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Timeframe: The prologue of this story takes place five years before the start of Harry Potter's adventures in Hogwarts begin. While the Avenger's: Earth's Mightiest Heroes part of the crossover takes place a year after the Skrull invasion, and the fight with Red Skull. I've also updated this story, to make Harry, and everyone else he would have known in Hogwarts, all be born in the 1990's instead of the 1980's. And I'm putting Ms. Marvel's original age as being at twenty-nine in my story when she was deaged so she lost exactly twenty-three years to her original age when she was sent away to the Harry Potter universe as well as being sent back in time twenty-three years in the Harry Potter universe's timeline. lol

Author's Notes: I'm writing this fanfic for phantom00's Harry Potter-Ms. Marvel crossover challenge where an amnesiac Ms. Marvel gets deaged to a six year old body and sent to the Harry Potter universe where she meets and befriends Harry Potter when they are kids. And before anybody makes any comments about how Carol seems OC personality wise in this story, please remember that she has amnesia, and is in the body of a six year old now. Personality wise, everything that made her who she used to be is now gone, so her now deaged six year old amnesiac self has to form a new personality with new memories that may or may not cause her to grow up to be the same woman she used to be. Though I think you can probably see a little of the old Carol Danvers in her, in the way she acts around people, especially when she's using her camera to bust people. lol Her personality is stuck in between acting like the kid she now is, and acting like the adult she used to be, especially when she see's somebody doing something wrong.

phantom00's Harry Potter-Ms. Marvel crossover Challenge idea - Ms. Marvel is fighting one of the Rogue gallery villains and the villain activates a device to open a tear in space and time and sends Ms. Marvel to Harry Potter universe. The catch is she has amnesia and the body of a 6 year old, the same age as Harry. There she gets put in an orphanage and goes to the same school as Harry and they become the best of friends, despite outside interference.

Eventual Harry x Ms. Marvel pairing
Dumbledore, Snape, Ginny, Molly bashing

Kree Powers that Carol is keeping in this story but won't all show up at once (full description of what powers do can be found on Wikia's 'Carol Danvers (Earth-616)' page) - Healing factor, flight, superhuman strength-durability-speed-reflexes, seventh sense, near-invulnerability, photonic blasts, energy absorption (makes her immune to most spells and activates her energy form; Non-Kree powers: permanently absorbed some of Enchantress' magic that grows stronger over the years

Word Count: 7,132

Summary: -(Avengers crossover)- During a battle with Enchantress, Ms. Marvel gets hit by one of Enchantress's spells that deages her, and sends her off to another dimension with amnesia. What will her new life be like when she befriends an abused, lonely young boy with emerald green eyes? -(Independent!Powerful!Grey!Harry!Carol pairing) -(slight Manipulative Dumbledore bashing, extreme Ron, Molly, Ginny Weasley bashing)-

"§§ §§" - Parseltongue
"Beast speaking"

Racing the Daylight
Chapter 1: Saving The Savior
Written By: Sakura Lisel

It has been nearly five years since Carol Danvers had moved into Privet Drive with her new family, and the now ten year old girl was having the time of her life, with her best friend Harry Potter.

Ever since that first day they had met, the two of them had become inseparable, and were always doing things together every single chance that they could get, when Harry wasn't busy doing chores at his relatives home. Like Carol had promised Harry on their first day as friends, her own family had welcomed the smaller boy into their home with open arms, and Max Murphy had become one of his friends as well, and now spent almost all his time over at the Murphy household every chance he could get that would allow him to get away from the Dursleys as soon as his chores were done, and even the youngest Murphy child Diana had taken a shine to the older boy who would help watch over her and play with her when he came over to the household.

At first Harry had shied away from Carol, half expecting the two of them to get in trouble for what happened to Dudley and his friends, but for once in his cousins life Dudley had kept quiet about what had really happened that day from Petunia and Vernon, and pretty soon the two preteens had become inseparable as time went by.

At first Petunia and Vernon were against Harry hanging out with the new neighbors, because they didn't want anyone to find out about how they treated their nephew or about his unnaturalness. For the first few weeks they had even tried to bar Carol from entering the house when she came over to visit, and it wasn't long before the Dursleys were finally forced to move Harry out of the cupboard underneath the stairs and into Dudley's old toy room, when they realized that Carol wasn't going to stop coming over no matter what they tried, so they had moved Harry so that Carol wouldn't be asking question about why his bedroom was under the stairs.

With Harry's help, she had managed to rescue more kids from the gang of bullies in her first month on Privet Drive, and the local kids now knew to come to her for help if Dudley's gang caused trouble for them, and they had a lot more friends to hang out with in the neighborhood to hang out with because of it.

It also hadn't taken long for the rest of the kids in the whole neighborhood to realize who was in charge now when it came to dealing with the local bullies. Over the last five years since Carol had moved in, Dudley and his gang were soon on the outs with the whole neighborhood, as the neighborhood kids became braver and started coming to her for help if they were being bullied by Dudley's gang.

It hadn't taken long for people to notice that Carol wasn't your typical six year old, as she seemed smarter and wiser past her six years, even though she still played the part of being a kid around people. In the preschool she attended with Harry they had even wanted to move her up a grade or two, but she refused saying that she wanted to stay in the same year as Harry.

A lot of the neighbors who personally knew Carol Danvers-Murphy could say that she was a sweet little girl who never caused trouble for anyone, even if she hung out with the Potter boy who everyone thought was a troublemaker. Though some of the adult residents had reason to be annoyed at the blond girl from time to time, especially when she spoke her mind about certain things that no child her age should know, and that she had a bit of a temper when she thought someone was doing something wrong.

Petunia and Vernon Dursley could both attest to that temper of hers for themselves if anyone bothered to ask, as they were once on the receiving end of Carol's temper in concern of what Dudley's gang was doing to the neighborhood, and their own treatment of Harry.

By the time she was seven, it had been on one of the visits to the Dursleys, when Carol finally revealed to the two adults exactly what it was that their precious son was doing to the neighborhood kids, when she showed photographs and live video footage of the gangs shenanigans to the parents after the gang didn't take her seriously about her threats, and told the two older Dursleys that they should make Dudley stop or else she'd call the police on all of them and show the pictures and videos to them, along with the rest of the neighborhood.

Both Vernon and Petunia had thrown a fit, as they started ranting and raving about how disrespectful she was being to them, and that those photo's had to be faked, and that no one would believe the obvious lies of a bratty child like her, and even threatened to drag her by her ear back to her family's home and tell her parents about the lies she was spreading to them so that they could deal with her themselves. Vernon had even gone so far to even try and snatch the camera out of her hands, with the intent of destroying it and its contents, while threatening to make Carol and her family pay for spreading lies about his son and his friends, only to learn the hard way that doing so was a bad idea.

Carol had stood quietly as the Dursleys ranted and yelled at her, rolling her eyes as she couldn't believe the kind of people they were, when Vernon charged at her with intent of attacking her, she had immediately reacted on instinct, as she automatically reached out and grabbed a hold of Vernon's outstretched arm and yanked hard, putting extra effort into what she did because of Vernon's size and weight, as she sent the obese man flying through the air and into the staircase as she let go of his arm as she threw him, where he laid there stunned for a moment with the blond girl glaring angrily at him, as both he and Petunia stared at her in open mouthed shock.

After getting over her shock, Petunia had immediately gone into a tirade about Carol being a freak like her nephew was, because no 'normal' child Carol's age and size could have done what she did to a full grown man like Vernon, and was screeching at her to get out of her home and never come back, but Carol had silenced her with glare that was both scary and intimidating to see on the face of a child Carol's age, as she started telling the Dursleys off, as she threatened to go to the police if she wasn't allowed to come back and be with Harry, and that she had more than enough proof of what Dudley and his friends had been doing around the neighborhood that could put them away for a long time in Juvie if Petunia and Vernon didn't stop him thanks to the pictures and videos she had taken since she had moved into the neighborhood.

The two elder Dursleys had resorted to threatening her and even tried bribing her with lots of money to let them have the video camera and pictures, but she had remained firm in what she had told them, refusing to back down even when Vernon tried to take a swing at her again only for her to duck, causing his fist to collide with the wall behind her instead with a loud crack that had him screaming in pain, before the Dursleys had finally given in reluctantly to her demands, since they didn't want their son to get trouble with the law at his young age because of the pictures, and they had even moved Harry into the spare bedroom they had upstairs with promises to not abuse him anymore and to stop Dudley from hurting him.

After leaving the Dursleys, she had then proceeded to go to the homes of each of Dudley's little gang members and give the same ultimatum to the families of the other boys after showing them the pictures and video footage in her camera, and had gotten various reactions from the other parents that were similar to the Dursleys, as the other parents had all tried to deny that it was their sons in the pictures, until she showed them close-ups of each boys face in great detail during some of the beatings on both Harry and various other neighborhood kids.

Needless to say within hours of her leaving each house, the neighborhood could be filled with the angry shouting of the gangs parents as they yelled and berated their sons for what they had been doing, and for the next month none of the gang members were seen outside of their homes other than Dudley who only moped around the nearby park by himself, after being repeatedly told by his friends parents that they wouldn't be coming out to play anytime soon because they were all grounded for the foreseeable future, and he openly avoided being in contact with Harry and Carol if he saw them coming, though he still shot glares in Carol's direction when he thought she wasn't looking, especially when she was snapping pictures of various things around the neighborhood.

Harry had gone through the most changes since becoming friends with Carol. He now had daily meals with the Murphy family when he came over, as well as meals at the Dursleys, so now no longer looked as badly malnourished as he used to look, and thanks to what Carol had done when she confronted Vernon and Petunia about Dudley, he barely had to do any chores anymore around the house except for the cooking and gardening which he loved more than the rest of his usual chores.

Another incident at the Dursleys earned Carol the eternal wrath of Vernon's sister, Marge Dursley, when the overweight woman showed up at the house one day for a monthly visit, and she had brought her beloved pit bull dog, Ripper, with her as usual. Carol had been on her way over to the Dursleys to hang out with Harry, when she heard Harry's screams of terror and pain, and instantly came running to find a site that still made the blond girl angry even now.

When she burst into the Dursley property, she follows the screams to the backyard where she quickly see's Harry running around the backyard with the rabid pit bull chasing right at his heels, snapping and biting at the brunette legs every time Harry started to slow down, while the Dursleys watched on, cackling madly at the sight of their nephews pain and terror and didn't do anything to stop the dog, and Carol instantly saw red as she charged forward before she even realized what she was doing, as she pounced onto the pit bulls back pinning it to the ground under her weight, as she avoided its attempts to bite her as it struggled underneath her, while ignoring Marge's banshee like shrieks at her to stop bothering her dog.

Once Harry had managed to safely get out of reach though her left arm got bit as she pulled away, Carol quickly got off of Ripper, moving quickly to get herself out of biting range, as she ran over to pick up a nearby branch and took a swing at the pit bull as it leaped at her in an attempt to do bodily harm on her now, only to get whacked hard by the branch in Carol's arm, which hit the pit bull hard enough to send him flying straight into his owners arms.

Glaring angrily at the Dursleys as they started yelling at her as she cradled her injured arm, Carol ignored the Dursleys, as she ran towards Harry and grabbed his hand and made him run with her straight back to her house and to her father, who after hearing about what had happened and taking one look at the pair and their dog bites, and instantly called for an ambulance as well as the police and animal control about Ripper.

By the time police and animal control got to the Dursleys home, they arrived to find the Dursleys tending to Ripper who was badly injured from where Carol had hit him, and when the police informed Marge that they were there to charge her with both child endangerment by owning such a vicious dog if it attacked small children, and child abuse, and Ripper was forcibly taken away by animal control despite Marge's shrieks and attempts to stop them, as she denied all the charges against herself and her beloved dog, as she said that if anybody had gotten bit it was because her poor Ripper had been defending itself from a deranged girl like Carol who had hit him with a branch in the backyard, but nobody had believed her accusations, as the police had been to the Murphy's house first and had seen for themselves the blood covered damage that had been done to Harry's lower backside by the dogs teeth as well as the bite on Carol's arm, as the two kids recounted what had happened over at the Dursleys, before the police had gone over to the Dursleys with animal control.

As animal control took Ripper away, the police quickly put Marge in handcuffs as they arrested her, and forced her into a police car as they recited a long list of charges against her like child endangerment for having such a dangerous animal around people, especially young children, and doing nothing when said dog was terrorizing a young boy, along with other charges, that had Marge screaming in rage as she tried to deny what the police was saying as she insisted that Ripper had been provoked by the boy, but the police refused to listen to a word she said.

Despite Vernon's best efforts to get his sister out of jail and the charges against her dropped, Marge wound up being in jail for a few days, before going to court where the judge gave her a hefty fine for the danger she had put everyone in by having Ripper around and that officials would be visiting her home in coming weeks to check on her other dogs that she bred at home to find out if they were a danger to anyone else as well, while also being informed that Ripper had been labeled too dangerous to be allowed to continue to live, and had been put to sleep by animal control while he was in their custody so he wouldn't hurt anyone else much to Marge's anger and outrage at the news.

Meanwhile, both Carol and Harry had to spend a week in the hospital as they were put through a series of tests and painful shots to make sure they hadn't gotten anything serious infections or diseases from the pit bull, while their bite wounds were disinfected and wrapped up in bandages by the doctors, before they were allowed to go home with the Murphy's.

As time continued to go by, thanks to Carol's help, Harry had even started making a few friends at school, once the other kids realized they no longer had to worry about Dudley's gang bullying them if they hung out with Harry, though some of the kids were still wary around Carol, when they witnessed what she was capable one time when Dudley's gang had tried do their usual stunts of trouble and try to break up a game of tag a group of kids were playing with Carol and Harry, only to be chased off by Carol.

One girl in particular had caught the duo's attention, and had been the first to become the duo's friend. Her name was Hermione Jean Granger, and her family had recently moved into the neighborhood when they were seven years old, a few houses down from Carol's house at #10 Privet Drive. Hermione had been a bit shy, and a little bossy as well as a bit of a bookworm and know-it-all, but it hadn't taken long before the trio were thick as thieves, after Carol and Harry had saved her from Dudley's gang when they had tried picking on her when she was alone in the park reading a book, and it didn't take Carol to send the gang running with their tails between their legs. Ever since that day, the trio had become inseparable, and did everything together, and Hermione had even mellowed out a bit in her attitude, and the trio spent almost all of their time together at either the Murphy household or the Granger household when they weren't busy with homework or other things.

~-July 23, 2001, #8 Privet Drive, Surrey~-

It was a hot summer day in July, and Harry Potter and Carol Danvers were hanging out in the backyard of Carol's home, as they played pirates against each other, in the treehouse her father had built for her and her brother to play in.

Harry was currently staying with the Murphy family for the rest of the summer until public school started up again, after the Dursleys had taken off for a paid vacation Vernon's company was giving them in the Bahamas', where Vernon was attending a conference there.

Vernon had some vacation time coming up, and he had requested taking a leave of absence from work, starting right after the conference was over, and the Dursleys were planning to spend the rest of the summer together in the Bahamas' once the conference was over.

Petunia and Vernon had been excited at the idea of vacationing in the Bahamas', but hadn't wanted to pass up on a free trip, but didn't want to take Harry with them, so the Murphy's had offered to take the young boy in while the Dursleys were away, and the Dursley's had immediately taken them up on their offer and dumped Harry at the Murphy's home with instructions to do whatever they will with the boy along with a little bit of money for his care, before booking it to the airport as quickly as they could, and hadn't been heard from since then.

Then a few weeks after the Dursleys had left on their vacation, a teary eyed Marge Dursley had showed up at #4 Privet Drive with two moving vans, and had the workers start loading up her brothers property, and the Murphy's came to find out what was going on with Harry trailing behind them, they discovered from Marge that she had just received word that Vernon, Petunia, and Dudley had been in a horrible accident while on their trip, and that none of them had survived the accident, so she was there to pack up their belongings and sell the house.

When she was asked about what was to be done about Harry, Marge's face had contorted into a look of pure hatred and loathing, as she finally noticed the bespectacled brunette with the Murphy's as she hissed angrily in rage that she didn't care what happened to the boy, and that they could keep him for all she cared, because she wasn't going to take him in since he wasn't her family and wasn't any of her concern or responsibility, before storming off in anger muttering about no good orphan brats who should have been drowned under her breath as she went back to directing the movers.

Harry hadn't really been that broken up over hearing of his relatives demise, since he had grown to hate them as much as they had hated him over the years he had been stuck with them, but at the same time he had been worried about where he would go now, since his only family was gone, until the Murphy's offered him a temporary place in their home until things could be settled, and Harry had immediately accepted the offer.

As soon as they had gotten home, Alex had started making some calls, and child social services had shown up, and after talking with the family for a few hours, had decided to let Harry stay with the Murphy's under foster care until other arrangements could be found for the boy.

~-July 31, 2001, #8 Privet Drive, Surrey~-

Eight days after hearing the news about the Dursleys deaths while on vacation, found Harry and Carol in the Murphy's backyard playing pirates against each other with toy rubber swords, as they fought against each other.

Hermione wasn't there that day because she was off with her parents to go shopping for some mysterious new school that she had been enrolled into. When the duo had asked what kind of school it was, she had kept quiet about it for some reason, and would only said that it was a very private boarding school that she had been invited too, and that she wasn't allowed to say anything more about it to anyone, which left both Harry and Carol both feeling sad that they wouldn't be seeing their friend in the coming new school year, as we as a bit suspicious about exactly what kind of school Hermione was going to that she couldn't even tell them about it, but Hermione had remained firm in her silence about it to them.

"Avast there," Carol cried out as she stood on the railing of the treehouse dressed in a pair of striped shorts and a black t-shirt while waving a toy sword, while she and Harry faced off with each other in sword play, "Do you give up, ya mangy swab?"

"Never! Captain Potter never gives up!" Harry exclaims as he thrusts back and blocks Carol's attacks with his own sword, as they attack each other back and forth for a while until Carol finally got the upper hand and knocked Harry's sword out of his sending it flying a few feet, "Aw man!"

"Hah! I win!" Carol cheered as she smiled happily as she puts her toy sword to Harry's throat in a playful threatening manner, "You are unarmed, so do you yield now?"

"Fine I give up," Harry pouted a bit as he scowled at her for a moment.

"Good, come on let's go inside and get something to eat, I'm star- OW!" Carol started to say, when all of she yelped a bit in surprise and pain when something suddenly hit her on the head from above, and she just barely had time to catch the object as it slid off her head, as she stared down at a strange envelope that had a green seal on it, as she and Harry stared down at it confusion for a moment, "Where did this come from?"

A loud hoot caught the duo's attention, as they both looked up to see a brown and gold feathered barn own now sitting on a nearby chair, watching them expectantly as if waiting for something.

"That's weird, where did that barn owl come from, and what's it doing out in broad daylight?" Harry asked, confusion filling his voice as he eyed the owl warily for a moment, before turning his gaze back on Carol with a concerned look on his face as he saw her rubbing the back of her head where the letter had hit her, "Are you okay Carol?"

"I'm fine. I'll live. I think I was more surprised than hurt by the letter hitting me," Carol said with a slight shrug of her shoulders as she scowled at the barn own for a moment before her eyes narrowed at it, as she held up the letter and waved it at the owl, though she didn't really expect it to understand her, "Wait a minute. Did you bring this letter and hit me with it?"

If owls could look both smug and innocent at the same time, this particular owl definitely fit the bill, as it gave Carol an innocent sounding hoot as it tried not to look her in the eye.

"Why you..." Carol started to say, as her scowl darkened a bit more as she glared at the owl, not falling for its innocent act, when Harry suddenly cried out in surprise, causing her turn her attention on her friend instantly to see him peering out a nearby window, "what's wrong Harry?"

"Look out! Here comes another one," Harry announced as he looked out a nearby window and just barely ducked in time, with his butt hitting the floor just as another owl baring a letter came swooping into the treehouse, and dropped a letter into Harry's lap before it settled on the back chair next to the first owl, as Harry stared down at his own letter in confusion, as he picked it up off of his lap, "So I'm getting an letter delivered by owl too?"

"Looks like it," Carol said with a slight shrug of her shoulders as she looks her own letter over appraisingly for a moment before shooting another glare at the two owls for a moment before letting out a small sigh, as she starts peeling off the seal on her letter, "We might as well open them to see what's in them, because I don't think those owls are going to leave until we do."

"Okay, I guess you're right," Harry said, as he also started opening up his own letter.

~-Carol's POV~-



(Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc., Chf. Warlock,

Supreme Mugwump, International Confed. of Wizards)

Dear Miss Danvers-Murphy,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment. If you wish we will send a representative to visit to answer any questions you may have.

Term begins on September 1. We await your owl by no later than July 31st.

Yours Sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall,

Deputy Headmistress

'Okay this is weird. Who the heck are these people and how did they know where I currently was?' Carol thought indignantly to herself as she reread the letter in her hands, while glancing at the list of shopping supplies that was attached, as she shot a quick look around for any sign of people watching them but didn't see anyone in sight, 'I wonder how did they get such detailed information about where I am, in order to send an owl here?'

"Wow! Harry whispered, excitedly as he looked over his own letter for a moment, before glancing over Carol's should to take a peek at her letter and saw that it said the exact same thing, "I didn't know there were actual magic schools."

"Aw come on Harry. Don't tell me you actually believe in this rubbish," Carol said with a small huff as she scowled down at her letter for a moment as her eyes narrowed at it suspiciously, "It's obviously a prank of some kind. Maybe Dudders and his cronies thought it up before the Dursleys went off on their trip?"

"Even if they could think of something like this, Carol, where would they even get a trained owl to deliver it? I mean look at the addresses on these things. Besides Dudley's still away with Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon so he couldn't have pulled this," Harry asked sound skeptical as he looked at his friend, and saw the dark look on her face as she look down at her own letter, before turning his gaze back down to reread his letter, as he turned it over to look at the address, "They're addressed to our exact location here in the tree house. How do you explain that? Besides if it's real, that might explain all the strange stuff you've been able to do as well as what I can do myself."

"I don't know how, but I still think it has to be a prank." Carol said with another huff, as she glanced over at Harry for a moment, with a concerned look on her face as she thought over what he had just said and slowly realized that he was right, "But if it's not a prank, how do we prove that its real or not, and what does it mean by 'we await your owl'?"

"Well it says that we should send back a reply saying that we're coming doesn't it?" Harry said, as he glanced back up to see the two owls that had delivered their letters were still waiting for their replies, "and since the owls that delivered the letters are still here, I guess we're supposed to send our replies back through them then."

"Okay. Can you take our letters back for us?" Carol asked as she walked over to the two owls, who both hooted an affirmative to her question, and she smiled widely at them for a moment, "Good then just wait a bit, and I'll get some paper and a pen. Harry why don't you give them some water or something? They must be thirsty from their flight."

"Okay, Carol." Harry said as he walked over to where they had a water cooler filled with ice and drinks, and pulled out a couple of water bottles, and some plastic snack bowls they kept in the tree house, and poured the water into the bowels, and carried them over to the two owls who immediately dipped their beaks into the bowls and started drinking.

Meanwhile, Carol was rummaging through a stack of papers that were on a nearby table, before pulling out a blank sheet of paper and one of those color changing ink pens, set the color on the pen for purple, and quickly started writing a letter to the school.

Dear Professor McGonagall,

My friend Harry and I will love to come your school, even though neither of us know how or why we were invited. Is there any chance that you could send someone over to help explain things to us and tell us what your school is about, and how we can get our school supplies if we do decide to go?

Sincerely Yours,

Carol Danvers-Murphy

Just as Carol was finished signing her name on the letter, Harry asked her for her pen, and when she handed it over, he took it along with the letter she had just finished, before double clicking the pen's navy blue color ink slot, and started adding in a message of his own, onto Carol's letter.

Dear Professor McGonagall,

Just in case you don't know who I am from Carol's response to your invitation to your school, I'm sending my own reply through Carol's letter in order to save time, just to personally say that I'm also accepting your invite to your school too, and I also ask that you send someone from the school to talk with me as well as Carol about your school?

Sincerely yours,

Harry Potter

"Why did you add your own name and message to the letter, Harry?" Carol said looking a bit amused as Harry returned her color changing pen, as he started folding up the letter up and put it into the envelope it had arrived in,

"I figured it would save time and paper to write both of our replies on the letter," Harry said with a slight shrug of his shoulders as he grinned at Carol for a moment, as he folded up the letter, as a worried look appeared on his features for a moment, "Maybe we should go tell your mom what's going on first before we send out the reply?"

"Yeah, we might as well at least to make sure we can go to this school before we accept it," Carol said with a slight shrug of her shoulders as she glances up at the waiting owls, "Hey you guys mind waiting for a while, while we go talk to my mom?"

The two owls gave a resounding hoot that sounded like they had agreed to her request, so it didn't take the duo long to climb back down to the ground from the tree house, with the owl following right behind them, as they entered the kitchen where Karin Murphy was preparing lunch for the children with Max's help.

After reading the acceptance letters for herself, Karin was a bit skeptical about the whole thing, but reluctantly agreed that if the school was for real and not a hoax then, the two preteens would be allowed to go if they really wanted to go. Since they hadn't heard from the Dursleys in a long while, they decided to deal with the family on the school situation when the time comes, and the two children's reply letters were quickly sent off with the waiting owls.

To be continued...

Author's Notes:
I'm sorry everyone for the extremely long wait before the next chapter of this story, but I hit a major bad case of writers block for this story after the first chapter came out, and every time I would start it up again, then stop because of the writers Block hitting again. I never really meant for it to be this long before the updates, but while on my writers block for this story, you've all seen that I've gotten hooked on my other stories that had more updates than this one. lol

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Hey I have a few requests. I'm looking for a couple of stories that I remember reading before but it's been so long that I can't remember their titles, since the page links will automatically be erased if you post them, or even know if their still on this website. If you know the names, could you please send the titles to either my PM or leave it in a review? Here are the stories I'm looking for.
1. Before the final battle against Voldemort, Severus Snape and Hermione Granger had become a couple, and Hermione was pregnant with Severus' baby. During the final battle, Hermione is hit by an unknown spell and disappears from the battle never to be seen again and is presumed dead by everyone who knew her when they can't find her. Meanwhile Hermione reappears in the far future with amnesia because of the spell. A couple of years later, after building a new life and identity for herself and her unborn child, and still wondering about her unknown past, when she meets up again with a now elderly Severus Snape.
2. (Black Butler xover) The night Voldemort attacked the Potters and their twin sons, Lily and James, along with Harry's brother survive the night and the brother is named the BWL, while Harry winds up going missing on that fateful night. The backlash of Voldemort's attack on the twins sends Harry back in time to Victorian England, where he is found and adopted by the Phantomhive family, who recently lost their infant son to an illness, and is renamed as Ciel Phantomhive. Over a century later, the now immortal and demonic 'young' Ciel Phantomhive has been assigned by the queen to deal with the Voldemort situation, and is unknowingly reunited with the lost family he never knew he had, while he and Sebastien are trying to deal with Voldemort.
3. (slight Avengers xover) In the future, Lord Voldemort won against the Light Side and is ruling the world with an iron fist. Some outside forces from other countries, have hatched a plan to alter the past in order to give the world a better fighting chance, by changing Harry Potter's upbringing. They send their memories of the future into the past, and set in motion changes that would hopefully make the world a better place, by rescuing Harry Potter from the Dursleys, and placing him in the guardianship and care of a newly rescued Steve Rogers-Captain America, who is rescued a couple of years earlier than when he is supposed to have been 'found' and 'rescued' by S.H.I.E.L.D. from his frozen airplane tomb.
4. (Men in Black xover) When Harry Potter was still young, an accidental burst of magic sends him to America far away from the abusive Dursleys and manipulative old wizards, where he is found and later adopted by Agent K of the Men In Black, and is given a new name and identity. As he is raised in the M.I.B. headquarters by his new father, Harry grows up learning all about the existence of aliens and is in training to be a future operative of the M.I.B., completely unaware that back in England, everyone in the magical world is going crazy trying to find their missing savior. (looking for sequel too)
5. Harry Potter has a younger sister who was born shortly before the attack on the Potters by Voldemort. The two of them are separated by Dumbledore after that fateful night, with Harry being sent to stay with the Dursleys, while the sister is adopted by good Malfoys after Lucius manages to pull some strings to get custody of her, and a few years later the Malfoys manage to get Harry away from the Dursleys and he's raised alongside his sister, with Draco as his brother, and the sister goes to Beauxbaton at a young age instead of Hogwarts.

Started On: August 21, 2014
Finished On: January 3, 2015