Redakai: Gears of Kairu

In an alternative timeline, both forces of good and evil are facing a common enemy, creatures from the underground called the Locusts. For unknown reasons these creatures are invulnerable to kairu attacks so any kairu warrior couldn't defeat them, if somebody who discovered the reason of the Locust's invulnerability that person was Ky Stax but he couldn't do anything since he was framed by the team Battacor and he was imprisoned and disposed of his kairu powers. Being in prison didn't bother him but what actually bothered him most is that one of his friends who knew he was innocent didn't do anything to help him.

Now, two years later after Ky's trial and the Locust invasion the former leader of team Stax was sitting in the bed of his cell until the steel door was blow.

-"Hmph, what are you two doin' here?" Ky said when he saw that Maya and Boomer were standing outside his cell.

-"Getting you out, you'll need this." Boomer said and he gave Ky his X-reader.

-"You two can get into a lot of trouble for doin' this." Ky declared.

-"Not anymore, things have change in the last two years." Maya said.

-"Is that so?" Ky said as he went to the armor locker near his cell, then he was wearing a black battle armor (A/N; which can be seen in the story's image)

-"Why that armor?" Maya asked.

-"We're gonna talk or we're gonna get outta here?" Ky said as he grabbed a hammerbust rifle near the exit of the cell's block.

-"All right, we'll take the short way." Ky said and he bashed the door next to them and they found two corpses without skin.

-"Oh my God…" Maya said shocked.

-"What the heck happened in this prison?" Boomer asked shocked.

-"You don't wanna know…" Ky said in a cold tone.

Later team Stax was fighting their way out against some Locust scouts; well actually Ky was fighting them by shooting at them.

-"Uh, Ky? You shouldn't be using that thing is not the way of a kairu warrior." Boomer said.

-"As I remembered Boomer, I'm not a kairu warrior anymore." Ky said so he and his team went back to the X-scaper.

-"So what's the story?" Ky asked to his old team.

-"Well we haven't been able to defeat those things in the last two years; we don't know why they're immune to our kairu attacks." Maya commented.

-"It's because those things used to lived underground and plus they were surrounded with the material that created the catalyst stone, so they have no problem fighting against you." Ky explained.

-"And there's no other way to stop them with our kairu attacks?" Boomer asked.

-"Nope." Ky responded.

-"But what if we train more to have our kairu attacks stronger? That way we can destroy them! What do you think, Ky?" Maya asked.

-"I think you're bad-shit crazy, that's what I think." Ky said leaving to his room.

-"Jeez, what's wrong with him?" Maya asked annoyed.

-"You don't remember?" Boomer asked.

-"Remember what?" Maya said confused.

-"During his trial you were the only one who could help him, but you didn't so in a matter to say you abandoned him in that prison, that's why he kind of hates you." Boomer said.

Despite of how bad does it sound it was true, during Ky's trial Maya could have say anything that could have proved his friend's innocence but she didn't said anything, the reason why she couldn't was unknown even for her maybe she was scared or something like that.

-"You guys better gear up." Ky said putting a big bag on the table of the X-scaper.

-"What's that?" Boomer asked.

-"I know you're not gonna like this, but it's the only way to we can fight against the Locust." Ky said as he grabbed weapons out of the bag.

He gave Boomer the Hammerbust rifle and a Sawed-off Shotgun; he gave Maya a Retro Lancer rifle which is an assault rifle with a knife under the cannon, and a Torque Bow which is like a gun and a bow combined and shoots explosive arrows. Finally Ky armed himself with a Lancer rifle similar to Maya's except that it has a chainsaw bayonet under the cannon, and a Gnasher shotgun.

-"But we can't use these things." Maya said.

-"You wanna survive the war or you wanna take shots from those grey assholes? It's the only way to fight them so deal with it." Ky said.

Later, the three kairu warriors were searching the streets for any survivor and for their bad luck they found a strike squad of Locusts.

-"What are we gonna do?"Boomer asked.

-"What kind of fucking question is that? We're obviously gonna fight them!" Ky said and he grabbed his Lancer rifle and started to shoot the enemy so Maya and Boomer grabbed their rifles and helped Ky against the Locusts, they were great kairu warriors but not very good shooters so it was difficult for them to shoot except for Ky because he learned how to shoot in prison. In the middle of the battle a Locust grub was holding a knife and he tried to stab Maya in the back.

-"Hands off, you piece of shit!" Ky shouted and he killed the Locust grub that was trying to kill Maya by cutting him in half with the chainsaw bayonet of his Lancer rifle. For Ky and Maya's bad luck they were all covered in the Locust grub's blood but Ky didn't had a problem with that.

-"Eww…" Maya said kind of shock.

-"Don't stand dare like a scare bitch, we have to help Boomer." Ky said so he and Maya ran to help their friend. The battle was intense and then Ky shot another Locust grub in the legs making him fall in the ground.

-"M-m-mercy…" The Locust grub said when he saw that Ky was looking with a rage look at him.

-"Fuck you dude." Ky said and he stomped the Locust grub's head with his foot.

-"Nothing like a well performed stomp." Ky said.

-"Ky, you're acting kind of violent lately." Boomer commented.

-"Sorry, but I really hate those assholes." Ky said.

Later the night had arrived so they needed to stay there for a while; luckily they found an abandoned hotel where they could stay for the night.

-"Okay, you guys find some rooms to sleep and I'll be guarding the entrance." Ky said so he was guarding the place in case the Locusts tried to attack during the night.

-"Ky? Can I talk to you for a moment?" Maya said appearing behind Ky.

-"What the hell do you want?" Ky asked angry.

-"Look I'm sorry about what happened two years ago, it's just that I was kind of scared of doing something that could fucked everything up." Maya said.

-"Don't worry, the past is the past." Ky said and he returned his look at the outside to keep an eye if the Locusts showed up.

-"Do you mind if I stay here?" Maya asked as she grabbed her Retro Lancer rifle and sat next to Ky.

-"Not at all." Ky said, as the hours passed Maya fell asleep so she lay down next to Ky and it looked like she was hugging him, this made him blush.

-"Awkward…nice but awkward." Ky said blushing a little now, he could at least have a moment of peace before tomorrow because things are going to get more serious.

To be continued…