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Harry slept peacefully under a tree in the afternoon sunlight, allowing the calming sounds of nature to wash over him. Nearby, a stag drank from the stream that ran by the tree he lay under. He slowly, tranquilly awoke, his black eyes, once emerald green, stared forlornly into the sky from behind his over-hanging hair, the few clouds drifting lazily across the azure canvas. "I wonder," He murmured quietly to himself, "Why the sky looks so lonely?" He sighed softly, the quiet sound blending in with the forest noises around him.

He slowly sat up, his eyes casting towards the stag. A slight smile alighted upon his face as the deer turned to look at him. It reminded him so much of his once treasured patronus guardian, one of the few things he'd had to remember his father. He'd long since lost the ability to call upon such a hallowed spell. Though the smile fell when the majestic creature bolted, his shoulders hunching forward sadly.

Hours later, deep in the night, Zeref was imitating the earlier dear, quenching his thirst that had accumulated from lying in the hot sun, the various sounds of bugs and owls echoing around him. As he finished his drink, he leaned back, rivulets of water cascading from his mouth down his neck. He tilted his head back slightly further, taking in the view of the luminescent full moon.

Suddenly, he heard the growls of a wolf pack sounding out from behind him. He sighed, a soft, sad sound as the canines surrounded him on the bank of the river. "You cannot come near me." He said in a calm, non-threatening voice. The wolves continued to advance upon him, their feral yellow eyes shining in the darkness. "Don't," He continued in the same tone, raising his hands in a non-threatening gesture, "I am not your enemy." It was futile.

The ravenous wolf pack, overcome with hunger, leapt upon the robed figure. As the wild animals flew towards him, time seemed to slow for the kneeling man. His eyes took in everything. His hands, slightly recoiling from the voracious pack, the closets wolfs open mouth, with saliva linking between its teeth, the rest of the pack flying towards him. Before they all fell to the ground. Dead. Their yellow eyes staring unblinking and unseeing into the distance.

"Is it no use?" He said despondently to himself, "Close to me… I'm sorry." He finished to the dead wolves around him. "It's not like I want to take anyone's life." The leaves on the bushes next began to wither, greying in death. The rest of the clearing soon followed, giant trees greying and turning into husks, the bushes transforming to ash. "This world rejects me, just as my last." The branches on the withering trees fall to the ground by the dozen, leaves already stripped. Birds, insects, bats, and any and all sleeping animals dying where they were, no marks upon them to show how they had died. "Natsu…" He said, standing as the forest perished around him, his coal black eyes, once so bright, looking out into the desolate night, "I want to meet you soon." He stood, facing away from the moon, as the life faded from the world around him, leaving only a twisted backdrop of death, a mockery of the once beautiful forest.

In Magnolia town, several hours earlier, the guild hall of Fairy Tail, one of the top guilds in Fiore, was announcing one of the most important events in any guild. The beginning of the S-class exams. Except with this one, only a single mage would be given the right to join the elite of the elite.

The guild master, Makarov Dreyar, stood on an elevated podium, surrounded by the three other S-class mages that Fairy Tail boasted. Erza Scarlet, a voluptuous girl with hair the colour of her name and silver armour over her torso, known as The Knight for her various armours and swords. Mirajane Strauss, a beautiful white haired girl with big blue eyes, known as The Demon for her unique and powerful Take Over: Satan Soul. And Gildarts Clive, a middle-age man with shocking orange hair and an angular face, the ace of the guild, renowned for being perhaps the strongest mage in all of Earthland, certainly one of the most destructive infamous for his accidental destruction of his own guilds male dorms, a master of the unique Crash and Disassembly magic. The master began to announce the guild members who would be participating in the annual S-class exams after completing his speech.

"…There will be eight participants! Natsu Dragneel!" A boy in his late teens with spiky pink hair and sharpened canines raised his fist, a determined look on his face.

"Gray Fullbuster!" A tall boy, the same age as Natsu, allowed a slight smile to grace his aristocratic features, his messy black hair overshadowing his bright, black eyes. "Finally, the time has come…" He said aloud.

"Juvia Lockser!" A look of surprise and confusion was etched onto the features of a young woman with aqua-blue hair, with the tips curled like waves. "Huh? Juvia is participating?" She spoke in the childish manner of referring to oneself in third person.

"Elfman Strauss!" A gigantic youth with tanned skin and white hair allowed a savage grin to sweep over his features. "Those who are men, should become S-class." He stated in a deep, rumbling voice.

"Cana Alberona!" A gorgeous well-endowed woman with brown hair looked down, as if saddened by the news that she had a chance to join the exclusive ranks of the class of S. (Yes, I know that line sucked, but it's all I can think of.) Her face tilted down, a melancholy look appearing on her beautiful features.

"Fried Justine!" A pale man in his early twenties stood with a blank face, before whispering , "To follow in Laxus's footsteps…"

"Levy McGarden!" A girl with wild blue hair and soft brown eyes brought her hand up to her mouth.. "Finally, I…" While in the background, two boys, Jet and Droy, cheered her on.

"Mest Gryder!" A tall man with short black hair turned around, his face showing nothing of his inner thoughts.

In the background, the many of the guild either cheered on their friends, or lamented on the fact that they were not chosen to participate, including a moaning Alzack, who was comforted by Bisca, Jet and Droy who continued to celebrate with Levy. The rest of the guild was discussing the, chances of the mages who were chosen to enter.

"The exam will take place in one week!" The height challenged master shouted out above the noise.

"W-Why aren't I included?" Gajeel, a pierced youth with long, spiky black hair shouted out. "Juvia is, so…"

"I've heard about your reputation in the guild." His feline partner, Pantherlily replied in his shockingly deep voice. "Doesn't seem like you're trusted."

"Uh, no! I can't tell you why, but I'm not!" he thought back to the image of a battered and bandaged him passing a folded note to the master. "I wanna explain but I can't!"

"And there's also Erza…" Pantherlily continued as if there had been no interruption.

"You're not ready." They heard, even over all of the noise.

"Damn you!" Gajeel shouted back at her.

A few meters away, a cat of similar appearance to Pantherlily, only white in colour and obviously female, named Carla, spoke in an exasperated tone of voice. "Honestly," she spoke, "Such a fuss all the time." Before, abruptly, a chill came over her. Her child friend, a girl with long blue hair named Wendy, turned to her, concern lighting her features. "What's the matter Carla?"

"N-Nothing…" She clumsily lied, before turning away and narrowing her eyes. What was that, just for a moment… She thought to herself. A vision of horror appeared before her, eclipsing the usual noise and sights of the thriving guild hall. Dead and rotten trees, falling to the ground. The image changed. Cana Alberona, sobbing with her head thrown back. It changed again. Natsu Dragneel, kneeling with a look of shock on his face. Again. A single, solitary hand, pale and unmoving. Once more. And standing amidst a dead forest, flames spreading all around him, was a single man, his face hidden in shadow. The view changed again, showing the man's face, bright from the flames. An aristocratic face, with messy black hair and closed eyes, his face in an apathetic expression, the wind causing his hair to flow about his head. His eyes opened, showing the dark irises of the handsome man.

Carla came back to herself, the noise still muted and the sights distant, fearful. Who?

She didn't know yet, but an unexpected someone would be joining this prestigious event.

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