Chapter 2: The search

The next day at 9:30 AM, Ky and his friends returned on their search for survivors.

-"We'll be lucky if we find somebody here." Boomer said.

-"We're gonna find people, nice or not." Ky said.

-"Let's hope you're right." Boomer replied.

They walked the streets for one hour until they found what it looked like a stranded post.

-"Maybe there are nice people inside?" Maya commented.

-"How we're gonna know? It's not like we're gonna just knock the door." Boomer said but while they were talking a stranded sniper spotted them and confounds them with Locust and so he took the shot, the shot almost hit Ky's head.

-"Jeez Louise! What the fuck!" Ky yelled.

-"Hey! Cease fire, dipshit! We're on your side!" Maya yelled.

-"Hehe, sorry." The stranded sniper said and he opened the door of the fortress to let Ky and his friends get inside.

-"It's amazing that many people survived the Locust invasion." Maya commented.

-"Yeah." Ky agreed.

-"So, what's these three kids bastards doing in my camp?" The stranded leader said.

-"Check your language bitch; we're only here to trade some stuff." Ky said.

-"And what that might be?" The stranded leader asked interest.

-"I got a GPS that marks the location of a safe zone away from any Locust squad and it's confirmed that, there's food and supplies also first aid you just have to get out of your camp and activate the GPS' signal so evacuation choppers come to your location and transport you to the safe zone." Ky explained.

-"In exchange of what?" The stranded leader asked.

-"I want some ammo and supplies, also where's the last place where Ekayon was seen." Ky said but Maya and Boomer where unknown of what their friend was trying to do.

-"That kid came here four days ago, he left saying he was heading to the trenches you have to find your way out of the city near the Basketball stadium, once you'll live the stadium you'll get to the trenches." The stranded leader said.

-"Thanks, happy travel." Ky said as he and his friends left and all the stranded in the camp were taken to the safe zone.

-"Why do you want to know where Ekayon is?" Maya asked.

-"Before my trial and imprisonment , he knew about the Locust as well and he told me that we can use a portable light mass bomb to destroy their tunnels underground, but he's the only who has the light mass bomb and the codes…I think." Ky said.

-"Yeah well, we better hurry up, because we got fucking Locust behind us!" Boomer said as a horde of Locust appeared behind them so they hided inside a courthouse.

-"I guess we'll be safe for…" Maya said until a big crash was heard.

-"What was that?" Boomer asked.

-"Sshh, quiet." Ky said in a low voice.

-"What is it?" Maya asked in a low voice as well.

-"A berserker, she can hear us, she can smell us." Ky said while three walls behind a big and disgusting blinded monster was walking through the courthouse smelling the sense of team Stax. Then back with team Stax they were spotted by a soldier who was hiding inside the courthouse for hours, his armor was similar to Ky's except that it was gray and blue and he was also wearing a helmet.

-"You kids, we have to get out of here now!" The soldier said sounding terrified but then the sound of a wall getting crushed nearby.

-"Oh shit, oh shit! We're fucked! I have to get outta here!" The soldier said scared and he ran to the hall.

-"Wait! Come back!" Ky said in a low voice but then the shadow of the Berserker could be seen and smashing the solider many times and a pool of blood was staining the floor.

-"Oh my God…" Maya said shocked.

-"How we're gonna defeat that thing?" Boomer asked and then Ky saw something inside a box where they were and he grabbed the Hammer of Dawn which was a gun-laser aimer that wherever it aimed, a heat ray from the satellites will strike where the laser aims.

-"Ok, I'll use the Hammer of Dawn but it needs to be outside, you guys stay here." Ky said putting his standard weapons in his back and grabbing the Hammer.

-"Are you sure?" Maya asked worried.

-"Don't worry, I'll be back I promise." Ky said.

-"Ok, be careful." Maya applied before Ky was looking for an exit outside the courthouse.

-"So how you're gonna make that thing get outside?" Boomer asked trough the communication.

-"Well, unfortunately all I have to do is get her to follow me." Ky said and the Berserker bashed the wall in front of Ky.

-"Ah, shit." Ky commented and he managed to lure the Berserker outside and killed her with the Hammer of Dawn.

-"Guys the Berserker is down, we can proceed." Ky said and his friends reached his location o continue their search for Ekayon.

Later, around 7:56 PM team Stax was getting near to Ekayon's last coordinates.

-"We're getting close." Boomer said.

-"yeah but we need to hurry, it's gonna get dark soon." Ky said.

-"Why? What happens if it gets dark?" Maya asked and Ky saw that the sun was leaving and the night was about to start so he shot at a gas tank with his gnasher shotgun to create fire.

-"Why the fire?" Boomer asked but then when the night came a horde of pure dark monsters rising from below the ground.

-"Shit! What's that?" Maya said.

-"Those things are the Kryll." Ky said.

-"So? What does that mean!?" Boomer asked.

-"It means they're like some fucking bats that fly around darkness and eat whatever is in their way." Ky explained.

-"So we're gonna have to shoot every gas tank we'll see?" Maya asked.

-"Yep, we need the light." Ky said.

Luckily the found a short way inside an apartment with lights, but when they left the place they spotted two stranded under light.

-"Hey, kids! Stay in the light or…" One of the stranded said until the light he was under shut down and the Kryll attacked him and his friend, when the light came back they had disappeared or it could be said that they were all over the place.

-"See what I meant?" Ky said to Boomer.

Three minutes later they found the road that led to the trenches but it was blocked by a huge wall of garbage.

-"Fan-bloody-tastic, now what?" Maya said.

-"I think there's a short way through the bar next to the blocked path." Boomer commented.

-"Great idea Boom, let's go." Ky said so he and his friends went to the abandoned bar but…they found Locust scouts searching for anything useful.

-"Hey guys, don't suppose I can get a glass of water?" Ky said and the Locust scouts turned their attention to team Stax.

-"ATTACK!" The Locust scout leader yelled and his squad proceeded to attack team Stax.

After the Locust scouts were defeated, a Locust drone appeared riding a monster-like tank called Seeder. The monster could shoot a poisonous ink out of its jaw, luckily Maya found a Mulcher machinegun so she started to shoot at the Seeder but when the Seeder was finally destroyed the Locust drone was still alive and the machinegun was overheated.

-"What am I supposed to do with this piece of shit?!" Maya shouted frustrated.

-"Maybe try to refresh it with the refreshing sequence?" Ky said sarcastically and then he shot the Locust drone in the leg to immobilize him.

-"Knowing your kind, you never travel in a single squad so there's another squad hiding somewhere around here…where is it?" Ky asked.

-"I'll never tell you!" The Locust drone declared.

-"Oh really?" Ky asked sarcastically so he ripped off the Locust drone's arm and smacked the drone's face with it.

-"Well?" Ky asked.

-" Trenches…They're in the trenches' entrance." The Locust drone said.

-"Nighty night." Ky said and he shot the Locust drone in the head.

-"Dude, we really need to talk about your bloodthirsty attitude." Boomer said sarcastically.

-"But that's what makes me handsome." Ky said.

-"Very handsome." Maya whispered while she was staring at Ky with a love glare without him to notice.

-"What did you said?" Ky asked curious.

-"uhh…nothing." Maya said blushing so she turned her head somewhere else so Ky wouldn't notice her face blushing.

Despite of how much he wanted to know what Maya said, he had to focus since he and his friends were getting close to the trenches ready to fight the Locust squad and to find their friend Ekayon.

To be continued…