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Chapter 16: The Battle of Witch's Ranch

The students from Yokai Academy sat in their room a feeling of gloom filled the air. After Ruby left they digested what she said and what could happen and it wasn't very pleasant.

"According to Ruby her master is planning on destroying this town. I don't know about you guys but I'm not going to just stand by and let that happen. I fought for this place once and I'll do it again." Naruto said.

"I can't let you run off by yourself. Knowing you, you would do something stupid and endanger yourself." Ura said. It was her own way of saying she would watch his back during this whole ordeal.

"Way to have faith in me Ura-chan." Naruto grumbled but he still smiled at the girl knowing what she meant by that.

"I really thought we could be friends with Ruby-san. I can't believe she just ran off like that." Yukari said with a frown as someone opened the door.

"That may be, but if you don't do something she'll end up killing a lot of innocent people." A creepy voice said. Turning towards the door they were shocked to see the bus driver standing their nonchalantly. Naruto was the first to react as he jumped to his feet pointing an accusing finger at the man.

"What the hell are you doing here you bastard? How can you act all calm when you ditched us in the middle of nowhere?!" Naruto shouted glaring at the man in annoyance but the bus driver just ignored him.

"The master is finally making a move. If I had to guess, I'd say she'd bring an army to destroy this place. An army that includes this Ruby person you're so fond of. Now that you know this what are you going to do? Are you just going to sit here feeling sorry while she kills innocent people or will you fight back?" he asked his glowing eyes boring into them.

"How do you know all this?" Tsukune asked looking at him in shock.

"That's not important right now boy. You still haven't answered my question. Those two already know what they are going to do." He said pointing at Naruto and Ura "But what about you and the rest?"

Tsukune was silent as he thought about everything he heard the past few hours.

"I say we bring Ruby-san back." Tsukune answered.

"Bring her back?" Omote repeated earning a nod from the human.

"I understand why she would hate humans, but we just can't sit here and do nothing. Letting her kill these innocent people won't help her. So let's go back to the Witch's Ranch and convince her that she doesn't need to do this." Tsukune said determination settled in his eyes.

"Then it's settled. We stop this army from destroying Wave country and convince Ruby to come back." Naruto summed up earning a nod from the others.

'Looks like you're about to have some fun huh kit?' Kurama asked.

'Looks like it.' Naruto agreed as they began to make up a plan.

Witch's Ranch

"Master…I have returned." Ruby said shaking a bit in nervousness.

"Ruby…it appears that you were defeated by mere humans? Care to explain?" her master asked.

"Um…you see…" Ruby started but was interrupted when a vine suddenly snaked itself around the can of soda in Ruby's hand before snatching it away from her grip.

"There is no need to explain. I have already heard everything from the crows." The master said, vines coming out of her sleeve.

"M-Master wait!" Ruby said surprised by her master sudden action.

"Not only have you lost to mere humans, you have let their words affect you to the point where you essentially befriend them." Her master said with a harsh glare causing Ruby to flinch using the vine to crush the can.

"What a shame. I thought I taught you better. Do you know have many witches have been killed by humans? Witches like your parents?" her master continued throwing the crushed can at Ruby.

"You know how much I hate humans but you befriend them anyway? Such a disgrace to our race. Looks like I need to teach you some lessons again." The master said her eyes glowing with power as vines snaked around Ruby's neck.

"M-Master w-what…are y-you doing…" Ruby struggled as the vine around her neck tightened its hold as more vines snaked around her preventing her from moving.

"You must be punished for what you have done." The master simply answered.

"P-Pleas wait! I-I'm sorry!" Ruby gasped out as tears formed at the end of her eyes. Closing her eyes Ruby said a silent prayer hoping to be spared when the two witches heard an engine running. The neck thing they knew shuriken where flying through the air cutting the vines in half freeing Ruby. They looked to see a bus drive right past them with Naruto standing on top of the vehicle.

"Hey lady! Back off!" Naruto shouted as he jumped of the bus kick the older witch in the face pushing her away from Ruby.

"N-Naruto?" Ruby asked surprised as she pulled off the remaining vines.

"And friends." Naruto said pointing his thumb over his shoulder at the bus.

"I will never get used to the way you drive." Tsukune complained as he stepped out of the bus.

"That guy is insane. How in the world did someone like him get a job like with when he drives that way?" Kurumu added with Omote nodding in agreement.

"I don't feel so good." Yukari groaned looking a little green.

"You guys need to shape up. The fight is about to start." Ura said looking perfectly alright.

"W-What are you guys doing here?" Ruby asked surprised. Hearing this Yukari's face broke into a smile.

"Where here to help you Ruby-san." She answered with the others nodding in agreement.

"Actually they are here to help you. I am here for the fight." Ura corrected causing them to sweat drop.

'AS blunt as always.' Everyone thought.

"If this is what it is like riding one of those 'buses' I'll stick to traveling on foot." They heard another voice from the voice say.

"I agree. Just sitting around instead of actually running ruins a perfect training opportunity. To think, such an un-youthful machine exists in this world." Another voice agreed. Two more people stepped out of the bus revealing Neji Huyuga and Rock Lee.

"Who are they?" Ruby asked never seeing them before.

"Just some friends of mine." Naruto asked turning towards the master who was now standing back on her feet looking at the group in disgust.

"So you're the group who has turned Ruby against me? What are you doing back on Witch's Ranch?" she asked releasing a wave of youki.

'What is this? It's like chakra but at the same time it's completely different.' Neji thought activating his byakugan.

'This aura…impressive. She will not go down easily.' Ura observed.

The master looked at the group before her eyes settled on Yukari. Noticing this Yukari shifted nervously in her spot.

"Young witch we are the same race. I am willing to give you another chance. Come join us. Help us rid this place of those humans and show them who the superior race is." The master said looking Yukari straight in the eyes.

Yukari looked at her before shaking her head and taking a step closer to her friends. Seeing this caused the master to sigh and shake her head in disappointment.

"I see…what a shame." She said.

"You never mentioned that your friend was a witch Naruto." Neji said glancing at the blonde.

"I didn't? Oops, must have slipped my mind." Naruto said sheepishly.

"It would appear so." Neji deadpanned knowing full well that it didn't slip his mind, Naruto never had the intention of sharing this bit of information.

"It's not like it matter right now! Besides in case you forgot we have a bad guy trying to wipe out humans!" Naruto said pointing at the master.

"I suppose I will let you off the hook for now. But you know I will have to question you about certain things now right?" Neji asked shifting into the Gentle Fist stance as Lee took the Strong Fist stance.

"I know but let's save it for when we beat the bad guy and save the day." Naruto muttered.

"It looks like all of you really plan on stopping me. If that is the case then you will have to die." The master said the aura around her increasing as the ground beneath them began to shift and shake.

"L-Lady Oyakata!" Ruby shouted in surprise as the elder witch's army began to rise from the earth.

"What is that?" Kurumu asked staring at them in shock.

"Plant magic is my specialty. Allow me to show you the monsters I have grown." Oyakata explained waving her arm at the plant like monsters.

"With you here it will actually give me the opportunity how they do in combat. Exterminate them." Oyakata ordered. The plat like monster let loose a terrifying screech before charging at the group raising its claw. Before it could hit Naruto blocked its attack and kicked the beast back to its master.

"Nice try but we're not going down without a fight." Naruto said.

"No wait! We're not here to talk! We came here to fight!" Tsukune said causing Naruto and Ura to blink.

'What is he talking about? I definitely came here to fight.' Both thought in confusion.

"We came to help think of ways to protect the ranch." Tsukune continued. Oyakata was silent as she listened to Tsukune before she smirked. The plant monster attacked with its vine like tail connecting with Tsukune's face.

"How dare you. After all the things you humans have done you think a little begging will save you? How foolish." Oyakata spat out glaring at Tsukune.

"I'm foolish? What about you?" Tsukune asked getting back on his feet.

'Of all the times Tsukune had to grow a back bone it had to be against an all powerful witch.' Naruto thought sarcastically. True he agreed with Tsukune about not wanting to hurt anyone but there are some people who don't listen to words. Instead they listen to a good ass kicking and he had a feeling that Oyakata was one of these people.

"Ruby-san…we saw how conflicted she was earlier. All the years of hating humans are taking its toll on her. If you go through with this plan of yours it will only hurt her more." Tsukune said shocking the other people.

"Why do we have to fight? Why can't we find a way to live alongside each other peacefully?" Tsukune finished looking at a shocked Oyakata with a determined look. The shock soon disappeared and was replaced with pure rage.

"Friends? Don't make me laugh human. Trash like you can never understand us witches. What you say is nothing more than a foolish dream!" she roared as the plant monster attacked.

Tsukune closed his eyes preparing for the pain but it never happened. Instead he heard what sounded like something getting pierced. He opened his eyes to see the plant monster standing in front of him with a black blade sticking out of its chest. Looking further ahead he saw that it was Ruby who stabbed the creature with her blade like wing.

"Lady Oyakata, please stop it. I'm tired of all this useless fighting." Ruby pleaded much to her master's surprise as she waved her wings cutting the plant monster to ribbons.

"Ruby…" her master said not expecting this.

"My lady, is this really the only way? Is battle the only answer?" Ruby asked solemnly as she recalled a memory of her parents wishing how humans and witches could live side by side in peace.

"I want to believe them…" she said quietly as a few tears fell from her eyes. "I want to believe that we can live with humans in peace."

"Ruby you…" Oyakata said as the others smiled at Ruby's words. But their smiles fell when a vine shot from the ground and stabbed Ruby from behind.

"Ruby-san are you alright?" Tsukune asked as she coughed up blood.

"You are all too foolish. And now you are in my way. You leave me no choice…I will have to destroy you all." Oyakata said glaring at the group in front of her.

"Hey what the hell was that for? Wasn't she your friend?" Naruto shouted glaring back at the older witch.

"She betrayed me and paid the price." Oyakata answered her magical power increasing as the plants around them began to grow at an accelerated rate and began to twist around.

"The city, humans I will destroy everything I hate." She declared.

"What's going on? What's happening to the plants?" Tsukune asked.

"Awaken my army of Man-Eating Plants!" Oyakata shouted as more plant like monsters appeared from the ground.

"This isn't good." A panicked Kurumu said.

"I had no idea there would be so many." Omote added.

" Eliminate them!" Oyakata ordered as the plant like monsters charged. The group tensed as they watched them charged when the three Konoha shinobi (former in Naruto's case) jumped in between them.

"Revolving Heaven" Neji said as he began to spin around at high speeds as a shield of rotating chakra formed around the Hyuga prodigy pushing back any of the plant monsters that touched it.

"Leaf Whirlwind" Lee shouted delivering a series of high and low kicks the sent the plant monsters flying.

"Kitsune-Bi: Multiple Fox Bullets" Naruto said taking a deep breath before firing a wave of small white and blue fire balls that exploded when it hit their targets.

"We understand that you hold a grudge against humans but it is our job to stop you from destroying Wave." Neji said getting back into his Gentle Fist stance.

"Yes we cannot allow you to do something so un-youthful." Lee nodded getting back into his own fighting stance.

"Sorry lady but you just attacked my friends…now it's time to pay!" Naruto said glaring at the older witch.

'Incredible…is this what shinobi are capable of?' Tsukune thought surprised that humans, ninja or not, were able to do such feat.

'I msut say I am rather impressed. I never would have thought humans could reach this level of strength.' Ura inwardly praised.

"I will admit, I was not expecting this from mere humans but it does not matter. The time has come and my plan is already in action." Oyakata said as more plant monsters grew from the ground.

"This isn't goo. There are a lot of them, they might get past us." Naruto said looking at the size of the large army in front of them.

"That is why we took precautions. Sakura and Tenten are back in the city to defend it from any of these monsters that might get past us." Neji commented his Byakugan activated.

"Once we show these creatures the how bright or flames of youth burn they will back down." Lee said with a grin as his teeth sparkled a little.

"Enough talk! It's time for you fools to die!" the witch shouted pulling out a book from her cloak that glowed brightly. She was about to prepare her next attack when a voice shouted for her to stop.

"No! Please wait my Lady! Please do not fall too far into your anger. I've only spent a short period of time with these people but I have seen that it may be possible to for us to coexist with them. If there is even the slightest bit of chance for that then I think we should take it but if we go through with your plan then we might lose that opportunity forever." Ruby explained hoping her master would listen. Oyakata was silent before looking at Ruby in disappointment.

"What has happened to you? Have you forgotten that I was the one who took care of you as a child and how do you repay me? You side with the humans. Such a disgrace!" she finished with a glare waving her arm signaling for her army to attack.

"Looks like words won't be able to convince her." Naruto muttered before turning to Ura and pulling her Rosario off. A wave of youki filled the area as Ura's more vampiric features took over. Once complete she turned to Naruto.

"It's about time. I was beginning to think you would never remove my limiter." Ura said with a smirk.

"And deprive you of your fun? Never." Naruto joked before turning to the rest of the Yokai Academy students.

"You guys stick together and try not to get killed." And with that he charged head first into the army.

"Still as reckless as always." Neji said shaking his head a bit.

"Naruto-kun's flames of youth still burn as bright as ever." Lee added.

'No way am I letting Naruto stick me with this guy.' Ura thought before following Naruto into the midst of the army attacking everything in sight.

One of the plant monsters was able to get past Lee and Neji as it lunged right at Tsukune. The human took a startled step back. Closing his eyes he waited for the pain but a familiar voice rung through the air.

"Don't worry Tsukune-kun! I'll save you!" Kurumu said, her nails lengthened to the point where they were slightly larger than knives as she shredded the monster to ribbons.

"Kurumu-chan?" Tsukune said in shock before sending the succubus a thankful smile. However the smile fell from his face when he saw another plant monster attacking Kurumu from behind.

"Kurumu-chan look out!" Tsukune shouted. The succubus quickly looked turned around in surprise and cursed when she saw she had no time to dodge. Bracing herself she was surprised when a green blur appeared between the two.

"To attack your opponent from behind, such an un-youthful act will not go unpunished!" Lee roared hitting the monster with a devastating kick. Landing on his feet Lee looked over his shoulder and smiled at a dazed Kurumu.

"I may not know you that well but you are a friend of Naruto-kun's. So I swear that Konoha's Handsome Green beast will protect you all." Lee vowed turning around giving them his signature nice guy pose.

"T-Thank you." Kurumu said finally coming out of her stupor offering the green clad shinobi a bright smile.

From his spot Tsukune released a sigh of release from his spot. That was a close he. He was really grateful that Naruto's friends were here with them or things could have gotten a lot differently.

From where she stood Oyakata frowned in contemplation.

'That blue haired girl and the silver haired one…that was definitely youki I felt released when they attacked. But why would yokai associate themselves with humans?' she thought before her eyes narrowed.

'In the end it doesn't matter. They have sided with the humans, they will fall.' She continued as more of her soldiers attacked. The monster charged at Lee and Kurumu but whenever they got near the two of them they were pulverized and slashed respectively.

'It would be easier if I could sprout my wings out but Naruto said I had to keep my identity as a succubus a secret if possible.' Kurumu thought slashing another plant monster. Three more leapt into the air ready to pounce but they were stopped by tarot cards that flew through the air piercing them until they fell to the ground lifeless.

"Yukari-chan…" Kurumu blinked in surprise.

"Don't worry, I'm also fighting. I won't leave my friends." Yukari stated standing by the succubus' side.

"What are you doing? Don't you know that something like this is dangerous for little kids?" Kurumu teased causing a tick mark to form on Yukari's head.

"Be quiet. Someone like you shouldn't be telling others to back off." Yukari shot back causing Kurumu to turn and glare at the younger witch.

"Someone like me? What is that supposed to mean?" Kurumu asked.

"I won't waste my time trying to explain it to you." Yukari said glaring back at her as lighting appeared between them. Seeing this Lee let loose an amused laugh.

"It is nice to see such a bond between two eternal rivals." He said with a smile acting like they weren't in the middle of a life or death battle. From the sides Tsukune watched them in an almost awe like state while Ruby watched them carefully.

'They are much stronger then I originally thought.' Ruby mused watching as the three of them took down any of the soldier that came near them.

"Tsukune we need to help them." Omote said catching the human's attention.

"You're right. I wanted to avoid fighting if possible but it looks like that isn't going to happen." Tsukune said as he snatched Omote's Rosario. Her eyes turned a slight shade of red as her pupils turned into slits and a silver streak appeared in her pink hair.

"It looks like Lee is helping your friends so I will assist you." Neji said appearing by them striking down another plant monster.

"Thank you Neji-san." Tsukune said relieved that they would have some help.

"No need to thank me. Like Lee said you are Naruto's friends so we will do what we can to protect you." The Hyuga said striking another plant monster that tried to attack from behind.

"I may not be as strong as the rest of you…but I won't stand by and watch as my friends fight with everything they have." Tsukune declared reaching into his jacket and pulled out two kunai knives.

Flashback: After Semester Test

Once the tests were over Tsukune asked if he could talk to Naruto in private. Naruto was a little confused but didn't have a problem with it. The two of them were currently standing on the roof Tsukune with a serious expression while Naruto wore a questioning one.

"So…what can I help you with Tsukune?" the blonde asked as he tilted is head. The brown haired human was silent as he took a deep breath before looking him straight in the eyes.

"Naruto, I need a favor…"

"What is it?" Naruto asked curiously. Tsukune took a deep breath and bowed causing the blonde to raise a brow in confusion.

"Please train me!" Tsukune asked causing the blondes eyes to widen slightly.


"Ever since school started we have been getting into all kinds of trouble and I have always had to stay in the background and let the others fight for me. I don't want to be a burden anymore so please, can you train me?" Tsukune explained looking Naruto in the eyes showing how serious he was. Naruto stared at him for a minute before speaking.

"Chances are I won't be able to teach you moves like the Shadow Clone Technique or the Rasengan but I can definitely teach you how to defend yourself. But I'm warning you Tsukune, I won't go easy one you" Naruto answered causing Tsukune to smile.

"I understand, thank you."

End of Flashback

"Just because I am a normal human doesn't mean you can underestimate me." Tsukune said ducking to dodge a strike from the plan monster before stabbing its side with both kunai. The monster screeched in pain when Tsukune continued to move the knives creating deep gash marks as the beast staggered back.

"Amazing Tsukune!" Omote appraise as she kneed a monster in the stomach followed by a hard punch that sent it crashing into another.

'I see almost no chakra in him and judging by his stance I would say he is a normal civilian. Naruto must have showed him a thing or two. As for these girls…there is something off with their chakra.' Neji observed taking down two more plant monsters.

"We're doing goo but there are still a lot of them." Kurumu stated covered in a thin layer of sweat.

With Naruto and Ura

"This is starting to get annoying." Naruto said throwing a hand full of shuriken coated with wind chakra slicing anything they touched.

"Yes they aren't that much of a challenge. The only thing they seem to have are numbers." Ura added as she did a hand stand before spinning around kicking anything that was in range.

"Time to take down a large chunk of their army." Naruto said.

"Shadow Clone Technique" he said as two clones appeared by his side before they took a deep breath.

"Kitsune-Bi: Multiple Fox Bullets" they said in unison before they each released a wave of white and blue fireballs.

"Impressive." Ura said jumping in the air before hitting an axe kick that was able to create a crater blowing back any of the monsters that had the misfortune of being too close.

"Hope the others are okay." Naruto aid offhandedly punching another soldier before throwing it over his shoulder.

"I'm sure they are fine. Besides, those friends of yours seem fairly strong. Never before in my life would I have guessed humans could reach that level of strength." Ura said as she crashed her elbow down on one of the soldiers skulls.

"Oh yea, I know personally that those two are some of the strongest people you'll ever meet." Naruto said remembering his past encounters with the two male members of Team Gai.

"Besides once we take down this witch the army should fall." Ura said.

"Got it." Naruto said as the two continued to plow their way through the army of plant monsters.

From her spot Oyakata studied her opponents with a calculating eye. They were proving to be far more difficult then she originally thought but she was confident that she would succeed in the end. She opened the book in her hand as the light around it glowed more intensely.

"It seems that you still don't understand. Perhaps you will once I show you the destruction that humans bring." She said as the light increased until it engulfed everyone in the area. The light was so bright that they had to shield their eyes. Once the light faded they opened their eyes but were surprised at what they saw. They no longer stood in the middle of a bountiful field instead they stood in a giant wasteland filled with pollution.

"What happened? Where are we?" Tsukune asked.

'Is this some kind of genjutsu?' Neji asked himself studying the place with his byakugan.

"Do you understand? This is what the future holds for my ranch. As their city blooms nature will perish. They will reduce my home to a mere trash site." Oyakata said distastefully.

"Do you understand now? I have lived in this world for 100 years. I have seen different human civilizations from modern day to the old style cities like the ones here. Do you understand my anger? They wish to turn my home into a storage for their trash." She explained.

The Yokai Academy students and Konoha shinobi were silent as the listened to her tale hoping to have a better understanding. If they understood her pain then they may be able to find a more peaceful solution.

"Right now I am alone but I used to have friends. Friends that were driven away from their homes by humans because of the constant war that took place. This place became a safe haven for us. A home where we could be safe. You want me to just forget about the pain you humans have caused me! It is because of you that so many witches have died and suffered. Your constant fighting and your constant need for change but in the end it is us who suffers!" Oyakata roared years of anger pouring out of her. Hearing this caused Naruto to sigh.

"It seems like you have lost a lot during your life. Even though you've suffered a lot I can't just stand by and let you get away with this. You're getting lost in your anger in your need for revenge." Naruto said as he thought of another person who was so focused on revenge he left everything behind.

"I already watched someone fall into their inner darkness. I don't know you that well but during this fight I'm going to watch carefully. If there is even the slightest chance to bring you out of your darkness then I'll pull you out." Naruto said bringing the attention to himself.

"I really want to believe that it is possible to live in a peaceful world. A world without hate, where we can all get along with each other…but that kind of world won't just come to us. We have to work to get it and I'll start by mending the relationships between humans and witches." Naruto said looking straight into Oyakata's eyes. The elder witch was taken aback from the honesty in his eyes but regained composure and scoffed.

"You think I'll forgive you just because of some pretty words?" she asked angrily but Naruto just shook his head.

"No, it would be pointless to apologize because I do not speak for the entire human race. What I can do is stop this plan from causing even more hatred between our kind." Naruto said.

"Bold words but in the end they are only words." She sneered as vines shot towards them until they grabbed both Omote and Ura before pulling them towards her.

"But what good are those words now that I have your friends?" she taunted as more vines wrapped around them trapping them in place. From her place Ura glared harshly at the witch.

'I can't believe I let my guard down. I swear when I get out of this I am going to destroy her.' She thought as she tried to break free.

"Oi! Let them go!" Naruto shouted glaring. He really wanted to make peace with the older witch but she was making it really difficult.

"What are you going to do? You claim that you want to end this hatred between our kind and yet I can see such anger in your eyes." Oyakata taunted.

"Of course I'm angry! Here I am trying to make peace with you and you go and capture some of my friends!" Naruto shot back.

"Naruto calm down! She's just trying to rile you up." Tsukune said trying to calm his friend down although inside he was just as mad.

"Well she's doing a really good job." Naruto said through gritted teeth.

"What's this? Aren't you going to save your friends?" Oyakata mocked as the vines snaked around the vampires' necks.

'Damn it! I really wanted to solve this peacefully. Sorry Tsukune, Ruby but it looks like we'll have to fight in the end.' Naruto thought pulling out a handful of shuriken. Coating them with wind chakra he threw them with expert precision as they shredded any of the plant monsters they made contact with.

"Sorry Ruby. I know you really care about your master, but it looks like she'll only listen to force." Naruto apologized as his shuriken reached the trapped vampires cutting the vines and freeing them. Once free Ura glared at the older witch who blink in surprise, she was not expecting a human to throw something at such speeds.

"I should warn you, I am not as forgiving as the others." Ura said in a cold done as she delivered a hard spinning heel kick that sent the older witch flying.

"Are you alright Omote?" Ura asked keeping her eyes on Oyakata.

"I'm okay Ura-chan." She reassured as she gingerly rubbed her neck.

"Good." Ura said as Naruto landed by her side.

"Now that you guys are free it's time to end this." Naruto said once he saw that the twins were alright.

"Yes, she wanted an all out battle I say we give it to her." Ura added.

"Don't underestimate me foolish children." Oyakata said with a smirk wiping a bit of blood from the side of her mouth. But soon the smirk turned into a snarl as she pointed her book towards the Ura and Naruto the light around it intensify as the remaining plant monster began to swarm their master.

"Oh no!" Ruby gasped "She's using magic!" she said panic clear in her voice.

"I have lived for over 100 years. Let me show you the true depth of my magic. You will regret making this serious." The older which said as the plant monster began to fuse together.

"What is going on?" Tsukune said looking at the scene in front of them in disbelief.

"I-I don't know." Omote said with a slight stuttered a feeling of nervousness washed over her.

"It looks like she her minds set." Naruto said gravely.

"Yes, it would appear that she will not change until death." Ura added.

"Please master, stop it!" Ruby pleaded tears falling out of her eyes before an explosion of light blinded them. Once the light was gone the group looked ahead but their eyes widened in horror at what they saw.

Standing in front of them was a giant monster with multiple tentacle like arms and mouths covering its body. Opening the giant mouth in its center, which revealed sharp teeth, they saw Oyakata standing there, vines wrapped around her and her book which was covered in a bright aura.

"Impressive isn't it? Compared to my years of experience and my powers you are nothing." She taunted looking down at them. "Whatever little tricks you have bring it on! The time to cleanse this world of humans has come!"

"It looks like our mission has gotten a bit more complicated." Neji commented.

"Whoa…that's big." Naruto muttered.

"Yes…I was not expecting this." Ura added watching the beast warily.

"No…she used fusion. I didn't want this to happen." Ruby whispered as tears fell down her cheeks.

"What are we going to do?" Tsukune said staring at the monstrosity with a pained look. Why couldn't they resolve this peacefully?

"Get back." Ura suddenly ordered. The other blinked as Ura and Naruto took a step towards the monster.

"What? Ura-chan Naruto you can't be thinking of fighting this thing by yourself." Omote said.

"Sorry but you guys don't have the battle experience to handle this. Neji Lee I know that this was originally your mission but you can leave it to us." Naruto said stretching a bit his eyes never leaving the behemoth in front of him.

Neji was about to protest but Naruto beat him to it.

"I know you're going to try and stop me Neji but you should know by now that I have the habit of doing the impossible. Beside we don't know what other tricks she may have so it would be good to wait and see just in case we need back up. In the mean time if you can help protect my friends that would be helpful." Naruto continued causing Neji to sigh and nod.

"Very well but do not die. Tsunade-sama will have my head." Neji said as he backed away towards the group of students with Lee as they began to make their way to a safe distance.

"Don't worry I got this. Ready Ura-chan?" Naruto asked glancing at the girl by his side.

"Do you even need to ask?" she answered with her own question.

"Are you serious? You two plan to take me on by yourselves?" Oyakata mocked.

"I thought I already told you, if you wanted an all out battle then I would be more then glad to give you one." Ura said looking at the witch defiantly without an ounce of fear despite the odd against them.

"I already tried to take the peaceful route but you're the one who wants to fight." Naruto added.

"Fools." Oyakata said snapping her fingers. The giant monster waved one of its tentacles and swung it at the two of them. The two jumped out of the way as the tentacles crashed into the ground smashing anything in its path. Naruto jumped onto the tentacle and began to run across it. Oyakata saw this and smirk before snapping her fingers again. Naruto's eyes widened when thorns, which were practically spikes considering how large they were, began to shoot out of the tentacle. He began to weave around them but once of the thorns grazed him forcing him to jump off the tentacle.

"Damn it." Ura cursed as she began to charge only for her to change directions when another tentacle crashed right in front of her the force of the impact blowing her away.

"Not good." Naruto muttered. He was able to run towards Ura when a root shot out from the ground and whipped him away.

"Naruto!" Ura shouted seeing her blonde friend crash into a tree only to have the same thing happen to her.

"Is this it? I thought you were going to stop me?" Oyakate sneered as they got back to her feet.

With the others

Watching from a safe distance the group from Konoha and Yokai Academy stood there waiting to see if they were needed.

"I know that Naruto and Ura-san are strong but do you think they can really defeat this thing?" Tsukune asked pointing at the giant plant creature before them.

"It may seem impossible but like Naruto said before he attacked, he has a knack for doing the impossible." Neji said. Although he was worried about his friend he knew that if anyone could defeat this thing it would be Naruto. Also his friend seemed to be quite the capable fighter.

"I agree, there are very few people whose flames of youth can compare to Naruto-kun's." Lee added.

'This is bad. Naruto and Ura are strong but this is pushing it. If only I could sprout my wings we can get to that witch through the air but Naruto said to keep them hidden from his ninja friends.' Kurumu thought with a frown. She wasn't one to look for a fight like Ura but just standing here and watching two of her friends fight for their lives made her feel helpless.

"Be careful you two." Omote whispered as she clasped her hands in front of her chest.


"She is starting to get on my nerves." Ura growled out as she pushed the remains of the tree she crashed into off of her. As she stood up she saw another root heading right for her. She raised her arms in an attempt to block the attack when Naruto suddenly appeared. Quickly wrapping an arm around her waist he jumped out of the way as the root slammed into the ground creating a large explosion of dust.

"Any ideas?" Ura asked once Naruto set her down.

"I have one. The only real disadvantage we have is that giant ass plant thing she has on her side." Naruto said causing Ura to raise a brow.

"And how do you plan on getting rid of that disadvantage? Are you telling me that you can grow that big?" Ura asked disbelievingly.

"No but I can do the next best thing." Naruto said with a smirk as he bit into his thumb drawing blood.

The next thing that happened shocked Ura. One moment she watched Naruto make a few hand seals before slamming it into the ground. Next some strange symbols appeared on the ground before a large cloud of smoke exploded around them. Coughing a bit she blinked when the smoke clear. No longer was she standing on the ground. Instead she and Naruto were standing on the head of a large magenta toad with black markings on its head, arms and legs with horn like protrusions. He wore a black kimono with a white sash and mesh armor underneath. In its hands it wielded a shield and a sasumata.

"Yo! The names Naruto." Naruto introduced himself.

"A pleasure to meet you Naruto-dono. Gamabunta-sama has spoken highly about you. My name is Gamaken." The giant toad said.

"Nice to meet you Gamaken. I could really use some help talking this thing down. Think you can lend a hand?" Naruto asked pointing at the giant plant monster. Gamaken studied his opponent before answering.

"Although I am very clumsy I will fight by your side." Gamaken answered earning a grin from Naruto.

"Naruto…what's going on?" Ura asked wondering where this giant toad came from and how it knew Naruto.

"What do you mean?" Naruto asked with a raised brow.

"What I mean is, why is there a giant frog here?" Ura clarified.

"Actually Ura-chan he's a toad." Naruto corrected causing Ura to twitch.

"Fine, why is there a giant talking toad here?" Ura said.

"Geez Ura-chan, you act like this is your first time seeing one." Naruto said with a grin.

"It is." Ura deadpanned.

"Oh, well I signed a contract that lets me summon toads to help me in battle and stuff." Naruto said trying to find the simplest way to explain it.

"I really shouldn't be surprised anymore when it comes to you." Ura said resting her face in her hand.

"Relax, thanks to Gamaken here we've increased our chances of winning." Naruto said before turning back to Oyakata who was looking at them in shock.

With the others

"Is that a giant frog?" Tsukune asked in disbelief.

"Actually it is a giant toad." Neji corrected. He had heard tales of the legendary toad contract but this was his first time seeing one of the summons. "It seems Naruto has evened the playing field."

"You mean Naruto summoned it?" Omote asked with wide eyes.

"Yes, he is one of the few people who have signed the toad contract. Because of that he is able to call on them to assist him in battle." Neji explained.

'So he can use toads in battle like I can with crows.' Ruby thought to herself her grief for her master put on hold as she watched the shocking new development.


"Alright Gamaken, let's go!" Naruto shouted.

"Right away Naruto-dono." Gamaken said as he jumped towards the plant monster swinging his sasumata. Ura stumbled a bit when the giant toad suddenly moved but Naruto wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her closer to him keeping her on her feet.

"Careful Ura-chan, we wouldn't want you to fall down now would we?" he teased despite their situation.

"Well excuse me for not being used to battle on a mountain sized toad." Ura shot back with an annoyed glare.

Once the monster was in range Gamaken thrust his sasumata hitting it in the neck causing the creature to roar as it was pushed back. Gamaken followed through by jumping into the air. Seeing this Oyakata had her monster aim its large vine like tentacles at the giant toad who merely blocked it with his shield. Once the vines were out of the way he unleashed a barrage of attack from above with his sasumata forcing the creature to stagger back with each hit it took.

"I have no idea how a mere human can do the things you do but I will not let you win!" Oyakata roared as more vines attacked but they were blocked and torn to shreds with a swing of Gamaken's weapon.

"Looks like you secluded yourself from humans for too long it you don't know anything about shinobi." Naruto said as Gamaken leapt into the air again.

However this time things turned out differently as vines from every direction went after him. Unable to block the all a vine was able to snake around the giant toad's leg before tossing him away. The sudden action cause Naruto and Ura to fall off of Gamaken and the two were left high in the air as gravity took its course and caused the them to plummet towards the ground. Seeing this Gamaken quickly threw his sasumata like a spear as Naruto acted. He grabbed onto Ura and held her bridal style as he gathered chakra into his feet. Once the sasumata reached them he stuck on it like he was a magnet as they flew towards the monster. The giant weapon finally made a stop when it landed a direct hit on the plant monster's neck again as Naruto quickly jumped into its mouth where they saw Oyakata glaring at them hatefully.

"It looks like we finally made it." Naruto said as he settled Ura down on her feet.

"Finally, I was beginning to think we would never reach her." Ura added glaring at the witch.

"Again I have no idea why a yokai would ally themselves with a human much less a vampire like yourself but in the end you will fall." Oyakata sneered.

"So you know what I am? Then you must know you will lose this battle." Ura taunted with a smirk.

"Of course I know. Those red eyes of yours not to mention the amount of yoki that is coming from you, it was only a matter of time I figure out what you were." Oyakata answered as multiple vines grew thorns around them before firing them and Naruto and Ura. Though they dodge most of them they were still too much causing them to get a few cuts but nothing fatal.

"Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise. Imagine the possibilities if I were to absorb your power." Oyakata mused as she licked her lips hungrily.

"Tch. Don't get so cocky." Ura scoffed as she charged at the witch as she summoned more roots and vines. Ura weaved and turned to avoid them as she got into range. She went for a powerful kick but just as she was about to hit Oyakata sunk into the ground causing the vampire to stumble.

"Where did she go?" she asked looking around.

"Maybe this time you'll learn to stay down!" The witch shouted as she appeared from as a large root slammed into Ura who was sent flying out of the mouth. She would have begun falling to the ground but vines shout out of the monster wrapping themselves around her limbs keeping her airborne.

"Damn it. Even the inside of that monster is a powerful weapon for her." Ura cursed glaring at the witch.

"Don't forget about me!" Naruto shouted suddenly as he appeared behind the witch. She had just enough time to turn to be met with a strong haymaker followed by a bone shattering kick to the side. He would have continued but thorn covered wines wrapped themselves around Naruto from all directions. He bit back a curse when he felt the small spikes dig into his flesh.

"I think in the end it was you two who overestimated yourself." Oyakata said with a victorious smirk. Naruto glared at her before looking out of the monsters mouth hoping to see Gamaken coming to help only to curse inwardly to see the giant toad constricted by large roots that appeared to be squeezing the life out of him.

"Now then, time let's begin shall we?" she asked as a tentacle stabbed Ura's left shoulder causing her to bite back a curse.

"What are you doing?" she asked wincing as she felt the tentacle moving around from inside her body. Naruto wondered too but his eyes widened when he saw that the tentacle appeared to be growing from inside her and from the looks of it, it appeared that it would keep growing until it caused Ura to burst from the inside.

"What the hell is this?! Let go of her!" Naruto shouted as he watched Ura trash about trying to break free.

"I thought I already told you, I am going to absorb her power. Imagine what I could do when I add the immense strength of a vampire to my already vast power." She said with a sick grin. Naruto gritted his teeth as his glare intensified.

"Aaahhh!" Ura screamed in pain causing Naruto's heart to lurch. Never had he heard the prideful vampire scream before and right now it was one of the most painful things he ever heard before.

"Damn it let her go!" Naruto shouted as he tried to break free but the vines were much stronger then before since they were so close to their source of power.

"Ah this power is simply amazing. All this yoki…yes, soon I'll be invincible." Oyakata said ignoring Naruto's shouts. Raising her hand she grinned as the tentacle absorbing Ura's yoki began to move more frantically absorbing more energy from the vampire.

"Aaahhh!" Ura continued to scream as the tentacle thrashed about.

"Stop it." Naruto muttered.

"What was that?" Oyakata mocked as she turned to the trapped blonde.

"Let her go." He ordered in a quiet but forceful tone.

"Do you really think you in any position to be ordering me around?" She asked with a smirk.

'Kit calm down.' The demonic voice of Kurama said from within its cage.

"Let her go." Naruto repeated in a louder voice.

"I'm afraid I can't do that. She has much more use to me this way." Oyakata said as Naruto growled in anger.

'Kit, don't let her get to you.' Kurama warned but it fell in deaf ears.

"Let. Her. Go." Naruto said his pupils turned into slits his eyes glowing as if they were blue flames.

"Enough of this. I think it's about time to finish this off. I will let her go when she is nothing but a corpse drained of everything she has." Oyakata sneered turning her attention back to the trapped vampire. Unable to hold in it anymore Naruto let loose a primal roar as he began to glow a bright red before his two tails appeared, his features became more feral and his ears were replace with fox ears.

"What's this? How? I didn't feel any yoki from you before! What's happening?!" Oyakata demanded staring at Naruto's yoko form in disbelief. But Naruto wasn't done yet. No he was beyond angry at the moment.

"LET HER GO!" he roared as red yoki began to boil around him like a cloak, the vines that trapped him withered away from the contact.

'Careful kit, the more tails you use the more animal like you become.' Kurama said as Naruto's two tails were cloaked in the giant fox's yoki with a third one made entirely of yoki formed between them.

"I'll say this one more time. Let her go!" Naruto shouted his now red eyes glaring at her with such rage that the older witch unintentionally flinched.

"I don't know what happened but it changes nothing. Now watch as I finish your friend." Oyakat said turning back to Ura as she sent more tentacles towards her. Ura, who was shocked at the amount of yoki that was pouring out of Naruto, could only watch as they came closer.

However before they reached her, Ruby flew between them and using her wings she cut as much of the tentacles as she could but a few were able to stab her. She winced as blood flew out of her scattering in the wind.

"You?" Ura asked surprised as she turned her gaze from Oyakata and Naruto to Ruby. Wincing in pain Ruby swung her wings again to cut Ura free from the tendrils that bound her in place. She began to fall but she was caught in the hand of the giant toad.

"Do not worry. Although I am clumsy I will keep you safe friend of Naruto-dono." The now free Gamaken said causing Ura to cross her arms.

"I do not need protection. I am more than capable of defending myself." She said defiantly ignoring the fact that she was just captured only a few seconds ago.

"Of course, forgive me for my ignorance." Gamaken apologized.

"Why do you keep opposing me Ruby?" Oyakata asked. "You have always been by my side but now you chose to rebel against me."

"Please my lady, is it not possible to go back to the good times?" Ruby asked with a wistful smile as blood leaked from her mouth dropping her wand as the strength left her body.

"Ura-san…Naruto-san…please stop Lady Oyakata…" she said as she began to fall. Gamaken reach for her but one of the plant monster's tendrils reached for her and threw her into one of its mouths swallowing her.

"You ate her?" Naruto asked angrily his red eyes glaring at the older witch hard.

"Now she can defy me all she wants but in the end she belongs to me." She said.

"You're talking like she is just an object." Naruto accused as she began to glow with magical power.

"Ah yes, this is amazing. Your magical energy is replenishing me Ruby." She said ignoring Naruto.

"Ruby sacrificed herself to free me. To honor her I will fulfill her wish and stop you." Ura said holding Ruby's wand, which she caught as she dropped it.

"I'll be honest, I don't know Ruby all that well but she cared deeply for you and this is how you repay her? You're going down." Naruto added.

"Enough talk! I'll capture you both and absorb your energy! One way or another you will be mine!" Oyakata shouted as the plant monster gave a loud roar before unleashing its tendrils towards Gamaken and Ura.

"Gamaken! Make sure Ura-chan's safe! She's a good fighter and I trust her so do what she asks!" Naruto shouted as charged at the witch.

"Understood Naruto-dono." As the toad placed Ura on his head before raising his shield to block the monsters attack. "Please hold on tight." He said. Ura did as told and held on to Gamaken's horn like protrusion.

"Gamaken, that book is the source of her power. She will be too busy fending off Naruto. If you can get me close enough I should be able to destroy it." Ura suggested. Normally this would come out as an order but she decided that it would not be wise to anger a giant toad who could crush her without much of an effort.

"Understood, I will get you there although I am a little clumsy." He said before moving into action.

Meanwhile, Oyakata sent waves of tentacles at Naruto but he blasted them away with his kitsune-bi. Growling in frustration she raised both hand as an orb of bright light appeared in each one before firing it. Naruto jumped and shifted his body to dodge it before waving his arm sending a wave of blue and white fire. Cursing Oyakata sunk into the ground beneath her before reappearing on the ceiling above him.

"Die!" she shouted unleashing a wave of tentacles. Naruto jumped into the air ignoring the tentacles as the grazed him. Cocking his fist back he nailed a hard right at Oyakata's face causing her to fall from the ceiling.

"Damn it. What are you!" she shouted in rage. Naruto didn't answer, instead he charged again his fist covered in flames. Narrowing her eyes the older witch responded clapped her hands together. Once they separated a large ball of magic appeared and grew until it was the same size as her. Too close to dodge Naruto was forced to take the attack as she fired at him.

"Fool, I've already absorbed some of that vampire's power, add that to the power I've taken from Ruby and from the fusion of my plant monsters I cannot be defeated." She taunted.

"Don't count me out just yet." Naruto growled as he took a deep breath.

"Kitsune-Bi: Great Blaze Impact" he said unleashing a large ball of fire. Oyakata's eyes widen a bit before narrowing. Summoning a wall of roots and vines that she reinforced with her magic she watched as they were burned away by that flames but they did their job of protecting her.

"Is that all?" she mocked but was unprepared for her plant monster to shake. Looking out of the mouth they were fighting in they saw Gamaken tackling the monster using his shield to add more force. Now that she was close enough Ura leapt of off the toads head heading right for them.

"It looks like the little vampire has come back to give me her power." The witch smirked but it was wiped right off her face and a scream of pain passed her lips. Looking behind her she saw Naruto digging a red ball of energy with a blue center into her back.

"Never turn your back on a shinobi." Naruto said.

"Time to say good bye." Ura said as she swung Ruby's staff in her hand before driving the end of it into Oyakata's book. The moment she deep it began to glow uncontrollably. Seeing this Naruto acted quick. The red yoki around him disappeared as he grabbed onto Ura before jumping out of the mouth.

"Gamaken! Catch and jump!" he shouted.

"Of course Naruto-dono." The toad said before his tongue shot out of his mouth catching the two of them. Once they were inside his mouth he jumped high into the air as the plant monster began to glow. It looked like it was breaking apart before it exploded.

"Curse you!" the shout of Oyakata could be heard before she was engulfed by the explosion. Raising his shield, Gamaken was able to block most of the damage from the force of the explosion but was still pushed back.

As the giant plant monster disintegrated into nothingness Oyakata opened her eyes to see nothing but white.

'This endless void…is this the afterlife?' The elder witch thought. She closed her eyes when she heard the sound of wings flapping in the air. Opening her eyes she saw that she was in the middle of a beautiful field of plants while a blurry figure flew above her. The figure began to clear and she saw that it was Ruby looking at her with a small smile.

"Ruby…" she said so quietly that it could barely be considered a whisper. She felt tears fall from her eyes when she felt the younger girl take her hands into her own.

"After everything I did to you…why do you still hold my hand? Why do you smile at me with such contest?" she asked. "How can you not resent me?"

"My lady…let's go back home. Let's go back where we can be happy." Ruby suggested as her own tears fell from her eyes.

"I see…all this time I thought you chose the humans over me…I thought you betrayed me but in the end it looks like I betrayed you." Oyakata said with sorrow as the tears fell freely from her eyes.

"It looks like that blonde child was right. I was blinded by my hatred which resulted in me creating more conflict. I am sorry for what I have done to you and I am thankful for all you have done for me." She said as she closed her eyes.

With the others

"Are they alright? You don't think they got caught in the explosion do you?" Tsukune asked worried.

"I'm not sure." Omote said just as worried.

"Do not worry. Something like that will not stop Naruto." Neji said. Although he was worried about his friend he was confident that he would be back any second.

"How can you say that? I mean yeah Naruto is really strong but still that explosion was huge!" Kurumu shouted in a panicked tone.

It was at that time that a giant magenta toad landed in front of them causing the ground to shake. He opened his mouth and extracted his tongue to the ground revealing the forms of Naruto and Ura. They were both fine although they were covered in saliva.

"Thanks for everything Gamaken, You can go back home if you want." Naruto said.

"Very well, it was my pleasure to fight alongside you Naruto-dono." Gamaken said before he disappeared in a plume of smoke. Naruto turned to find Ura glaring at him.

"What?" he asked innocently.

"Was that really necessary? I'm covered in toad slobber!" Ura shouted in annoyance causing Naruto to roll his eyes.

"It was either that or get caught in the explosion. Which would you have preferred?" Naruto shot back. Ura was silent as she knew he was right, but still it didn't mean she had to like it.

"Naruto! Ura!" they heard someone shout. They turned to see their friends running towards them with relieved smiles on their faces.

"Hey guys." Naruto said nonchalantly as he was caught in a bear hug by Yukari. Ura found herself in a similar predicament as Omote hugged the life out of her twin. The others just watched with smiles glad that their friends were safe.

"Hey guys, where's Ruby-san?" Tsukune asked after awhile. Ura had a stoic expression while Naruto frowned.

"Earlier she was eaten by the monster. Chances are she got caught in the explosion…I don't know if she made it." Naruto answered honestly.

"I see." Was the only thing Tsukune could say.

"We should probably return to Tazuna's house. It's been a tiring day." Naruto suggested. The others nodded before they made their way.

A few days later

After resting from their battle the group enjoyed their remaining time in Wave, though they were still depressed that they haven't seen Ruby which only gave proof that she did not survive. Then came the day that the Konoha team had to leave.

"It was great to see you again Naruto-kun. Hopefully we will meet again in the near future." Lee said giving his usual nice guy pose.

"Definitely." Naruto agreed shaking the green clad shinobi's hand.

"I'm afraid we have to be leaving now. We must report the mission result to Tsunade-sama. It was good to see you again and I am glad you are enjoying your stay at Yokai Academy." Neji said as he shook Naruto's hand.

"Nice seeing you too. Say hi to everyone for me." Naruto said getting a nod from the Hyuga.

Naruto and Tenten were never really close but they were friendly enough with each other. So the weapon specialist gave Naruto a nod and wave goodbye which Naruto returned before his face turned blank as he faced his former teammate.

Ever since her defeat from Ura, Sakura stayed clear from the Yokai Academy student. She couldn't forget about how easily she lost to the silver haired girl. She thought she came so far as a shinobi after the training with Tsunade but Ura was able to swat her away like she was nothing but a common fly.

"So long Haruno, I would like to say it was pleasant seeing you again but…" Naruto trailed off with a shrug. He could have lied or tried to be pleasant but he didn't feel like it. After all the insults and abuse he received from Sakura he just didn't care anymore.

Sakura frowned at the blonde's dismissal and was about to turn away when her eyes met Ura's. Two stared at each other for a second before Sakura clenched her fists and turned around stiffly. With a final good bye the Konoha team was off on their way home.

It was the next day that the Yokai Academy students received a heartfelt goodbye from the people of Waves as they waited for their bus to arrive.

"Well looks like our vacation is up." Naruto sighed with his hands in his pockets.

"Yeah, it was really fun. I've never been to a place like Wave before." Omote added with a smile.

"It was even better since we're friends of Mr. Hero here." Kurumu smiled as she pointed at Naruto. They received special treatment since they were friends of Naruto.

"I'm still surprised that Nii-san is such a big shot here." Yukari said.

"What can I say? I had a busy childhood." Naruto said with a careless shrug. What can you say? To Naruto saving people from tyranny and destruction was a common thing for him.

"Busy childhood? That's what you call it?" Ura scoffed but Naruto just smiled and slung his arm around her shoulders.

"What can I say Ura-chan? I'm just one of a kind." Naruto said.

"And I thank whatever deity is out there for that. One of you is bad enough but two of you?" Ura shuddered at the thought while Naruto crouched down hugging his knees to his chest. He began tracing patterns on the ground as a rain cloud formed above his head.

"Just when I think we get closer you say something like that…so cruel." He said casing Ura to roll her eyes at his antics but her lips twitch into the smallest of smiles.

"What about you Tsukune? Did you enjoy the trip?" Omote asked the brown haired human who was silent for a while. Tsukune blinked before turning towards the pink haired vampire.

"Yeah, I've never been to a place like this earlier…I just wish we could have helped Ruby." He said with a downcast expression.

"We did all we could Tsukune." Naruto said though he felt the same way her did.

"I know it's just…I felt so useless. I couldn't do anything but watch." He said with frustration. He just started his training so he didn't think he would become some super soldier all of a sudden but still he hated the feeling of uselessness that he felt.

"Then get stronger. I used to feel the exact same way when I was younger." Naruto advised getting a nod from Tsukune. It was at that time that their bus drove up and stopped right in front of them.

"Sorry we're late but we had an extra passenger to pick up." Nekonome said as she stepped out of the bus smiling at her students.

"Extra passenger?" the students chorused in confusion. Naruto used his enhanced senses and picked up the scent of this extra passenger. His eyes widened because it was a scent he recognized. Before he could speak another person stepped out.

"Hello everyone." A girl said with dark brown hair and red eyes. The group stared at her in shock.

"Ruby!" they all shouted, except Ura but she was inwardly just as surprised.

"W-What are you doing here?" Tsukune asked flabbergasted. Ruby smiled sadly before answering.

"Lady Oyakata…she used the last of her strength to protect me from the explosion. These two found me when I was unconscious." She explained as she pointed at Nekonome and the bus driver.

"You brats did a pretty good job." Bus driver said from his spot as he took a drag from his cigarette.

"Looks like I'll be joining you back at the academy." Ruby said before she was tackled into a hug by everyone except Naruto and Ura who were watching the scene in amusement.

With that they boarded the bus and made their way back to Yokai Academy. None of them noticed a strange humanoid figure that resembled a plant appear from the ground.

"It looks like the Kyuubi jinchuriki has been busy. Leader-sama will be interested in this new development." The figure said before melting back into the ground.

End of Chapter

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