extensive genetic engineering. We had to push limits beyond what we normally do to save you, and in doing so we may have inadvertently gifted you a power no other Ashikabi has. As for having no scars, they're basically a thing of the past now with MBI's technology. They healed before you even woke up."

"So the genetic augmentation I went through somehow gives me the power to claim winged Sekirei as my own? That is a lot to take in."

The phrase 'with great power comes great responsibility' came to her mind immediately.

"Indeed, and I want to see it in action for myself." The game master boasted. "Haihane, Karasuba, would either of you like to have the honors?"

"Um, I need some time to think about it." Haihane replied, letting her eyes drift.

Karasuba simply said, "No."

"Very well then." Minaka nods. "While Haihane sits on her decision, I would like to assign both Benitsubasa and Uzume the task of tracking down a Sekirei who let's just say made a rather unfortunate choice in Ashikabi."

"Just what are you on about now, you madman?" Takami scolded.

"The Sekirei Plan has no place for miscreants." Minaka went on. "Chiho's power can help do away with Ashikabi undeserving of the Sekirei they've winged."

"So you want to use her as an experiment? Again?" Uzume grumbled.

"It's all for the greater good, I swear. Learning more about Chiho's abilities and their ranges can do wonders for science and the Sekirei Plan!"

"How about you let her make the choice instead of forcing her?" Uzume demanded.

"I'll do it." Chiho said.

"Well, that settles that I guess." Benitsubasa replied.

"Very well, who do you want us to bring in?" Uzume asked.

"The Sekirei in question is #84, Yashima. Her Ashikabi, Junichi Tanegawa, is a no-good thug who is always in and out of prison and from what I understand is very abusive towards her. Find them, subdue the thug if he tries anything funny, and bring Yashima to the tower the moment you take care of matters."

"Fine by me." Uzume shrugged. "But what if she doesn't want to come?"

"Then we make her." Benitsubasa answered decisively. "Because that's what the Discipline Squad does. Make. Things. Happen."

*Fade out/Fade in*

Downtown Shinto Teito: Bartari

[BGM - Sekirei Ost - Track 07]

Following a lengthy commute into the city, the four finally arrived at their destination. It had been so long since Matsu last stepped outside of Maison Isumo and felt the wind outside. She was so accustomed to the central air in that 'hotbox of a room' as Miya called it that the weather made her feel cold in comparison even though it was in the mid-70s. She honestly couldn't tell if she were shaking because she felt cold or if it was just her paranoia for feeling exposed.

Once they were inside the bar though, her attitude completely changed. Beeping and bopping arcade cabinets lined the walls and formed hallways in every direction, and the smell of hot wings permeated the air. It was a nerd's wet dream.

"So," Minato began. "Should we try some games first before we eat?"

"Well, duh." His sister replied, rolling her eyes.

"I'd love to play some games." added Shiina.

"Alright then. Matsu, what would you like to...play?" Minato looked back at Matsu, who was salivating with grabby hands. It was like the games put her in a trance. "Matsu?"

Yukari pokes Matsu, causing her to scream. "See anything you like?"

"Oh, sorry. Yeah, I get like this when I'm around retro games. Brings me back to when, well when I wasn't on the run."

"Just why are you hiding from MBI anyway?" Yukari questioned.

"It's a long story. I'd rather not get into it in such a public place."

"Does that mean we can talk about it privately?"

"Sure, but for now, let's just have fun!"

Minato, Yukari, and Shiina responded in unison. "Agreed."

*Fade out/Fade in*

Yukari and Shiina were busy competing in a racing game tournament while Matsu and Minato tried their hands at all the ultra-hard stick shooters.

"It's insane how many coins can be sucked up by these machines in just half an hour." Matsu said as the flashing GAME OVER screen rubbed salt in her wounds.

"I know, but I'm sure we can do it! We're at the final boss so we can't quit now!" Minato encouraged.

Matsu looked up at him and smiled. "Let's kick some ass!"


*5 minutes later*

"We did it! Oh my god, we actually did it!" Matsu cheered.

"Hey, way to go you two!" Yukari shouted, giving her bro and his Sekirei a thumbs up as she crashed into other drivers in-game and ran them off the road.

"Thanks, Yukari!" Minato said, rubbing the nape of his neck bashfully. He looked back at Matsu who was still positively glowing. It was like she completely forgot all about being wanted by MBI. He didn't want this to end for her, not ever. "Is there anything else you'd like to try out?"

"Let's look around some more! There's so much nerdiness to absorb I can't get enough!"

It didn't take long to find their next activity. Right before them was an all-time classic. Dance Dance Revolution.

[BGM - DDR Music - Sandstorm]

"So, you want to...?"

"Um, I don't know. This might attract too much attention."

"Go on!" Yukari said, patting her on the back. "Live a little!"

"Jeez, okay okay!"

Minato hopped up on the stage and offered Matsu his hand. "Care to dance, Matsu?"

With a gleeful blush, she took it. "I would be glad to."

With a gentle tug, Minato pulled her on stage. They plopped their coins into the slots and a difficulty prompt appeared on the screen. Minato chose easy, but Matsu surprisingly went for the hardest setting of all. This was going to yield interesting results. Minato could feel it.

After randomizing the song selection, the couple got into position on the gamepads and prepared for the scroll of arrows to appear.

As the countdown timer began, Minato took a quick glance at Matsu. There was a look in her eyes, an absolute focus in them unparalleled to what he had seen before. No hint of intimidation for the onslaught of arrows she was to be bombarded with without mercy.

The song began with a steady enough pace. Nothing too difficult. They stomped their feet in sync at first but as the music continued Minato struggled to keep up. Matsu on the other hand didn't miss a beat. Her heeled feet clicked and tapped louder and louder as the scroll of arrows became more convoluted and accelerated.

Yukari watched in awe as the Wisdom Sekirei completely outclassed her brother, her twin red braids swaying as she twirled around and stuck her landings. She herself was no stranger to DDR and even she could never hope to keep up with her.

Although he had no hope of competing with Matsu, Minato still gave it his all just for the fun of it. Never in his imagination did he think a shut-in like her would be such a profound dancer. But then again, she was a Sekirei. There really wasn't a limit to what they could do.

A few stomps later and the song was over. Matsu turned around and was met with cheers from all the patrons who surrounded them. Matsu's eyes widened and her smile grew wide with pride. She felt like a true star at that moment.

As the crowd dispersed, the two stepped down from the stage and looked at each other.

"That was amazing, Matsu." Minato said with a smile.

"I never would have pictured you as the dancing type." Yukari complimented. "Absolutely incredible footwork."

"I agree." Shiina added.

"Thanks guys." Matsu obliged.

"So, you want to get something to eat?"

"I'd like to get something to go actually."

"You want to go home already, Matsu?"

"No," she shook her head. "I want to go somewhere private if you know what I mean."

"Uh, private, right." Minato said bashfully. He knew full well what Matsu was getting at. She wanted to experiment.

"Guess we should leave you both too it then?" Yukari questioned.

"That may be for the best I feel, yeah." Minato replied.

"Okay, well it was fun. Meet you two back at the Inn!"

*Fade out/Fade in*

MBI Tower: Haihane's Quarters

The Blue Sekirei sat on the floor in front of the tv, legs crossed, and gamepad in hand. As she mashed the crap out of the buttons, there was a knock at her door.

She hit the pause button. "It's open."

In walked Chiho, who promptly sat right down next to her. "Hi, Hane." Chiho greeted with a stuck-out tongue.

"Oh, well if it isn't the Sekirei pilferer. What's up?"

"Oh, nothing. Just wanted to check in see how you were and what you were doing." she glanced at the TV. It looked like Haihane was playing a fighting game. "Oh, is this the new Mortal Kombat?"

"Sure is. Want to go a couple of rounds?"

"I'd love to." she sat down and Haihane passed a second gamepad to her.

*Fade out/Fade in*

"So, uh, best four out of seven?" Haihane asked, blushing a bit.

"Fine by me." Chiho said, selecting her character. Haihane did the same.

"You're learning the game pretty quick." Haihane complimented.

Chiho giggled. "I guess it's the genetic augmentation at work. I probably learn things faster now."

"No kidding. I've only been playing this for two weeks and already you're surpassing me."

"Haha, I don't know if I'm that good. So," Chiho went on. "I know Mr. Minaka put you on the spot back in the office before in regards to, well, you know."

Haihane looked down to the floor then at Chiho. "I'd be lying if I said there wasn't something I felt." she sighed. "But I need time to think about it."

"Take all the time you need. I promise not to pressure you into anything."

"I appreciate that. Thanks."

As the game loaded up, Chiho looked to the ceiling and smiled. "You know, I've been thinking about naming this new power of mine something."


"Yeah. I think I'll call it my 'cursebreaker'."


"I mean, Benitsubasa was so broken up over not having her relationship with Natsuo go anywhere. She tried so hard to be close to him yet he never offered her affection in the slightest. I guess you can say me remarking her in a way lifted a curse."

"I see, yeah I suppose that makes sense. But what about how White feels?"

"White?" after a brief moment of confusion she remembered Karasuba referring to Uzume as such. "Oh, you mean Uzume?"

"Mhm, have you considered how the potential of you possibly having a harem would affect her?"

"Come to think of it, not really. I mean, I convinced her to try and find someone while I was dying and she did, so I can only imagine our relationship as being open."

"Well that's how you view it, but are you sure Uzume feels the same? She might be holding feelings deep inside so she doesn't make you unhappy."

"That gives me a lot to consider. I never thought Uzume to be the jealous type."

"Not saying she is, just saying the possibility is there." she said as the stage finally loaded. "Well, game's ready. Come at me, bro."

"With pleasure."

"Round one. Fight!"

*Fade out/Fade in*

"Uh oh, looks like it's about to rain." Minato said, looking to the grey skies. Without a moments notice, the sky cracks and droplets of water start to cascade. "Well shit."

[BGM - Raindrops and Puddles - Katawa Shoujo]

"Don't worry" Matsu says giving him a wide smile. "I have us covered." Without delay, Matsu reaches into her cleavage and pulls out an umbrella. "Tada!"

Minato looks at her in disbelief. He had to fight away the thoughts of 'just what else does she keep in there?' "Um, wow. When you said you had us covered, I didn't know you meant it literally."

The two share a quick laugh and continue down their path to their yet to be determined destination. Wherever it was, it had to be special.

Minato and Matsu's footsteps go "splish splash" in the newly born puddles on the sidewalk as they trot through the rainfall, Matsu holding her umbrella to her shoulder to keep the both of them as dry as possible.

"Are you sure you don't want me to hold it, Matsu?"

"Why? Because I kept it tucked between my tits and you want to give them an indirect squeeze?"

"O-of course not! It's just that I-"

Matsu grabs Minato by the arm and pulls down an eyelid and makes a "nyeeeeh!" sound. "I was kidding." She gives him a heavy pat on the back. "Chill out, will ya? Here, let me make it easier for you."

Minato felt his arm being grabbed again and then dragged to one of Matsu's soft, squishy orbs. Wait, what?! Was this for real?!

Matsu laughs as Minato pulls his arm back in instinctive panic. "Gah, wh-what did you do that for?!"

"Haha, you've been curious about it for a while now, I'm sure. So tell me, how did they feel in comparison to the others? How do you rank them?"

"Uh second! I mean first! I mean-!"

The blood pressure in his heart finally explodes in the form of a massive nosebleed.

"Minato!" Matsu shouts in a worried tone. Perhaps she went a little too far with her most current experiment. As he collapses in a lifeless heap, the umbrella drops from her hands and Matsu grabs hold of his shoulders and pulls him into her chest tightly. They become drenched in seconds.

"I'm so sorry!" Matsu shouts, cradling him softly. "To think he'd be used to this by now. Damn plot contrivances!"

It didn't look like he was going to wake up any time soon. The hard rain washed away the blood flowing from his nostrils. Matsu bit her thumbnail. The part of the city they were in didn't exactly have many awnings, and even if it did that wouldn't protect them from the downpour enough. She had to get him out of the rain fast before he got a nasty cold or flu. Or lord forbid MBI spotted her.

She picks the umbrella back up and tucks it firmly from where she pulled it; her breasts. Then she scoops up her unconscious date and makes a bolt for it. Strength wasn't her forte but she was still fit enough to carry her Ashikabi on adrenaline.

She ran and ran, hoping to find somewhere they can take shelter. After running for a few blocks, Matsu's eyes drift upon a neon sign not too far off into the distance. The words become more clear as her dash cuts through the rainfall.

Hotel Lala

Open 24/7

It didn't take long for Matsu to make good on her decision. A lewd hotel. Perfect! She needed to get Minato out of the rain, and fast. She didn't even care about herself at this point. All that mattered was him...experiments could wait.

*Fade out/Fade in*

"Alright, that should do it..." Matsu said as she panted heavily and wiped some sweat from her forehead. In front of her on the coffee table were not only hers, but Minato's sopping wet clothes neatly folded on top of each other in squares. All she wore were her undergarments, and Minato was no better off.

She shot a quick glance behind her. Minato was on the bed, still unconscious with his arms at his sides and wearing only his jet-black boxer shorts. He looked to be in a peaceful slumber. This made Matsu smile. She approached the left side of the bed and sat down. She placed the back of her hand upon Minato's forehead and soon followed the action with playing with a few of the still-wet strands of hair that drooped over his eyes in between her fingers. She smiled wider, but soon noticed a warmness coming from his forehead. Being caught in the rain for so long must have made him run a fever.

She needed to keep Minato warm, and the only thing available was her body. A redness ascended from her feet right to her head. It seemed like she was developing a fever of her own. Her mind immediately went to taking a shower, and a very cold one at that just to cool off to perhaps schlick her lust away like the time she walked in on him changing… but Minato needed her now. Colds could be deadly if not treated right away. She couldn't let that happen to him. He was too good of a man to just leave there laying.

So she slid herself onto the bed.

The distance between them closed in. First her breasts squished against his back, then her arm and leg wrapped around his thigh and forearm respectively. She pulled him in nice and tight and exhaled warm zephyrs upon his neck.

Her lips sunk into a frown and her eyes clenched tightly as she held him. I'm so sorry, Minato. Please don't get sick...please…

*Fade out/Fade in*

[BGM - Sekirei OST - Track 08]

Uzume held a deep resentment in the pit of her stomach as she leaped from rooftop to rooftop alongside Benitsubasa. The idea of having to share her Ashikabi with this psychopath got under her skin more so than she wanted to admit. And the fact that Minaka wants Chiho to have more Sekirei imposing on their relationship made her want to punch his lights out.

She thought back to the fight her and Benitsubasa had. If Chiho hadn't kissed her Benitsubasa wouldn't have stood a chance against her in a fight, especially considering she was under the influence at the time. Her norito must have negated those side effects and increased her strength tenfold. If it wasn't for Karasuba and Haihane pulling them both apart the whole city would have been reduced to dust faster than you could say 'hannya of the north'.

Well, maybe it wasn't that bad, but still.

And now they were working on an assignment. Wonderful.

"We're almost at the location." The Red Sekirei spoke. "Keep an eye out."

"Yeah yeah, I know."

*Fade out/Fade in*

[BGM - Sekirei OST - Track 05]

Minutes passed. Then hours. But the spooning hadn't ceased. Matsu stayed there with Minato, holding him tight as ever until she herself finally nodded off to sleep. As she slumbered off, three words escaped her lips and into Minato's ear.

"I love you."

Another hour passed and both were still sound asleep. It wasn't until the following hour that Minato finally started to snap out of it. He groaned as his mind exited the deep sleep.

My neck...my body...they feel so warm…

His eyes crack open. It takes a bit for him to realize the surroundings were not home. Plastic lanterns emitted a warm glow around the queen-sized bed he laid on. Four purple curtains surrounded the bed, though were still tied up and unable to hang free. At the end of the bed was a 50-inch television screen.

Matsu groaned loudly and clenched Minato tighter out of pure instinct. She was still sound asleep. The opposite could be said for Minato, whose senses were now on high alert. It was only now that the said source of warmth was coming from a half-naked Matsu curled up beside him.

Out of pure instinct, he violently rolls away from her and ends up on the floor in the process, panting heavily and trying not to stare at Matsu's curvy body that was more than complimented by her sexy lingerie.

Speaking of her, Minato's panic attack shook her from her sleep, as did the lack of something to cuddle up next to. She shook her head after a groan, but it didn't take too long for her to realize what happened.

Minato was making a beeline towards the door, in his boxer shorts no less! He didn't even realize he was stark naked!

"Wait, Minato stop!" she shouts, reaching out to him with one arm while using the other to support herself on the bed.

"I-I'm sorry, but I gotta get goi-!"

Matsu bolts over and tackles him before he could even reach for the doorknob. Her embrace around his body tightens.

"Minato, wait. Please. Just here me out…"

The tension in Minato's body calms, and he melts into her arms.


With the tension calmed both sat on the edge of the bed; Matsu's gaze directing towards Minato's eyes, while Minato's own burned a hole into the carpeted floor.

"Minato, I want you to stay with me tonight. Please. I love you, Minato."

He lifts his gaze from the floor and their teary eyes meet.

"You...love me?"

"I do." She nods. "But do you have the same feelings for me? I need to know. Now that we're alone with no one to bother us."

His bottom lip pulls inward as he processes the thought. "Yes. I have very deep feelings for you. Before the whole spiel with Higa, I was afraid to admit them in fear of alienating the others."

"You see, Minato, that right there is the reason I fell for you in the first place. You're always putting the happiness of others before your own. I want to change that. It's your turn to be happy. You have a strong heart."

Minato blinks away some tears. "Matsu..."

He couldn't just leave her like this. Matsu was vulnerable and needed someone right now. Running away would only hurt her and break her heart. She deserved better than that. So as nervous as he was, he scoots over, closing the distance between them. He takes his hand, and with caution, moves it towards hers. He places it down upon it.

She looks up at him, longing for more.

Their hearts start pounding harder and faster.

The distance between their faces close and their lips meet. They part, then kiss again. The kiss deepens, friction between love and lust furiously heating their bodies without remorse.

Matsu's legs cross over onto Minato's lap. The two begin to explore each other's bodies, melding closer and closer until she takes Minato's shoulders in her hands and pushes him down to the bed and balancing herself on top of him. She takes his hands and places them on her hips. Her tongue glides over Minato's chest, making it's way to the nipple where it swirls and flicks about.

Minato used all the strength he could muster to hold back another nosebleed. "So, I take it we're about to 'experiment'?"

"Mhm~" Matsu's tongue then moves into the air and is subsequently dropped into Minato's mouth. Their tongues dance, twirl, and swirl.

Moments later, Matsu pulls away, a hint of spittle breaking off at her lips. She straddled Minato, hands firmly planted on his masculine chest.

"I can't wait anymore…" She undoes her bra and tosses it off to the floor. Minato's expression became almost comical as she then started removing her panties. "I need more!"

"Wait, Matsu, what're you-!"

[BGM - Sekirei OST - Track 12]

With her panties removed, Matsu puts a finger to Minato's lips, effectively shutting him up. Her eyes were now drunk with lust. "Don't be silly, Minato~. You knew it had to get to this point eventually~. But…"

Minato gently removed her finger. "But what?" he gulped.

"But I want you to take off your boxers on your own~."

Shivers traveled all over his body when she made that lewd respect. His first time was fast approaching, and Matsu's erotic expression urged him onward.

"Okay, I'll do it, but first you have to pick yourself up a little…"

Matsu licked her lips lasciviously. She was itching for his rock hard chinpo. "Kukuku, anything you say, Mina-tan."

She hoists her exposed pelvis off of Minato's bulge. She watched very carefully as Minato began to slide his boxers down.

He was flustered. "Um, do you really have to stare while I do this? It's kind of embarrassing."

She gave him a toothy grin. "Oh come now, Minato. I'm going to have to see it anyway if I want to put it in, aren't I?"

"You're going to put it in the way you are now?"

"Of course. Why not?"

"Because it'll hurt, wouldn't it?"

"Kukuku, don't worry about that right now. I promise I'll be fine. Now slip those little knickers off so I can do this properly."

Minato swallows a hard lump. "O-Okay, if you insist."

Minato takes a deep breath, pulling down his boxers and kicking them off in one swift motion. His raging hardon catapults upward, it's tip smacking into Matsu clitoris. She recoils from the intense sensation of pleasure with a moan. She must've had a mini orgasm from the sudden thwack. Her manko immediately began to salivate it's love juices on Minato's sac. It was time.

"Wow, you're so big Minato." Matsu took Minato's meaty shaft between her fingers and guided it to her frothing threshold. Minato couldn't bare to look due to embarrassment, both eyes covered by his hands and letting one eye peek out from between his fingers out of curiosity in regular intervals.

Matsu lets out some annoyed grunts as she continuously presses her pelvis downward.

"Ungh, c'mon dammit. Agh! Why won't it go in?!"

"T-Take it easy Matsu. You can't rush things like this. Do it nice and slow."

She takes no heed to his words and adds leverage onto her one hand while she tucks the other between her legs, spreading her vulva open in hopes of easier penetration.

Then, she went down. All the way in an instant. "KYAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!"

"Matsu!" Minato yelled. "Are you alright?!"

"Oww! Oww! Oww! Okay, that hurt way more than I thought it would! Oww!" She let out pained gasps and tears began to form in her eyes.

"Matsu, we could stop if you're not-"

She shook her head from left to right with intense, determined vigor, pressing her hands down on Minato's chest for emphasis. "No, no, no. I can do it." she panted. "I'm just a little...surprised is all."

Minato swipes a finger over one of Matsu's teary eyes. "It's okay, Matsu. Everything will be alright." He sits up and encircles his arms around her. She returns the favor. "You can move whenever you feel like." He pulls back from her shoulders only to plunge headfirst into her right boob. He suckles away at the nipple, pulling in and out, all the while twisting and pulling the other.

It took guts for him to follow through with it, but in doing this action it will turn her on more, thus making Matsu moister and in less pain. Four times with three virgin women in two days. Seo would be shitting bricks about now if he found out what a stud he was now.

"Oh, Minato...yes! Please, nurse me more! Nurse on me more!"

Following more purrs and moans, he returned her honesty favorably, lapping and twirling his tongue along the areola of her nipple.

As their feelings intensified, so did the rain beyond the curtained window.

Matsu begins to gyrate her hips more, and saliva oozes from the corner of her mouth. She lets out a yelp and tackles Minato back down to the bed. Their tongues danced together in a tight duet, blushes increasing ever so rapidly. With their hips grinding together faster and faster the climax was imminent.

"Matsu, I can't..hold it...anymore!"

"I can't either! Cum inside me! I don't care what happens! I want you! All of you!"

The both of them recoil from the intense climax, their spines tensing harshly. A few seconds pass, and they fall back to the bed, Matsu held tightly in Minato's arms.


"Yes, Matsu?"

"Thank you. For everything. I love you."

"And I love you too, Matsu."

A kiss is shared between them and Matsu pulls her pelvis upwards, Minato's ejaculation dripping from her hot pussy. and onto his body.

"Oh no, I'm sorry." Matsu says. "That was quite the first time experiment.

"Sure was, and don't sweat it, Matsu. It's my semen after all, I'll just wipe it up with a tissue."

As Minato reaches for said box of tissues, a light bulb blinks on above Matsu's head.

"Oh, there's no need for that, Minato. I have it covered."

Minato feels Matsu fidgeting a bit. "Uh, hey Matsu, what are you doi- agh!"

He looks down to see that she is now scraping the excess of semen on his stomach up with her tongue.

"Y-You don't have to do that, Matsu! That's dirty!"

"No it's not, it's sweet." She swallows her man's load. "Very tasty~"

She moves down to Minato's still erect chinpo and begins to glide her tongue around it's rim. Minato rolls his head back in a pleasured groan as she takes his entire length into her mouth. He immediately has an orgasm, his man meat spilling it's wad into his lover's mouth. She slurps up the excess ejaculate and gives a satisfied 'tss, ahh' as she pulls away. She swallows once again.

Matsu licks her lips and rubs her tummy. "Mmm, I just love the way you taste Minato. I just can't get enough of your cock. It's mesmerizing."

"So, uh, how did I taste?"

She flops onto one side and encircles Minato with her arm and leg before kissing him on the cheek. "Yours was a sweet, testicular treat." then the look in behind the glint in her glasses became ever more perverse.

"Uh, Matsu? What's that look?"

She pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose with the most perverse expression he'd ever seen her have. "Now that we've been broken in, it's time for the real experiments to begin..."

This was going to be a long night. Minato knew it.



As the reception was mixed for my latest two chapters, I hope this one here made up for it with its drama, romance, and comedy.

Chiho's 'cursebreaker' will play a heavy role, but it does have its limits so I swear this fic won't turn into some NTR nightmare. I hate that shit just as much as anyone else. On the topic of Chiho though, she's a main character now and isn't the same sickly dying girl she used to be. I'm developing her beyond that. She wants to live her life to the fullest now and try new things, go on adventures, have fun, and help people. Canon didn't develop her beyond "Precious angel who can do no wrong that gives Uzume motivation." I want to change that here.

The lemon between Matsu and Minato here is actually something I wrote years ago for Uzume and Minato's first time. I thought I lost it but found it on my google drive and decided to rework it to fit with Matsu and I think it did it's job wonderfully.

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