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I Finally managed to publish my first story about Watchmen and I couldn't be more excited over it ^^

Gotta say; when I went to watch the movie (I was throwing popcorn at my friend who kept squirming on her seat ;P) I didn't know anything about the Watchmen, but after seeing it, I fell in L-O-V-E !

The movie and comic, which I later read, were so refreshing from the 'ordinary' hero-stuff I'd seen. The dark themes and troubled charachters without any unordinary powers (except Manhattan) and who has so much debt in them.

I especially like Rorschach and that 'I hate everything' attitude he has ;P

Aaanyway, the story-line will go mostly through the movie script with some elements from the comic and stuff I invented myself, of course ^^ I won't promise that I'll be updating often or regularly, just so you know ;P

I also try to have some replies to people on every chapter for the review, favoring the story or if they placed it on alert, so feel free to do any of those stuff ;D

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PS. Sorry that my writing sucks a pit ^^' I'm not the best when it come's to writing english, but try to live with it for now ;P


WARNING! This story WILL contain some really heavy spoilers, violence, suggestive themes, crude language and innuendos, humor, some OOC:ness and other stuff that I'll warn about before-hand in future, so be warned ^^


New York City. Also know as the Big Apple.

It was one of the biggest cities in the United States; one full of people and many who went there in hopes of being stars; shining brightly as the ones in the sky...

...but the ugly truth was that, that place was a gutter.

The great city of New York full of shining lights was an utter Gutter Of Humanity.

That city was like a one, big, fat, mouth-watering cupcake on a silver plate; fooling the strangers who came to have a taste of that soft, sweet and delicious frosting everyone wanted and craved for.

Oh how that creamy substance was tempting, calling them to suck that delicious sweetness from one's fingers and in their famine hunger they ate greedily like starving dogs; never being full enough and yearned for more of that sweetness which seduced their senses, but when they felt the raw cake under it, it was already too late.

City of crimes sucked them in; spoiling their naïve minds and shattering the innocence they once had possessed, turning their dreams and hopes into cruel, twisted reality and in the blink of an eye, their once untouched souls soiled. They became the hollow husks of their former selves; waking up into the reality they never wanted to see and gave up, letting themselves become consumed by bitterness.

That city was a fatal death-trap hidden under the harmless-looking glitter... but there was more in that god-forsaken city then the corruption and violence.

There were those who fought against corruption, crime and violence; cleaning city from its filth.

They were the one's making sure that people could sleep at night without fear... but they were not cops, lawyers or judges.

Not those who were bound by the chains of law and society.

The Vigilantes.

There was the first generation of masked vigilantes that called themselves a Minutemen; a group of ordinary men and women wishing to spread justice to the wicked when the law was unable to do so.

They were heroes of their time; they were the small light of hope in darkness and sparked the golden age of masks; bathing in the adoration of the public and when the time and world took its tolls on them, they stepped aside with dignity and let the second generation take the mantle of heroes.

They're know as the Watchmen; vigilante group with six members...

...until the seventh one joined their ranks.

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