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It had been a year later, when the seemingly normal floor of Sherlock's world dropped out from underneath him. The buzzer had been short, to the point, and it almost seemed to hesitate. John was the one to answer it. He ran down the stairs, just as the bell rang again.

"Yes, yes, just a moment. I'm coming, I'm coming." He reached the door and opened it to greet whomever had decided they needed a case solved. However, as he pulled the handle attached to the large, deep ebony wood, he almost collapsed.

"Hi, John." Came the response, followed by a small, sweet smile. John was white as a sheet. Having just seen a ghost, it was perfectly sound. He stumbled to find a word, any word, to present. She stepped forward, just a bit, and placed her hand on his shoulder. He felt it. He could feel it. She was real, really there on their front step.

"Oh my God, you're..." John breathed out, before pulling her into a deep and crushing hug. She breathed out against his ear, and he swore it was the sweetest sound he'd ever heard. As they separated, a booming voice from the floor above came.

"What is taking so long? I need a case, John. Bring them up already!" His piercing voice of rude tone brought the brightest of smiles to her face. They both looked up the staircase, and John turned to her, seeing her suddenly nervous face. He pulled her in for another hug, his hands patting her hair to ensure she was still there.

"I'll stay down here, give you some privacy." He said with a nod. She shook her head adamantly.

"No please, please, John. I need...I think I need you for this." She replied. John smiled his agreement, and led their way up the stairs. He pushed the door open, and ushered her in. Sherlock had been facing the window, clearly annoyed that it was taking so long for his next case. She instantly lost her breath, seeing him again. He was all together the same as the last time she had seen him, with a slightly brighter aura than he used to possess.

"Do skip the dull details, if you please." He said, not turning around yet. She looked back at John, who had that sympathetic smirk on his face. He motioned for her to say something, nodding his reassurance to her. She turned back around and took a step forward.

"Hello, Sherlock." She said. Her voice was quiet, peaceful and very nervous. John looked up to his friend, just in time to see his entire body tense. He slowly turned, and his already pale skin drained of what little color it held. He physically faltered, his knees going weak as he saw her there.

"Molly...Mol..." His voice barely contained any sound at all, apart from the choked tone as he tried to swallow. She took a step to him, and he fell against the windowsill as he recoiled. Molly rushed to his side, making sure he was okay.

"Sherlock!" She cried, her hands immediately going to grip around his shoulders. His usually bright and cleverly piercing eyes were a dark hazy shade, unfocused with shock.

"But you...I...I..." He stuttered, unable to say the words that had plagued and guilted his mind for the past three years. His hands shook as they went to touch her face. His thumb slid nervously and softly over the puckered scar that grazed her cheek. It was slightly red still, but had mostly healed. She smiled softly, and her hand joined his.

"You missed." She whispered. His eyes shot up to her beautiful brown ones, eyes he thought he'd never see again. He looked at her with such an innocent, unguarded confusion.

"That day on the roof," she began, "you closed your eyes. You missed your target, and I had already changed. The anatomical changes left me with a very quick cell reconstruction. Had you hit me here, I would have died." Molly pointed to the weak point right between her eyes. His eyes glanced over the scar again, realizing now that it was a bullet wound scar. Sherlock searched her face over and over again, trying to figure out how it was that she was here. He looked to John, who was smiling at the two of them. He nodded, having heard and understood how she survived, and turned to excuse himself. He turned back to find her ever closer, and he, acting on pure impulse, heaved her into his arms. She breathed out and chuckled in relief and contentment. After an eternity to her, but not nearly long enough for him, they pulled apart just a bit.

"You're here. You're really here, aren't you?" He asked, his face holding a boyish quality to it. Molly smiled and nodded her head as she brushed an errant curl out of his eyes. The touch of her gentle fingers, fingers he had come to accept would never grace a cup of coffee or scalpel again, sent shivers of pure joy down Sherlock's spine. His hand was absently stroking her face over and over again, and Molly's hand had found purchase along the fine curls of the back of his head. The two were silent, simply reacquainting themselves with the other. As if an afterthought, Sherlock muttered to her quietly.

"I never got to kiss you goodbye. Not like I wanted." Molly looked up to find him peering down at her lips. She remembered what he had said those three years ago. What he had wanted to give her as a final gift. Molly smiled and sought his eyes out to look at hers.

"It's not goodbye anymore, Sherlock. You solved it, you fixed it. It's not a farewell, it's hello." Molly grazed her thumb over the high cheekbone of his face, and pulled him to seal her lips against his. It was sweet and tender, everything that he had imagined it would have been like. Those beautiful lips that he had time and time again chastised. Those lips that he had never felt, and was sure he would never know. She was alive, and he decided he would spend this lifetime appreciating everything he could about his beautiful Molly. Molly's lips, Molly's soft skin, Molly's hair. Molly. He kissed her over and over again, still trying to tell his mind she was alive.

"Hello...hello, hello, hello."


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