The Introduction

"Start your engines!"

With that both cars roared to life. The drivers took a quick glance at each other waiting for the go ahead.


Racer A: Jude Harrison tightened her grip on the wheel with a somewhat seductive smirk, looking at the abandoned track before her.


Racer B: Tom Quincy switched gears before giving a final look at the driver beside him, roaring his engine.

"Go!" Tom's best friend, Kwest called from behind the cars and both took off at full speed; leaving a dirt cloud behind them.

"This is all mine, pretty boy." Jude said quietly to herself as she made the first turn, cutting him off and hitting the gas with full power.

Rustled dirt clouded the pair when as Tommy caught up Jude. Turning the second corner, he was ahead - but not by much. Jude smirked with an eye roll then sped up after him, being sure to nudge his car with hers on the way by.

"Mystery man likes to play rough." Tommy gave an angry look at the black viper ahead of him and forced his Porsche into over drive. "But I play rougher." He waited till they were neck and neck to slam the cars together, pushing Jude's to the rail then racing ahead in the third turn.

"Touché Pretty boy." Jude gripped the wheel impossibly tighter and slammed the gas harder, meeting the petal to the metal. Speeding ahead of him just as they reached the finish line. Jude lowered the roof of her viper and jumped out.

Tommy exited his car in a huff, slamming the door behind him and rounding the car. "I want a rematch!" He yelled.

Jude clicked her tongue in fake sympathy and tilted her head "Aww, lil Tommy Q a sore loser?" She giggled when he knitted his eyebrows in confusion, obviously not expecting a female's voice. Removing her helmet, she let her red locks fall to her shoulders; leaving her in a pair of dark sunglasses. "I'm guessing when your buddy here set up the race, he forgot to mention I was a girl."

Tommy's head whipped back to Kwest with a glare. "I didn't know man, I thought HE was racing!" Kwest pointed to Speid who was wearing a black hoodie

Speid removed the hood from over his head "I don't race, dude. I'm just here to pick up the cars she wins."

"Speaking of, I believe that cute little Porsche of yours belongs to me now." Jude placed a hand on her hip and the other in front of her, waiting for the keys.

"A little feisty, aren't we girl?" Tommy smiled softly and took a step forward

"A little slow, aren't you boybander? I thought you'd figured that by my racing."

Tommy nodded his head with a slight smirk "You know, you seem to know a lot about me but I know nothing about you"

"There is only one thing you need to know about me," She leaned forward and pressed her lips to his ear "I never lose." Her tone low and seductive, being sure to graze her lips against his as she pulled away. Her hand ran down his arm, pausing to grip his wrist for a moment before snatching the keys from his fingers. "Later, Quincy."

Jude tossed the keys to Speid and they went to their separate cars. Just as Jude hopped into her viper Tommy's voice stopped her. "Hey, what's your name?"

Jude turned her head toward him and smiled. "They call me Racer J." She called over the sudden roar of her engine. They stared at each other for a moment and a smile pulled up Tommy's lips as he watched her speed away.