Ok i just had to update because I want to know what happened lol

Kristians pov

I was at the car when i saw the girl in the diner stumble a little so i ran over a (i know im not supposed to but i used my wolf speed i dont know why i would usually would just walk over and help the person up) i swiftly slipped an arm around her and continued to the back where the emploies go and sat her on a crate then went to dress for work because my parents think that it will help me socialize but im not dad i know how to socialize ive lived with tori she told me some tips from when she went to school.

"Oh my god thank you SO much im so clumsy on these things" she rushed out, as i slipped in the uniform shirt then turn to see her stairing "you satisfied yet?"i said as i got on skates and an aprin"What!?" She asked looking away fast. "I said are you satisfyed yet?" Wow she just turned the brightest shade of red ive ever seen.

"oh um sorry i just...um uh sorry" she stumbled out luckily for her mom and dad came in "hey Kendall i see you met our son Kristian."

i know that she must wonder why we havnt met so i said "ive been staying at my aunts house so i can go to this privite school so we havnt met yet but ill be going to school with you now"

"Oh thats cool im Kendall but everyone calls me kenny." She put my hand out for me to shake and i took her hand and shook it and then i got the mate vision it suprizingly didnt last long and when it finished i really looked at her for the first time. She had brownish red hair pulled back in a bun but there was one little curl that stuck out which was adorable her eyes matched her hair they were a brown where they wernt almost black and they had red flakes that almost made her eyes hypnotising she was skinny and tall but still about a foot shorter than me but you could just tell that she was defenceless and that really made me want to just pick her up and never put her down just carry her and protect her from any harm (thats why i felt the need to keep her from falling.)

We started walking out to take orders "hey if you want i could give you some skate lessons sometime?" I said as i pulled my hand back (omg we were still holding hands) and ran it though my hair.

"Um yeah that sounds great i could really use some lessons but you could tell right." I must have looked relived because she kinda smiled and it looked kinda cute. "awsome ill pick you up at seven" who am i kidding it was really cute so we worked the whole lunch rush then right when it got empty she went to the counter, hopped on it and started reading some book so i snuck up behind her and started to read it over her sholder it was about a werewolf and human falling in love

"so you like werewolfs?" I said which must have startled he because she turned around so fast that she slipped off the counter but yet again i had to run over and this time i put one arm across her back and the other holding her legs up so i was holding her bridal style and i was waiting for an answer till id put her down even though i wish i could just hold her she just nodded so i set her back down and sat next to her on the counter we talked the rest of her shift but accasonally had to serve some people but then her shift was over too fast and she had to go home oh well ill see her at 7.