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WARNING! Contains some OOC:ness, some nasty language and cursing with mentions of violence, bodily harm and alcohol, so be warned ^^


Warm mug of steaming hot cocoa was sitting innocently on a low glass table while the owner of the said substance was sitting on a comfortable sofa, nothing but a fluffy bathrobe covering her body as she looked outside through the wide windows of the livingroom; her gaze directed toward the rising sun that could be seen beaking through the enormous skyscrapers blocking some of her view of the sky; her mind completely allert and awake as the wheels of thought kept turning round and round inside her head.

For a someone who had went to sleep merely an hour ago she was quite well rested.

The nights she spent running over the roofs and beating up criminals; spending only few hour sleeping before waking up from her doses of rest and started preparing for the life she had on daytime.

It was not much and definetly not healthy, but she was used to it.

She had been like that for years.

Reaching for the ceramic mug sitting on the small table, she took it with both hands and brought it to her lips; taking a long whiff of the delicious smell, before taking a small and careful sip of the warm drink; her eyes closed adn her lips pulling into a small smile as she savored the smooth taste of chocolate.

Aah the small pleasures in life.

With a dangerous work she did, she had learned to take her time enjoying the small things; one of them being the sunrise and the vibrant Morning sky that made the cold city look a little pit more cheerful with a warm cup of cocoa warming her.

It was times like these that her mind could wander freelly.

Her current enjoyment, however, was cut short when she started hearing some shuffling and grunting coming from the nearby hallway; wiping the tiny smile from her face right away.

She set her cup down and sat more straight with hands resting on her lap; patiently waiting for her roommate to appear and, like a drunken moose in a antique shop, she saw her partner stumble into the living room; hitting everything on his path. Glumsily, he moved toward the armchair next to sofa she was sitting on, muttering curses when his knee hit the corner of the coffee table, and literally collapsed on the blush chair; large hands holding his head like someone was using a jack hammer inside of it while his legs were spread on every direction so the whole wide world could get a good glimpse of his family jewels and at this point she averted her eyes from the blinding sight.

'Didn't need to see that' She thought sourly; wishing she could bleach her memory from that.

No one didn't or shouldn't see that.

"Shiiit~" He slurred, groaning with pain when he heard his own voice and the bounding inside his skull intensified; his head hitting the back of the chair while he tried to adjust his eyes to the brightness of the living-room, crumbling about the 'god damn sun' and 'too fucking bright' under his breath.

At this moment, to her, he seemed like a homeless drunk and she rolled her eyes at his pathetic state.

'Makes you think why I let him watch my back' She thought and huffed lightly.

Taking her almost full cup of cocoa back to kitchen, knowing her morning ritual was now completely ruined. She dumped her mugs content into the sink, before washing it and leaving it to dry on the rack; her eyes taking the sight of empty bottles on the shelf.

'On a bender, I see' She thought, before closing the cabinet and made her way to her own room in their shared apartment.

Stepping inside, anyone could see her room didn't really contain anything that gave to it personal touch from her part; just a plain room with a window and a door connecting to a small bathroom. The room had no decoration except few articles of clothing on the floor from last night when she had gotten dressed in a hurry. The room was quite a large for one person to live in, but it looked so empty with only a normal one-person bed and a small nightstand right next to it while a wardrobe big enough to store her necessary clothing and possible personal belongings was right next to the door to bathroom that was on the other side of the room.

Room was scarily large to her small possessions to be in, but it was how she liked it. Light if she had to leave quickly and it also left her more space to strech and train more widely.

Disrobing and throwing her bathrobe on her barely slept bed in passing, she moved toward her bathroom and straight to her shower; sighing with content as the warm water hit the aching muscles on her back before starting to mush the shampoo on her greasy, tangled hair; her fingers finding just the right spots as she kept massaging her scalp while trying to untangle the nasty knots she had.

After the warm shower, she stood over the sink; looking herself from the mirror while water kept tripping down from her body.

Beside the obvious wet hair and skin, her face was covered in black and blue bruises, few cuts here and there with one noticable and nasty-looking cut on her lip. Touching it gingerly, she winced slightly from the sting.

'Still not healed' She frowned with displeasure; winching when her fingers just barely touched her bruised skin.

They weren't her first broken ribs, after all.

Biting lip and sucking her breath, she stood up; praising herself against her sink when her shaking knees were near to giving out under her while looking her reflection from the mirror hanging above it. While gazing at herself with a blank expression from the mirror, she could detect the fast-forming bruises around her eye and cheek while eyeing her busted lip with resentment. Even after all than untangling, her hair still wasn't even pretty as crow's nest and the bags under her eyes were more darker than black.

She seemed a pit sick too, but that probably was because of her natural paleness accompanied by the light 'work' she had done few hours ago.

Turning her attention to the rest of her body , which also was covered black and blue, and gave herself a quick once-over to assest the damage. Her eyes took in one of the more distinctive bruises she had on her ribcage. It was oval-shaped - slightly twisted - and was starting to show an ugly shade of purple which was a tell-tale sign for a broken rib.

She grimaced.

She could feel, without a doubt, that this morning was being one of those bad ones to her as shestared her own reflection; wanting to break that damn mirror where her ugly and scarred image was, ache from her bruises making her winch and the bright bathroom-light making her oncoming headache worse.

Good thing she didn't really care.

Pain wasn't anything new to her.

They weren't the first injuries she had gotten, and no doubt wouldn't be her last ones either, so she decided to let them be and heal themselves; giving herself an slight bunishment for messing up and getting them in a first Place.

'Fuck' She grimaced as she touched her tender face ' 'wasn't this fucked up after that damn prison' It was true. After the riot (and run in with the itty-witty-owl and tall-dark-and-silent-one as she called them for her amusement) few months back she had helped to put on stop she hadn't had much damage - some cuts and bruises, but nothing big - on her person and it made her a pit put out that she was gotten this badly shapen from few idiots high on drungs.

'Thoughts were elsewhere' She reasoned,' and SOMEONE was a pit busy with the good old russians at the bar' She gave a dirty look toward the door; obviously dirrecting her ire toward the man suffering from hangover.

This was something in their dynamic she was annoyed about. A Few times a month he would go on a bender, drink himself to dich instead of facing his personal demons and would spend the next day nursing his alcohol-poisoned body before starting that same shit again while leaving her to deal with hers and HIS patrols until he got his shit back together and got back to work beating down the fuckers with that stupid-ass grin on his face.

It wasn't easy job to handle, but she didn't complain. She wasn't one to judge how one confronted their skeletons and he if anyone had more than few burried deep in his closet.

She would know; she had a few in hers.

Shaking her head, banishing the dark thoughts, she returned to her current problem that was staring her from the mirror.

Even if she didn't take any painkillers for herself, letting the pain be her teacher and telling her she still lived, she still had to make herself look presentable enough for other people and , moving with certain soreness, she started making herself more representable for the public eye. Browsing through her cabinet, she found bandages she wrapped tightly around her mid-section for support so her broken rib wouldn't be too obvious for passerbyers, before pulling out some rubbing alcohol for her open lip that made her winch when it made contact with her open wound.

There was no way she could cover that up and she wasn't stupid enough to ask her roommate to stich her up in his condition, so she obviosly had to be satisfied with a scarf around her neck or a high-colared jacket when she went out. Disregarding her busted lip for the time being, she moved to the concealer and other things needed to cover the other marks around her face. She knew it would take more than little make up to cover those marks from the naked eye, but s long as she didn't linger too much, no one should notice. She was pretty sure of it.

After she was finished with her make up job, she moved to her bedroom to find some clothes. With some difficulty, She managed to get the dark turtleneck shirt on herself and pulled on dark pants, before starting to brush her damp hair. Brushing her hair was a battle; her face giving winches every time she had to pull the brush harder for it to untangle from her hair, but in the end she stood victorious with straight hair, tender scalp and a brush full of tangles.

Coming back to living room fully clothed - seeing that her annoying flatmate hadn't moved an inch from the spot she had left him - she moved right to the kitchen straight away without even looking toward the man she lived with.

With a hot cup of coffee and, with some painkillers she took from the medicine cabinet in hand, she moved toward her roommate and placed them on the table in front of the man suffering from hangover.

"Fuuuck youuu~"

'You're welcooome~' She just smiled at him with one of those blastic smiles one sees in the comercials; clearly telling that she was mocking him.

"Get me some vodka while you're out." He grumbled while rubbing the bridge of his nose, making her roll her eyes yet again.

'It's that damn thing that got you to this point!' She thought, before smacking him with her palm; her face holding sign of irritation toward him

After smacking his head and hearing him curse her under the ground, she moved toward the front-door.

She had some official business and other things to do on the city and they desperately needed more food on the fridge before the light in there would be the only thing to eat.

"Just t get the fucking booze." The man resting his forehead against the table grumbled to her and she turned her attention at the suffering man.

'I'm not your maid, bonehead' She gave him possitively filthy glare and he tilted his head slightly so his face was facing hers, his bloodshot eyes fluttering as he tried to keep them open.

"Please?" He added finally and a small smirk playing on her lips to his submission, before she nodded and walked out of the livingroom into the halway, taking her long-colared jacked as she passed By, and toward the front door; her smirk widening when she heard him mutter 'bitch' quite loudly under his breath as she took her keys and wallet from the counter, her fingers buttoning up her jacket before she was out of the door.

' 'love you too, Blake' She thought as the door shut behind her and she started walk down the hall while pushing her belonging on her jacket pockets,'love you too'

Strange thing was that in a small way, she meant those words.

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