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"It's so hot!" Lucy moaned out, sweat dripping over her bikini clad body. "I think I'm going to melt!" She cried, anime tears coursing down her cheeks.

"Lu-chan, I wouldn't go out dressed like that." The ever modest Levy said, a sweat drop crawling down the back of her head.

"In this area, the trade winds bring hot air. It's constantly this temperature, all year, every year." Lucy's partner, Cana, remarked, a bored and annoyed expression on her face, idly waving a fan around her heaving bust.

Lucy groaned, tilting her head back over the back of her chair, catching sight of Juvia, her other blue-haired guild-mate, dressed as if she were going on a snow trip. "Juvia, aren't you hot dressed like that?"

The blue-haired beauty shook her head, her wave-like curls swaying slightly. "Juvia is not hot." She spoke in the childish manner of referring to oneself in third person. "But if you were to ask Juvia what is hot…"

Suddenly, Juvia seemingly teleported ten feet forward, her hands to her sizeable chest and hearts in her eyes as she stared at a nude young man. "…Juvia would answer Gray-sama's naked body!" She exclaimed, the jubilation in her voice noticed easily by everyone within hearing distance.

"Land Ho!" Was heard as a fairly small island came into view. What made this island special though was the titanic tree that sprouted from its centre, dwarfing the actual island and taller than any building any of the mages on the boat had ever seen, and seemingly holding a second island high above the ocean.

"So we've finally arrived."

"That's Tenrou island?!"

"There's an island above the island?!"

"Natsu! We're almost there! No, don't throw up again!"


"They say that…" They all heard from above them as the diminutive master stood atop the highest railing. "… fairies once lived on this island."

"Master!" Lucy exclaimed.

"And this is also the place…" Makarov went on, heedless of any interruption, "… that the First Master of Fairy Tail, Mavis Vermillion, was buried."

"What's with those clothes!" Gray shouted, pointing at the tiny Master. Indeed, the eldest Dreyer was wearing a Hawaiian shirt patterned with Fairy Tail symbols, and black cargo shorts.

"It's hot!" Makarov shouted back, "and a nude man has no right to complain you disrespectful brat!" He ranted at the black haired youth. "Now," he said, calming down, a serious expression overcoming his features, "I shall reveal the nature of the first test."

"The first test?" Little Wendy asked, confusion evident on her delicate features.

"Pretty much every year, there are several different levels." Her partner, Mest, explained to her.

"You see where that smoke is rising from the shore?" Makarov asked, pointing directly to it. "Your first order of business is to make your way there. Once you get there," Makarov continued, drawing focus back to him, "there will be eight paths. You will only be allowed one path per pair. And the paths proceed like this." He finished, as he pulled down a giant map from seemingly nowhere.

"Only the teams who successfully complete their paths shall pass the first test! Of the eight paths, the 'Battle' paths are where two teams will bump into each other. Only one team will pass through to the end. Four paths shall lead into these 'Battle' zones. Where it says 'Fierce Battle', you won't be able to advance unless you defeat an S-class wizard. Naturally, those are the toughest routes. This year, three paths shall lead into a 'Fierce Battle' zone. The 'Peace and Quiet' path is one where there shall be no battles. It is an automatic pass to the second round. There shall be only one 'Peace and Quiet' path in this Exam."

A look of determination crossed the faces of each team. Happy and Natsu. Gray and Loke. Juvia and Lisanna. Elfman and Evergreen. Can and Lucy. Bickslow and Fried. Levy and Gajeel. Mest and Wendy.

"The aims of the first test are fighting power and luck."

Cue massive face fault. Did he just say… luck? Crossed through the minds of every participant there.

"I think we can do the luck part!" The bodacious blonde said to her partner, an excited look on her face. The brunette looked back at her, a nervous look painting her own features.

"The chances of hitting the 'Peace and Quiet' path are eight to one." She replied back hesitantly.

"So in theory, at most six teams at most could pass." Evergreen stated, placing her hands on her hips.

"N-Not a chance! I don't think anyone could get past Gildarts or Erza!" Elfman said, an anxious look crossing his tanned face.

"So at worst only three teams may pass." Levy sighed, as she tilted her head slightly to accommodate the weight of the much taller Gajeels' arm on top of her head where it had come to rest.

"Not unless both teams in the 'Battle Zone take each other out at the same time. The only sure fire way to pass the first test is to get the 'Peace and Quiet' path." He said, smirking. Everyone on the boat turned to stare at him. He slowly grew uncomfortable as the stares weighed down on him. "What?!" He shouted at them.

"That was actually… intelligent." Gray finally said, a look of disbelief on his face that was mirrored by the rest of his guildmates.

"AND WHAT IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?!" Gajeel roared out, glaring at everyone on the boat.

The Master coughed loudly into his hand, bringing attention back to himself.

"As I was about to say…" He said as he slowly lifted one arm, which held an unlit paper lantern with the Fairy Tail symbol stamped upon hit. All the teams tensed, ready to start the race of the first test, "…Let the test… BEGIN!"

Zeref roused himself from his sleep, feeling multiple powerful magical signatures down on the island below the great tree. He slowly stood, his black robes, still in pristine condition after so many years, mainly thanks to the power of Reparo and Scourgify, making barely any noise as they dragged across the leafy surface. His deep black eyes blinked blearily, removing the sleep from beneath his eyelids.

He turned his head to the left and tilted it down, seemingly looking at nothing, though a look of confusion could be seen on his aristocratic features. Two extremely powerful signatures were in that direction, surrounded by a multitude of other weaker, though still powerful in their own right, signatures. But those two… they were immense. Nothing on his own of course, but easily compared to the Ten Wizards that had sealed him away so long ago.

He idly wondered what was happening for so many powerful mages to gather in one spot… before ultimately deciding that, as long as they left him alone, he didn't really care. He casually turned back to his little hollow that had been his home for the past week, and lowered himself into it, Harry closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep once more.

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