Maggie wakes in the morning completely entangled with Marshall. Marshall has his face buried in

Maggie's hair at her neck. "Hey, Princess." Maggie rolls over in his arms. "Hi." Marshall pulls her body

close to his. "I have missed you." He kisses her. "Marshall…" He keeps interrupting her by kissing her.

"Marshall…" He relents. "Yes." Maggie looks him straight in the eye. "Gabrielle." Marshall rolls onto

his back. "I know." She rolls towards him draping her body over his. "Marshall." He wraps his arms

around her. "I know… but." Maggie is tracing the lines of his tattoo with her fingertips. "Maggie, you

and Gabby… I just…" He stops mid-sentence and pulls Maggie underneath him. Maggie goes to speak

but Marshall puts his finger on her lips. He leans his forehead onto hers. "I know… please just let me

have this." Maggie goes to speak and is silenced by another kiss.

Dani's House:

Dani wakes up to find herself wrapped up in Nico's arms. He is sitting up watching the morning news

with Dani laying on his chest. When he realizes that she has woken up, he leans down and kisses the top

of her head. She remains where she lays gently stroking Nico's chest. This never gets old. Nico has

stayed over the last few nights. She loves these moments. She glances up at the ring. It is so beautiful.

It is not something she would have ever picked out for herself. It is an art deco emerald ring. The design

is intricate with a vibrant green stone. It is so Nico. She has not taken it off since the moment he put it

there. He loves her. He is willing to let her set the pace… which is such a relief. It is not that she is

afraid of the next step. It is just too soon. She knows he loves her. He knows that she loves him and

that is enough for now but maybe…. Maybe it is time for a drawer… half the closet… something… Come

to think of it… she has not seen his place. Hmmm… In all of this time, she has never been to Nico's

apartment… house… hell she doesn't even know which one… all she knows is that he has a cat? Time of

do a little investigating of her own… Time to hit up the source of all things Nico… Maggie should be back

in town…

Hawks HQ:

Matt walks into his office. He is running so late that he didn't even have a chance to stop for coffee. He

is in so much of a rush that the does not realize that Maggie is sitting in his chair. He looks down with a

huge smile. "Hey, when did you get back?" She smiles has she gets up from his chair and hands him a

coffee. He leans down and kisses her on the cheek. He opens the coffee to see that it is made the way

he likes it. "How did you know how I take my…" He smiles… "CIA?" Maggie laughs… "Yeah… the coffee

ingredient agency…" She exchanges positions with Matt. He settles into his desk. "Got back last

night… late last night." He is really happy to see her. "So you up for dinner tonight?" Maggie smiles as

she sips her own coffee. "Sounds wonderful."

"So about 7?" Maggie smiles as Nico enters the office. "Sounds like a plan. Well, I have to go earn my

living and find my Rock." She stands up and greets Nico with a kiss on the cheek. "I will see both of you

later." Maggie saunters out of the office and down the hall.

"So is tonight the big night?" Nico takes Maggie's place in the chair. "Yes… yes it is."

"Just be good to her." Nico looks him over. This is the part of the whole idea of dating Maggie that

keeps him on edge. He doesn't like the fact that he knows Maggie and Nico are close.

"So we need to get Rex to talk to Dani. His behavior is getting a little out of control." Matt rubs his

head. "Yeah… I know. He is way out of control."

"Any idea what it is about?" Matt looks to Nico for answers. "No idea, but it getting worse. I don't

know what is going on with these guys lately. At least TK is behaving." Matt looks up from the papers

on his desk. "Is he still hanging out with Teddy?" Nico laughs. "Surprisingly, yes… those too hit it off

and Teddy seems to be keeping him off the bottle… and away from the women."


Maggie is heading towards her car as Dani pulls in. Maggie stops at Dani's car. "Hey you."

"Hey Maggie." Maggie walks towards the car. "Sooo…. Let me see the ring." Maggie reaches for Dani's

hand as she gets out of the car. "Nice. He has great taste." Dani blushes a little. "Yes… yes he does. He

told you he was doing that?" Maggie leans against Dani's car. "Yeah… he wanted the name of the one

jeweler that I go to… they specialize in vintage pieces. Nico loves Art Deco."

"Maggie, are you going to be around later?" Maggie looks up at Dani unsure where that question is

coming from. "I have to meet up with Rock and head to the field office and I'm going out tonight but I

will be around tomorrow… Why? Something up?"

Dani leans against the car next Maggie. "No nothing serious… just have a couple of questions that I

want to ask you." Maggie pulls out her keys and stands. "We'll do coffee tomorrow. I'll text you. See you later."

She waves as she heads towards her car.

Central Park:

Maggie walks up on Rock who is waiting for her on the bridge in the park. "You're wanted O'Brien." He

hands Maggie a coffee. She takes a sip. "Reckon, I'm right popular. You a bounty hunter?" Rock laughs

that he did not stumped Maggie with this quote. "Well, a man's got to do something for a livin' these

days." "Dying 'aint much of a living, boy." They tap their coffee cups. "So you ready to head in?" "Yeah…

guess I have to explain the plane now don't I. You coming?" He looks down at Maggie. "The sky is blue,

water is wet, women have secrets. What will I offer to the conversation… they want you babe." Maggie

smiles back at him. "I will catch later then brother. Time to see the wizard." She winks at him and skips

off for a moment. Rock whispers to himself. "You are one crazy ass bitch baby girl… its why I love ya."

He walks off in the other direction.

Practice Field:

Rock walks up behind Nico. "Nico." Hearing the voice, Nico turns around to see Rock walking up. "Hey,

Rock." Rock taps him on the back as he approaches and stands next to him. Nico reaches out and

shakes his hand. "You got a minute?" Rock's tone concerns Nico. "Sure. Everything okay?" Rock

motions with his head for Nico to follow him.


Nico and Rock are sitting on stools at a quiet bar in the city. "So what's on your mind?" Rock takes a

strong belt from the glass in front of him. "I'm worried about our girl, Neeks." Nico gives him a look of

great concern. Rock begins to tell him the story of the last mission.

South America:

Maggie and Rock are with several commandos when they come across an F-16… an American F-16.

Rock looks back at Maggie. "What the fuck is that doing here?" One of the commandos is on the radio

about what they have encountered. They get orders to steal it. Rock looks at Maggie. "Did he say steal

it?" " This isn't fucking the fast and the furious… It's a fucking jet not a Ferrari." Maggie and Rock and

the other commandos are locked in an intense argument. "Let me explain the fucking downside… It

hasn't been pre-flighted… I don't know if it has fuel… and I don't have a flight suit." Rock tells him the

story of stealing the jet and trying to get it to the States… running out of fuel… and what happened

when she landed. "Baby girl is standing toe to toe with an Air Force Colonel." He begins to explain the


"I didn't need some hot shot CIA pilot coming in playing with fire."

"I am a Marine pilot… and as for playing with fire… I was ordered to soaked my matches in gasoline first… Sir."

"You got Lucky… very lucky."

"Luck had nothing to do with it… Fuel… yeah that might have been a mitigating factor…"

"Do you know the odds that that could have gone horribly wrong."

"Never tell me the odds."

Nico laughs at the thought of their girl going toe to toe with the Air Force brass… arguing about stealing

a jet from a drug cartel. "Nico, they are pushing her… things are getting dangerous… downright

dangerous. She is good. The best I've seen but I'm getting worried. I don't know how long she can be

that lucky. It worries me. The nightmares are getting worse. She is wired for sound all of the time… It's

not good Nico… not good at all." They both know her history. They know what she has been through in

the last few years. They are waiting for the break.

Later that Evening:

Maggie opens the door to reveal Matt on her doorstep with roses in his hand. It has been a long time

she has been romanced. Matt hands her the flowers as he walks into her brownstone. Matt is amazed

by her house. It is elegant, warm and really big. The debutante stories must have been true. He leans

down and kisses her on the cheek. "Would you like a drink?" Matt can smell her perfume as she takes

his hand and leads him into the kitchen. "Beer, wine, something harder?" Matt leans up against the

island. "Wine would be great." Maggie grabs him by the hand. "Come on, you can help me pick." She

takes him down a set of steps into a wine cellar. It is a beautiful brick room lined with racks with a stone

table in the middle. "So what do you like?" Matt smiles as he looks at all of the racks in amazement.

"Surprise me… I trust you." Maggie smiles and climbs a short ladder. Matt stands behind her to steady

her. Maggie comes down into his arms which is awkward but really nice. Matt takes the bottle from her

and offers her hand to help her down. "This is great." Maggie smiles in appreciation. She has never

actually shown anyone but Teddy the new wine cellar. "Thanks… I designed it." They walk back up into

the kitchen. Matt opens the wine while Maggie grabs some glasses and puts the flowers in water. Once

the drinks are poured, she leads Matt into the living room to the couches in front of the fireplace. The

two of them get lost in conversation for a long while after which they both realize that they are starving.

Matt starts a fire while Maggie grabs her handy book of menus. "Wow, this is quite a collection." Matt

comments on the extensive collection neatly bound in a book. "Did I mention… I'm a terrible cook but a

fantastic tipper?" Matt finds the admission of a flaw absolutely charming. The evening on the town

ends up as an evening in by the fire with Chinese food and pay per view and Maggie could not be

happier. They talk and laugh for hours on end while cuddled up on the couch. Matt glances at his

watch. It is so late, he doesn't want to go but the gentleman in him comes out and tells him its time.

Matt stands up and gently pulls Maggie to her feet. He wraps his arms around her and kisses her.

Maggie loves his kisses. They touch her in a way that has been dormant for so long. They kiss more

before that she escorts him to the door as they say their final goodnight. After he leaves, Maggie leans

against the door for a moment. This is so new to her. She had been wrapped up in Marshall for so long

that she forgot what this was like. Matt gets into his truck and waits for a moment watching Maggie

cross in front of the window. He smiles. He really likes her and this finally feels like a new start.