Sachiko and Misaki Sato- Identical twins. Mother is a fashion designer and father is the owner to a few famously fancy restaurants. Friends with Haruhi and know her secret.

Sachiko- Has light brown, shoulder lenth, choppy hair with a blue bow tied on either side. Icy blue eyes.
Misako- Has light brown, shoulder lenth, choppy cut hair with a purple bow tied on either side. Icy blue eye.

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"So why do you want us to go to the 3rd music room after school today." The twins said together. They walked to their next class with Haruhi.

"I want you to meet a few of my friends."

"You mean the Host Club you joined." Sachiko said blankly.

"Yeah I've heard a lot about them. They're famous around this school." Misako said like a lovesick schoolgirl.

"Then you'll come by? It'll be nice to have some girls there to talk to, that aren't fondling with the boys." She said happily.

"Sure." They said.

~In front of the 3rd Music Room Door~

The twins walked towards the music room and pushed the door open. Rose petals showered them and flew around them.

"Welcome princesses!" Said the 6 boys that made up the host club(plus Haruhi).

"Oh look new costumers. And they're identical twins." Said the blond sitting in the middle.

"Huh! Twins!" Two identical boys with orange hair said and came up to them. "Hi I'm Hikaru. And I'm Kaoru." They said holding out their hands.

"And I'm Sachiko. I'm Misako." They said, taking the boys hands. They brought the girls hands up to their lips and lightly kissed the back. Sachiko pulled her hand back immediately, while Misako blushed and squealed. Sachiko rolled her eyes at her sister.

"Guys these are my friends outside of the Host Club. Sachiko and Misako Sato. And yes they are identical twins." Haruhi said pulling the male twins away from them.
"Uh umm..." Sachiko said nervously.

"What is it, my princess?" Kaoru asked.

"Don't call me that!" She said angrily. "And please refrain from getting your saliva on my hand again."

"Sis, calm down. They were just doing what the Host Club does." Misako tried to calm her enraged twin. Sachiko never was for liking someone, let alone the actions the male twins just did. She never took men too seriously.

"Okay Haruhi, we met them now we are leaving. Sachiko said. She stormed out leaving everyone dumbfounded.

"Sorry about that. She has a slight anger problem. Nice meeting you all." And with that she was off after her twin.

"I like them. They are an interesting pair. Especially Sachiko." Kaoru said.

"Her sister, Misako, is worth looking at too." Hikaru smirked. He looked at his identical and grinned ear to ear. "We should get to know them better, Kaoru." His grin widened, if that was even possible.

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