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"She's off-line"

Dad stared at me disbelieving me.

"How?" He asked his voice void of all emotion.

"We landed on a lifeless planet. The only reason we even landed was because the scanners picked up an Energon reading and we were running low. As we were gathering it up to take it on the ship, we were ambushed by ex- Decepticons. Mom died trying to keep them from harming me."

"Why did they ambush you? Aren't you a 'con?" Breakdown, for I had learned his name, asked looking at me curiously.

"I don't know why. But, before I ended them, they said that they were working for a new master…' A more powerful master than even Megatron.' They said."


I expected it, and was not surprised at Breakdowns' gaping expression. Dad rumbled and placed a servo on my shoulder joint. He gently squeezed it, then turned and left.

I sighed and rested my helm on my servos, and proceeded to watch Breakdown work. I soon drifted from his back strut to his aft. It was curved and solid looking… Very sexy. I didn't seem to notice as he turned, feeling my stare on his aft. I was suddenly staring at his crotch panel.

I abruptly looked up to meet his optic. He had the ball bearings to smirk at me.

"See something you like?" He questioned cheekily.

I felt Energon rush to my cheek plating, staining them with a blue-ish hue. His smirk turned into a smile as I looked away, still blushing.

The med-bay doors opened and in walked Starscream.

"Well, well, well… What do we have here?" I ask, standing up and swaying my hips.

He growled at me.

"Oooh, what's the matter 'Screamer? Get the slag beat outta ya again?" I teased walking up to him to inspect his frame for injury.

"Don't call me that! You may be Megatron's bratling but you do not have the right to do as you please!" He snarled in my face. My soft, playful smile hardened into an unemotional mask.

"I have all rights on this ship, Starscream. You would do well to remember that." I growled at him.

Time suddenly seemed to slow down as I saw his clawed servo come to slash my faceplates. I heard Breakdown shout something but it was lost in the commotion. I closed my optics, turning away so I wouldn't get blinded.

I heard Starscream gasp in shock and fear. I cracked open my optic to see that his servo was being held tightly by non-other than Soundwave. I watched at the silent mech dragged Starscream to the door, lil' old 'Screamer living up to his name by screaming and kicking. Soundwave then proceeded to throw him out the door of the med-bay right in front of some Eradicons.

I looked at the eyes and ears of the Decepticons. He looked at me, or I thought he was anyway, and I smiled shyly at him. He merely turned and left me.

I felt the weight of a servo on my shoulder joint, causing me to jump. I turned and looked at the ex-Autobot.

His faceplates held concern and worry. I gazed at him, feeling my optics start to well with tears. I came forward and hugged him, crying because what Starscream did brought back terrible memories. Memories of pain and misery.

I felt Breakdown stiffen and shift awkwardly as I sobbed my spark out. I clung to him, needing this. Primus, I needed this so much that it hurt. I couldn't remember the last time I cried. I felt hesitant arms wrap around me, pulling me close. My helm shot up and I looked at him through tear-filled optics, more of said tears running down my face. I locked optics with him and watched as his faceplates softened as he wiped away my tears.

"It's okay, it's alright." He whispered. "I'm here and I not going anywhere anytime soon."

I buried my helm in his chest plates, savoring the warmth and comfort I felt flowing from him.

I felt a sudden pull in my spark, as if it wanted closer to his.

"Well if you two are busy I guess I'll come back later when you to are done." Knockout. I squealed and leaped back as Breakdown reared back from his crouched position next to me. As he did, the big lug knocked me to the floor.

"Frag you Knockout!" I shouted at said medic. He smirked as he strolled in, patting Breakdown on the chest.

"Nice work, you charmer. She hasn't even been here for a whole day and you already have your servos all over her," Knockout said with a suggestive wink in his assistances direction.

"Knockout, I will feed you to an Incecticon when I find one!" I shouted at as he laughed at my blushing.

"To bad there isn't any here, toots. You know how I need to keep my finish intact," He smiled.

"Frag off Knockout," I growled my violet optics turning to a dark shade of purple. He shifted backward a bit; know he was liable to lose a limb if he does stop.

I left the med-bay to explore the ship I helped build. I just so happen to be able to warp technology to my needs, but only slightly. I was just able to make the ship. I saw a mech that I haven't seen in a while.

"Crush!" I shouted as I ran over to him. He might be a mere servant class 'con, but he was one of my best friends on this flying Hell. Crush turned and waved.

"Hey, Night'! How are you?" He asked in a cheerful mood. Highly unusual for him, but I thought nothing of it.

"Oh, I'm fine. Almost off-lined Knockout in the med-bay, but other than that… Nothing. How is life in this Hell hole?" I asked. He chuckled at my question.

"Life's been okay, if you call being in the servant class a life," Crush said, causing me to laugh.

"Oh how I have missed you all these millennia." I sighed fondly.

"You make it sound like you're old, Night'. And we both know that you're not," He said.

"Aww, well you're sweet!" I said. Then, the intercom came on with Dad's voice.

"All able bodied warriors report to the main hanger!"

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