Chapter 8: Don't make a promise you can't keep

It's been seven months since the sinking of Lokar's lair, now soldier Jimmy Stevenson had joined team Stax in their quest to hunt down every Locust left, as time passed Jimmy had been well protected from any damaged because of Ky and Maya, so Jimmy was starting to look at them as a parent-like figures.

Now team Stax was on its way to what it looked like a new Locust palace under construction.

-"We'll arrive in ten minutes." Boomer said while he was driving the APC with Jimmy as the co-pilot.

-"Hey guys." Ekayon said to Ky who were cleaning his weapons, and to Maya who was reading a book.

-"What do you want?" Ky asked.

-"You think it's a good idea to let the kid be in the team?" Ekayon said.

-"Yep, the kid is skilled and brave…he'll definitely help us to finish the grubs once and for all." Ky said.

-"Sure, besides you two are like his parents." Ekayon mocked laughing a little.

-"What?" Ky and Maya exclaimed.

-"C'mon guys, you two look like a couple since Ky acts like a father to the kid and Maya acts like a mother to the kid." Ekayon teased so Ky and Maya looked at each other while they were blushing.

Later team Stax arrived to the location but the entrance looked blocked because of some grubs had some huge bug-like catapults.

-"This amount of security, you think Diara's in there?" Maya asked.

-"Many grubs protecting the queen, yeah she should be there." Jimmy said.

So team Stax won't be detected they had to separate in the next order:

Ky and Maya would head to the main halls of the palace trough the back door.

Jimmy would stay cover not too far from the main door so he'll wait for Ky's signal to blow it up.

Boomer and Ekayon would try to sneak under the palace trough a supposed secret entrance, but it wouldn't be what they expected.

Some minutes later Ky and Maya were approaching the throne room.

-"Ekayon, how's everything in your end?" Ky asked.

-"Oh, real nice, if you can say so." Ekayon said.

-"Hey Maya, can you find where's Boomer and Ekayon's position?" Ky asked and Maya grabbed a map nearby.

-"Okay…if we're here near the throne room, they should be in…the sewer system?" Maya said.

-"There's shit everywhere!" Ekayon exclaimed.

-"C'mon Ekayon, this helps you to build your immune system." Boomer said.

-"Yeah, it builds a lot of diseases too!" Ekayon said.

Then Ky and Maya were standing above a sewer hole which was protected by bars.

-"Hi, boys." Ky said when Boomer and Ekayon appeared under Ky and Maya.

-"Ha! How's the water in there?" Maya mocked.

-"Oh good, why don't you come down here and try it! It's a fucking party down here!" Ekayon said.

-"No thanks." Maya said.

-"Okay people, let's move out." Ky said.

Then they spotted that the throne room's gate was protected by Theron guards.

-"What now?" Maya asked.

-"Now we set them a trap…now!" Ky said trough his communicator and Jimmy threw five Frag grenades and blew up the main door, this caused that every Locust grub including the Theron guards to check out what happened, even the grubs that were protecting the sewer entrance. Once they were gone Boomer and Ekayon were able to regroup with the rest.

-"Hey guys." Boomer said.

-"You guys look good, smell good too." Ky commented.

-"I don't wanna hear it man, not a word." Ekayon said pissed.

-"Whatever you say Ekayon." Maya said.

Then team Stax bashed the throne room's gate but there was nobody there.

-"What the fuck?" Maya said.

-"There isn't shit here." Boomer commented and then a recorded voice started.

-"Greetings team Stax, if this message started it means that you've reached my throne room…ha! You are nothing but naïve fools you can't stop me and my people, our victory is closer by the second but to ensure it I will make sure that the greatest threat will be vanquished, and that means all of you."

Then the door closed itself and the lights turned off, but many small red lights started to appear in every part of the walls, ground and roof.

-"What's that?" Ekayon asked nervous.

-"Those are bombs!" Jimmy said.

-"How we're gonna get outta here?" Ky asked.

-"Stand back!" Boomer said and he shot to the ground with his Boomshot and made an escape route.

When they reached what it looked like the prisoners cells the explosion had ceased, when they found the exit it was sealed by a steel door which could only be opened by two switches, one was already pulled but the second one was jammed so Ky tried to pull it but it was no use until Jimmy gave him his combat knife to pull it.

-"Thanks kid." Ky said after he pulled the second switch and he was giving Jimmy his knife back.

-"Keep it." Jimmy said smiling.

Later when they found the way out of the prisoners cell block, many Locusts grubs appeared meaning that they were waiting for them to get out.

-"Well, shit." Ky said.

Then team Stax started to attack the Locust grubs and killing as much as they could, of course that when a grub was bleeding on the floor it meant that he was to be executed.

Boomer squashed a drone's head by throwing his Boomshot at it.

Maya squashed a grub's arm with her feet and punched its head with her Gorgon pistol.

Ky stabbed his Scorcher rifle in a grub's stomach and incinerated him from the inside.

They putted a good fight but there were many Locusts and Diara was escaping in her big flying bug to an abandoned island, plus Jimmy spotted a chopper that was still working.

-"Guys get inside the chopper I'll buy you some time!" Jimmy exclaimed.

-"What?" Ky asked.

-"We're not leaving you here!" Maya said.

-"There's no time! Go!" Jimmy said and he managed to get all the members of team Stax into the chopper and activate its auto-pilot.

_"Jimmy, what the fuck are you doing?!" Ky yelled.

-"Saving your lives." Jimmy said.

-"No! Open this door!" Boomer exclaimed.

-"Don't do this, kid!" Ekayon yelled as well.

-"We'll make it; all of us just come with us! I promise!" Maya yelled.

-"Don't make a promise you can't keep." Jimmy whispered and he activated the chopper's auto-pilot making team Stax to fly away while he was fighting against the Locust but he got overwhelmed soon.

-"Last words?" A Locust Drone said holding Jimmy's neck.

-"Yeah, eat shit!" Jimmy said and he activated all of his grenades he was holding make the grubs and himself to blow up.

-"Fuck, no." Ekayon said.

-"He's…gone." Maya said.

-"Somebody's gonna pay…somebody's gonna fucking pay!" Boomer exclaimed.

Ky was the only one silent and he was holding Jimmy's combat knife, then he looked at Maya who hold his hand, they were like parents for the kid.

-"What's the plan?" Maya asked.

-"Now is time to set the score." Ky said and he deactivated the chopper's auto-pilot and they headed to the abandoned island.

To be concluded…