Hey this is just something i thought of because my crush is like THE perfect derek but i like chloe and derek so my crsh is the son and i am just me please tell me what you think

I sit in the counter in the almost empty diner listining to the contry station on pandora and reading yet ANOTHER teen syfi romance novel. What can i say i am a sucker for i good love story with a mystical creature, my favorite is a human-werewolf story because the werewolfs are so protective of the weak little human and their innocents.

I know im not like most girls wanting all the guys to like her, i mean dont get me wrong ive had my fair share of crushs but i know they are passing things, id rather read and i dont really try to be the hottest thing that ever walked the earth but yes i did wear make up but not caked all over my face just mascara and eyeshadow.

"Hey kenny! I see your reading those stupid books again." I look up from my book to see my best friend kailey and her boyfriend justin. "Hey kk. Oh um yeah they are actually really good if you just give them a chance." I reply. She just gave a snort and found a booth to sit at. "What would you 2 little love birds like today?" They really were in love and yeah i wish i had a boyfriend that was that sweet to me. After they ordered i got their drinks to them and sat to read again after a little bit i got their food to them but they decided to go on a piknic so they took it to-go.

Ugh great yet another hour of serving burgers and fries to people rush hour is starting and theres only me the cheif and the bus boy thats like 10 so im running around handing out orders left and right. On my way back to the kitchen to pick up my next order i slip over absalutly NOTHING!

But im not even half way to the floor when a very familiar boy slips an arm around me and pulls me to my feet "ugh these damn skates keep making me fall!" I thought as he helped me to the back before anyone saw. Then like 30 seconds later in come the owners Chloe and Derek. "Oh my god thank you SO much im so clumsy on these things" i rushed out, then turned to find him slipping on a uniform top and omg he had some of THE BEST abs ive ever seen then he tied an aprin on and looked over at me to see that i was staring. Then he said something that i was to busy admiring how you could see his abs through his shirt. "What!?" I asked looking away fast. "I said are you satisfyed yet?"

Damn he noticed me staring "oh um sorry i just...um uh sorry" i stumbled out being as clumsy with my words as my feet luckily mrs and mr s came in "hey Kendall i see you met our son Kristian." Ohmygod their son! Omg omg omg why is it we havent met yet!

As if he read my mind Kristian said "ive been staying at my aunts house so i can go to this privite school so we havnt met yet but ill be going to school with you now" he said. Wow his resemblance to Derek is incredible well exept the fact that he is like 30 years younger and has bits of chloe in his looks but you can really tell he is chloes cause he seems good with people.

"Oh thats cool im Kendall but everyone calls me kenny." I put my hand out for him to shake and his does but makes the most shocked face as if he just found out he won the lottery.

We started walking out to take orders" hey if you want i could give you some skate lessons sometime?" He said as he pulled his hand back (omg we were still holding hands) and ran it though his hair.

"Um yeah that sounds great i could really use some lessons but you could tell right." He looked relived and exited "awsome ill pick you up at seven" ok it was only lunch so i would have plenty of time to get ready if i get off at four.

HHmmm What was that face he made for reveiw for more