He stood there in shock, unable to process anything around him. The crowd dispersed, signaling that he must leave before being found. It wasn't until France was in the safety of his bedroom that he let his emotions out. Tears rolled down his face, sobs wracking his body. The nation buried his face in a pillow and wailed, the horrid memory haunting him. The fire. The smoke, singing the senses. And the great Jeanne D'arc, wonderful, heroic Jeanne, silent at the pyre for as long as she could. She couldn't say goodbye properly, but France, locked eyes with her and mouthed, "I'm so sorry, Mon Cherie," Jeanne only shook her head. God damn it, England could've taken anyone!' France thought bitterly. Anyone but her. A maid cautiously and offered a tray of crackers and cheese and a handkerchief. France uttered a small thank-you and ordered her out.

"I-if you need to talk, I'd be happy to listen," the maid stuttered out. France used the handkerchief quickly and most unceremoniously. After cleaning himself as much as he could, France indulged in a couple crackers. He sighed heavily, and then climbed into his soft bed, hoping to catch some troubled sleep. As the nation lied there, he saw a warm, brightening until it was blinding.

"France," the light said soothingly.

"Jeanne!" he gasped. Sure enough, Jeanne D'arc was in front of him, outfitted with clean robes and angel wings.

"I'm so sorry!" France exclaimed, "I could have done so much more!" Jeanne approached the nation and put a comforting hand on his shoulder.

"I have completed my duty. You could do nothing."

"No! I-I'll become a priest I'll kill England! I have to avenge you!" Jeanne perched herself upon France's lap, and France tentatively put his arms around her, still unsure if she was just a dream. France pulled Jeanne closer, stifling tears.

"Listen, my dear. I love you. I don't want you to put yourself through such pain. My memorial will be the end of this war." Jeanne looked back at the light, and then gently grazed France's cheek.

"I have to go," she murmured.

"No! Please-" France was silenced with a bittersweet kiss. He felt its finality and his heart ached. Jeanne made her way to the light, growing brighter once more.

"Goodbye, Jeanne," France choked out.

"Goodbye," she replied, softly blowing a kiss towards him. Jeanne D'arc entered the light, then blinked out of existence forever.