Chapter 11 The Battle of Sanghelios

Shipmaster Janakee and SSGT. Scott boarded the flagship of Admiral Patterson's fleet, the carrier UNSC Kittyhawk. Now fully re-equipped with plasma weapons and shields the Kittyhawk can go toe to toe with equivalent Covenant ships. The Shipmaster and SSGT. were both led to the bridge where Admiral Patterson was waiting for them.

"Shipmaster, good to have you aboard, you'll be coordinating the Sangheili element of the fleet. Our job is to break the blockade so relief ships can land on the surface. Then we deal with the rest of the Brute ships in orbit." said the Admiral

"Very well Admiral. I will board one of our ships and take command." replied Janakee

A Lieutenant in communications walked up to the Admiral with a pad in his hand. "Sir, priority message from Highcom."

"Thank you Lieutenant." replied the Admiral as he read the message. "The Brutes have begun landing troops on Sanghelios. We need to leave immediately. Captain, signal the fleet to disembark all non-essential personnel. Ready the slipspace drive. Set coordinates for Sanghelios. Don't worry Shipmaster, we'll get there in plenty of time b stop a slaughter. I do suggest you pick your flagship and take command of it immediately though."

"At once Admiral." replied Janakee, saluting with a fist over his hearts. The Admiral nodded and the Elite left. SSGT. Scott stood at ease waiting for his orders.

"SSGT, I want you to get aboard one of the supply ships I want you to coordinate the relief effort once we've secured the system. I know you want to go back onto active duty but you just got back from five years as a POW. Give it some time and you'll be back where you belong."

"Yes sir." replied Scott.

Thirty minutes later all ships in the fleet were in position for a slipspace jump. All one hundred and fifty UNSC ships and another two hundred Sangheili ships jumped into slipspace on course for Sanghelios.

It took twelve hours for the fleet to arrive at Sanghelios. The battle had begun twenty-four hours earlier and was still raging. There were hundreds of Brute and Sangheili ships in the system all firing at each other. Admiral Patterson contacted Janakee to discuss it.

"This is a problem, we can't tell who is who. We need to get the transponder codes for yours ships so we can identify them as friendly." Patterson told Janakee.

"I will contact the Fleet master. Standby." replied Janakee.

Newly Promoted Fleet master R'tas 'Vadum was bewildered at everything. First the Brutes arrive and start shooting at everything. Then human show up with more Sangheili ships. All he could focus on was the defense of the homeworld, which wasn't going well. Several battalions of Brutes had already landed on Sangheili soil. His attention was diverted when a Sangheili ship in formation with the humans hailed his ship. It was Janakee, or rather Janak.

"Fleet master, we are here to assist but the humans require your transponder codes in order to identify the enemy. Right now they can't tell the difference and would do more harm than good."

"Very well, I'll transmit the codes." He replied then nodded to an Elite Minor manning communications.

The codes were transmitted and within minutes the human fleet engaged the Brutes. With the Brutes so intent on eliminating the Elites that they didn't notice the humans until they were hit on the flank, losing several ships in the process.

"Launch all fighters." ordered Patterson. "All ships, break formation and engage by taskforce."

Another salvo of MAC rounds fired, ripping into the shields of the Brute ships, while hundreds of refitted Longswords joined their Sangheili allies. A few minutes later another salvo was fired this time destroying several CCS-class cruisers and one Assault Carrier. Two more Assault Carriers sustained moderate damage before the Shadow of Intent dropped out of slipspace and finished them off.

Thel Vadam stood on the command deck of his flagship satisfied at the kill. "Tag the human ships as friendly. Continue firing on all Brute ships." he said as his ship and another three dozen former Covenant ships opened fire.

The Brute ships while tough could not deal with both plasma and projectile weapons at the same time. The enemy fleet was quickly routed and withdrew from the system.

A lieutenant handed Admiral Patterson a casualty report. He nodded in approval as he read it. "Not bad, minimal ship losses and moderate fighter losses." He turned to the communications officer. "Get me Fleet master R'tas." he ordered

A moment later the officer nodded. "Channel open sir."

"Admiral we owe you a debt of gratitude for helping defend our world." said R'tas.

Patterson nodded "Fleet master, our sensors are detecting several thousand Brutes still on the surface. Do you require our assistance for that as well?"

The Fleet master nodded. "Most of the warriors here are either retired or still training. We welcome your help."

Thel Vadam also contacted both commanders. "Admiral, Fleet master, my ships have a great number of veteran warriors, they stand ready to assist."

"Very well, Fleet master, we'll let your people take point on this, it is your planet after all."

"Thank you Admiral."

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