This is an author's note to a certain asshole that is too much of a pussy to put their own name.

Let's get something straight here, bud. I. Am. A. Fifteen. Year. Old. Girl. My writing doesn't have to be perfect. I know that I have major room to improve and I have. I'm going to rewrite this story and make it better and I'm going to dedicate it to the motherfucker who gave me the fire to do it. Thank you, this is probably the only productive thing you have ever done in your life. You have no right to say any of this to anyone.


I don't like it. Even though you havnt updated and a long time (good thing) i just thought I need to tell you this. Your character is a Mary Sue, blah blah blah, things are going to fast and you explain everything when you could have just revealed it over the course of the story to give you more plot. All and all, I hope your not going to write any more crappy stories anytime soon and the only reason none of the comments are negative is because your readers aren't writers and they don't know any better, that or you don't allow any negative comments to be posted which you should because even if it's critism it's still the voice of your readers and they are the ones you write for stupid :P

This merely shows your own stupidity. You insult me with two year old simplicity and then you ramble on insulting the people who come here for fun dipshit. If you wished to truly be affective in getting you message across then you shouldn't have made your sentences run-ons, checked for spelling and grammar errors, and you should have never even came to this site if all you're going to do is bitch and complain on my story, that no one told you that you had to read, because it makes you feel superior.

Get a life and maybe you can get somewhere.

This is what you should have put.

I don't really like this story all too much. Even though you haven't updated in a long time, I just thought that you should know that you have room for some major improvement. Your character is kind of a Mary Sue and things are going a little fast for it to be a story with decent plot lines. If you're going to write anymore stories, I hope that you'll take into consideration the points I have made and to remember your readers. It's them who you write the story for.

See what I did there? I brought up the things that you said without sounding like an ass. And it's spelled 'criticism', not 'critism'.

Thanks for reading,

Abyss Prime

P. S.

I really am going to rewrite this. ;)