Prologue: Blast To The Past!


Life is a curious thing. You cannot tell what it has prepared for you most of the time. And even when you can, it turns out the most unexpected of ways. Just like now…

Uzumaki Naruto, the jinchuuriki of Kyuubi, the single son of the Yellow Flash himself was standing in front of the man responsible for destruction of Konoha. The man didn't even look like he could as much as move on his own, and yet the truth was there, behind the wall of the paper tree the three ninja were inside of.

The boy had expected a violent confrontation, but curiously after a heated speech on his part the man, his name was Nagato, didn't seem very threatening. He gave the blond teen a small chuckle and spoke. "You're an odd kid… You remind me of myself when I was younger…"

Naruto looked at the supposed leader of Akatsuki in wonder and surprise. He didn't expect him to act so… so carefree. It made no sense considering what he did minutes ago… then again maybe his speech affected the guy more than the blonde had expected.

A woman near Pein muttered something that Naruto was unable to hear clearly. Nagato continued his speech, getting his hands out of the manipulators, or a controlling device, or whatever those things were. "I couldn't believe in what Jiraiya believed in. Or… in the man himself… But… you chose a different path. In you, I can see a different future…"

Naruto didn't understand what he wanted to do until he saw the man put his hands in a position for a hand seal. "I… will believe in you… Uzumaki Naruto."

The woman tried to stop him shouting something, but he didn't stop. Several seconds later pain shot through Naruto's body. His eyes couldn't see anything anymore because of it. He was convulsing falling to the ground in the process.

The teen was feeling very weak. The woman kept yelling something that is until he saw the paper tree around them disappear. His eyelids felt heavy. He couldn't breathe. It felt like someone put a huge boulder on his chest to keep him from moving and breathing.

His eyes finally closed and Naruto felt warm darkness enveloping him. He couldn't tell what was happening but whatever it was, it made him feel weightless. After some time his eyes opened to see himself surrounded by white.

The teen looked around and saw another person standing in the distance. The person floated closer to him and stopped when he was arm's length away from Naruto. It was guy, higher than Naruto, his hair was shorter than Naruto's and color seemed to be like that of Tsunade, his narrow eyes were of very dark green color. The guy's face looked very much like portraits of Tobirama Senju in his youth. The difference was of course hair and eye colors as well as the absence of those marks that Nidaime had.

He spoke in a calm voice. "Come. There are things to be done. No use in standing here like that."

Strangely his voice was like the one Naruto heard coming from his own mouth. The guy extended his hand and waited until Naruto took it. After that the light disappeared again and Naruto felt himself losing his consciousness.

…And regaining it moments later hearing ear piercing wail of a child. "WAAAAAAAAA!"

Gods… someone please stop it… Naruto's head was feeling like he had a huge hangover, not like he ever had a hangover, but he imagined it would be this that he would've felt. Medical apparatus were beeping, people talking; all indicated that he was in a hospital. When he started to feel his body, he immediately noticed that it was he who was crying.

He thought about what happened. Moments ago he was standing near younger blond version of Nidaime and now he was apparently a newborn.

He blinked in surprise when someone took him in his hands. It was a man with white hair and dark green eyes, the same as that guy had. The man smiled at him fondly. Naruto wondered what that smile meant.

"Ow, he stopped crying the moment you took him." The former teen, now newborn heard a female voice suspiciously similar to Tsunade's.

The man chuckled and replied. "It seems he likes his daddy better." The man turned him to face the woman who spoke earlier. "A-chan, take a look at your mommy"

The boy would've blinked when his suspicions were confirmed, if not for the fact that he couldn't control much of his body functions. There on a hospital bed laid Tsunade. The woman was slightly flustered and sweat dripped down her forehead. She also looked a bit older than her usual genjutsu version.

Indeed there are things to be done… Naruto thought to himself, remembering the guy's words. It seems he was that guy now. It didn't take the genius to figure out that combining Tsunade and this man, whoever he was, got him the blond, green eyed version of Nidaime.

"Don't swing my Arashi-kun like that, Dan!" The blonde woman mock-yelled at the man who was holding the boy.

Wasn't Dan Tsunade's lover? Now that was a good question. The answer to which would be yes. Probably. Not much of a revelation, but it was making things weirder and weirder.

The blond decided to not dwell on it too much for now. Now he hadn't anything better to do than wait and see how things played out.

A ninja run into the room. He was panting a bit and after regaining his breath spoke hastily. "Tsunade-san, Dan-san, Mito-sama asks for your final decision. You have to hurry, not much time is left."

Dan looked at Tsunade with questioning gaze and when she nodded solemnly spoke. "We agree."

"Good, follow me then. Mito-sama is waiting." The man rushed out of the room and Dan left with him while still holding the blond.

Naruto wondered what it might be that needed the agreement of both Tsunade and Dan. Another question was - who was that Mito woman? The way that ninja spoke of her the boy figured she was somehow important. The strange thing was that Naruto prided himself on knowing about anyone significant enough to leave his or her page in the history of Konoha. That meant that woman was either someone like Danzo or someone like this Dan i.e. died in his universe before becoming important enough. He would have his answer soon enough, though.

After some time they arrived to a large clearing outside of Konoha. Ten or more ANBU were stationed on the perimeter of the clearing. In the center stood old-man Sarutobi, Jiraiya, Orochimaru and some wrinkly old woman who strangely had bright red hair.

It was then that he had heard what they were speaking about.

"…the resealing wasn't supposed to happen for another two months! Mito-sama, please tell us what is wrong with the Kyuubi."

There were another jinchuuriki of Kyuubi? He was honestly surprised, he had never encountered any information that may have suggested that Kyuubi was sealed in someone before being sealed in him. It was like the beast disappeared after the battle of the Valley of the End.

Then it hit him. Of course it would disappear if it was sealed in someone. Only Hokage and small group of trusted ninja must have known about it. But why did everyone knew about him then? Was it that hard to make people believe that the fox was killed?

Then again, most people had believed that the fox was killed by Shodai during his battle against Madara, so when the fox appeared again they must have thought it was immortal. Well, it was immortal, but that was off topic.

"Just three hours ago, the beast began struggling to destroy the seal. That was when I called for you, Saru. The possibility of it breaking out is rising with each passing minute."

"But why would it act that way?"

"It must have felt the seal weakening. I don't know, through all of my life I had talked with it only once and I don't know the way its mind works."

"Fair enough."

Well, I guess I'm stuck with the bastard again, so much for hoping it wouldn't go the way it did the last time I was born… the boy mused to himself. Seriously though, something was terribly wrong here, he had thought that he was the first and the only jinchuuriki of Kyuubi. But here she stood, supposedly the first host of the fox. It meant that he either happened to move not only across the time but across the dimensions too, or the thing that his brain suggested earlier.

"Although I must warn you, I'm not as good at sealing as when I was young. Be prepared for anything." The old redhead warned everyone gathered around her and then turned to Dan. "Katou-kun, give child to me please."

The old woman carried newly born Arashi to what seemed to be a small altar in the center of the clearing. She placed him on it and sat in meditative position. After a few seconds the woman started making hand seals. There were quite a lot of them, halfway through she started looking a bit strained. Her hand movements started slowing down and soon a large seal array appeared on the ground.

After another few moments the woman doubled over seemingly in pain. A half transparent image of Kyuubi appeared behind the redheaded woman. The fox was bound in chakra chains coming from Mito's back. The tailed beast was struggling to free itself, but was unsuccessful.

After a minute or so Kyuubi's appearance began turning less and less ethereal. Soon instead of half-transparent phantom there was standing the strongest of the tailed beasts in flesh, or chakra if you were to go into the details. The chakra chains were barely able to hold it now.

With one strong yank half of the chains were torn. The beast's paw lunged for the boy on the altar. Every shinobi present rushed to protect the young child. Only Jiraiya was close enough to get there in time. The fox's claw pierced his abdomen, but didn't reach the blond boy.

Naruto watched horrified as Jiraiya coughed up blood while still smiling weakly. As if dying or his sake once was not enough. He just had to go and do that again. It wasn't as if Naruto blamed him. He would've done the same in that situation.

He wanted to scream for being so helpless, but he couldn't. His state of self-loathing was stopped when the claw protruding from the white haired Sannin's belly started becoming ethereal again.

The fox was starting to disappear rapidly, much faster than it appeared. Soon the beast was gone and the seals on the ground began crawling to the child and forming a smaller seal. Naruto recognized the process, the seal was compressing itself. He hadn't seen it very often, but most of the complex seals were like that.

The seal itself appeared to be very much different from his Shiki Fuujin. It still was on his belly, though, just much bigger. Naruto couldn't quite move his head to see it whole, but what he could see looked much more complex than Shiki Fuujin.

Still, Jiraiya was dying right in front of him. And the man still tried to appear funny and entertain the newborn kid. He was making funny faces even though the blood was flowing from his mouth. Finally, the white haired man lowered himself to his knees feeling his strength fading away. The boy watched as light gradually faded from the Toad Sennin's eyes.

Jiraiya didn't stop smiling, even in such situation. Naruto didn't know what do to, nor what to think. He had never faced such a situation. Feeling so helpless was daunting. He couldn't do anything, he could only think. And being left alone with his thoughts was something the blond dreaded the most. None of them led him to happy things after all.

These thoughts, the death of Toad Sennin Jiraiya and resealing of Kyuubi no Yoko marked the beginning of the life of Senju Arashi.


AN: Here it is, the author notes. I hate the prologue, it's too dry and doesn't fully convey the volume of Naruto's emotional distress, but I'm not going to rewrite it any further. Why? Because.

Pairings are Arashi x Konan and Naruto x Karin. The romance thing will most likely happen pretty late in the story. This is the reason for friendship in genres, there is also going to be a lot of focus on Ame orphans relationship with each other and also Arashi - Anko relationship.

The name of the fic refers to what Arashi/Naruto is essentially doing i.e. creating a false mirror image of what he sees the future of Konoha and ninja world like.

Warnings: may contain incest, mentions of rape, violence, incessant rumblings of deranged author, powerlevels, OOC characters, longass update times, homosexuality and heterosexuality played for laughs, stupid people doing stupid things for stupid reasons and much more shit that I am willing to list here.