"So," Maya began, securing a string to a balloon. "do you think a lot of people will come?"

"Sure," Katie said. "Why wouldn't they?"

"Well, I'm 18. My closest friends would come, of course, but a bunch of other people who don't know me as well might start to judge me."

"Well, screw 'em. If they don't respect you, then they don't belong here."

"You're right," Maya eventually responded.

"I know. That's why I'm an amazing sister." She giggled. "I'm usually never wrong."

Maya rolled her eyes.

"So, is Zig going to be here soon?"

"He had to meet with someone from class to make sure they had everything set for their project, but he'll be here right after that."

"Ah." Katie grabbed a bunch of balloons by the string and began to set them up at different tables.

A little more than an hour later, the two girls were done setting up. By this time, both of their parents, as well as their grandmother, had arrived. There was still no Zig, and it remained that way until about fifteen or twenty minutes after the baby shower started.

When he got inside of the building, he quickly sat down next to Maya. She almost didn't notice he'd done this.

"You scared me," she said when she spotted him. "You're late," she joked.

"Sorry." He smirked. "You know I would have been here earlier if I didn't have to meet up with some people from class."

"I know." She smiled. "You know, you're just really more than I deserve. You're always here for me no matter what."

"Well, that's what friends are supposed to be for. If they weren't, they'd just call them unreliable." He laughed. "Was that even a good joke?"

"Well, it's certainly true."

"Yeah," he agreed. "Oh, I almost forgot." He pulled something out of the pocket of his jacket. "I remembered!"

Maya took the book from him and flipped to a random page. "Todd." She shrugged. "Nah." She turned to another page. "Griffin. Hmm, unique, but I don't know if it would fit. Here, you try." She handed him the book.

"Ian." He flipped through more pages, reading off the names he spotted. "Jack, Roy, Steven, Tyler, Victor."

"Wait, I've got it. Do you remember the guy who played in that movie we went to see, like, 2 months ago?"

"Ryan something, I think."

"Yeah! Horrible movie, but I really like him. His acting was the best of the whole movie."

"Ryan could be nice. Hey, guys, this is my nephew, Ryan," he said, testing out the name. "That could work."

Maya's grandmother soon made her way over to where Maya and Zig were sitting. She would likely be there for a while because she loved talking!

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