What a Supernatural Christmas

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Warning: Destiel, Sabriel

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Everyone sat in the living room, waiting for Bobby to finish the car he was working on.

"When is Bobby gonna be done?" Gabriel whined.

"Soon, babe." Sam said, putting his arm around his angel, and kissing him on the lips. Dean faked a gag, and in doing so, received a slap on the arm from Castiel. Dean glared at his angel.

"Don't you freaking slap me!" He exclaimed.

"Dean, you mustn't make fun of their relationship." Cas scolded. "It is rude."

"Whatever." Dean said, and rolled his eyes. Sam and Gabriel laughed. Cas looked at them, tilting his head in confusion.

"I do not understand why you are laughing." Cas said.

"'Cause their idjits." said a familiar voice from the doorway. All eyes looked in the direction of Bobby's voice, spotting him leaning against the doorway.

"Can we open presents nooooooow?" Gabe whined.

"Sure. Why not?" Bobby said, shrugging his shoulders. He looked at the scene in front of him. Gabe and Sam lay cuddling on the couch, while Dean sat on one of the recliners with his angel on his lap, cuddling into his chest. As bobby sat down in the other recliners, Gabe shot up from his seat, and ran to start handing out gifts.

"Okay, let's start with Bobby." Gabe said, starting his search for presents with Bobby's name on them, adding "Because age before beauty." Sam chuckled.

"Shut up or else you're gettin' killed." Bobby said.

"Okay!" Gabe said, before grabbing four presents in his arms, standing and walking over to Bobby. "Here." he said, placing the presents in front of Bobby.

"Alright." Bobby said.

From Dean, he received new boots.

From Gabe, a jack-in the box.

From Sam, a book on lore about vampires wendigos, and the likes.

From Cas, the picture of Bobby, Cas, Ellen, Jo, Sam, and Dean from awhile back. He placed this photo on the fireplace where everyone could see it.

"Thank you ya idgits." Bobby said, smiling. Everyone said their 'your welcome's before Gabe got up and grabbed Sam's presents.

From Dean, Sam's favorite book.

From Cas, a watch.

From Bobby, another demon=repelling charm.

And from Gabe, a book on how to banish angels and demons.

"Thanks guys." Sam said. Everyone said their 'your welcome's, and Gabe then grabbed his presents.

From Bobby, a bunch of candy.

From Sam, more candy.

From Dean, even more candy.

And from Cas, a candy necklace.

Gabe said his thanks, and grabbed Cas's presents.

From Bobby, boots.

From Sam, a new wardrobe to match him and Dean.

From Gabe, army necklaces.

And from Dean, Dean's favorite watch.

"Thank you guys." Cas said, smiling, and feeling joy. "Especially you Dean. I realize this is your favorite watch, and I appreciate you giving it to me."

"No problem Cas."

And next up was Dean.

From Bobby, new tools.

From Gabe, some pie.

From Sam, a photo album of him and Dean.

And from Cas, a braided bracelet.

"Thanks." Dean said, mostly to Cas.

Later that night, Cas and Dean found themselves laying in bed, cuddling. Something Dean did not think he would be doing. Ever. And he said something he didn't think he'd ever say.

"I love you Cas."

"I love you too Dean."